WWIII Started in Kosovo in March 1999.
After the initial Illuminati Fact trail and source listing be sure to read the

Transcript of the 10/10/2001
Alex Jones Interview of David Schippers,

which will result in the total destruction of America, Babylon, in 1 hour.
(See Ezekiel 38:10-13 and Rev 18)

Casper the Friendly Ghost of the Pollard Trial - Jim Searcy 5/21/2003

After Pollard's plea bargain had been completed, and before sentencing, there was a submission to the Judge by Casper Weinberger. The paper was entirely outside the indictment. Its contents have never been made public. Nor have they been shared with the Senate Intelligence Committee, or the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, or the Intelligence Oversight Board. But this paper contained the lie that Pollard caused the deaths of countless U.S. agents. It also reportedly said, the Israelis sold part of the information to the Soviet Union. All of these things are NOT true. Casper Weinberger knew such things were NOT true. Was Weinberger lying when he claimed Pollard had posed a severe threat to our national security? Yes. Remember that it was Casper Weinberger who, under oath before Congress, LIED repeatedly, about the Iran-Contra affair. It is Weinberger who would have gone to jail, had the father of the current President not pardoned him.

Judges are supposed to evaluate the evidence and arguments of BOTH sides provided to them at trials. Judges are NOT supposed to listen to some powerful person whispering in their ear. The judge allowed himself to be used by Weinberger, who lied to him, and supplied false information. Neither Pollard, nor anyone else, has been able to see Casper's paper and accusations. However, it is obvious the information was false, and Weinberger knew it to be false. The behavior by Weinberger is contemptible. The judge's behavior is reprehensible.

Casper Weinberger's motive was more than just embarrassment over a dumb, failed policy. The stupid policy was a money maker. At the very least the policy was one in which he had a personal interest. The policy was building up and arming Iraq. This policy of Weinberger, and much of the rest of the U.S. government, sacrificed true American interests during the 1980's. Up until the very start of the Gulf War, the U.S. Government was still NOT believing that Saddam Hussein would NOT do, exactly what his handlers in the Reagan and Bush administrations told him to do.

We do remember that U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, had a meeting with Saddam Hussein a few days before American troops were deployed to the area. In the Iraqi transcript of the meeting, she reportedly told Hussein the border dispute with Kuwait was an "Arab problem." The U.S. was not interested in regional Arab disputes. Ambassador Glaspie was doing nothing other than following the official line of the U.S. Government. She herself was not naive about Saddam. She was faithfully carrying out a naive U.S. policy. The U.S. did supply Saddam Hussein with arms and intelligence. Bobby Ray Inman in a 1982 meeting of the Senate Intelligence Committee announced that Iraq had been taken off the countries sponsoring terrorism. The Senators thought that was really funny, according to Angelo Codevilla, who was a senior staff member on the Senate Intelligence Committee at that time.

The best guess is that Casper, or at least his friends, had money to be made in the large contracts that certain American corporations had to build plants there. Most of what the US bombed in Iraq, in both wars, was American-built, financed, or licensed. Bechtel was the major engineering, design, and construction company for those plants and infrastructure. Both Caspar Weinberger and George Schultz, Secretaries of Defense and State, had close personal associations with Bechtel, having served as Bechtel executives. Schultz was Bechtel's CEO. Weinberger was vice president, director, and general counsel of the Bechtel Group of Companies. He left Bechtel to take his position as U.S. Secretary of Defense, from 1980-87.

Yes, it was American corporations which built the factories for the production of chemical weapons in Iraq.

When Pollard gave to Israel, the satellite pictures of those and other Middle East factories, together with U.S. intelligence regarding what those factories were doing, it caused a problem for Casper Weinberger. It should also be noted that Israel was, by signed agreements, entitled to that intelligence information. The pictures and intelligence assessments contradicted what the U.S. government was officially telling Israel. So the Israelis were coming to America, and in official meetings, were calling Weinberger a liar. Yes, Weinberger did have a personal ax to grind with Pollard.

The main public thing that can be seen in the Pollard case is the indictment. When you compare the indictment with the incredible charges that were finally leveled against him, anyone will see there simply is no comparison. The indictment is totally different, than the amazing charges that were finally trumped and fabricated against Pollard. Simply no comparison. One would think you are looking at 2 totally different cases. One is a little no account deal, and the other is like the greatest, deadliest, and most sinister, spy of all time.

