Understanding the Wars
How The Bush-Clinton-Bush Syndicate of Sudden Destruction
Plan To Destroy Israel
Has Sold America's Birthright

Images Courtesy of Terrorism Awareness Project

Why does the Bush-Clinton-Bush Syndicate of Sudden Destruction always seem to be making the Jewish problem, and the state of Israel such a top priority? Those who know the Scriptures from cover to cover are likely to understand. However, the Bush-Clinton-Bush syndicate of sudden destruction is causing America to sell its birthright as surely as Esau, with their Road Map from hell plan to destroy the State of Israel, for the Arab moon god of Islam. What follows is easily verifiable factual History of the modern state of Israel to prove this point.

The "Jewish problem" is just another name for the fact that Jews are the most universally hated and persecuted ethnic group in history. In fact, the constant of history, that which does not change in history, is the constant of Jew hate. It is an irrational hatred. The truth behind this irrational hatred is that man is born at enmity with God, and naturally has enmity for the one true God, who identified Himself to the world which He created, as the God of Israel.

Before the modern state of Israel became a reality in 1948, many Jews and Gentiles alike, believed that hatred of Jews was a direct consequence of the Jews stateless condition since the Roman armies destroyed their nation in 70 AD. As long as Jews were aliens in every society in which they found themselves, they would always be seen as unauthorized meddlers in the affairs of any state. As long as Jews were aliens in the states in which they were born, or had immigrated, their loyalties would be suspect, and persecution would follow.

A classic example of such suspicion and persecution was what happened to Captain Alfred Dreyfus, whom French anti-Semites falsely accused of spying. Dreyfus was put on trial for treason by the French government in the 19th Century. Theodore Herzl was an assimilated, westernized Jew, who witnessed the Dreyfus frame-up in Paris and went on to lead the Zionist movement. Herzl and other Zionist founders believed that if Jews had a nation of their own, just that fact, would "normalize" their condition in the community of nations.

Jews had been without a state since the Romans expelled them from Judea on the west bank of the Jordan River, some 2,000 years before. Once the Jews obtained a homeland, and Judean wilderness certainly seemed the logical site, they would again be like other peoples. The Zionists believed that anti-Semitism would then wither on its own self-destructive vine, and the Jewish problem would disappear.

In the 1920s, among their final acts as the winners of the First World War, the British and French created the states that now define the Middle East. They created these Arab states out of the ashes of the empire of their defeated Turkish adversary. In a region that the Ottoman Turks had controlled for hundreds of years, Britain and France drew the boundaries of the new states, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Before this division of the lands, and establishment of new Arab states in the Middle East, the British had promised the Jewish Zionists that they could establish a national home in a portion of what remained of the area, which was known as the Palestine Mandate.


In 1921 the British separated 80 percent of the Palestine Mandate, east of the Jordan, and created the Arab kingdom of Transjordan. It was created for the Arabian monarch King Abdullah, who had been defeated in tribal warfare in the Arabian Peninsula, and lacked a seat of power. Abudllah’s tribe was Hashemites, while the vast majority of Abdullah’s subjects were Palestinian Arabs.

What was left of the original Palestine Mandate, between the west bank of the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea, had been settled by Jews and Arabs. Jews, in fact, had lived in the area continuously for 3,700 years, even after the Romans destroyed their state in Judea in AD 70. Arabs became the dominant local population for the first time in the seventh century AD as a result of the Muslim invasions. The Palestinian Arabs were largely nomads who had no distinctive language or culture to distinguish them from other Arabs. In all the time since, they had made no attempt to create an independent Palestinian Arab state west or east of the Jordan, and none was ever established.

In 1948, at the request of the Jews who were living in Palestine, the United Nations voted to partition the remaining quarter of the original Mandate to make a Jewish homeland possible. Under the partition plan, the Arabs were given the Mountains of Israel. The Mountains of Israel had always been the Jews’ ancient home in Judea and Samaria, now known as the West Bank. The Jews were allotted three small pieces of disconnected land along the Mediterranean and the Sinai desert. They were also given access to their holy city of Jerusalem. However, Jewish access to Jerusalem was only as an island cut off from the three small land sections, surrounded by Arab land, and under international control. Sixty percent of the land allotted to the Jews was the Negev desert. Even out of that desolate piece of wilderness, the Jews created the new modern state of Israel.

