The Confirmation - of Lucifer's Antichrist World Government, Economics, and Religion

11/17/2001 - The BIGGEST NEWS since 9-11 is yet to be published anywhere else that I have seen. On the SAME week, at the SAME time, in the SAME way, the SAME laws, (Patriot and/or Anti-Terrorist) laws, were PASSED, in the OTHER "used to be free" Nations. Not just America, but ALSO the nations of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, passed the SAME laws WITHOUT READING them. The LAWS WERE PASSED WITHOUT ALLOWING THE LAWMAKERS TO READ THEM OR DEBATE THEM. Yes, not just America, but ALL OTHER "used to be free nations" AT THE SAME TIME passed antichrist, Luciferian, Laws giving the power of force of antichrist law, to grab anyone, anywhere, lock them up without habeas corpus, without warrant, without charge, without phone call, without lawyer, to be imprisoned for 30 years, tortured, or killed. This is the Antichrist War on the Saints.


Finally someone else is reporting these facts. The 2 Confirming reports came in just in the last 10 days (May 2, 2002). The 2 confirming witnesses are Dr. Steve Piecznik and Thierry Meyssan. This will be a bit longer than usual yet these confirmations are important. This is the antichrist war on the SAINTS. We don't get raptured until Jesus said - IMMEDIATELY AFTER the tribulation. Matt 24:29-3. Or as Paul said at the LAST Trump. I Cor. 15:51-52. Time to get REAL with God and get IN the Ark. The time is NOW time.


First - Dr. Steve Pieczenik: - Dr. Pieczenik has served as deputy assistant secretary under four U.S. secretaries of state--Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz, and James Baker. He is a Harvard-educated psychiatrist with an M.D. from Cornell University Medical College, he has a Ph.D. in International Relations from M.I.T. LONG TERM MEMBER OF THE CFR. Dr. Pieczenik, one of the world's most experienced international crisis managers and hostage negotiators, having twenty years experience in resolving international crises for four U.S. administrations. Dr. Pieczenik is the first psychiatrist ever to receive a Ph.D. in international conflict resolution. He trained in psychiatry at Harvard and has both an M.D. from Cornell University Medical College and a Ph.D. in international relations from M.I.T. He served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker.

Dr, Pieczenik is a CFR insider who is blowing the whistle. He is a senior CFR fellow who has been involved in the management of almost every major international crisis over the last 25 years. He would have us believe that he is totally altruistic, however he also sells books. Yet he is in a position to know about the things of which he speaks, better than any of us. You may listen to the complete interveiw at:

Here are some of the shocking things Dr. Steve Pieczenik said:

The government had prior knowledge of 911. The Carlyle Group will profit very handsomely from the resulting war that the Bush administration is orchestrating as a result of the 911 disaster. It looks like the Bush family has orchestrated the whole thing to bring about the Third World War.

(WWIII - The Third World War is to be fomented by using the so-called controversy agents of the Illuminati would stir up between political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. That war is to be directed in such a manner that all of Islam and political Zionism, Israel, will destroy each other while, at the same time, the remaining nations, once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion - physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically. The stage will then be set to put the one world government into operation. Readers of the GJiGT should know that Bush is a cousin of Prince Charles and is of that 13th or Merovinginan Illuminati Satanist bloodline.)

Pieczenik is coming out to spill the beans on the Bush family and administration. Bush's handlers are destroying America making it a 3rd world country style police state. The Bush administration is orchestrating a 3rd world war to destroy the American way of life. He said that he warned the Bush family. "If I can help you get in the Whitehouse, and I see you going after my US Constitution, I will jump in and do all I can do to bring you down." (Any guesses what his life insurance premium must be?)

He frequently uses the term "neo con" meaning new conservative. In reality Bush is left of Clinton. Bush is just slicker than slick. The Bush administration is immature, dangerous, extreme, and filled with liberal former communists. Some of the Bush administration shifted immediately from extreme left to supposed extreme right. Something is wrong with this picture. He said the Bush Administration has no strategy, no tactics, and they are forcing us into war for the Bush family business, Cheney's businesses, and their defense & oil buddies. The Bush administration is filled with delusional people.

