- by Barry Chamish

When the CFR-affiliated Jewish Power Elite saw they would not be able to stop Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel, they decided they would 'join it,' gain control of it, and destroy it from within.

We all owe a huge debt to Rabbi Marvin Antelman, the first Jew to try to decipher the real conspiracy to destroy Jews and Judaism, which, as we all know, is in full swing today.

Way back in 1974, before any of us had heard of the illuminati or the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), Rabbi Antelman published his book To Eliminate The Opiate and exposed their covert war against religion, focusing on their battle plan to extinguish Judaism, but with great implications for Christianity as well.

This book is now found on literally all the lists of classic conspiracy literature. It has drawn praise for its deep scholarship even from researchers who clearly have no great love for Jews. Its crowning achievement was to prove that Jews are the chief victims of the New World Order, not its chief promulgators. However, that is not to say that Judaism lacks powerful traitors.

After 28 years, Rabbi Antelman has published the second volume of To Eliminate The Opiate. And those traitors are named; oh, how they are named!

In his new volume, Rabbi Antelman traces the treachery from within. He begins with Judaism's false messiah of the seventeenth century, Shabbetai Tzvi. He had convinced, perhaps, half of world Jewry that he was the true messiah and a vast Sabbatian movement promoted his messianic ambitions. However, the Ottoman Turks had a different view of him, and on threat of execution, successfully persuaded him to recant.

As far as most Jews are concerned, that was the end of the Sabbatian phenomenon. But Rabbi Antelman proves that his most ardent followers in Turkey have kept his movement alive through the centuries, with great help the next century from one Jacob Frank, who reintroduced Sabbatianism to Europe, and by this route to America and Israel. Rabbi Antelman refers to today's believers as "satanic Sabbatian Frankists."

Satanistic, because Rabbi Antelman charges that Shabbetai Tzvi promoted an anti-Judaism, an image in reverse of G-d's intended religion. So, while, true Judaism's aim is the survival of His people, Sabbatianism's goal is the elimination of Judaism. This explanation does much to increase our understanding of a characteristic unique to one people, Jewish self-hatred, or the desire to destroy your own flesh and blood.

But according to Rabbi Antelman, Tzvi's followers took his perverse thinking much farther than he ever dared.

"Sabbatian cults are well documented in the Encyclopedia Judaica and in the writings of distinguished Israeli academics including the late Professor Y. Tishbi, Yehuda Liebes and Yaacov Katz. In a nutshell, these groups practised incest, adultery and homosexuality. They conspired with the Illuminati with goals of destroying all religions and fusing all nations into one."  pp 256

"Gershon Scholem has traced the incestuous practises of the Sabbatians to that of Earth Mother worship."  pp  123
"With New Age charitable trusts such as the Youngwood Institute, one finds disgust of the Jewish and Christian groups that have to be exterminated.

Accordingly, in the next 'burnt offering' being planned, religious Jews and so-called fundamental Christians are at the top of the list."  pp 208

According to Rabbi Antelman's chronology, in the 1770s Jacob Frank made a pact with one Adam Weishaupt, a Jewish-born Jesuit, to enlist his Sabbatians to join Weishaupt's Illuminati. During the French Revolution, documents were discovered which exposed the Illuminati's plan to destroy the foundations of European civilization; family, religion, royalty and morality, through revolutions. Weishaupt's organization was formally banned throughout Europe, so a decision was made to infiltrate the relatively benign Freemasonry and instill Illuminism from within. The plan worked and as Rabbi Antelman observes:

"While the Illuminati have attempted to subvert Freemasonry, it should be noted that Freemasonry per se is suspect despite the fine people who join its ranks. Lower degree Masons have been duped into thinking that the Masonry building symbols were connected with Solomon's Temple. Many Jewish Freemasons erroneously think that there is some sort of Jewish element or tradition in Freemasonry because of this. If they knew the truth their hair would stand on end. In effect, Freemasonry supports the Islamic concepts of conquest of Judaism and its destruction as taught in the Koran, and today the Dome Of The Rock is a perpetual symbol of the destruction of the Temple."  pp 121

"For this reason, the Illuminati preferred to subvert Masonic groups, which they so hated, because much of Masonic ritual is transmitted from generation to generation, providing a vehicle to transmit an antinomian torah of evil over the ages."  pp 89