The idea of a Palestinian nation, or a movement to create one, did not exist. At the time of modern Israel’s birth as a state, Palestinian Arabs lived on roughly 90 percent of the original Palestine Mandate, in Transjordan, and in the UN partition area. However, some of the Palestinian Arabs also lived in the new state of Israel. There were 800,000 Arabs living in Israel alongside 1.2 million Jews. At that time, though it was accepted that Arabs could live in the new state of Israel, the Jews were NOT allowed, and were legally barred from settling in the 35,000 square miles of Palestinian Transjordan, which eventually was renamed Jordan.

The Arab population in the small pieces of land called Israel had actually more than tripled since the Zionists first began settling the region in significant numbers in the 1880s.The reason for the Arabs moving to this area was that the Jewish settlers had brought industrial and agricultural development with them. This attracted Arab immigrants to what had previously been a wilderness and economically destitute area.

IF the Palestinian Arabs had been willing to accept this arrangement, which gave them 90 percent of the land in the Palestine Mandate, and where they benefited from the industry, enterprise and political freedom the Jews brought to the region, there would have been no Middle East conflict. However, the Arab League, representing five neighboring Arab states, declared war on Israel on the day of its creation. Five Arab armies invaded the new little state of Israel. During the fighting an estimated 472,000 Arabs fled their homes to escape the dangers. REMEMBER THAT NUMBER 472,000, according to the UN observers who were stationed there in that place at that time. Those 472,000 planned on returning after an Arab victory and the destruction of the Jewish state.

But the Jews, many of whom were recent Holocaust survivors, refused to be defeated. Instead, the five Arab armies that had invaded the tiny new nation were defeated. Though the Arabs states were defeated they would NOT agree to peace. Even though their armies were beaten, the Arab states were determined to carry on their campaign of destruction, and to remain FORMALLY at war with the state of Israel. After the defeat of the Arab armies, the Palestinians who lived in the Arab area of the UN partition did not attempt to create a state of their own. Rather, the so called Palestinians, who for the most part are Jordanians, rejoiced in 1950, when Jordan annexed the entire West Bank. So everyone should understand that at least since 1950, though there never was an aspiration for a Palestinian state, there has actually been a Palestinian state called Jordan since the 1920’s.

Israel must stop the INSANITY of making agreements with the terrorists, which have never, and do not intended to keep any of their agreements. Israel should long ago have made it clear and unequivocal that Jordan is the official and ONLY representative of the Palestinians with whom Israel will discuss anything regarding the so-called Palestinians. Israel has every reason to cut off any and all direct discussions with the Palestinian terrorist regimes. God Forbid, that anyone in Israel would consider expanding the proven folly of the establishment of Gaza Hamazistan.

It should be clear to everyone in Israel, and anyone who is not so deceived as to be sympathetic with terrorists, why God commanded – MAKE NO COVENANT WITH THEM. Sadly, the Bush-Clinton-Bush Syndicate of Sudden Destruction continues to FORCE such proven folly and insanity to appease the moon god terrorists for the love of Islamic oil money. There are many financial advisors today who say that Saudi Arabia has more control over the US economy today than does than the Federal Reserve Bank.

As a result of Jordan’s annexation and the continuing state of war, the Arab refugees who had fled the tiny new state of Israel, did not return. There was a refugee flow into Israel, but it was a flow of Jews who had been expelled from the Arab countries. All over the Middle East, Jews were FORCED to leave lands they had lived on for centuries. Although Israel was a tiny geographical area and a newly formed state, its government welcomed and resettled 600,000 Jewish refugees from the Arab countries. And the Jews resumed their work of creating a new nation in what was now a contiguous small piece of land. Israel had annexed a small amount of territory to make their state defensible, including a land bridge that included Jerusalem.

In the years that followed, the Israelis made their desert bloom. They built the only industrialized economy in the entire Middle East. They built the only state the Middle East that was had any democratic human rights. Israel treated the Arabs who remained in Israel as free and equal citizens of Israel. To this day the very large Arab minority, which lives inside the state of Israel, has more rights and privileges than any other Arab population in the entire Middle East.

