Mt. Sinai in Arabia
Jabal al-Lawz

Google Earth High Altitude Photos of Mt. Sinai
28 degrees 41 minutes North by 35 degrees 18 minutes East

First Observations by Brother Maurice
Yes - This is the SAME Mt. Sinai
Discovered by Ron Wyatt

 (More Detailed and Revealing Images below the write up.)

          Images of JESUS and Satan discovered at Jebel el Lawz

                                                                                                                                              Neeroeteren, Belgium, 2nd August 2007, published on internet 4th August 2007

To any Jew, Christian, Muslim and every other inhabitant of this planet,

If anyone needs full credit for this discovery than it’s our Lord Jesus Christ, our ONLY creator, savior and redeemer, who is The I AM and the Alfa and Omega. He created ALL things, so let this be an ultimate message to all evolutionists and other mislead people that are on Satan’s way of self-destruction. All who are not in THE Way, by ignorance or willing ignorance, and are therefore on Satan's way of self-destruction need to see this ultimate show and tell last call to consider your ways. They haven’t had ears to hear yet, but The Lord is giving them a last call, with His ultimate show-and-SEE demonstration, as He promised to us.

2 Pet 3:8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
Exo 19:10
-11And the LORD said unto Moses, Go unto the people, and sanctify them to day and to morrow, and let them wash their clothes, And be ready against the third day ; for the third day the Lord will come down in the sight of ALL people upon mount Sinaï.
Hosea 6:2 After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.

Question : If you understand the meaning of this discovery, do you believe then that the one who did this is also able to preserve His Word, The one and only HOLY SCRIPTURE on this planet! Seven times purified as He promissed to us ? And no manmade corrections, God forbid !!!  For those I do not want to be in their shoes on judgement day !!! But also for them there is hope,  HALLELUJAH !!! We are all sinners. (KJV 1 JOHN 1:8)

Sinners cannot exist in the presence of God. (2 THES 2:8). If we have not gone to the Father in the name and Blood of His Son, Jesus, we will die, unless we REPENT !! Stop pointing our fingers at others, LOOK AT YOURSELF and your status in the presence of God

Question : Why have we gotten into trouble so much today ? Climate, wars, idolatries, pestilences, deseases, starvation, all nothing to be proud of, and still we are looking for a TECHNICAL solution, but there is none but GOD ! Why ? Answer : because we have forgotten His Word and do not keep His 10 Commandments, which are for ALL people on the face of this earth ! But remember dark forces (New world order, Free Masons, Illuminatie, etc) are at work to prevent anyone from knowing the Truth

When I got up this morning I started as usual my computer to see the news and if there were any emails. Then it came up to my mind to search Google Earth if I could find this mountain called Jebel-el-Lawz in Saudi Arabia, discovered and claimed by Ron Wyatt to be The Lord’s mountain or better called mount Sinaï where The Lord wrote his Commandments in stone to Moses. I thought this is actually a siginificant place, because the Lord revealed Himself and gave us the basic rules of living written ever, the 10 Commandments.  The discoveries of Ron have always intrigued me but as The Lord commands us we have to search out things whether they are true (KJV Eccl 7:25 “I applied mine heart to know and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things” ) and be ready to answer non-believers.

(KJV 1 pet 3:15 “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you)

“I feel greatly privileged to be directed  by The Lord to this amazing discovery, which, Lord willing, needs to be told to the world. My prayers are with The Lord so he may guide and protect anyone by His Angels who is involved in this revealed Mistery of the ages”.

The moment I actually started my search on Google Earth I noticed, that there were a few purple dots on the charts of Google Earth, zooming in they revealed the names of the spots. There were, mt. Sinaï (the wrong one) and Jebel el Lawz, the actual God’s mountain. When I was zooming in on Jebel el Lawz I got struck by a face appearing in front of me, a closer look confirmed that this looked like The Lord’s face as we know it from many images. First I noticed only a brust, but later it appeared to be a man figure holding a scroll in His left hand and dressed in white clothing. Studying the site more I discovered that He is wearing a crown and that from His crown a serpentlike line (river?) went up to an image of Satan. Apparantly symbolically claiming for His crown. There are several crosses present too. I couldn’t think of any better symbolical way to express today’s situation in the world.  Studying more, other things started to appear and I marked them on the picture with a photo adaption program called Paint. I know there is more, and probably a more skilled research is required. But most important NOW is the basic message / picture that it is there on Jebel el Lawz and I can’t change it.  The chances of being this a coincidence are like finding a sixpack on the moon, I guess ! But I warn everyone, that dark forces will do anything to prevent this from being made public. I ask everyone who gets involved in this to dilligently pray for guidance in this case, we have only one shot left !! Maybe it’s time we get to that mountain (and all it’s evidence) to legally claim what’s our Creators’ today and FOREVER !

If anyone still doubts the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ after knowing and SEEING this, surely he will burn in Hell,…….. it’s up to you, just a matter of choice,  YOUR CHOICE and the good message is you are free to do so,…………

Praise our Holy one, rebuke Satan in the Name and Blood of his Son Jesus, as long as you can, and you will if you do, because He said so,……


Bro. Maurice Jansen

Ron Wyatt gave the following evidence and much more to understand
that the biblical Mt. Sinai is Jabal al-Lawz

A desert is behind it
It is located in ancient Midian
This places it Arabia Petraea, thereby agreeing with Josephus and Philo
and, in common with the southern Levant.
The Sinai Peninsula is on the migration path of Quail
It is not part of Egypt or its dominions
There is evidence of an ancient spring Meribah located there.
The volcanic peak is blackened
The rock contains a cleft like the biblical description of Mt. Sinai
To this day remains a large altar at the foot of the mountain
That altar is covered in calf drawings, consitent with the biblical account of the sinful Golden Calf idolatry
There is a cave in the mountain fitting the description of Elijah spending the night on Horeb.
There is a bush on the mountain that is over 2000 years old.
There are almond trees on the mountain, and according to the biblical account Aaron's staff that budded was almond wood.
There are large specifically placed rock boundaries at the base.
The biblical narrative states that the base of Sinai was marked out.

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