ISLAM in Plain Sight

The Antichrist Prince is ISLAM's Most Respected Man in the West - Few Things Could be More Antichrist than to promote RESPECT and TOLERANCE for the Satanic Religion of Bondage to the moon god, Allah. ISLAM is accurately seen in the pictures below from brother Al Cuppett.

The antichrist's false prophet pope has been photographed kissing the Koran, and insists this paragraph #841 be included in the Roman Catholic Catechism.- 841 The Church's relationship with the Muslims. "The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day."

President GW Bush has reiterated the Pope's blasphemous statement that the moon god of Satan's religion of ISLAM is the same as the God of the Christians and Jews - in fact, underscoring it by being the First President ever to invite Islam in to celebrate Ramadan in the Whitehouse.

The famous Muslim Chant ALLAH AKBAR, MEANS NO WAY is the god of the Muslims the SAME as the God of the Christians and Jews. In fact, Allah Akbar means that allah, the moon god, is both different and GREATER than the God of the Christians and Jews. Satan does not make that MISTAKE among his Muslims, he does NOT say the ridiculous statement that he will be like to the Most High, but among his Muslims it is the lie of ALLAH AKBAR, that Satan's moon god is different and GREATER, than the God of the Christians and Jews. UNDERSTAND that the global hate crime laws of the global Satanists are purposed to protect Islam from being set free from Satan's bondage in Islam by receiving the Good News of the Gospel of the LORD Jesus Christ. The hate crime laws of the antichrist global Satanists insure Muslims are encouraged in their religion of hate, to KILL "people of the book", as the Quran refers to real Christians and Jews.

We tell the Muslims that Satan is the moon god of Mohammed. Allah was known as the Arabian moon god, Allah, for 1000 years before Mohammed was born. We tell the Muslims that the only thing great about Mohammed was how great a criminal psychopath that he was. We tell the Muslims that if the holy book of your god says you must fight for him, THEN IF one's brain is not dysfunctional, you will find a real true God. The One True God not only can fight His own battles, but He will also fight for, protect, and save, His people, and SETS HIS PEOPLE FREE FROM BONDAGE. We have been telling this to the faces of groups of Muslim young men for 5 years, and by the GLORY AND KEEPING POWER OF THE ONE TRUE GOD WHO IS LOVE - IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST - CONTINUE TO BE A LIVING TESTIMONY TO HIS POWER TO PROTECT HIS PEOPLE. We have seen so many Muslim young men struck dumb and temporarily paralyzed and even knocked off their feet as they thought to do their religious duty to kill us. And if it be God's will that they be allowed to cut our necks, we do hope for the grace of God to hug their necks as they cut ours, and
even pray for God to forgive them.

The pictures below will show why ISLAM is the favored religion of the antichrist global Satanists, and why ISLAM is so obviously exempt from the hate crime laws against the Christians and Jews. THE DUPLICITY OF THE HATE CRIME LAWS AGAINST CHRISTIANS IS CLEARLY SEEN IN THE FOLLOWING PICTURES FROM AL CUPPETT. Just a few pictures clearly show why it is so antichrist to tolerate Satan's moon god religion of Hatred, Vengeance, and Killing. We tell such gangs of Muslims the TRUTH. The duty of Christians is not to bomb them to hell; but, to get them the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ which can set them free from the certain destiny of Hell found in the Satanic demonic moon god religion of ISLAM.

Is it any wonder why there are so many guillotines?
Most reports say there are more than 70,000 guillotines now in America.

It is a sign of a dysfunctional mind to blame 4000 years of Jew hate on a 57 year old state. It is also a sign of a dysfunctional mind to call Hamas a political entity. Calling Hamas a Terrorist organization is true, but not the whole truth. HAMAS IS ALSO AN ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION. Do not forget that, any more than you might forget that Osama bin Laden is a Muslim religious leader. Yes, they are terrorists, but NEVER FORGET, they are also some of the top and most highly esteemed Islamic Religious Leaders. The religion of Islam is a religion to kill “people of the book,” which means Zionists, which means real Jews AND real Christians.

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