This is especially true of the Arabs living under the corrupt violent dictatorship of the Palestine Authority that now administers the West Bank and Gaza-Hamazistan. The Arab subjects of the Palestinian Authority have no human rights. In 1997, in a fit of outrage against the Oslo Accords, Palestinian spokesman Edward Said himself blurted this out, calling Arafat "our Papa Doc," like the sadistic dictator of Haiti. Edward Said was complaining that there was "a total absence of law or the rule of law in the Palestinian autonomy areas."

The present Middle East conflict is said to be about the so-called occupied territories, the West Bank of the Jordan and the Gaza strip. The conflict is supposed to be about Israel’s refusal to give them up. But during the FIRST TWENTY YEARS of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israel did NOT control the West Bank. In 1950, when Jordan annexed the West Bank, there was no Arab outrage. And the Middle East conflict with the Jews did NOT subside.


The reason there was no Arab outrage over the annexation of the West Bank was because Jordan is a state whose ethnic MAJORITY is Palestinian Arabs. On the other hand, the Palestinians of Jordan are disenfranchised by the ruling Hashemite minority. Despite this fact, in the years following the annexation, the Palestinians displayed no interest in achieving "self-determination" in Hashemite Jordan. It is only the presence of Jews or Christians, as the PA control of Bethlehem has shown, which puts the burr under the Palestinian saddle. But NO, there is more to it. Gaza became Hamazistan with the expulsion of all the Jews and Christians in 2005. Did the bloodshed and violence in Gaza stop. NO way. Muslims kill Muslims and the Muslim deaths increase when Islamic terrorists have their own terror state free of Jews and Christians.

The idea that the current conflict is about the so-called occupied territories is just another big lie of the religion of lies. It is sad how widely this lie and duplicity is accepted. Satan’s largest religion is a religion which glorifies lying, stealing, killing, and destroying for Lucifer their moon god.

In 1967, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan attacked Israel again. By definite and obvious miracles, for a second time, Israel defeated these combined Arab armies. It was in withstanding these aggressors that Israel came to control the West Bank and the Gaza strip, as well as the oil-rich Sinai desert. Israel had every right to annex these territories captured from the aggressors. NEVER IN HISTORY HAS IT EVER BEEN OTHERWISE. This is how Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan had come into existence when the British and French formed those states from their victory over the Ottoman Turks in World War One. But Israel for some strange reason did not annex those territories. On the other hand, neither did it withdraw its armies or relinquish its control.

The reason was that the Arab aggressors once again refused to make peace. Instead, they declared themselves still at war with Israel, which is a threat which no Israeli government can ignore. By this time Israel had become a country of almost 3 million. Israel remains surrounded by declared enemies whose combined population is well over 100 million. In terms of land Israel has one sixth of one percent of the Land that the British and French took from the Ottoman Turks to give to the Arabs. Sections of Israel were less than ten miles across. No responsible Israeli government could relinquish a territorial buffer while its hostile neighbors were STILL FORMALLY AT WAR WITH THEM. This is the reality that frames the Middle East conflict.

In 1973, six years after the second Arab war against the Jews, the Arab armies again attacked Israel. The attack was led by Syria and Egypt, and aided by Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and five other countries, who gave military support to the aggressors. Iraq sent an Iraqi division of 18,000 men into the Yom Kippur war. Israel again defeated the Arab forces. After that defeat, Egypt, and ONLY Egypt, agreed to make a formal peace. The peace was signed by Egyptian president, Anwar Sadat, who was subsequently assassinated by Islamic radicals. Sadat is one of three Arab leaders assassinated by other Arabs for making peace with the Jews. The Camp David accords that Sadat signed, saw Israel return the entire Sinai with all its oil riches.

This act of returning the Sinai to Egypt demonstrated once and for all, that the solution to the Middle East conflict only required the willingness of the Arabs to agree end their state of war. But sadly, that is against their satanic moon god jihad religion of war. It is this demonic irrational Jew hate which allows the corrupt Islamic regimes to maintain control of their populations. Satan’s largest religion glorifies lying in contracts, and requires the killing or enslavement of all non-muslims. BOTH Jews and Christians, people of THE book as their Koran calls us, are priority target number one to be killed for the moon god of Islam.  

