Monte Judah

All of us bear the responsibility of speaking truth to one another and discerning between truth and error
as found in the Word of God. Previously when Monte Judah has spoken PRESUMPTUOUSLY in the
Name of the Lord, I held my peace. I could, for the sake of peace, personal regard and friendship,
allow others to make their own judgment regarding Monte’s slick willie style repentance. This time no
man of God can allow what Monte Judah has done to go unchallenged, or fail to call Monte to public

BELIEVERS are believers, because they have an UNCTION from the Holy One and therefore they KNOW
all things. 1 John 2:20 & 27 But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things. But the
anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as
the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you,
ye shall abide in him.

Monte Judah is NOT NOW what one would call a BELIEVER. Intelligent, Messianic, yes Monte is that.
Today however sadly, Monte is in need of finding God's grace in repentance, that Monte might be born
again, AGAIN. Monte may not be able to see in a mirror what BELIEVERS see. What BELIEVERS see
is replacement of the working of the Holy Spirit unction, leading to FAITH, replaced with religious spirit
intellectualism, leading to doubt, unbelief, and shipwrecked faith. Monte Judah remains duly Admonished
and MARKED as a HERETIC to be AVOIDED. Monte remains WITHOUT REPENTANCE and continues
to seek to do according to the first words of Satan with all subtlety saying - Yea, Hath God Said????

Brethren your faith will grow if you read the KJV Holy Bible and follow the one whose Name is called
The Word of God. Your faith will be damaged if you read the current writings of duly admonished and
MARKED heretic whose name is called Monte Judah. Believers do NOT use PARADIGMS to understand
the book of Hebrews, or any other book of the Holy Bible. Believers turn at the reproof of the Holy Spirit
to get understanding. (Pv 1:23) Sadly that remains something the heretics who attack the integrity of the
Word of God refuse to do.

In response to Monte's continued heresy, BELIEVERS say YES GOD SAID SO - In the More Sure word
Written in the KJV Holy Bible. To Monte Judah's continued heresy and vain efforts to exalt his high things
to sow doubt regarding what God has said, it must be said to Monte - REPENT or perish. BELIEVERS
will continue to do the duty of love expressed in 2 Cor 10:5 - Casting down imaginations, and every high
thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the
obedience of Christ; - Christ is the anointed One, whose Name is NOT Monte Judah, or Jim Searcy.
Believers will follow and be in obedience to Christ, whose Name is called the Word of God.

The Following are exerpts - DIRECT QUOTES - of Monte Judah from his Yavoh September / October 2005
Issue - The Seven Everlasting Covenants:

Monte Writes:

I personally believe that the greater number of Churchmen have been mislead by something put into the New
Testament – the book of Hebrews.

The Gospel of Thomas (even though he was an Apostle) was rejected because it failed to emphasize the deity
of Yeshua as the Gospel of John and others do. However, they made an exception for the book of Hebrews.
Apparently because of its opposition to the Law of Moses, which Jerome agreed with. There are contradictions
and mistakes in the book of Hebrews that have Bible scholars scratching their heads to this day. 

Then there are the mistakes in the book of Hebrews that relate directly to our discussion of God's seven covenants.

The Bible is organized and printed by the Church Fathers to support their theology about the Old Testament
(everything is lumped together as the Old Covenant), and then starting with the Gospels, headed by a page never
written by any Apostle, there is a page called "The New Testament." This definition for our present Bible did
not actually happen until the fourth century when Jerome (the Bishop of Rome) put the book of Hebrews into
his compilation of the New Testament. Prior to that, the book of Hebrews was disputed as appropriate for the Bible.

The debate about the book of Hebrews is an ancient argument. The debate about "Covenant Theology" was won
or lost, depending on your position, when the book of Hebrews was inserted into the Bible. I am not going to solve
those conflicts in this article. What I am going to do is address where covenants are given, what promises are given,
and define those covenants with the symbols and language used by the Scripture. You can then decide whether
"Covenant Theology" and the writer of Hebrews are consistent with those Scriptures. 

Fundamentalist Christians resist the rule changes, but they hold to the changes made by the early Church Fathers.
All of them agree that the Old Covenant rules used by the Jews must be changed.


The writer (of the book of Hebrews) has simplified the previous Scriptures to the extent that they are distorted. Look
a little further at this passage. The writer (of the book of Hebrews) states that the golden altar of incense was stationed
with the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. This is incorrect. The Altar of Incense was in the Holy Place with
the Menorah and Table of Shewbread. A teacher making that mistake today would be considered incompetent to the
task of teaching the Bible.


Maybe the writer of Hebrews was confused. Maybe he forgot. Maybe he just didn't make the best argument. I still
agree with many of the statements and conclusions offered in the book. I also agree with many positive statements
made by many Christians leaders and teachers throughout history. I just find that when the writer of Hebrews references
the Law of Moses and the previous covenants, he fails to speak with precision and accuracy as other New Testament
writers do, especially the Apostle Paul.

Regarding The Duty of Love Related to Monte Judah's Heresy:

Monte Judah is NOW duly admonished and PUBLICLY MARKED AS A HERETIC TO BE AVOIDED. Monte MUST be so MARKED until he might demonstrate public GENUINE Repentance. This time, Monte can NOT be allowed the slick willie style repentance, as when previously speaking PRESUMPTUOUSLY in the name of the Lord. This time, the ONLY acceptable fruit of Repentance would be to hold up the promised SEVENTH purification, (Ps 12:6-7) and confess error and publicly repent.  Yes, it is error according to I Cor 1:10 for any of the rabbis to be teaching from, preaching from, or quoting from, ANY OTHER BIBLE in English.

This time, Monte needs forgiveness for causing DOUBT, confusion, and shipwrecking faith. Few know how personally difficult it was for me to be the one whom God did call to OFFICIALLY Admonish and MARK
Monte Judah as a heretic to be avoided. Like the rest of the people, I did let Monte get away with his
former offenses of speaking PRESUMPTUOUSLY in the name of the Lord. However, this time, NO
BELIEVER in Torah and the Gospel of Yeshua Ha Meshiach can look the other way. This time, NO
Messianic BELIEVER can ignore that Monte is leading people to follow another god. Monte, would by his
teaching that the book of Hebrews is not scripture, set himself up as a god to follow rather than the One
whose name is called The Word of God. Yes indeed, that is how serious is the nature of Monte Judah’s
public teaching in his Sept/Oct 05 Yavoh.

Due to the serious nature of this Grievous Heresy, NO Messianic BELIEVER can remain silent if Monte
would presume to preach or teach the people of God, BEFORE  Monte would make GENUINE PUBLIC REPENTANCE.

We follow after peace. There can be no peace when a MARKED HERETIC would seek occasion to
publicly teach grievous heresy and shipwreck the faith of the brethren of the Body of Messiah. BELIEVERS
whether they be Messianic or Christian, which really should have NO DIFFERENCES, must stand to STOP teachings AGAINST the authority, reliability, and inerrancy of Scripture, contained in the KJV Holy Bible.
The fact is, that Monte would never have gotten into his previous problems, or this GRIEVOUS HERESY,
if he knew the difference between Holy and profane bibles.