Rabbi Antelman's research provides ample evidence that large-scale Sabbatianism was introduced to Judaism through the Reform and Conservative movements and through organizations such as the American Jewish Congress headed by a rather blatant traitor, CFR executive Henry Seigman, the World Jewish Congress, founded by the CFR's Bronfman family and the Bnai Brith, which was initially a branch of Freemasonry, and may, unknown to most members, still be. It is the traitors from within which anger Rabbi Antelman, more even than their gentile superiors:

"While we are focusing on apostate Jewish Illuminati, it must be reiterated that the Bundist-Illuminati were predominantly of Christian birth, both among the membership and the leadership. However, they found it most suited to their ends, as the Communists or the CFR elitists of today do, to utilize the intellectual talents of these Jewish-born apostates.

They were especially placed in conspicuous positions so as the insure a victory of sorts if they would not succeed - thus polarizing among the masses those who would be stupid enough to blame the Jews for Illuminism, Revolution, Bundism, Socialism or Communism."  pp 26

"Until the first comprehensive English Translation of the Talmud by Socino Press (1935-52) appeared, a non-comprehensive translation by M. L. Rodkinson was the only one in existence. Most scholars utilizing his works were unaware that he was a sinister personality whose primary efforts to render portions of the Talmud into English were for the purpose of disinformation and for providing grist for the anti-Semitic attacks on Jewry via careful distortion of selected words and mistranslation of Talmudic passages."  pp 131

"Consider Stephen Wise, head of the Reform movement in the United States during World War II. As the slaughter was going on in Europe, Wise was more interested in his own gratification. Wise was both a Communist and a Sabbatian. That he was a Communist is attested to by Maurice Malkin, a member of the Communist Party who returned to Judaism, in his book Return To My Father's House. Wise was a Sabbatian, as was shown in Helen Rawlinson's book Stranger At The Party. In her chronicle of a sexual encounter with the so-called Rabbi Wise, she describes how Wise had sex with her in his office on his conference table, and quoted the verse from Psalms which Sabbatians did when engaged in sexual intercourse." pp 217

"Among the Nazi concentration camps of Europe was the 'country club' Theresienstadt. There the so-called 'Chief Rabbi Of European Jewry,' Leo Baeck was imprisoned. What he was really doing in Theresienstadt was presiding as chief Sabbatian of the New Age style destruction of European Jewry, which Professor Gershom Scholem and other scholars have shown was a Sabbatian project."  pp 222

"Those ideological leftists in Israel cannot face a strong Israel because it means they are helping God. Thus they become partners in their own self-destruction to 'eliminate the opiate.' When in history has a country consented not only to surrender its territory to enemies but also to arm them as well, resulting in the deaths of its own civilians and soldiers, as the Rabin government did?" pp 168

The CFR and the New World Order

"This letter, in my opinion, is probably the most important document linking the Illuminati Sabbatians, Narodnicks, post World War I Internationalists such as the CFR, the Nazis and the World Government UN Establishment."  pp  43

"Of All Gnostic societies and cults, those that posed the greatest threats to Christianity and Judaism, and have most influenced the course of events of contemporary history are the Sabbatians and Illuminati-CFR conspirators."  pp  82

"The United Nations has Gnostic milennialist overtones, and has shown time and time again that it is one of the greatest enemies of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Most of the diplomats of the UN today are actually united by Gnostic concepts." pp  91

"The World Peace Foundation is merely a Bostonian manifestation of the hand of the CFR, which in turn embodies the commitments of its founder Colonel House to Gnostic Illuminism and Socialism, out of which grew the United Nations."  pp  116

"Prominent among the Round Table group is the London affiliate of the Morgan banking interests in New York, known as Morgan, Grenfell & Co. It was shortly after the Yom Kippur War that Morgan, Grenfell & Co. had arranged for a $3 billion financial transaction to resupply Syria and Egypt with armaments."  pp  113

"We should also not forget that Professor Anthony Sutton documents well in his book Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler, how the socialist radicals, members of Colonel House's Council On Foreign Relations - whose acronym CFR stands for Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller - consistently backed Hitler. A CFR founder, John D. Rockefeller sent his best public relations man, Ivy Lee, to help enhance Hitler's image."  pp  216