The plain simple fact is that Pollard was sentenced based 100% on a few lies that Casper Weinberger whispered in the ear of the judge. That is American Justice in the Bush - Clinton - Bush sell out and destruction of America. But it is that time, and all of these things are really quite clearly spelled out, and much more, by the prophets of Israel.

And the beat goes on. In 1998 there were two major American arms companies that looked like they would be going to court to be tried for transferring ballistic missile technology to China. As the Grand Jury was investigating whether these two American companies gave China space expertise that significantly advanced Beijing's ballistic missile program, President Clinton issued an approval of this transfer. In effect, he undercut the Grand Jury in order to protect something or someone. What and Who was being protected and Why? The CHINA GATE probe and the Cox Report is good background.

The Cox report summarizes many important findings and judgments contained in the Select Committee's classified Report, issued January 3, 1999. The U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies, within the Clinton administration, have determined that other significant findings and judgments contained in the Select Committee's Classified Report, cannot be publicly disclosed without affecting national security, or ongoing criminal investigations. Even the NOT classified PUBLIC report shows that the People's Republic of China (PRC) has stolen design information on the United States' most advanced thermonuclear weapons. The Cox report shows that the PRC's next generation of thermonuclear weapons, currently under development, will exploit elements of stolen U.S. design information. PRC penetration of US national weapons laboratories spans at least the past several decades and almost certainly continues today. Thefts of the United States' most advanced nuclear secrets and technology from US national weapons laboratories enabled the PRC to design, develop, and successfully test modern strategic nuclear weapons sooner than would otherwise have been possible. During the Clinton administration it is a FACT that the stolen U.S. nuclear secrets give the PRC design information on thermonuclear weapons which allow Russia and the PRC, to NOW have nuclear SUPERIORITY over the United States.

This is what some in the defense contracting business might call good business. The rest of Americans would call it TREASON. It is simply essential that you have at least an overview of the Cox report. The PUBLICLY available information and quick overview of the Cox Report is available here: http://www.gvtc.com/~jsearcy/coxrepor.htm

You are encouraged to at least take the time to read that PUBLIC eye opener.

The complete Cox report (That which was not classified) appears in the Washington Times. Here is the URL for the full report - http://www.washingtontimes.com/investiga/investigacox.html

This is not the first time Clinton has shielded wrongdoers. On orders from Clinton, Attorney General Janet Reno was supposed to investigate the Bush transfer of $5 billion US tax dollars to Saddam Hussein through the US Department of Agriculture. Not surprisingly, Janet Reno said the investigation "showed no wrong-doing". In the Bush - Clinton - Bush syndicate, Clinton protects Bush and Bush will protect Clinton. That is why it makes no difference if Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dumb wins the election. The really uninformed and dumbed down still think that it makes any difference. UNDERSTAND THAT ANTICHRIST WAS GIVEN POWER TO WAGE WAR ON THE SAINTS. UNDERSTAND THAT NOW ALL governments of this world are antichrist Luciferian governments.

Remember when Saudi Arabia took delivery of some ballistic missiles from China late in the Reagan administration? That surprised most missile experts because at that point in time China was NOT supposed to have the technology to ship a tested and de-bugged missile. There was a small and VERY under reported outcry in the US that Saudi Arabia has purchased nuclear-capable missiles. The Saudis denied this but refused to allow the metal casings to be removed to see inside. If they had, the inspectors would have very likely identified American-made components.

At that point in time, Ronald Reagan was President. George Bush was Vice President, and former Director of Central Intelligence. Casper Weinberger was Secretary of Defense. When something critical is exposed in Washington, there is always a pre-plan intended to provide credible deniability. Sometimes the whistle-blower is attacked with false charges of personal slander or inaccurate information is leaked, causing Congress and the media to chase a false trail.

Shortly after delivery of the missiles, the rumor was floated that Israel had assisted the Chinese to build the missiles for Saudi Arabia. It was no secret that Israel was selling China some armaments. The problem with that particular rumor was that Israel was, at that time, having her own development problems with long range missiles. It would be highly unlikely for Israel to transfer flawed information to China and have China complete development and ship a fully operational system to Saudi Arabia - still in a declared state of war with Israel. Of course, there were those nations who had solved and successfully tested their ballistic missiles: the Soviet Union, France, and the US. Leaking the rumor that it was Israel, is a key clue that leads us back to the White House and Defense Department. Amazingly, neither the Congress, nor the Justice Department, considered missile proliferation a topic worth investigating.