The Middle East conflict is NOT about Israel’s occupation of the Mountains of Israel. The Middle East conflict is about the moon god religious refusal of the Arabs to make peace with Israel. It is the religious duty of everyone submitted to the moon god religion, to kill and destroy Israel and its Jews, AND ALSO to destroy America and Europe and their Christians, not to mention the Buddhists and Hindus of the far east.

The Palestinians and their supporters also claim that the Middle East conflict is about the Palestinians desire for a state and the refusal of Israel to accept their aspiration. This claim is also FALSE. Gaza-Hamazistan proved that in spades. The rockets that are fired non stop out of Gaza-Hamazistan on the civilian population of Israel make that abundantly clear. However, beyond that look at the facts of recent history.

The Palestine Liberation Organization was created in 1964, sixteen years AFTER the establishment of Israel. The PLO was created sixteen years AFTER the FIRST Arab war to annihilate Israel. The PLO was created at a time the West Bank was NOT under Israeli control. The PLO was created when the Mountains of Israel were part of Jordan. The PLO, obviously was not created so that the Palestinians could achieve self-determination in Jordan. At the time the PLO was created Jordan made up 90 percent of the original Palestine Mandate. The PLO’s express purpose, in the words of its own leaders, was to "push the Jews into the sea."

The official charter of the PLO refers to the "Zionist invasion." The PLO charter declares that Israel’s Jews were "not an independent nationality." The PLO charter describes Zionism as "racist" and "fascist," still calls for "the liquidation of the Zionist presence." If anyone doubts this just find a copy in English on the internet, or better still, just ask any Palestinian. The PLO charter still specifies that "armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine." How could anyone NOT understand that as the PLO defines "liberation," it means the destruction of the state of Israel. The PLO was not even created by Palestinians. The PLO was created by the corrupt dictators of the Arab League who rule the Middle East, and who have attempted to destroy Israel by military force in 1948, in 1967 and again in 1973.

For thirty years, the PLO charter remained unchanged in its call for Israel’s destruction. Then in the mid-1990s, under enormous international pressure following the 1993 Oslo accords, PLO leader Yasser Arafat removed the clause, in English, but you can still find it on today’s Arabic websites, and all the unofficial and still very real Islamic web sites. It has NOT changed, but is a lying hudna, that every Arab bound in Islam, knows is still there. Arafat assured his followers that its removal was a necessary compromise that did NOT alter the movement’s goals. He did explicitly and clearly explain this to be a hudna, citing a historical precedent in which the Prophet Muhammad insincerely agreed to a peace with his enemies in order to gain time to mass the forces with which he intended to destroy them.

The Middle East struggle is not about right against right. It is about a fifty-nine year effort by the Arabs to destroy the Jewish state. It is about the refusal of the Arab states in general, and the Palestinian Arabs in particular, to accept Israel’s existence. If the Arabs were willing to do this, there would be no occupied territories, and there would be a Palestinian state. In fact there always has been such a Palestinian state called Jordan. It is time to STOP the insanity of the Bush-Clinton-Bush Syndicate of Sudden Destruction. It is time for Israel to clearly state that ONLY Jordan will be recognized as the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian Arabs.

During the Oslo peace process, when the PLO pretended to recognize the existence of Israel, and the Jews allowed the creation of a "Palestine Authority." The NON-COMPLIANCE of the PA to their agreements has made it abundantly clear that the PLO’s goal was and REMAINS the destruction of Israel. The Palestinians’ self-determination is clearly the satanic determination to destroy Israel. This is again made clear in their newly created demand of a "right of return" to Israel of FIVE MILLION Arabs. Remember 472,000 left in 1948, and now the PLO demands the right of return of FIVE MILLION? The PLO demands FIVE MILLION Arabs and NO Israel, NO Jews, and NO Christians, and NO America or Europe unless it will submit to the satanic bondage of the moon god religion of Islam. The figure of five million refugees who must be returned to Israel is more than ten times the number of Arabs who actually left the tiny new Jewish state of the British Mandate in 1948.

This absurd new right of return of five million demand, reveals the Palestinians’ genocidal agenda for the Jews. The so-called "right of return" is itself a calculated mockery of the primary reason for Israel’s existence. One of the sad facts of modern history is the fact that no country would provide a refuge for Jews fleeing Hitler’s extermination program during World War II. It is only because the world turned its back on the Jews when their survival was at stake, that the state of Israel grants a "right of return," to every Jew who asks for it.