Monte Judah has been duly MARKED as a heretic for his teaching against the Scriptures. Monte Judah’s
heresy is a DIRECT FRONTAL ASSAULT on the inerrancy of the Scriptures, and THE Faith of ALL
Christian and Messianic BELIEVERS. Without Monte’s GENUINE repentance no elder can tolerate Monte 
publicly preaching or teaching the saints. GENUINE PUBLIC REPENTANCE MUST COME FIRST.
Messianic rabbis or elders would be short on both integrity and love for Monte, and his brethren, if such
rabbis and elders would allow occasion for Monte to teach or preach.

Elders have a duty of love in calling for Monte to GENUINELY REPENT, and admonishing Monte not to
preach or teach God’s people BEFORE he GENUINELY REPENTS. No elder or rabbi can approve of
allowing Monte free occasion to publicly preach or teach, knowing Monte has been duly MARKED as a
heretic, BASED ON MONTE’S OWN PUBLIC TEACHING. All Elders are charged with the responsibility
to protect the message of the Torah and Gospel of Messiah from being defamed, as Monte has done.

From Chittim, Isa. 23:1,

Shalom & Simcha,

Jim Searcy

The Letter from Jim Searcy to Monte Judah of the OFFICIAL First Admonition of Heresy:

           Dear Monte –                                                                            9-14-2005


          This was sent to me, regarding you, and has not been answered:


           I remember you're saying that we should look out for a claim of a found Gospel in Hebrew, a claim Paul was not an
apostle and also beware of those who deny the deity of Christ.  Well I heard a teaching this afternoon that I found
extremely upsetting.  I just wanted to tell you.  It was Monty Judah and he was telling about all that was wrong with
the book of Hebrews and Paul. It basically stated that Paul was wrong, misquoted Isaiah and that the book of Hebrews
should be disregarded by the modern messianic.  He claimed it totally Christian false doctrine and not for ephriamite
messianics.  I could not believe my ears.  I was shocked.  But there it all was exactly like you warned us. I have heard
from others that he is now teaching replacement theology as well. And that Judah will bow before Ephraim as Judah
and his brothers bowed before Joseph when they came to purchase grain in Egypt.  Some have even said that any
Jew who does not bow to them is worthy of death; (Now I do not say Monty is saying this, but others are using
Monty's teaching against the scripture worthiness of Hebrews and jumping to this conclusion). Some have even been
teaching that Paul showed up 3 1/2 years after Yeshua and therefore is the anti christ.  So there it is.  Sadly, I look for
Monty to deny the deity of Jesus next.  But more importantly, I just wanted to thank you for teaching me how to be
aware and think upon the word of God, The More Sure Word, proven and pure


           I too was shocked. I could not believe it. Then I read your Yavoh September / October 2005 Issue -
The Seven Everlasting Covenants:


           I would like to believe someone hacked your web site. I fear you did write that.


           I did not know Eliezer Urbach as well as you; but, was privileged to get to know this loving gentle man of
God and had the privilege of once having dinner with him. I think after reading your latest Yavoh that Eliezer
might grab the most loving baseball bat he could find and give you the biggest loving whack of that bat up
side of your head perhaps saying – Why Monte – WHYEVER would you PRESUME to set yourself up as
a judge over the Word of God and NOT know that the Word of God will judge Monte?


           You have laid a very unpleasant duty of love upon me with that article. That note which was sent to me is
not far fetched regarding where your grievous heresy will lead many. Yes Monte, it is heresy, grievous heresy.


           Monte, I do hope that you will respond, but my duty of love to you FOR NOW, will be completed with this communication, whether you do or you do not respond. I do understand that rich and famous people are very
busy. However, this is VERY serious, and you should know it was said. You, should also know that I would
like to hear from you regarding this. Due to the gravity of this you should know that if you are too busy to
respond to it I will not understand.  


           I prayed I John 5:16 and, the Lord said, NO. I sought the Lord. I said, Lord, is Monte setting up to do the
greatest example the man of God can ever do before his brethren, that he has never been able to do before,
in this coming season of repentance? Is he setting up the grandest example of REPENTANCE before his
brethren when the huge crowds are gathered for Paul Wilbur to lead in praise and worship at Sukkot?
NO – Jim, YOU must tell Monte. You must tell Monte that regardless of the great things which he has
done in my name, that I will some day soon, have to tell him depart from Me, I never knew you.


           Monte, Jim, the Mechanical Engineer, at times finds it hard to believe you got a Logistics Engineering degree.
It is hard to believe when you continue to fail to see the logical disconnect that occurs every time you ascend
to the bema with that perversion NASV. Even the NASV Cofounder and Chief Editor thereof, did so gloriously
repent of having anything to do with such an illogical and faith destructive work as the NASV bible project.
However, your failure of LOGIC and FAITH FAILURE in that, pales, in comparison to what you have done with
this last Yavoh.


           You know it is already 4 years now of going into gangs of Muslims telling them Mohammed is a false prophet
teaching the moon god religion of Satan. Mohammed is now burning in hell and hell is the destiny of all Muslims
according to sura 19.71. By the grace of God, we are still alive and able talk about it. I know many ignorant,

poor, Muslims who make beautiful Messianic BELIEVERS. None of them would be so ignorant as to fail to see the
logical disconnect which occurs, when otherwise brilliant people, tolerate the very idea of DIFFERENT bibles.
Any ignorant Muslim would be quick to tell you there could not possibly be any such thing as different Korans.


           If it were to be true that you are teaching that the book of Hebrews does not belong in our bible, that Paul was
other than perfect in his writing in the Holy Bible, or that the book of Hebrews is to be disregarded by the modern Messianic, then you do understand that even this memo will serve as your FIRST OFFICIAL ADMONITION as
an heretic, and God knows I do not want to give you the second, or the first.


           Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


           Monte, I just read your last Yavoh, in which, by your own words, you did teach such grievous heresy. You need
serious reproof of your error. The HOLY BIBLE did not come from the church fathers. If you want to believe that,
then you are a deceived deceiver. ALL Scripture - All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for
doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: All Scripture is given by GOD, and not even
Monte Judah should presume himself to be a judge over it.


           Monte someone MUST love you enough to tell you that your last Yavoh reiterates the first words of Satan to
mankind - Yea, hath God said? To this I KNOW to say - YES GOD SAID SO, in the more sure word of God, it is
written. And if you do not shake yourself you will go to hell for this sort of destruction of FAITH and the basis
thereof. You can go to hell if you choose. However, this man of God will stand against you, or anyone else, so

         destroying the basis of THE FAITH of others.


           You can not repent. You have demonstrated that. You can do slick things that make people think you repented;
but, I really have never seen you TRULY demonstrate the ability to find God's grace in repentance. Yes, certain

         things done publicly demand public repentance and public reproof. Yes, it is my sad duty to admonish you as a
heretic. Yes, this is your first official admonition as a heretic, not based upon what someone else wrote, but on
what you wrote.