If China was to be the third party in that Saudi Missile deal, then the US would have to transfer both technology and actual missile components. Missile systems are made so that components respond to each other within a narrow band. Making a hybrid missile with different parts usually leads to operational failure. It just is not acceptable technical protocol. If China was to receive an operational missile, it would have to be the organic whole. The only necessary change would be to replace its outer shell because that could be seen and identified.

Casper Weinberger, as Secretary of Defense could have authorized such a transfer. Congress can no longer ask Ronald Reagan if he was consulted but they can investigate George Bush's knowledge and culpability. Bush pardoned Casper Weinberger so he could not be called to testify. Did Casper Weinberger, a close supporter of Saudi Arabia act as the broker between the US, Saudi Arabia and China? Was then VP Bush knowledgeable about this technology transfer?

Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh said Weinberger's notes "contain evidence of a conspiracy among the highest-ranking Reagan administration officials to lie to Congress and American public." Those notes were widely believed at the time to contain very damaging evidence against Reagan's vice-president, George Bush. It took a few years to wind itself through the process, but the scandal resulted in Weinberger's indictment in June,1992 during George Bush's presidency. Weinberger was scheduled to go on trial. However, as George Bush was about to hand over the presidency to Bill Clinton. Bush pardoned Weinberger. The secrets, which would have been fully revealed at his trial, will never be known. Bush would have been compelled to testify and likely implicated directly. Ronald Reagan and George Bush were saved by George Bush's pardon of Casper Weinberger.

When Jonathan Pollard began in 1984 and 85 to search the computer files of the intelligence agencies, there seems little doubt that he would come across anti-Israel operations. Casper Weinberger seems to have the motive from his close ties with Saudi Arabia through Saudi Prince Bandar. Casper Weinberger was dismissed by President Reagan, possibly for the same reason that caused the US intelligence agencies to fight so hard to keep Pollard in prison.

If there was a covert transfer of US missile technology to China, then it had to come only from the highest authority. George Bush and Casper Weinberger could no doubt shed a great deal of light on the matter - if forced to do so. That is simply not going to happen in this antichrist war on the saints. You should see now why studying and trying to find more depth to the Mystery of Iniquity, is NOT the wisest use of the precious little time remaining.


God is NOT Mocked. Woe to America because of its lying, Satanist, actor, President Bush. Some fraternities are not a big deal and others are a very big deal. Adolph Hitler's fraternity was the Thule Society. The American equivalent of the Thule Society is the Skull & Bones Society, of which both Bush presidents are members. The international society of death plays a significant role in the New World Order. Bush's Skull & Bones Society is the top international, luciferian, or satanic, Death Society in America, just as Hitler's Thule Society, was the top satanic society of Nazi Germany.

The Skull and Bones society believes that on the night of initiation, the initiate "dies to the world and [is to] be born again into the Order..." (Esquire Magazine, September 1977, p. 89). Remember Hitler's belief that he had been born anew after his ritualistic initiation and training? This term is a common one in occultism/Satanism. During the 1988 Presidential Campaign, a TV reporter asked Vice-President Bush if he was a Christian. Bush initially stammered, but then said, "if you mean born again, then, yes, I am a Christian." Then, as Vice-President Bush, he answered this question in a very expert manner, at the same time being true to his occult foundation while misleading innocent, trusting Christians.

Christians practice water baptism (Acts 2:38; Romans 6:1-6) by complete immersion to acknowledge we have died to our old sinful way of life and come out of the water forgiven of our sins that are past to live a NEW life of obedience to God. Occultists/Satanists have their coffin ritual to demonstrate the life transformation, only to a "false god" who is NO god at all rather a rebellious "fallen" angel. He has pawned himself off as the brother of Jesus and loves humanity while Jesus hates them. He teaches nothing but lies (John 8:44).

Rosenbaum's article in Esquire Magazine continued to expose this so-called occultic born-again experience: "then it's into the coffin and off on a symbolic journey through the underworld to rebirth, which takes place in Room Number 322. There, the Order clothes the newborn knight in its own special garments, implying that, henceforth, he will tailor himself to the Order's mission" (p. 89, 148). This ritual description is as occultic as can be and truly reveals Skull and Bones as Satanic.

Oba 1:3-4 The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground? Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.
Oba 1:15 For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.