The Bush administration can now arrest anybody any time for no reason whatsoever, and hold them secretly in preventive detention, for up to 30 years, no lawyers, no phone calls. The Bush administration is full of incompentents and even criminals. He said they are absolutely delusional. They want perpetual war because it is good business for their families. We are spending all our resources on ammunition that does not do anything.

Dr. Piecznecik CONFIRMED that indeed the US - CIA station chief did visit with Osama bin Ladin in an American hospital in Daubi UAE in July, 2001, less than 2 months before 911. He CONFIRMED that the whole bin Ladin family was there. Remember that in July 2001, Osama bin Ladin was already declared an international war criminal and on top of the list as wanted international terrorist. It is blatantly FALSE that the bin Ladin claimed that they did not know where Osama was or that they had nothing to do with him. The denial by the CIA that the station chief did not meet with Osama bin Ladin in July 2001 in the American hospital in Daubi is FALSE.

Dr. Pieczenik CONFIRMED that this is an orchestrated war. He CONFIRMED that Osama bin Ladin died of kidney disease in January 2002. Bush is going to war with the organization that Bush created. The bin Ladin family has been in business with the Bush family since 1974. Bush oil companies have for years been funded by the bin Ladin family. The truly liberal pseudo conservative Bush administration is creating and managing a controlled war.

He asked the important question - On 911, Why did the whole bush family have to be evacuated? First order given is that the whole Bush Family had to be evacuated and eliminated and KEPT FROM THE INVESTIGATION. Why were jets flying out of Mami and Boston, carrying the bin Ladins who were visiting the Bush family, when ALL other planes were grounded flying out them and the Saudi royal family. What is wrong with this picture? He said that a military trained pilot had, it simply had to be a military Manchurian candidate type highly skilled pilot, who did the flying into the pentagon building, or else it was a missile, not a 757. (GJiGT readers know that Bush is the prince's cousin.) He said, "Cheney is an outright liar." He said, "Cheney is a criminal having gotten a 35 million sweetheart deal for Haliburton and blatantly violating the embargo on Iraq." He said, "Cheney is a micromanager and he is in the middle of everything and that is why he has had 5 heart attacks." He indicated the Bush administration is as much or more the Cheney administration than the Bush administration and that we are headed into an orchestrated war. A US Army general friend of Pieczenik, said we made a mistake getting the Afghan war lords to fight the battle instead of American soldiers. Carlyle and Unical put up 100 billion for a pipeline from the Caspian sea to go through Afghanistan. Pieczenik said that this is a created and contrived and orchestrated war. He said the US government is totally out of control.

Dr. Pieczenik said that the relationship between the Bush family and bin Ladin family is that they have been very close business partners since 1974. We have a pattern in the US dealings with other countries of "blowback" because we don't have good intelligence. We set up allies and then cause them to turn on us. like Noryega, like Sadam Heusien, like ben Ladin. Osama bin Ladin has been dead since about the first of the year and he died of his kidney disease.

All you need is a guy like Osama bin Ladin to whip up the radical islamics and use the intelligence and justice department give them a little help and look the other way and you have the kind of circumstances that can get the country into war which is good business, very good business for the Bush family, Cheney and bin Ladin family. The Bush administration is filled with dangerous people who have proven their criminal tendencies. This whole neo-con group is filled with extreme leftist globalist elitists and all of a sudden they are conservative? We are now seeing America being run like a third world country police state. China is now producing more than we are. We are giving 76 billion for a homeland security department, an American gestapo. We have created a royalty. There are 5 different police forces now in Washington DC.


Secondly Thierry Meyssan:

Thierry Meyssan, is the author of the book "11 September 2001: l'Effroyable

imposture" (Paris: Editions Carnot, 2002), which is selling like hot cakes

in France.