There is no genocidal threat to Arabs. There is no lack of international support militarily and economically to the Arabs. There is NO Palestinian diaspora. It is simply the moon god propensity of duplicity that has cynically appropriated the very term to describe their self-inflicted predicament. The fact that many Arabs, including the Palestinian spiritual leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, supported Hitler’s Final Solution, only serves to compound the insult.

It is even further compounded by the fact that more than 90 percent of the Palestinians now in the West Bank and Gaza-Hamazistan have never lived a day of their lives in territorial Israel. The claim of a so-called Arab right of return is just an inflammatory expression of contempt for the Jews, and for their historic suffering. It is just a blatant expression of contempt for the very idea of a Jewish state.

The incorporation of five million Arabs into Israel would render the Jews a permanent minority in their own country, and would thus spell the end of Israel. The Arabs fully understand this, and that is why they have made it a fundamental demand. It is just one more instance of the general BAD FAITH and duplicity the Arab side has manifested through every chapter of these tragic events. It also makes clear why God said MAKE NO COVENANT WITH THEM. (Ex 23:32 and Deut 7:2)

What is really sad proof of the Arabs’ duplicity is their deplorable treatment of the Palestinian refugees. How can the Arab Islamic states, for over a half a century, refuse to relocate them, or to alleviate their condition. They much rather prefer their Palestinian Arab brethren to be political pawns of political Islam. That is DISGUSTING, and proof again, that satan is the moon god of Islam.

Israel has continued to make the desert bloom. Israel while successfully relocating 600,000 Jewish refugees from Arab states, built a thriving industrial society. There is a light of freedom that Israel gives in the Islamic world of otherwise dark satanic bondage in the rest of the Middle East. At the same time Israel was making the desert bloom, and assimilated 600,000 Jewish refugees who were forced out of the Arab countries, the Arabs were busy making sure that THEIR Arab refugees remained in squalid refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza. Yes, their own Arab Islamic brethren are MOST PRIMARILY RESPONSIBLE for keeping the Palestinian Arabs powerless, without any rights, economically destitute, and educating a culture of death and hopelessness which is Islam’s crown of disgrace. After almost sixty years after the first Arab war against Israel there are 59 such refugee camps and 3.7 million "refugees" registered with the UN, despite economic aid from the UN and Israel. Sixty years as refugees in spite of the oil wealth of the Arab Islamic oil dictatorships. Still after watching their Palestinian Islamic brothers suffer as their political pawns, STILL they keep them locked in this state.

No, it is not Israel that keeps the Palestinians in a refugee state of hopelessness. It is their Islamic Arab brethren who have continued to USE them as political pawns for nearly sixty years. The Arab leaders have refused to do what the most basic of human decency would have done, for their own brethren, who have the same language, culture, and religion, for almost sixty years. ISLAM IS POSITIVELY SATANIC AND THE SIXTY YEARS OF PALESTINIAN REFUGEE CAMPS PROVE THAT IN SPADES.

How is it possible that all of the Islamic oil wealth could not make any relief of the refugees from their miserable camps? How come all that Islamic oil money could not make the economic investment that would alleviate their condition? How come the Palestinian Arabs are NOT allowed to immigrate to the neighboring Arab states? There are now 22 Arab states which could provide homes for these people with the same Arabic language, culture and religion. Of those 22 Arab Islamic nations only Jordan will allow Palestinian Arabs to become citizens. The other 21 Arab states insist they STAY REFUGEES to be used as political pawns in the satanic religious war against Jews and Christians.

The refusal to address the condition of the Palestinian refugee population is, and ALWAYS HAS BEEN, an insidious calculated Arab policy. The Islamic states have USED the Palestinian refugees, keeping them in a state of desperation in order to incite their hatred of Israel for the wars to come. The mosques and schools of the Arabs generally, and the Palestinians in particular, preach and teach Jew hatred every day. Elementary school children in Palestinian Arab schools are even taught to chant, Death to the Jews, Death to the monkeys and pigs, in their classrooms. Their textbooks are filled with incitement to hate the monkeys and pigs. That means people of the book, Jews AND Christians. It should be understood that the policies of deprivation of the Palestinian refugees by their Islamic neighbors and teaching of hatred for Jews and Christians is done without any allowable protest from any part of the of Palestinian or Arab society. Those who would say something against those two policies would and have been quickly murdered. That fact should speak volumes about the nature of the Middle East conflict.