Does Bush plan to reward #1 living terrorist, the father of airline highjacking, Arafat, by giving him presidency of his own terrorist state in the Promised Land of God? Would to God that it were only hypocrisy. It is far worse. This will surely bring Judgment in wrath upon America, See Ezek 38:10-13, and also Ezekiel 26:4 and 13:1-21 and 27:26-36 and 28:1-19. Isaiah 14:1-32 IS NEAR.

Rom 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Isa 23:1 The burden of Tyre (Center of World Trade). Howl, ye ships of Tarshish (America); for it is laid waste, so that there is no house, no entering in: from the land of Chittim (Cyprus) it is revealed to them.

Bush is planning to commit the US to the creation of a viable Palestinian state. The Philistine, moon god worshipping terrorists could even be given part of the city of Jerusalem for their capitol. This is an insult in the face of God Almighty that will certainly bring judgment.

This is war on terrorism? This is REWARDING the World's foremost TERRORIST with the presidency of a State that is opposed by every Word of God from Genesis to Revelation.

How about a few facts and sources to help see how very very wrong this picture really is:

1998 and 2000 - Former President George H.W. Bush travels to Saudi Arabia on behalf of the privately owned Carlyle Group, the 11th largest defense contractor in the U.S. While there he meets privately with the Saudi royal family and the bin Laden family. [Source: Wall Street Journal, Sept. 27, 2001. See also FTW, Vol. IV, No 7 – "The Best Enemies Money Can Buy,"

Feb 13, 2001 – UPI Terrorism Correspondent Richard Sale – while covering a trial of bin Laden's Al Q'aeda followers - reports that the National Security Agency has broken bin Laden's encrypted communications. Even if this indicates that bin Laden changed systems in February it does not mesh with the fact that the government insists that the attacks had been planned for years.

May 2001 – Secretary of State Colin Powell gives $43 million in aid to the Taliban regime, purportedly to assist hungry farmers who are starving since the destruction of their opium crop in January on orders of the Taliban regime. [Source: The Los Angeles Times, May 22, 2001].

May, 2001 – Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, a career covert operative and former Navy Seal, travels to India on a publicized tour while CIA Director George Tenet makes a quiet visit to Pakistan to meet with Pakistani leader General Pervez Musharraf. Armitage has long and deep Pakistani intelligence connections and he is the recipient of the highest civil decoration awarded by Pakistan. It would be reasonable to assume that while in Islamabad, Tenet, in what was described as "an unusually long meeting," also met with his Pakistani counterpart, Lt. General Mahmud Ahmad, head of the ISI. [Source The Indian SAPRA news agency, May 22, 2001.]

July, 2001 – Three American officials: Tom Simmons (former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan), Karl Inderfurth (former Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian affairs) and Lee Coldren (former State Department expert on South Asia), meet with Taliban representatives in Berlin and tell them that the U.S. is planning military strikes against Afghanistan in October. Also present are Russian and German intelligence officers who confirm the threat. [Source: The Guardian, September 22, 2001; the BBC, September 18, 2001.]

Summer 2001 - According to a Sept. 26 story in Britain's The Guardian, correspondent David Leigh reported that, "U.S. department of defense official, Dr. Jeffrey Starr, visited Tajikistan in January. The Guardian's Felicity Lawrence established that US Rangers were also training special troops in Kyrgyzstan. There were unconfirmed reports that Tajik and Uzbek special troops were training in Alaska and Montana."

Summer 2001 (est.) – Pakistani ISI Chief General Mahmud (see above) orders an aide to wire transfer $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, who was according to the FBI, the lead terrorist in the suicide hijackings. Mahmud recently resigned after the transfer was disclosed in India and confirmed by the FBI. [Source: The Times of India, October 11, 2001.]

June 2001 – German intelligence, the BND, warns the CIA and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists are "planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture." [Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, September 14, 2001.]

Summer 2001 – An Iranian man phones U.S. law enforcement to warn of an imminent attack on the World Trade Center in the week of September 9th. German police confirm the calls but state that the U.S. Secret Service would not reveal any further information. [Source: German news agency "online.ie", September 14, 2001.]

August 2001 – The FBI arrests an Islamic militant linked to bin Laden in Boston. French intelligence sources confirm that the man is a key member of bin Laden's network and the FBI learns that he has been taking flying lessons. At the time of his arrest the man is in possession of technical information on Boeing aircraft and flight manuals. [Source: Reuters, September 13.]