Evidence is mounting that the 9.11 attacks were part of a "Grand Coup" for

world domination.

"911 was a GRAND coup. In a minor coup, some General takes over the

government of a single country. In a Grand Coup the entire world order is

transformed. The whole heritage of freedom has been abandoned:

constitutional government, civil liberties, balance of powers, government

accountability. International law has been abandoned, and national

sovereignty is becoming a subject for nostalgia buffs. Police state

legislation has been passed not just in the USA, the alleged target of

'terrorism', but throughout the West, in the so-called 'modern democracies'.

In the EU, the official definition of 'terrorism' now includes any civil

disobedience whose objective is to 'change the economic system'.

"This was a Global Grand Coup, with historic significance on a par with the

fall of Rome, the Industrial Revolution, or the birth of Christianity. It

marks the beginning of a new Era, what right-wingers call The New World

Order. In some sense, we are seeing Hitler's vision of a Thousand Year Reich being finally realized by the same crowd that funded fascism in the first place.

"Perhaps my words seem a bit extreme. If so, that's because we are so far

only seeing the establishment of new infrastructures, and the propagation of

new mythologies. It won't become obvious where this is all leading until

it's too late. And then most of us will be persuaded to blame some outside

cause, most likely some version of 'terrorism'. The media matrix reality is

the hypnotic trance that seduces the public frog into tolerating the rising

temperature in the simmering pot."


In the first minutes following the first attack on the World Trade Center,

officials suggested to the media that the person behind the attacks was

Osama bin Laden, the epitome of Muslim fanaticism. Not long after, the

recently appointed director of the FBI, Robert Mueller III, designated

nineteen kamikazes by name and mobilized all the means at the disposal of

his agency to track down their accomplices. The FBI thus never undertook any investigation but, instead, organized a man hunt.

There was no investigation by Congress. At the request of the White

House, congress renounced exercising its constitutional role, supposedly in order not to adversely affect national security. Nor was there investigation by any media representatives, who had been summoned to the White House and prevailed upon to abstain from following up any leads lest such inquiries

also adversely affect national security.

If we analyze the attacks of September the eleventh, we notice first off

that there was much more to them than the official version acknowledges.

1. We know about only four planes, whereas at one point it was a question of

eleven planes. Further, an examination of the insider-trading conducted in

relation to the attacks shows put-option speculative trading in the stock of

three airline companies: American Airlines, United Airlines and KLM Royal

Dutch Airlines.

2. The official version does not include the attack on the White House

annex, the Old Executive Office Building (called the "Eisenhower Building").

Yet, on the morning of the eleventh, ABC television broadcast, live,

pictures of a fire ravaging the presidential services building.

3. Neither does the official version take into account the collapse of a

third building in Manhattan World Trade Center complex, independently of the twin towers. This third building was not hit by a plane. However, it, too,

was ravaged by a fire before collapsing for an unknown reason. This building contained the world's biggest secret CIA operations base, where the Agency engaged in economic intelligence gathering that the military-industrial lobby considered a waste of resources that should have been devoted to strategic intelligence gathering.

If we look closely at the attack against the Pentagon, we notice that the

official version amounts to an enormous lie. According to the Defense Department, a Boeing 757, all trace of which had been lost somewhere over Ohio, flew some 500 kilometers (300 miles) without being noticed. It supposedly entered Pentagon air space and descended on to the lawn surrounding the heliport, bounced off the lawn, broke a wing in collision with an electric transformer station, hit the fašade at the level of the ground floor and first story, and was totally consumed by fire, leaving no other traces than two dysfunctional black boxes and pieces of passengers' bodies.

It is obviously impossible that a Boeing 757 could, for some 500 kilometers,

escape detection by civil and military radar, by fighter-bomber planes sent

in pursuit of it and by observation satellites that had just been activated.

It is also obviously impossible that a Boeing 757 could enter the Pentagon's

air space without being destroyed by one or more of the five missile

batteries protecting the building.