All wars, especially wars that have gone on for almost sixty years, produce victims with just grievances on both sides. There are plenty of individual Palestinian victims. There are certainly thousands of Jewish victims as well. However, the overall Palestinian grievance is self-inflicted. It is the designed result of Islamic Arab policy to use the desperation of the Palestinian refugees, and using deceit to teach hatred and misdirected vengeance. It is a result of planned, preached, and educated bigotry, and exploitation of their own people. It is the religion of Islam, to hate and show no mercy or generosity to sub-human non-Muslims.

Israel is an open, quasi democratic, multi-ethnic, multicultural society. Israel includes a large Arab minority, which are given full Israeli citizen rights. The Palestinian Authority, whether it is the so-called “good” Fatah terrorists or the “bad” Hamaz terrorists, is an intolerant, terrorist police state. The Palestinian Authority can have only one dictatorial leader, whose main goal is to keep from being killed by those who seek the dictators position, as he steals as much as possible from the funds donated to help the Palestinian refugees. That really is how it has been with the Palestinian leadership through the whole history of the modern state of Israel.  

The criminal methods and dishonest goals of the Palestine liberation movement, the PLO, Fatah, or so-called “good” terrorists, should be clearly seen by anyone who would know and regard the truth. The Palestinian Authority is a criminal terrorist regime foundationally based upon an irrational satanic hatred of Jews. Christians who would hold up the truth regarding the Palestinian Authority terrorist organization, are equally though perhaps less vocally hated, unless one would review how wildly the Palestinians celebrated the 3,000 people killed in America on 911. The Palestinian Authority, consistent with the religion of Islam, has abundantly demonstrated religious hatred and resentment of the modern, democratic West.

There was no Palestinian nation before the creation of Israel. Palestinians regarded themselves simply as Arabs, and their land as part of Jordan. Many of the creators and early big names of the PLO did not even live in the Palestine Mandate before the creation of modern Israel. Yasser Arafat, as well as Edward Said, who used to be the leading intellectual American mouthpiece for Arafat’s PLO, both were born and raised Cairo Egypt.  

The Arab states always claim to be outraged by the treatment of Palestinians by the Jews. However, these same regimes treat their own Arab populations far worse than Arabs are treated in Israel. The Arab citizens of Israel do NOT want to be put under the Palestinian Authority. These same repressive Islamic states say nothing about the disenfranchised Palestinian majority that lives in Jordan. In 1970, Jordan’s King Hussein, offered Yasser Arafat prime minister ship of Jordan. Yasser Arafat rejected that offer choosing the more lucrative course of terrorism as the father of airline hijacking. King Hussein had to drive Arafat and his PLO out of Jordan. Still the PLO does not call for the overthrow of Hashemite rule in Jordan, and is on good terms with the Hashemite monarchy. Hatred for the Jews and Christians, people of the book, is the hallmark of Islam and its terrorist organizations.  

Today over 80 percent of the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza approve the suicide bombing of women and children because their targets are Jews. There is no Arab "Peace Now" movement. Israel has a large “Peace Now” movement. The people in Israel demanding concessions to Arabs in the name of peace is a major political group. Tell me if you can name two or three Muslim Arab’s who ever are heard to speak out regarding the rights and sufferings of the Jews. That would be against their religion. However, there are hundreds of thousands of Jews in Israel, and all over the world, who will speak out for Palestinian rights and to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinians. In reality the Jews AND biblical Christians can NOT expect fair treatment from Islamic people who do not even recognize their humanity.

The Oslo peace process was based on the pledge of both parties to renounce violence as a means of settling their dispute. But the Palestinians never renounced violence and in the year 2000, they officially launched a new Intifada against Israel that effectively stopped the so-called peace process.