Summer 2001 – Russian intelligence notifies the CIA that 25 terrorist pilots have been specifically training for suicide missions. This is reported in the Russian press and news stories are translated for FTW by a retired CIA officer.

July 4-14, 2001 – Osama bin Laden receives treatments for kidney disease at the American hospital in Dubai and meets with a CIA official who returns to CIA headquarters on July 15th. [Source: Le Figaro, October 31st, 2001.]

August 2001 – Russian President Vladimir Putin orders Russian intelligence to warn the U.S. government "in the strongest possible terms" of imminent attacks on airports and government buildings. [Source: MS-NBC interview with Putin, September 15.]

August/September, 2001 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average drops nearly 900 points in the three weeks prior to the attack. A major stock market crash is imminent.

Sept. 3-10, 2001 – MS-NBC reports on September 16 that a caller to a Cayman Islands radio talk show gave several warnings of an imminent attack on the U.S. by bin Laden in the week prior to 9/11.

September 1-10, 2001 – 25,000 British troops and the largest British Armada since the Falkland Islands War, part of Operation "Essential Harvest," are pre-positioned in Oman, the closest point on the Arabian Peninsula to Pakistan. At the same time two U.S. carrier battle groups arrive on station in the Gulf of Arabia just off the Pakistani coast. Also at the same time, some 17,000 U.S. troops join more than 23,000 NATO troops in Egypt for Operation "Bright Star." All of these forces are in place before the first plane hits the World Trade Center. [Sources: The Guardian, CNN, FOX, The Observer, International Law Professor Francis Boyle, the University of Illinois.]

September 6-7, 2001 – 4,744 put options (a speculation that the stock will go down) are purchased on United Air Lines stock as opposed to only 396 call options (speculation that the stock will go up). This is a dramatic and abnormal increase in sales of put options. Many of the UAL puts are purchased through Deutschebank/AB Brown, a firm managed until 1998 by the current Executive Director of the CIA, A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. [Source: The Herzliyya International Policy Institute for Counterterrorism, September 21; The New York Times; The Wall Street Journal.]

September 10, 2001 - 4,516 put options are purchased on American Airlines as compared to 748 call options. [Source: ICT – above]

September 6-11, 2001 - No other airlines show any similar trading patterns to those experienced by UAL and American. The put option purchases on both airlines were 600% above normal. This at a time when Reuters (September 10) issues a business report stating, "Airline stocks may be poised to take off."

September 6-10, 2001 – Highly abnormal levels of put options are purchased in Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AXA Re (insurance) which owns 25% of American Airlines, and Munich Re. All of these companies are directly impacted by the September 11 attacks. [Source: ICT, above; FTW, Vol. IV, No.7, October 18, 2001,

It has been documented that the CIA, the Israeli Mossad and many other intelligence agencies monitor stock trading in real time using highly advanced programs reported to be descended from Promis software. This is to alert national intelligence services of just such kinds of attacks. Promis was reported, as recently as June, 2001 to be in Osama bin Laden's possession and, as a result of recent stories by FOX, both the FBI and the Justice Department have confirmed its use for U.S. intelligence gathering through at least this summer. This would confirm that CIA had additional advance warning of imminent attacks. [Sources: The Washington Times, June 15, 2001; FOX News, October 16, 2001; FTW, October 26, 2001, - FTW, Vol. IV, No.6, Sept. 18, 2001 - FTW, Vol. 3, No 7, 9/30/00

September 11, 2001 – Gen Mahmud of the ISI (see above), friend of Mohammed Atta, is visiting Washington on behalf of the Taliban. [Source: MS-NBC, Oct. 7.]

September 11, 2001, For 35 minutes, from 8:15 AM until 9:05 AM, with it widely known within the FAA and the military that four planes have been simultaneously hijacked and taken off course, no one notifies the President of the United States. It is not until 9:30 that any Air Force planes are scrambled to intercept, but by then it is too late. This means that the National Command Authority waited for 75 minutes before scrambling aircraft, even though it was known that four simultaneous hijackings had occurred – an event that has never happened in history. [Sources: CNN, ABC, MS-NBC, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times.]

September 13, 2001 – China is admitted to the World Trade Organization quickly, after 15 years of unsuccessful attempts. [Source: The New York Times, Sept. 30, 2001.]