           You think I should have a 65-caliber side arm instead of a 66-caliber? What book of the bible should we next
remove? You best hear this word of Torah - Deu 4:2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you,
neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I
command you. AGAIN the SAME ONE giving those words to Moses now would have me give my friend Monte
these words - And if any man, even Monte Judah, shall take away from the words of the Holy Bible, God shall
take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this



           If you can find the grace of God in repentance, and get born again AGAIN, and read the book of Hebrews in the
KJV Holy Bible, with the Holy Ghost, you will then see the book of Hebrews was written by the Apostle Paul, to
correct the errors of Hebrew rootie tootied religious spirit bound Messianic believers, heretics, and Judaziers

from   the first century through the twenty first century. This particular Yavoh is a classic example of why the Word of
God, of necessity, must contain the book of Hebrews. The first 4 chapters of Hebrews in the 16 languages of
the Muslims to whom we were sent, and the First Epistle of John is what we give the Muslims, for the Holy

          Spirit to give them repentance unto eternal life. Yes, Monte, Jim is just as much a Messianic believer as ever,
maybe more so. The problem is that Monte may be Messianic but obviously NOT a believer to write such things.


           If you deny Hebrews is inspired by God and would presume to relegate it out of the Holy Bible as did Martin
Luther seek to relegate James as an epistle of straw, someone MUST love you enough to tell you that you will
burn in hell with Martin Luther, and Solomon. Solomon exceeded all the kings of the earth for riches and for
wisdom, and sadly, we may be almost as sure Solomon is burning in hell as we are the REPENTANT thief is
with Yeshua.


           After reading that last Yavoh, and knowing the destruction of faith it will work, and the red carpet it rolls out
for demonic religious spirits, and how it will NOT SANCTIFY, how it will NOT GATHER with Messiah, my soul
is grieved for you. No Monte, you MUST hear someone love you enough to tell you that you are on your way,
if not already there, to being one famous Heretic. There is a difference between the simple heretic and the
damnable heretic. I am not admonishing you as a damnable heretic, but a simple heretic. However, without
finding God's grace in REPENTANCE, that is where your grievous simple heresy will most certainly lead. My
soul grieves for your soul.


           The Word of God should judge Monte Judah. Monte Judah should NOT judge the Word of God. It is high time
you get born again, AGAIN, and before God, and before your brethren REPENT, of this last Yavoh. You should
also repent about not knowing the difference between a holy bible and a profane bible, but we will not chew
that tobacco again now. Your last Yavoh is a serious frontal attack to destroy THE Faith. Before God I can
NOT cut bible correctors any slack. I will not respect the person of you or any other man doing the devil's work
of saying - Yea, hath God said? Yes, Monte, THUS SAITH THE LORD REPENT OR PERISH. The Word of
God will judge Monte Judah. For Christ's sake Monte, and in the Name of Yeshua, STOP such heresy NOW.
Yes, this is your FIRST OFFICIAL ADMONITION as a heretic.


           If you fail to show MEEKNESS and repentance, and if you again publish another article to set yourself above
the Word of God, and destroy FAITH, and divide the body of Messiah, you will be given your SECOND OFFICIAL ADMONITION, and you will be MARKED, and you will be rejected. You can laugh at that. However, this rejection
will be as much IN ACCORD with the discipline of the Word of God, and the power of the Holy Ghost, as much
as any Jude 19 would be contrary to the Word of God. You should also KNOW that part of your hell will be the remembrance of your brother. I will have no remembrance of you. However, you will forever remember your
brother who was faithful to God, and loved you in deed and in truth, to give you the reproof and admonishment
which you MUST now have. 


           WOW these sure are the Days of Awe, when a man named Monte Judah could so presume to correct and set
himself a judge over the Word of God and be a bible corrector. This ranks right up there with the big days of
grief for me.


           I did notice Paul Wilbur was at your Tabernacles celebration last year, and rejoice with you that he will again
be there. Tell me please, so that I do not have to ask Paul Wilbur if he agrees with this idea of removing the
book of Hebrews from our bibles, and if he too does question Paul's apostolic doctrinal authority. He may not
even know you taught this, as I too never would imagine the day when you would teach such faith shipwrecking
heresy. Are you the only speaker on your Tabernacle 2005 gathering? I would like to know the other speakers
on this agenda, and if they too are in agreement with this teaching to remove the book of Hebrews from our
bibles, and question Paul's apostolic doctrinal authority? I guess I must request a list of those on the platform,
as they too may need to be admonished. However, it would be much better if you could find the grace of God
and give the greatest example any man of God can give to the brethren, of personal repentance.   


           A child with the Holy Ghost could easily clear the confused minds of the scholars and heretics; but alas they
can not repent. Every time you have doctrinally messed up and presumptuously spoken in the name of the Lord,
it never would have happened, IF you had the Holy Ghost, quickening the KJV Holy Bible, rather than whatever
other spirit was quickening some profane bible. Would to God I could tell you of the miracles which we have
seen as His precious Gospel comes not in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much
assurance; as ye know what manner of men we were among you for your sake. But this time it is the heavy
duty of love to give you OFFICIAL ADMONITION as a heretic. 


           If you will not hear me, I will have to have some brethren bring their witness to be established. If you still will
not hear, the issue of heresy will be brought to the Church, and by the grace of God we do still communicate
with the saints scattered abroad. Yes, there are many saints scattered abroad who have not bowed the knee
to Baal.


           Only be very strong and of good courage. Know that you are loved. It is good for EVERYONE, including me
and Monte, to seek and find His grace in REPENTANCE and that is what the Days of Awe are all about.


           Shalom & Simcha,

             Jim Searcy 

  Great Joy in Great Tribulation web sites:

Monte Judah's Reply to the OFFICIAL Admonition regarding Heresy:

Dear Brother Jim,

Nice to hear from you.  I need to offer a few corrections to your admonition.  The Apostle
Paul did not write the book of Hebrews.  The evidence is clear that Paul's definition of a
covenant is quite different from the writer of Hebrews.  Paul kept the feasts, worshipped at
the temple, etc.  The writer of Hebrews wants Christians to do other things.  The
misrepresentations of Scripture by the book of Hebrews are obvious for anyone willing
to see.  The "bait and switch" logic of the book is also obvious.  What is difficult for you
and other brethren is coming to terms with the origins of the "Holy Bible."   I believe in
the Scriptures that are written by Holy Men moved by the Holy Spirit.  I do not believe
any longer, after much study and consideration, that the book of Hebrew meets the
definition of Scripture.  The evidence points to others in the 2nd and 3rd century drafting
this book and offering it as though it was a first century text.   Churchmen, who wanted
complete separation from Jews and Israel, promoted the book as Scripture.

Years ago, I spoke against the pretrib rapture.  I was called a "false prophet" by my own
Baptist brethren.  I then spoke of the Law of Moses and how it was not contrary to the
Grace of God.  I was called a "false teacher and false brother" by all the other Christians. 
Then I taught "the Greater Exodus."   Many brethren just ignored me.  Then I taught the
"the Two Houses of Israel."   Even my Messianic Jews brethren said I was "heretic."  Then
I taught the Jots and Tittles and showed that not one English Bible has all of the word of
God.  More than 100 specific elements in the Scriptures have just been ignored by Bible
printers.  (Hebrews texts put them in.)  People were stunned and speechless.  Now the
time has come to speak of another "paradigm."  This is like a fortress set up centuries ago. 
I have pointed out that the concept of a New and Old Testament, an Old Covenant based
on a bazarre definition of the New Covenant is flawed.  Did I pull this particular
controversy about the book of Hebrews out of the air?  Is this something new in annals of
Christian history?  No...   This book was disputed until the 4th century when the bishop
of Rome, Jerome, unilaterally put it in the Latin Vulgate.   The official Catholic Bible.  It
was disputed by Martin Luther.  It has been questioned throughout the centuries, because
it doesn't meet the standard of other books compiled in what we call the New Testament. 
Now,... I have specifically challenged point by point, verse by verse, definitions given in
the book that are contrary to Messianic theology and the rest of the Bible.  I have shown
that quotations are altered.  I have offered evidence of misrepresentation and deceit.  And,
I have stood back and asked all men of faith to answer the question.  Is this book the
evidence of a Holy Man moved by the Holy Spirit?  Is it Scripture like the other Scriptures
we love and hold to? 