"The CFR elite is, thus, not worried about the future, since they control it on a global scale."  pp 241

"The CFR have financed both Hamas and PLO terror, through their own funds and UN money obtained from US taxpayers." pp  248

"The CFR is orchestrating nothing less than the complete destruction of the Jewish people; depicting religious Jews negatively in the news media, promoting abortion, homosexuality and moral violations of the Noahidic Laws, all the way to the salami policy of destroying Israel bit by bit...The Harry S. Truman Peace Institute of Hebrew University is where PLO terrorists regularly meet with CFR activists to do the dirty work of dismantling the State of Israel." 
pp  244


By Rabbi┬  Marvin S. Antelman

TEO II  was released  for sale by  Zionist Book Club, Jerusalem, Israel on February 24, 2002.
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Its table of contents is as follows:

Marx, Hess & Project Iscander 
Bolsheviks. Mensheviks  & Russian Jewry
Gnostic Communist Theology
The Higher Sabbatian Secrets
The Sufi Black Is Beautiful
The Conservative Frankists Of Vienna
Solomon "Sheker"
The Divine & Profane Faces of Zionism
Reform Comes To America
The Holocaust Sabbatian Burnt Offerings
Black Nazis-From Selma to Elma
The CFR Judaism & International Terror
Fighting Back

Volume I is available from:
Rabbi Herbert Gilner
153 Irving
Whitney, Texas 76692

TEO II is available from the publisher

Three recommended sites. The final one proves a Jew can learn politics from a Christian if he finds agreement in the middle.

Here is the address to hear David Orbach's moving song, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin.

And for all those who have been asking, Agent D's name is Dror Yitzhaki. He was Shabak head of personnel at Rabin's last rally. He lives in Kochav Yair and a friend of his tells me, "They got to him the day after the assassination. He won't say a word about it." I tried. He has an unlisted number.

by Barry Chamish 9/17/2001

Well they did it again. For the third time is less than a century,
the illuminati manipulated a world war. They succeeded in creating an issue
of good and evil that cannot be ignored. Yes, the Muslim extremists present
a danger to the planet and have to be extinguished, just like the Nazis. So
who created the Nazis and who created Islamic extremism?

For hundreds of years the Arabs were quiescent and obedient servants
of the Ottoman Empire. Then in 1917, the British expelled them and took
over Palestine. They, and their secretive Round Table, approved a
declaration permitting Jews to re-establish Israel, thus offering them a
shelter from Europe's pogroms, which were fueled by the illuminati for just
this purpose. Then they set Arab on Jew, creating such animosity that Islam
gleefully allied itself with Nazism.

After that, the illuminati ignited the Holocaust and when it was
ended, the Vatican's Jesuit rulers, with Allied approval, shipped the worst
of the genocidal criminals worldwide through its appropriately named
"ratline." Europe's Jews were then shipped to Israel and a war was ignited
which the Jews were supposed to lose, thus completing stage two of the
Holocaust. But Israel overcame the odds and survived. Since then, the
planet's hidden rulers have done their utmost to turn Islam into an
improved version of Nazism, starting with the creation of an artificial,
terrorism-based "Palestinian" nationhood. It took barely a generation after
to create Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban out of the same mold.

So who created the Taliban? President Jimmy Carter of the Council On
Foreign Relations took the first step by ordering a covert war against
Soviet forces in Afghanistan. Who originally funded the Taliban? CIA chief
George Bush of the CFR affiliate, Skull And Bones Society. Who supplied the
Taliban with all the sophisticated encrypted telecommunications equipment,
which made its attacks on the dead twins and Pentagon possible? President
Clinton of the CFR, who approved sales of the high-tech wonders to Syria,
where it was inevitable that radical Islam would inherit it. Who handed the
Taliban $48 million, to eradicate poppies, knowing full well it wouldn't be
used for that purpose? Why our current American President, like his father,
a Skull And Bones graduate. Who is Bin Laden's brother's business partner?
Why Percy Rockefeller of the CFR-founding Rockefeller family. Who owned the
land the World Trade Centers stood on? Why those pesky Rockefellers again.

