Who Are THEY?
Everyone Knows The United States and Other Countries of the World
Who Are The THEY that actually control the Governments?

Who are THEY who are really in control of the out of control corrupt governments of the world? Everyone knows it is not the voters, or we the people. Specifically who are THEY in control of the corrupt governments of this world?

Those who would say the THEY are the Jews, who are behind this mess, are part of the problem, and NOT part of the solution. BEWARE of such alternate media personalities who NEVER expose the Jesuits, and want to blame the JEWS.

BEWARE of anyone saying that the THEY, who are behind this government Chaos and Corruption, are the Jews. These people can NOT possibly be Christians, they are NOT born again believers, and such people who would lead you to believe the Jews are behind this mess are DANGEROUS.

If one were to say the Jesuits are primary among those who are the THEY - then they know what is really happening in this antichrist world today. They are walking soberly and circumspectly, and are aware of what is going on in this antichrist world today. However, the vast majority of Jesuits and Catholics are not part of the Jesuit control group. Probably less than 3% of the Jesuits, and far less than 1% of Roman Catholics know that Lucifer was OFFICIALLY Enthroned as the GOD OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH in the Vatican, in June of 1963. This highest Satanic ceremony is known as the ENTHRONEMENT of THE FALLEN ARCHANGEL LUCIFER. That ceremony was OFFICIALLY conducted SIMULTANEOUSLY in the Vatican and the highest temple of Freemasonry, which the Jesuits control, located 13 blocks north of the Whitehouse in Washington, DC, on June 29, 1963. Many may find this hard to believe, so here is the link where you may read the proof of this FACT of life in this antichrist world today.

In the United States we can KNOW who THEY are by Name. What follows is the chart of United States ESTABLISHMENT ELITE in CONTROL. This chart has been verified, and is very useful. The chart was assembled by the Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate. Jesuits in general, along with Freemasons, and THIS GROUP IN PARTICULAR define who THEY Are as it relates to the United States and the LUCIFERIAN Establishment Elite goal of destroying the US Constitutional Republic and the Establishment of a Luciferian Global Socialist Antichrist WORLD GOVERNMENT.


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