I must say that I am not surprised by you admonition.  I understand that you have been
on a campaign for some time promoting the KJV over other modern versions.  By me
questioning the book of Hebrews, it also questions the KJV, right?  It must be disturbing to
hold tightly to a dogmatic position and then have a guy like, a guy you love and think
well of, suddenly present evidence to the contrary.

I fully expect that as we get closer to the Messiah's return that we will shed the constraits
of Egypt.  Messiah Yeshua said, "The Truth will set you free."  The problem is that free
men have to think, they have to take responsibility for themselves.  They no longer do
what they are told in "rote" fashion.  That is hard for a lot of people.  They don't want to
be set free.  The want everything they hold near and dear to not change.   They want the
promised land, but they don't want to leave Egypt.

Let me make a prediction for you.  Examine my questions about the book of Hebrews. 
Find out how the New Testament was really put together and why.  Soak in it a little bit.
Think about it.  Then ask God for the truth.  My prediction -- He will set you free.  I have
discovered that while the wilderness is not as good as the promised land, it is still better
than Egypt.

Blessings,  Monte

Jim's Reply:

Dear Monte – 

Would to God it was good and pleasant to hear from me. You and I BOTH know
better. The issue is not correcting a First OFFICIAL Admonition regarding Heresy. In fact,
the so called evidence you presented does nothing other than disclose the legal ground
you have given for the demonic spirits of heresy to have overtaken and ensnared your
brilliant mind. The issue is correcting the Heresy. Sadly, your response would indicate that
you did NOT receive the OFFICIAL First Admonition.  

The issue is not your previous great teachings. The issue now is serious HERESY, albeit
 simple heresy, nevertheless grievous HERESY. That is the issue to be addressed and
we KNOW it is not good to hear the OFFICIAL admonition of heresy. It is in fact the MOST
UNPLEASANT DUTY of LOVE for the disciple IN Messiah. The issue is certainly not the
fact that Paul was a most observant Pharisee of the Pharisees till they chopped off his
head. You have chosen the path of Martin Luther in his success, and his desire to remove
Hebrews was very much second place behind his desire to remove James. His finishing
heretical heart was disclosed in his desire to judge the Word of God and NOT allow the
Word of God to judge him. We both know that by now Martin Luther has been judged by
the Word of God. Some day soon, Monte too will know the reality that God IS God, and
His Word will judge us and not vice versa.  

 Monte I have personally spent over 8000 hours studying that ONE issue of why the
KJV Holy Bible is the ONLY Holy Bible. You of all people KNOW that is NOT a new
or pop issue with me. You know better than that. How long have you known me? Since
the GJiGT book was introduced in 1995. What is the GJiGT book about? Do you
know any prophecy book with more scriptures than the GJiGT book? You were one
of the first to get the GJiGT book and many of them were given to help your ministry.
How many NON KJV scriptures are to be found in that book - ZERO, ZIP, NADA. Indeed
you should understand that I have used ONLY the Holy Bible, and never given any
place to the profane bibles you cling to. This is NOT a new or pop issue with Jim. It is
a matter of the FOUNDATION of Faith based on God's integrity. It is a matter of not
just thinking we have the Word of God but KNOWING we have the Word of God. The
simple FACT is that I have studied to show myself approved unto God on that particular
issue, and you have NOT. You may have taken other expert opinions on it but the
FACT remains you have NOT studied to show yourself to be approved unto God on
that issue, and you really should be ashamed of that, and maybe God is fixing to take
you to the woodshed now for all the kicking you have done to those whom he has
sent you.

 The issue is Monte's heresy regarding the Book of Hebrews not being scripture. Your
HERESY issue is grand proof of that FACT. It is not jots and tittles Monte, it is about the
5,337 DELETIONS in that New Testament Greek text used as the basis of the profane 
NASB bible you use. It is about ALL Scripture being given by God. It is about KNOWING
God keeps ALL His promises, and covenants, even the ones you reject, even to the
perfect bible you do NOT  KNOW, and now want to try to rip up to agree with your heresy.   . 

 Monte, you are right that there ARE errors in Hebrews in the NASB bible that you use. 
Your position is that God keeps all his covenants and that none of God's promises have
been done away with. But Monte your OBVIOUS shipwreck of FAITH is that you REALLY
DO NOT TRULY BELIEVE that God keeps ALL of His promises because you REJECT
the FACT that God, in spite of heretic church fathers, DID KEEP ALL of His promises,
and you REJECT the FACT that God DID Fulfill Ps 12:6-7.

 Psa 12:6  The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth,
purified seven times.
Psa 12:7  Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation
for ever.

 Indeed the issue is the ORIGIN of scripture. It is singular, NOT ORIGINS plural. The origin
of all scripture is singular. Hear O Israel the Lord our God is ONE Lord. ECHAD not Yachid.
Elohim, not El, not Eloah. You know well that Aleph Tav who specifically is the CREATOR 
of heaven and earth in Gen 1:1, is the SAME Alpha & Omega of Revelation. One Lord -
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - ECHAD. ONE Lord. You say the truth is that the church
fathers are the origins of scripture. But the Word of God says that God gave ALL Scripture.
God said, that God is THE singular origin, or the superintendent, the one watching over it,
the one performing it, the one honoring it above all His name. God said He is the ORIGIN
singular of ALL scripture, another truth of God which you obviously reject. God said He is
THE origin of ALL scripture and not the heretic church fathers, not the modern heretics,
and no not even Monte Judah and Martin Luther combined.

 I KNOW, that I have the word of God, that I have the word of God. I KNOW, and because I
KNOW, I do have REAL FAITH and see God's power to save, to heal, to cast out devils,
and to raise the dead. Real Faith honors God. Only REAL Faith Honors God. Real Faith is
NOT based on the best scholarship or intelligence. Real Faith KNOWS what God said, and is
FULLY DETERMINED to do what God said, just because God said so. Your testimony is
that you either do NOT KNOW all of the promises of God or you do NOT BELIEVE all the
promises of God, because contrary to what you say, you believe that the church fathers
gave us the scriptures - GOD SAID ALL SCRIPTURE IS GIVEN BY GOD - and no matter
how heretic were the church fathers, and they were, they could NOT stop God's fulfillment
of His promise.

 You have great intelligence, that is not the issue. You just can not repent, and you do not
have FAITH, and you are NOT a BELIEVER. People of FAITH can NOT be moved
from the foundations that God can NOT Lie, and God does NOT change - those are the
2 IMMUTABLE FACTS of OUR FAITH. It does not matter what Monte and any number of
heretics would say otherwise. I KNOW based on God's integrity, God Said So. That is
what you do NOT KNOW, and Monte Can NOT KNOW, without finding God’s grace in
repentance, which simply is not possible otherwise, for Monte or anyone. You have never
been able to do that in demonstration before the brethren. That is sad, because truly, that
is the greatest example the man of God can give before his brethren.