When one examines the photographs of the fašade, taken in the minutes

following the attack (even before the Arlington civilian fire fighters had

time to deploy), one sees no trace of the right wing on fire in front of the

fašade, nor any hole in the fašade into which the plane could have been

swallowed up.

Apparently without the least fear of laying itself open to ridicule, the

Defense Department declared that the jet engines, made out of tempered

steel, had disintegrated under the shock of the impact - without damaging

the fašade. The aluminum of the fuselage is claimed to have combusted at

more than 2,500░ Celsius within the building and to have been transformed

into gas, but the bodies of the passengers which it contained were so little

burned that they were later identified from their finger prints.

Responding to journalists during a press conference at the Pentagon, the

fire chief claimed that "no voluminous debris from the aircraft" had

remained, "nor any piece of the fuselage, nor anything of that sort". He

declared that neither he nor his men knew what had become of the aircraft.

Close examination of the official photographs of the scene of the attack,

taken and published by the Defense Department, shows that no part of the

Pentagon bears any mark of an impact that could be attributed to the crash

of a Boeing 757.

One must acknowledged the evidence: it is impossible that the attack against the Pentagon on September 11, killing 125 persons, was carried out by a jet airliner.

The scene of the attack was thoroughly disturbed on the following day by the

immediate launch of new construction work, with the result that many of the

elements necessary to reconstruct what had happened are missing. The

elements that do remain, however, converge in a single hypothesis that it is

not possible to prove with certainty.

An air traffic controller from Washington has testified seeing on radar an

object flying at about 800 kilometers per hour, moving initially toward the

White House, then turning sharply toward the Pentagon, where it seemed to

crash. The air traffic controller has testified that the characteristics of

the flight were such that it could only have been a military projectile.

Several hundred witnesses have claimed that they head "a shrill noise like

the noise of a fighter-bomber", but nothing like the noise of a civilian


Eye-witnesses have said that they saw "something like a cruise missile with

wings" or a small flying object "like a plane carrying eight or twelve


The flying object penetrated the building without causing major damage to

the fašade. It crossed several of the building rings of the Pentagon,

creating in each wall it pierced a progressively bigger hole. The final

hole, perfectly circular, measured about one meter eighty in diameter. When

traversing the first ring of the Pentagon, the object set off a fire, as

gigantic as it was sudden. Huge flames burst from the building licking the

fašades, then they shrank back just as fast, leaving behind a cloud of black

soot. The fire spread through a part of the first ring and along two

perpendicular corridors. It was so sudden that the fire protection system

could not react.

All these testimonies and observations correspond to the effects of an AGM

[air to ground missile]-86C of the third (most recent) generation of CALCM

[conventional air launched cruise missile -- see picture at:

equipped with depleted uranium warheads and guided by GPS [global

positioning system]. This type of missile, seen from the side, would easily

remind one of a small civilian airplane, but it is not a plane. It produces

a shrill whistle comparable to that of a fighter-bomber, can be guided with

enough accuracy to be directed through a window, can pierce the most

resistant armor and can set off a fire -independent of its piercing effect -

that will generate heat of over 2,000░ Celsius.

This type of missile was developed jointly by the Navy and the Air Force and

is fired from a plane. The missile used against the Pentagon destroyed the

part of the building where the new Supreme Naval Command Center was being installed. Following the attack, the Navy Chief of Staff, Admiral Vernon

Walters, failed to show up in the crisis room of the National Military Joint

Intelligence Center when the other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

reported there. Instead, he abruptly left the Pentagon.

Who, then, could have fired such a missile on the Pentagon?

The answer was given by the off-the-record revelations of Ari Fleischer, the

White House spokesman, and by Karl Rove, senior advisor to the president, to journalists from the New York Times and the Washington Post. Eighteen days later, these men discounted the veracity of the information they had given the journalists, claiming that they had been speaking under the stress of great emotion.