During the so-called peace process in the 6 years between 1993 and 1999, there were over 4,000 terrorist incidents committed by Palestinians against Israelis. In those six years more than 1,000 Israelis were killed as a result of Palestinian attacks. There were MORE DEATHS during the 6 years of the so-called peace process than in the previous 25 years. During those six years the Israelis in the face of all of the Palestinian murders gave the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza as a self-governing authority, a 50,000 man armed so-called police force, and 95 percent of the territory the PA had demanded. This generosity or insanity on Israel’s part of the so-called peace process received a total rejection of peace, continued suicide bombings, rocket, and mortar attacks upon Israel's civilians and the declared intafada war of 2000.

The ONE THING the terrorists do NOT want is PEACE with Israel. Arafat proved that by rejecting the offer of Ehud Barak which had essentially contained everything on Arafat’s dream sheet, which Arafat answered with the 2000 Intafada War.

The moral differences between Israel and the Palestinians are stunning polar opposites. Some have said that Israel kept ALL of their promises to the Palestinians, and the Palestinians kept NONE of them. Young Arabs are trained to blow themselves up as suicide bombers in shopping malls and crowed buses. The Palestinians blow themselves up along with the men, women, and children innocent bystanders up. These young people have been trained and sent by a various branches of the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority treats such young suicidal mass murderers as heroes. The family of the suicidal mass murderer is given money by the Palestine Authority. The neighbors of the suicidal mass murderer rally to honor such mass murderers as a “martyr for Allah." That should tell everyone that Allah, the moon god of Islam, is Lucifer, Satan, the devil. 

The methods of the Palestinian Authority are the same for both the so-called “good” Fatah terrorists and the “bad” Hamaz terrorists. The so-called entire Palestinian Authority is corrupt in every way. It is so void of anything considered to by humanly moral that only corrupt people would think of dealing or trying to make agreements with such corruption. The Palestinian refugee problem is a problem that has demonstrated with continual violence and corruption taught by the satanic religion of Islam. The answer is to open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in the One True God. The light and truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only answer for such satanic violence and corruption.

There is a so-called "green line" marking the boundary between Israel and its Arab neighbors. That green line is also the bottom line for what is the real problem in the Middle East. It is green because plants are growing in the desert on the Israeli side but not on the Arab side. The Jews got a small piece of land without oil, and created abundant wealth and life with hope and a bright future. The Arabs got ten times as much land and the oil, and have cultivated hate, violence, poverty, darkness and despair. The Palestinian state of Gaza-Hamazistan is the most vile hate filled terrorism the world has ever seen. Its mainstay is violence of suicide bombing and launching missiles at civilian population centers. The Palestinian community has been educated and trained to want the destruction of Israel, and the death of Jews and Christians, more than life itself.

If a nation state is all the Palestinians want then Jordan would be the answer. It should be quite obvious that what Islam wants, and the Palestinians in particular want, is the destruction of ALL Jews and Christian, people of the book, as their satanic holy book calls us. Islam teaches that all non-Muslims are sub human. Most Muslims have not read their own so-called holy book. I have read that satanic book. The reason the international community favors Islam is because this is the antichrist war on the saints. Until the Bush-Clinton-Bush syndicate of sudden destruction, the United States seemed willing to stand with Israel against the satanic evil and bondage of the moon god religion of jihad. IT NEEDS TO BE SAID WITH ALL HOLY BOLDNESS that the Palestinians enjoy international credibility because they want more than life itself, to destroy a state that Jews have created. Jew hate, the irrational constant of history, is the basis because people are born at enmity with the One True God, who identified Himself to the world He created, as the God of Israel.

After almost 60 years all the Jews and Gentiles who thought the Jewish state could solve the Jewish problem have been proven wrong. Only the Messiah can solve the Jewish problem. He most certainly will, and it is soon now for sure, to all those who KNOW what God has said. The Jews are still the most hated ethnic group in the world. Islamic radicals want to destroy Israel and kill every Jew and Christian. Islamic moderates want to kill all the Jews and Christians too, but they are called moderate because they do not talk about it in public.

America’s only dependable ally in the Middle East is Israel.  Yet, whether it is Republican Tweedle Dee, or Democrat Tweedle Dumb, the US Government continues to pressure Israel into this insane a suicidal so called "peace process" with a terrorist foe dedicated to Israel AND America’s destruction. On September 11 there was no people group on earth celebrating the death and destruction in America with the jubilation the Palestinians demonstrated in the streets of the Palestinian Authority. How quickly it seems to have been forgotten that Israel is only the little Satan, and America is the great Satan, to the twisted thinking of the satanic bondage that is Islam.