 Pray, and seek the Lord, before you fire off a REJECTION of your FIRST OFFICIAL
ADMONITION as a heretic. Your responsibility before God and your brethren is to correct
the HERESY and not to try to correct the admonition. A hard copy is in registered mail to
you along with CD's, one covering the Days of Awe, and another Building up Yourselves
on Your Most Holy Faith. But I will try to give you a little more help beyond that. By the time
I receive confirmation of your receipt of the Registered mail OFFICIAL First Admonition,
the issue of Heresy will either be resolved by repentance and restoration, OR by the

 The fact that you have had such great teaching in the past is evidence that at one
time you were born again and therefore there is HOPE that you may be born again,
AGAIN. For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall
fall into mischief. I want to see you reconciled, restored, and empowered greater than
ever, for His Glory, and be delivered from MISCHIEF. I will continue to ask the Father
to be glorified in the Name of THE Lord Jesus Christ to loose his warring angels to
bind all demons of heresy, religious pride, and presumption now afflicting Monte. I
will continue to pray and ask God to be glorified to give Monte ears to hear reproof
for the glory of God, in the Name of Yeshua.

 Monte here is what should be some real help for you to be set free from that, which has
overtaken you.


Heb 9:3  And after the second veil, the tabernacle which is called the Holiest of all;

Heb 9:4  Which had the golden censer, and the ark of the covenant overlaid round about
with gold, wherein was the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron's rod that budded, and
the tables of the covenant;


Heb 9:3  And behind the second veil, there was a tabernacle which is called the Holy of

Heb 9:4  having a golden altar of incense and the ark of the covenant covered on all sides
with gold, in which was a golden jar holding the manna, and Aaron's rod which budded,
and the tables of the covenant. 

You should see it clearly there. The translators of the NASB did not understand the
difference between the altar of incense and the golden censer.  By perverting the word
censer in verse four to the golden altar of incense they demonstrate their ignorance of the
Biblical use of the word censer and their ignorance of the layout of the tabernacle. They
obviously did not understand that the altar of incense was outside the veil and that the
censer was a different article from the altar of incense.   


Heb 9:16-17  For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the
testator. For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all
while the testator liveth.


Heb 9:16-17 For where a covenant is, there must of be (of necessity) the death of the one
who made it. For a covenant is valid only when men are dead, for it is never in force while
the one who made it lives.

Monte you said - There is a major difference between a testament and a covenant.
The last will and testament of a dying person has the strength of a vow. Vows are
used in covenants. God vows to us when He makes His covenants. A vow of marriage
makes a covenant of marriage. But a covenant of marriage does not require the death
of anyone. If you review all of the covenants God has made prior to the New Covenant,
who of necessity died that made the covenant? The God we serve is the God of the
living; He makes living covenants. Eternal life is what makes Biblical covenants
everlasting. This statement in Hebrews applies to a last will and testament of a person,
not to a Biblical covenant made by God. If you are starting to get confused a little bit,
welcome to the study of Biblical covenants as taught by the book of Hebrews. The
definition of covenants made in verses 16 and 17 is false. It is not consistent with any
previous discussion of covenants elsewhere in the Bible; the emphasis on death is
all wrong. Yeshua didn't just die to bring about the New Covenant; He rose from the
grave and is seated at the right hand of the Almighty. He is the God of the living.
Maybe the writer of Hebrews was confused. Maybe he forgot. Maybe he just didn't
make the best argument. I still agree with many of the statements and conclusions
offered in the book. I also agree with many positive statements made by many
Christians leaders and teachers throughout history. I just find that when the writer
of Hebrews references the Law of Moses and the previous covenants, he fails
to speak with precision and accuracy as other New Testament writers do, especially
the Apostle Paul.

Monte is 100% right that there is a difference between a testament and a covenant. The
writer of Hebrews wasn't confused, he used the right Word.

Heb:9:16: For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the
Heb:9:17: For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength
at all while the testator liveth.

Monte is the one that is confused because he has added confusion to error with that God
cursed NASB Bible. If Monte were to quote the KJV this whole issue which is really at the
core of your covenant theology argument goes out the window because in the KJV it is
correctly rendered testament and testator and not covenant. Just more proof how profane
is your bible, and why you should be ashamed of how long you have led God’s people with
a profane bible, rather than a Holy Bible.  

Monte, with that grievous simple heresy you wrote you come very close denying, to
almost denying the need of the death of the Lamb of God. You are already so close
to it with this simple heresy that I am sure you have already led, except for miracle
grace of God, someone into DAMNABLE heresy with this specious argument. This is
grievous heresy that skirts dangerously close to damnable heresy. So Monte, you
better KNOW that if you will NOT hear and make a RIGHT and PROPER response to
well enough to know that as God gives me strength, and by His power, and for His
glory, the duty of love will be done.  If you will not hear the reproof on this issue, the
proper biblical discipline steps will be followed.

Lev 16:11-13  And Aaron shall bring the bullock of the sin offering, which is for himself,
and shall make an atonement for himself, and for his house, and shall kill the bullock of
the sin offering which is for himself: And he shall take a censer full of burning coals of
fire from off the altar before the LORD, and his hands full of sweet incense beaten
small, and bring it within the veil: And he shall put the incense upon the fire before the
LORD, that the cloud of the incense may cover the mercy seat that is upon the testimony,
that he die not:

The censer in Hebrew here is a pan for the removal of live coals. The priest was
supposed to use this censer when he entered into the holy of holies. This word censer
clearly has a different meaning than the word altar of incense. The NASB translators
were in error to change censer to altar of incense, because in doing so, they erroneously
place the altar of incense behind the veil in the holy of holies, when the Word of God
was clear that it was outside the veil. The priests were to offer up incense on this altar
every day, and they only went through the veil on the day of atonement. The priest
was clearly commanded to take the censer within the veil into the holy of holies when
he went in. 

When these verses are read in the KJV there is NO conflict, there is NO confusion,
there is NO contradiction with the order that God ordained for the layout of
the sanctuary. Monte, you are actually correct that Hebrews in the NASB is
incorrect and that it erroneously places the altar of incense behind the veil. But
Monte, when we look unto the MORE SURE word of prophecy, found in the KJV
Holy Bible, it is clear that there is NO conflict and that the problem with these
verses in Hebrews is the NASB. The problem is NOT due to the author that inspired
it, the problem is NOT with the apostle Paul who recorded it. The error lies with the
men who presumptuously took it upon themselves to attempt to retranslate the word
of God daring to set themselves as judges OVER of the Word of God. 