According to those close to George W. Bush, in the course of the morning,

the Secret Service received a telephone call from those behind the attacks,

apparently in order to make demands. To give credence to their demands, the masterminds revealed the secret codes giving access to the secure telephone lines available to the president for secure communication with the various intelligence agencies and services as well as for access to the nuclear arsenal. In fact, only a very few persons with the highest security

clearances, in the top ranks of the government, could have had these codes.

It follows that at least one of the persons behind the attacks of September

11 has a top government post, either civilian or military.

To give credence to the fable the United States authorities invented kamikazes. Although it would have been possible for a well organized group of persons to bring fire arms into commercial air liners, the kamikazes apparently used cardboard cutters as their only weapons. They are said to have learned to pilot Boeing 757s and 767s in the space of several hours of simulator training, becoming better pilots than professionals. This mastery allowed them to carry out complex in-flight approach maneuvers.

The Justice Department has never explained how it established the list of

the kamikazes. The airline companies have furnished the exact number of

passengers in each plane, and the passenger lists, incomplete, do not

mention the persons who boarded at the last minute. In checking the these

lists, one notices that names of the kamikazes are not on them and that only

three passengers are not identified for flight 11 and only two for flight

93. It is thus impossible that 19 kamikazes boarded. Further, several of

those listed as kamikazes have turned up, alive. The FBI nonetheless

maintains that the high-jackers have all been definitively identified and

that complementary information such as birth dates makes it improbable that they could be confused with persons of the same name. For those who might doubt this, the FBI has a ridiculous proof: whereas the planes burned and the twin towers collapsed, the passport of Mohammed Atta was miraculously found intact on the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center.


The existence of high-jackers, whether these or others, is confirmed by

telephone calls made by several passengers to members of their families.

Unfortunately, these conversations are known to us only by hearsay and have not been published, even in the case of those that were recorded. Thus, it has been impossible to verify that they were actually made from a particular cell phone of from a telephone on board. Here, too, we are asked to take the FBI at its word.

Further, it was not indispensable to have high-jackers to carry out the

attacks. The Global Hawk technology, developed by the Air Force, makes it

possible to take control of a commercial airliner regardless of the

intentions of its pilot(s) and to direct it by remote control.

There remains the case of Osama bin Laden. If it is generally admitted that

he was a CIA agent or collaborator during the war against the Soviet Union

in Afghanistan, the current version of events claims that he turned coat and

became public enemy number one of the United States. This story does not

bear up under scrutiny either. The French daily le Figaro revealed that last

July, Osmam bn Laden was a patient at the American hospital in Dubai, where he was visited by the head of CIA regional office.

CBS television in the United States has revealed that, on September 10,

Osama bin Laden was undergoing dialysis at the Rawalpindi military hospital, under the protection of the Pakistani army. And the renowned French journalist Michel Peyrard, who was a prisoner of the Taliban, has recounted how, last November, Osama bn Laden was living openly in Jalalabad while the United States was bombing other regions of the country. It is difficult to believe that the greatest army in the world, come to Afghanistan to arrest him, was unable to do so, while the mollah Omar was able to escape from United States military force on a moped.

The day after the attacks of September 11, United Nations Security Council

Resolution 1368 acknowledged "the inherent right of individual or collective

self-defense in accordance with the Charter", calling on "all States to work

together urgently to bring to justice the perpetrators, organizers and

sponsors of these terrorist attacks and stresses that those responsible for

aiding, supporting or harboring the perpetrators, organizers and sponsors of

these acts will be held accountable".

So there you have it, the antichrist war on the Saints. The Illuminati Satanists have their third world war. Just the way it has been planned. Meanwhile the sheeple sleep while the blind leaders of the blind lead to the slaughter. If this is the time when "He who now lets - has let Satan loose to do his antichrist war on the SAINTS, then don't spin your wheels thinking you will turn this around. GET IN THE ARK. REPENT OR PERISH. Are you Born Again? Do you KNOW the Real Jesus Christ Who ALONE can save you from the wrath to come? OR do you just know about Him? Will He say that He knows you? Only be very strong and of good courage. Stay IN The Word.