And who created Islam in America? The same gang who imported Islam to
Europe. No American black should identify with Islam. This religion
captured territory in Africa in Medieval times and looted its conquests for
slaves. Without Arab slave traders, it is unlikely the European industry
would have taken hold. Even today, Muslims enslave huge numbers of
Christian blacks in the Sudan and Mauritania.

American blacks picked up this religion in the late 1950s and it was
spread in the prison system. Who is enforcing those laws, especially the
drug laws, that assure most blacks of some prison time where many will have
to adopt Islam or face the consequences?

The hidden rulers have created an angry community of Moslems in
America and if they object too vigorously to this new war, there will be a
race war in America. The same goes for the Moslems of Europe, imported by
the millions for just this moment in history.

We've all been set up for a period of bloody, murderous chaos. Then
lucky us, we get a new planetary order with guess who in charge? And if
enough people choose not investigate how this war was really started and
who was behind it, we'll all deserve this new world order as a
collective punishment for collective human stupidity.


by Barry Chamish

A terrifying scenario of an upcoming Middle East war is being
discussed in Israeli political circles. As the American terror death toll
surpasses that of Hiroshima, the consensus among public opinion and top
ranks of the military, untouched by the ruling illuminati caste, will be to
strike back at Islam where it hurts the most.


Three days ago, someone (that will do until he chooses to accept
credit) left over a thousand sensitive documents concerning the Rabin
murder at my home.

I called the economics writer Yaacov Verker and asked him to drive by
and look at the material. He would have arrived the next day but it was too
tragic for both of us. The day after the bombings in New York and
Washington, he speed-read the material and discovered the smoking gun.

It is the results of tests on Yigal Amir's hands, a half hour after
he supposedly shot Yitzhak Rabin. Inspector Arieh Moshe, of the Israel
Police Crime Laboratory, conducted a Feroprint test of Amir's hands to
measure the amount of gunpowder on them and compare the composition of the
gunpowder with that of the bullet casings. He found that, "The results of
the testing were insignificant." NO GUNPOWDER WAS ON AMIR'S HANDS. This is
an impossibility if he shot Rabin with real bullets. After almost six
years, we had the proof that Amir did not murder Rabin.

Yaacov phoned Knesset Member, Michael Kleiner and told him the
stunning news. Mr. Kleiner is head of the Herut Movement, for most of
Israel's history, the country's most powerful opposition party. Today, it
has been neutralized by forces led by Ariel Sharon. The next day, Mr.
Kleiner's secretary called and requested that I meet MK Kleiner at a
gathering of Herut Party members in Tel Aviv.

I just returned from the meeting with Mr. Kleiner and numerous party
leaders. A few told me that those behind the slaughter in America were the
same people who brought us the Oslo "peace" process and the Rabin murder.
They described the next stage of the Hell to be brought upon this planet.

The Scenario

1. America will demand proper retaliation for the grotesque loss of
its citizens, for the wrecking of its economy and for the destruction of
its most potent monolithic symbols. Only the bombing of Islam's most potent
symbol, the Kaabah in Mecca, will satisfy the calls for equivalent justice.

2. Saudi Arabia will be taken over, its oilfields will repay
America's losses, and rebuild the twin towers, as well as the wrecked
economy. (Which may have been the real motive of the destruction of the
buildings. Somebody was behind the theft of trillions of dollars from the
American economy in the last few years. No one will ever know who after
this week).

3. The American public will not allow the oil companies to exploit
them and the Saudi profits will go directly to rebuilding lower Manhattan
and then straight into the people's pockets.

4. Naturally, most Moslems will object to the American takeover and
that will slowly lead to the destruction of Islam. But not before the world
is engulfed in violence comparable to that of World War II.


After the grief and shock subside a tiny bit, in November, I want to
come to New York. I want to speak to those victims, Jewish and gentile, of
the tragedy and tell them a side of their misery no one else will; why
Israelis and Americans are dying to ignite a war to change the ruling
status quo of the planet. And why the Rabin murder may hold the key to
exposing and defeating these evil forces.

If any organization or group, no matter how small, will be willing to
sponsor me, I'll come. If there is no budget, I'll cover the expenses. If
you think I should be heard where the bombs struck, please contact me.