Stop your circular reasoning and heresy. Rather than throwing out the book of
Hebrews, Monte needs to throw away his perverted profane version of God's Word. 
Monte is not a better Torah teacher than Paul was; but, Monte is indeed a better
Torah teacher than the translators of the NASB were. Isn't that good enough for you
Monte? However, unless you can make the RIGHT response NOW of Repentance,
you should be MARKED, as one who should NOT be allowed to teach or lead God’s
people. Because, if you persist in this heresy, which does ATTACK The INTEGRITY
of the Word of God, you WILL NOT STAND, no matter how smart, and strong, or rich,
or how many followers you have. If 99.44% of the people embrace a heresy it does
NOT stop being a heresy; but, woe be unto that one who leads in that heresy, and
would continue going there after being duly admonished according to proper biblical

 The fact that people try to wrest things out of context in the book of Hebrews to justify
 dispensationalism, and covenant theology, is only to be expected. KNOWING that GOD
can NOT Lie, we should also know that men would try to do that. Yes, God told us that
too. We should also know, especially with Holy Ghost wisdom about who God used to
record it, that they that are unlearned and unstable do particularly like to wrest Paul's
scriptures out of context to justify their heresies, and if that occasion is not stopped they
will eventually even deny the Lord who bought them becoming DAMNABLE heretics. Is
that your goal to become a damnable heretic? Who are you serving to write the simple
heresy, and then being duly and OFFICIALLY ADMONISHED persist in providing that
simple heresy springboard to the DAMNABLE heresy of leaving the doctrine of Messiah?
If that is where you want to go you are of course free to go there; but, the duty for me
BEFORE GOD, and the duty of love to my brethren will be to FULLY Expose That to the
Light of Truth, with all of the Holy Ghost power that the Lord will give me. Sadly, Monte,
I do not think you now really know that power.

 Monte, I know that you were not able to receive Ron Wyatt's testimony. One of the ways
me and Betty are unique is that we had BOTH Ron Wyatt and Vendyl Jones as guests
in our home. Ron Wyatt was as genuine as Vendyl is a Liar and Damnable Heretic, whose
god is Lucifer. Yes, he actually tried to tell me and Betty, and there were other witnesses
there, that Lucifer was the good God and Yahweh the bad God. I had the privilege of
witnessing the Holy Ghost take that Damnable Heretic apart. I can tell you Ron Wyatt was
genuine, but you do not need that. I think if you knew Ron Wyatt you would have been less
likely to fall into this error of finding fault with the book of Hebrews. However that is not
essential; because, God did provide all things that pertain to life and Godliness in the
MORE SURE word of the KJV Holy Bible.

 That is your problem. If you were using the KJV and accepting it in FAITH as a little child,
this would be cleared up for Monte even if you can not receive Ron Wyatt's testimony of
what God used him to bring forth about the location of the articles from the Holy of Holies.
You really should consider what sanctuary could possibly be being described here. Paul
could not speak particularly about it. NO ONE could speak particularly about it; because,
you know, and everyone knows, that there NEVER was an ark in the second temple.
Everyone could see that when God ripped the veil from top to bottom. If you knew the
sanctuary being described, still the one here on earth, still the one that was a pattern of
the one in heaven, was the one NOT MADE WITH HANDS, where Jeremiah put the Ark
and other vessels missing from the detailed inventories of what Nebuchadnezzar took as
war trophies into Babylon.

 No Monte. Stop your heresy NOW. I have seen the Holy Ghost turn too many
Muslims into beautiful Messianic BELIEVERS, with the First Four Chapters of
Hebrews that we give them in their own language. As long as I have breath, Monte
will not tell them that is NOT the word of God, without all the resistance the Holy
Ghost will give me. Fully expect and know Jim, in the power of the Holy Ghost, to 
give the most earnest contention to anyone who would so try to remove or relegate
the Book of Hebrews out of the Word of God. The Jehovah's Witness and the
Mormons and every other damnable heretic may love it; but, you will know by the
power of the Holy Ghost, the Word of God will be standing when Monte Judah
falls. Those who would set themselves as judge OVER the word of God will find
their foot to slip in due time. The Word of God will judge Jim and Monte and
every other soul. All judgment is given unto Him whose Name is called the Word
of God, the Aleph Tav CREATOR of heaven and earth, you know is right in the
middle of Gen 1:1 in the Hebrew.

 Ultimately it may become necessary to warn others of these heresies publicly
as the Lord leads. That is why i need a yes or no if Paul Wilbur knows what you
taught in that Sept/Oct 05 Yavoh. No Monte, it is up to you to be led of the Lord
to tell him before Tabernacles 2005, I will not. But you should let me know. This
will eventually be important, if you fall into Mischief. Would to God NOBODY
knew, but the fact is, the Lord saw fit to let me know, and I will do my duty before
God, and my duty of love to you my brother. So, yes or no – Did you inform
Paul Wilbur of your teaching to remove the book of Hebrews from the Bible.
Also, I do need to know the names of those who will be on the platform with
you along with a yes or no regarding if they ascribe to this teaching to REMOVE
The Book of Hebrews from the Bible, and question Paul's Apostolic Doctrinal
Authority. I would also like to know any of them who would NOT EXPLICITLY
Say - Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh.

 So therefore it may be good for you to give much more prayer to this, until you get the
registered letter, which has already been sent, before you give a knee jerk rejection to your
OFFICIAL FIRST ADMONITION as a heretic. With that Registered mail hard copy of the
email notification you already have on the way to you, also is contained the 2 CD's on the
Days of Awe and Building Faith.   

 Only be very strong and of good courage. Yes, you did have that right that we do love you
very much, and want nothing other than to be sure we praise our Great King of Glory
together in His soon coming reign in the BIG Church of the Firstborn on Mt. Zion, the 3600
square miles BIG Church. Let us work together to help Him fill it. Let us be perfectly joined
in one accord by that ONE Same Spirit of Truth and Holiness casting out the spirits of
HERESY and UPHOLDING the MORE SURE Word, which we have in the KJV Holy Bible.
Let us do together the duty of priests, separating the holy from the profane. Thanks be to
God, we already have an altar whereof they have no right to eat which serve the


           Shalom & Simcha,

             Jim Searcy 

  Great Joy in Great Tribulation web sites:

 Monte's Reply and request of the Second Admonition

You have lost your mind.  You have no authority over me.  I am submitted
to God and I don't check in with the you to understand the Holy Spirit,
the Word of God, or anything God wants me to do.   Nor, am I subject to
you and your misguided opinions when I do something you don't like.

So, this is the way it is.  Do not speak with me again.  Take your self
righteous heart and and point it somewhere else.  You are so full of
scorn that it has eaten your heart up with it.

You may criticize me publicly if you want, go for it.  Because when you
criticize me, it is one of the best endorsements I could possibly have
from the brethren.  Your outrageousness is well known on an
international level.  Kindness and understanding, wisdom and knowledge
are no where to be found in your testimony.

You wouldn't recognize the truth if it handed you a bouquet of flowers,
kissed you on the cheek, and greeted you kindly.  All you know or
understand is scornful rejection.  Therefore, Good Bye.

Monte Judah

Jim's Reply, The Second Admonition, and Rejection for HERESY

Dear Monte -

You and everyone who claims to be a Christian or Messianic BELIEVER come
under the discipline of the Word of God. We do NOT judge those who are
OUTSIDE of the Body. However the duty of LOVE is to give RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT
to those who would present themselves to be Christians or Messianic
BELIEVERS. It is God, and the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit of God, which
determines your authority, and my authority, and the authority which Yeshua
gives to every believer. That is exactly the problem regarding the spirit
you are hearing, which can NOT be the Holy Spirit, which always glorifies
Yeshua, and is always in ONE accord with Him whose name is called the Word
of God. You now obviously have come far from being submitted to God and
would seem to be clueless of real spiritual positional authority principles.
And I do now bind and rebuke the spirit of rebellion in you, in the Name of
Yeshua and by the POWER of the Blood of Yeshua.