This history is why I am a fierce supporter of Israel’s survival and have no sympathy for the Palestinian side in the conflict in the Middle East. I will not have such sympathy until the day comes when I can look into the Palestinians’ eyes and see something other than death desired for Jews and real Christian people of the book. I pray daily to have the grace to hug the Muslim’s neck as he does his religious duty to cut mine.    

If this Annapolis meeting for the destruction of Israel comes to pass, then America will have sold its birthright as surely as Esau. The furious judgment of God Almighty upon America will be swift and consuming. So are the paths of all that forget God. The hypocrite's hope shall perish. The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.


Just in from Gaza-Hamazstan via WND: A senior Hamas militant is suspected of torturing and killing the manager of a Christian bookstore in the Gaza Strip who was found dead last month, according to Palestinian security officials.

The body of Rami Ayyad, who managed the ONLY Christian bookstore in Gaza, was discovered last month riddled with gunshot and stab wounds. Ayyad, a Baptist, was accused by Gaza-based Islamic groups of engaging in missionary activities. His bookstore, owned by the Palestinian Bible Society, was firebombed in April after which he told relatives he received numerous death threats from Islamists.

Security officials associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization told WND yesterday there is information Ashraf Abu Layla, the central Gaza chief of Hamas' so-called military wing, the Izz al-Din Al Qassam Brigades, was behind the murder which is widely viewed as an anti-Christian attack.

Witnesses said Ayyad was publicly tortured a few blocks from his store before he was shot to death.

The witnesses said they saw three armed men, two of whom were wearing masks, beat Ayyad repeatedly with clubs and the butts of their guns while they accused him of attempting to spread Christianity in Gaza. The witnesses said that after sustaining the beating, Ayyad was shot by all three men. Ayyad left behind a pregnant wife and two young children.

According to the new military wing to enforce Muslim law in Gaza, All Christians in Gaza engaged in missionary activity will be "dealt with harshly." Hamaz leadership has said that Christians could continue living safely in the Gaza Strip ONLY if they accepted Islamic law.

Also just in from Jerry Golden in Jerusalem:

In round numbers there are about 200,000 Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” living in East Jerusalem.  About 1.3 million Arabs living in Israel “Proper” who are Israeli citizens and enjoy all the benefits the Israeli Jews have.  But the Arabs living in East Jerusalem are not Israeli citizens they are permanent residents under the Israeli law they have nearly the same rights as citizens.  This brings us to a very large problem in dividing Jerusalem and putting East Jerusalem under “Palestinian” control.  The PA wants that part of the city as the PA Capital but they do not want to give up their permanent resident status.  They are human beings with certain legal rights under Israeli law and Israel can’t just give them away like pieces of property. 


In the mean time we are seeing a panic within the community of East Jerusalem where hundreds of “Palestinians” are lining up every day at the Israeli offices asking for Israeli citizenship so they will not be left out or placed under PA control.  They simply do not want to lose their medical benefits or all the other rights they now enjoy which are higher than any Arab country in the Middle East. 


While the 200,000 East Jerusalem Arabs have the legal right to work in Israel there are over 100,000 sneaking into Israel to work illegally every day many risking long jail terms or much worse if caught.  So you see the 200,000 Arabs in East Jerusalem don’t want to give up what others risk their life for every day.  And if they were to be forced to make a decision to leave their homes much like the Jews of Gaza the Government would be obligated to provide them with homes elsewhere and compensation.  The 9000 Jews of Gaza still has not been completely compensated and many are homeless today.  What would this Government to do with 200,000 homeless Arabs forced to leave East Jerusalem. 


There are many security reasons that dividing Jerusalem will bring, kassam and other terrorist activity will come to the homes of Jews throughout Jerusalem and all the neighborhoods around Jerusalem.  Not to mention that the so-called green line puts kassam rockets within range of our only International Airport. 


So if you’re talking about security or economy to divide Jerusalem it is an impossible situation and makes the total destruction of Israel more evident. 


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