You have just done the Jude 19 and that is further proof of the little s
spirit you follow and you are therefore very obviously NOT led by the
capital S Holy Spirit. Jude 19 - These be they who separate themselves,
sensual, having not the Spirit.

This is the hard simple fact for you Monte, unless you can find God's grace
in REPENTANCE you will have eternal memory of your brethren who loved you
enough to admonish you to repent of your HERESY. At the same time, the
brethren who did not follow after the spirit and heresy you now promote,
will have no memory of Monte, which will all be blotted out in the
Resurrection. Sad but simply how it really is. And you do NOW have your
Second Admonition as a Heretic, and have been rejected, as you so desire.
Should you ever find God's grace in REPENTANCE, we would rejoice to know

2 Th 2:10-12  And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that
perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be
saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they
should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the
truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
Shalom & Simcha,
Jim Searcy
Great Joy in Great Tribulation web sites:


In days of great apostasy, strong delusion, feigned affection, and feigned faith, standing
boldly for the truth of the word of God, is an outrageous thing to do. Alleluia Yeshua. To
be sure, in the case of Monte Judah's heresy, there is a grievous price to be paid. That
price will be experienced as there will be a few dear friends joining Monte in his Jude 19.
It is called sanctification. Self sanctification, the Jude 19 way, is what is known as the
BROAD WAY. Allowing God to do the sanctifying is the NARROW way. Without a KJV
Holy Bible you will not understand that clearly no matter how spiritual you may feel.

In the last days of an antichrist world on its collision course with the Judgment of God
Almighty many will call it OUTRAGEOUSNESS to stand for the truth and integrity of the
more sure written word of God in the KJV Holy Bible. Saints scattered abroad know the
pain of isolation is real and continuous. However, allow me to make a prediction. There
will be a small and powerful REMNANT, empowered by His Exceeding Great Mighty
Power, who find UNITY. That UNITY will be because they have come to KNOW that
they have the word of God that they have the word of God, in the KJV Holy Bible. That
unity of that remnant will be in regard to Sound Doctrine, which all but the remnant, will
NOT endure. Therefore those of you who do KNOW that you have the word of God that
you have the word of God in that tried and trusted HOLY Bible, that you have come to
KNOW is the ONLY Holy Bible, be encouraged.

2 Tim 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their
own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
2 Tim 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto
2 Tim 4:5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist,
make full proof of thy ministry.

1 Cor 1:10 Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye
all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be
perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

To be sure there are responses which people have sent regarding this. Thanks be to God
most have understanding. However there are some who lack understanding. So that you
know spending time writing to Jim, yea or nay, is not the best use of time, the following will
be posted. IF you have the inclination that you need to nay, THEN you may receive, as
YOUR REPLY what you can see posted in REPLY TO COMMENT of this nay sayer. It
will serve, in advance, as the only reply such nay sayers may expect.

The better use of time is to pray that the damage of Monte's heresy will be limited.
Why not rather pray that Monte be able to find God's grace to do something truly
great and supernatural, to be enabled to GENUINELY and PUBLICLY REPENT.
The Word of God  ultimately has, and will be vindicated, regardless of what Jim or
Monte think or do.

SUBJECT: Comment

I am saddened by the articles that are being made public against what
Monte Judah has presented for us all to review.  We need to allow the
Holy Spirit to stir us to check it out fully and discern what is truth and
what is a lie.  I find it very troubling when I hear other brethren not only
call another brother names of condemnation, but insist on taking the issue
on line to bring even more destruction to the Messianic congregation that
God Himself is bringing forth.

My heart hurts knowing that there could be truth to the issues at hand
concerning the doctrine in the book of Hebrews as being tainted and
incorrect.  We need to re-examine our reasons for smearing another
brother in Yeshua publicaly.

I have to ask myself what is the real reason this is being done and you
too need to do that yourself as well as others.  When we personally first
heard His teaching, we did not react as some of you have reacted but
prayed immediately that if this is true and there are questions concerning
the Book of Hebrews that the Holy Spirit would reveal truth to us.  We
did not become angry or hateful toward Mr. Judah nor desire to
condenm him.  the real truth about the whole matter is that people
sometimes refuse to receive truth even when the scriptures tell us in
the last days these things will be brought forth for to increase knowledge
and understanding about deception.

We are praying for all of you that are caught up with this issue concerning
the Book of Hebrews. PLease seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to bring
correction into your own hearts as well.  If this matter continues to divide
the Body of Yeshua,  then the devil will have accomplished his goals in
attempting to stop the movement of the truth that we so desperately desire
to know.

Hear my heart on this and if you have become angry because of this email, 
then you need to examine your motives and heart. If you did this becuase
of the fear that others might disconnect with you since you know MOnte,
then shame on you for being fearful of what man thinks.

As time goes on, we are going to be challenged with many lies of the enemy
that has been spoken into our forefathers hearts and then into ours.  We
must not respond in the flesh and I have to be honest with you when I say
this,  your message revealed extreme anger and total rejection of what
could be the truth.  stand back and pray about all of this and pursue the
truth in this matter.

be blessed, 


Dear Friend -
Few could be more sad than I about Monte's HERESY. 
Such HERESY will give the wolves plenty of ammo with which to rip the Messianic flocks.
Any who are following a spirit to rip out the book of Hebrews from the bible, whether a profane
bible or a holy bible, are NOT following the Holy Spirit.
People of faith must wonder what spirit you would follow to say such should be TOLERATED?
The Spirit of Truth ALWAYS glorifies the One whose Name is called the Word of God. 
Shame on you to tolerate and think it OK to do EXACTLY what was the thrust of the first words
of Satan, the most wise of God's creatures, to the human race he so hates.
Yea, Hath God Said? Maybe you do NOT know. Shame on you. REPENT or PERISH.
Get the KJV Holy Bible and read it the way God said to read it, EVERY WORD, in order, precept
upon precept, line upon line, Gen 1:1-Rev 22:21. Stop defending duly admonished marked
heretics, and get some FAITH, for Christ's sake. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the
word of God. Faith does NOT come from alternate renderings. Faith does not come by judging
the word of God. The word of God is to judge us ALL, and most certainly will. Faith is to know
what God said with FULL determination to DO what God said, just because God said so. That
is the REAL FAITH that honors God and the rest is PHONY BALONEY.
You may very well plead ignorance. However there is no way to cut Monte the slack of pleading
ignorance when he presumes to teach heresy to the household of FAITH. Faith works by LOVE.
It is love to admonish the HERETIC. It is NOT love to TOLERATE THEM. It is LOVE to MARK the
Heretic PUBLICLY to be AVOIDED, after the second admonition. SHAME ON YOU and your
feigned affection, which is far removed from the kind of love by which FAITH works. No anger,
just simply speaking the truth to you in LOVE. Your email sounds so full of goodie-two-shoes,
phony-baloney, feigned affection, that you might NOT likely know or recognize real biblical love
when it hits you head on. 
Shalom & Simcha,
Jim Searcy

The Holy Bible is the Word of God. That is what people of THE Faith Believe and what
makes them BELIEVERS. If our faith will stand it must be based upon the INTEGRITY of
the God who can NOT LIE, the God who IS Truth, who IS Love. Jesus Christ IS Come in
the flesh. The word of God is to, and for, all people. Yet, there is one book in the KJV Holy
Bible, though appreciated by all believers, which was specifically written to Messianic
Jewish BELIEVERS. All BELIEVERS would know that book simply to be called Hebrews.

To Messianic Jewish BELIEVERS the book of Hebrews may be the most important
book in the bible in these last days of strong delusion. For this is the time of which
Yeshua warned us there shall arise false Christs, which means they would claim to
be specially anointed, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders;
insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

This is why it should surprise no one that Messianic Non-Believers, heretics, and wolves,
hate this book specifically given by inspiration of God, to protect and encourage Messianic
Jewish BELIEVERS in their faith in the REAL Yeshua, and the true Gospel. In this
antichrist world today, just as in the first century, Messianic Jewish converts to Faith IN
Messiah Yeshua, can have need of special encouragement to Cleave to the Lord. Not
only are they persecuted by the antichrist world as all REAL BELIEVERS; but, there is a
Jewish cultural pull away from THE Faith as long as the veil (2 Cor 3:12-16) remains upon
the Jewish nation as a whole. We all should encourage Messianic Jewish converts that
we have every reason to believe that veil will be coming off any day now, from the Jewish
nation as a whole.

Just as in the first century, Messianic Jewish converts have a constant pull from friends
and family to return to Judaism. There is also a pull from Messianic gentiles with religious
spirits, wanting to appear more Jewish, and who would attach too much importance to
ceremonial observances of the oral law, rabbinic additions, and extra biblical traditions,
which were nailed to the cross. To Messianic Jewish BELIEVERS, the Book of Hebrews
TODAY, may be the most important book in the bible to protect them from the Messianic
wolves who shall deceive the VERY elect if it were possible.

To Monte Judah, who comes against Paul's epistle to Hebrews belonging as written in
the KJV Holy Bible, and who would say PROVE IT – just say first, how BELIEVERS prove
things. Believers prove things by KNOWING God Said So, in the More Sure Word written
in the KJV Holy Bible. Believers KNOW God promised the perfect bible, purified seven
times. (Ps 12:6-7) Regardless of how the heretic so-called church fathers may have tried
to prevent it, BELIEVERS do KNOW that God did provide that Promised Seventh
Purification of His More Sure Word written in the KJV Holy Bible. BELIEVERS KNOW
that God can NOT lie, and GOD KEEPS ALL of His promises including Ps 12:6-7.

Believers can KNOW that God said Paul wrote a specific epistle to the Hebrew Believers,
from the More Sure Word Written by Peter, the Apostle to the Hebrews, BY THE
INSPIRATION OF THE HOLY GHOST. So the job of the scholar coming against what the
BELIEVER KNOWS, would have to be to produce that epistle of Paul to the Hebrews,
which Peter said Paul wrote to the Hebrews. Strictly interpreted, the God inspired testimony
of Peter in 2 Pet 3:15-16 PROVES Paul the apostle wrote an epistle to the Hebrews. So if
the book called Hebrews in the KJV Holy Bible is not it, then the onus of proof is upon
Monte Judah, the douber, to produce such a document. HE CAN NOT. And for the
BELIEVER that would be the ONLY way to prove the epistle Peter by inspiriation of the
Holy Ghost tells us that Paul wrote to the Hebrews is not the one in the KJV Holy Bible.
Monte can NOT do that and he knows he can NOT do that. Such proof does not exist of
ANY other epistle of Paul to the Hebrews to which Peter testified in the KJV Holy Bible.
There simply is NO OTHER. That truth and fact the scholar does KNOW or else he is not
a scholar, or he is a liar.

Brethren your faith will grow if you read the KJV Holy Bible and follow the one
whose Name is called The Word of God. Your faith will be damaged if you read
the current writings of duly admonished and MARKED heretic whose name is
called Monte Judah. Believers do not use paradigms to understand the book of
Hebrews or any other book of the Holy Bible. Believers turn at the reproof of the
Holy Spirit to get understanding. (Pv 1:23) Sadly that remains something the
heretics who attack the integrity of the Word of God refuse to do.

Paul wrote the book of Hebrews, is a statement of faith. To say otherwise is a statement of
doubt at best and possibly unbelief. Believers will continue to rejoice when the unbelieving
scholar would think or call that ignorant. We will let the ignorant be ignorant but the
scholars can not have it both ways. Their plea of ignorance will not be tolerated when
they would presume to teach the household of FAITH with their doubt and unbelief. To
KNOW Paul wrote Hebrews the believer reads the KJV Holy Bible with the Holy Ghost
as his Teacher. The scriptures contain BOTH internal and external evidence of Paul's
first century authorship of Hebrews.

The purpose of Paul’s epistle to the Hebrews mainly was to STRENGTHEN the Messianic
Jewish believers were wavering. At the time Paul wrote his epistle to the Hebrews, many
Messianic Jewish believers did not know what to think of Paul. However, Peter gives us
the last word of the right way Messianic BELIEVERS should think of Paul. As for as when
it was written the best scholarship of BELIEVERS would suggest 54-55AD. Some non
believing scholars have suggested not only that Paul did not write it but that it was written
against the Messianic Jewish believers in the second to as late the fourth century. The
clear reference regarding Timothy in 13:23 with the Know Ye, in the imperative or
indicative present tense, being set at liberty indicating either being released or sent on
some special mission is again strong first century internal evidence. The majority of
BELIEVING scholars place it before the destruction of the second temple.

There is hard physical external evidence of Hebrews being first century by the quotes of the
epistle from Hebrews by Clement in about 95AD to the church in Corinth. In just one
paragraph of that wonderfully preserved Epistle of Clement we find 5 almost word for word
KJV Hebrew passages. Also, the P 46 group in the Chester Beatty Papyrus group is about
100 years later, than Clement of Rome. However, there is unanimous agreement of the
P46 group being in circa 200 A.D. What is known as the P 46 group of the Chester Beatty
Papyrus group consists of eighty-six nearly perfect leaves, out of a total of 104, which
contain Paul's epistles INCLUDING HEBREWS with only Philemon, I & II Timothy, and
Titus not included in that P 46 group from 200 A.D.

Believers KNOW know Paul wrote Hebrews by Faith, which is belief plus the Holy Ghost,
and will stand against the challenges of doubters, unbelievers, and heretics. Unbelievers
may use a paradigm to understand and explain the book of Hebrews, while believers
simply turn at the reproof of the Holy Spirit for understanding. Pv 1:23. Unbelievers may use
a paradigm, but believers know the Holy Ghost to be better than any paradigm. Believers
know understanding problems are not the result of errors in the KJV Holy Bible, but result
from failure to repent, or listening to false teachers and heretics, rather than turning at the
reproof of the Holy Ghost. Believers KNOW what is in the KJV Holy Bible is right. Believers
know they are right when they when they agree with the KJV Holy Bible. Unbelievers think
they should help God fix what the Holy Ghost inspired, preserved, and purified. Such is not
just called unbelief, but PRESUMPTION, presuming they are right and the word of God is
wrong. Uncertainty is a characteristic of unbelievers, and KNOWING God Said So is a
characteristic of Believers.

Background and Introduction to Paul's Epistle to the HEBREWS

Clement's Epistle to Corinth 95 AD - A Great FAITH Builder -
Solid Evidence of Paul's First Century Epistle to the HEBREWS.

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