September 15, 2001 – The New York Times reports that Mayo Shattuck III has resigned, effective immediately, as head of the Alex (A.B) Brown unit of Deutschebank.

September 29, 2001 – The San Francisco Chronicle reports that $2.5 million in put options on American Airlines and United Airlines are unclaimed. This is likely the result of the suspension in trading on the NYSE after the attacks which gave the Securities and Exchange Commission time to be waiting when the owners showed up to redeem their put options.

October 10, 2001 – The Pakistani newspaper The Frontier Post reports that U.S. Ambassador Wendy Chamberlain has paid a call on the Pakistani oil minister. A previously abandoned Unocal pipeline from Turkmenistan, across Afghanistan, to the Pakistani coast, for the purpose of selling oil and gas to China, is now back on the table "in view of recent geopolitical developments."

Mid October, 2001 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average, after having suffered a precipitous drop has recovered most of its pre-attack losses. Although still weak, and vulnerable to negative earnings reports, a crash has been averted by a massive infusion of government spending on defense programs, subsidies for "affected" industries and planned tax cuts for corporations.

Now, let's go back to the October 31 story by Le Figaro – the one that has Osama bin Laden meeting with a CIA officer in Dubai this July, 2001. The story says that, "Throughout his stay in the hospital, Osama Bin Laden received visits from many family members [There goes the story that he's a black sheep!] and Saudi Arabian Emirate personalities of status. During this time the local representative of the CIA was seen by many people taking the elevator and going to bin Laden's room.

"Several days later the CIA officer bragged to his friends about having visited the Saudi millionaire. From authoritative sources, this CIA agent visited CIA headquarters on July 15tth, the day after bin Laden's departure for Quetta…

"According to various Arab diplomatic sources and French intelligence itself, precise information was communicated to the CIA concerning terrorist attacks aimed at American interests in the world, including its own territory."…

"Extremely bothered, they [American intelligence officers in a meeting with French intelligence officers] requested from their French peers exact details about the Algerian activists [connected to bin Laden through Dubai banking institutions], without explaining the exact nature of their inquiry. When asked the question, "What do you fear in the coming days?' the Americans responded with incomprehensible silence."…

"On further investigation, the FBI discovered certain plans that had been put together between the CIA and its "Islamic friends" over the years. The meeting in Dubai is, so it would seem, consistent with 'a certain American policy.'"

Even though Le Figaro reported that it had confirmed with hospital staff that bin Laden had been there as reported, stories printed on November 1 contained quotes from hospital staff that these reports were untrue. On November 1, as reported by the Ananova press agency, the CIA flatly denied that any meeting between any CIA personnel and Osama bin Laden at any time.

In the most ironic twist of all, FTW has learned that Le Figaro is owned by the Carlyle Group, the American defense contractor which employs George Bush Sr., and which had as investors – until they sold their stake on October 26 - the bin Laden family.

Who do you believe? You better believe the Word of God. If you don't KNOW the Word of God, don't these things tell you you better get in a BIG hurry to know what God has to say about all this from Genesis to Revelation.

Gen 15:18 In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:

Mal 3:6 For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.

Heb 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Heb 13:9 Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace;

Rev 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Rev 22:20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

Rev 22:21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

Transcript of David Schippers interview with Alex Jones
Schippers: Government Had Prior Knowledge Key Points:

The FBI knows another terrorist attack is being planned now in Oklahoma City - attack site unknown.
The FBI has and is prohibiting their agents or local police from taking known terrorists into custody.
An Iraqi terrorist cell is involved and was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing.
Ashcroft and members of Congress aren't listening.
Contact your members of Congress and ask them why?

In the following interview, reference to Iraqi terrorists refers to Iraqi Republican Guard resettled near Oklahoma City by former Pres.  George Bush after the Gulf War.

David Schippers Interview Alex Jones Radio Show Oct. 10, 2001 (in progress)

DS: ....in Oklahoma City and, frankly, when I first heard the information, I just pooh-poohed it, as did everybody else - they thought here comes another one of those crazy conspiracy theories, you know. The woman who is a former investigative reporter down in Oklahoma City wrote to me after I came back from Washington and just, you know - congratulations - you did a hell of a job.
I wrote back and the next thing you know she wrote back again and told me that she had information indicating a middle eastern connection.
I called her at that point and just for my own conscious if there was something out there I'd want to find out about it - she began to tell me what she had and she sent me a short summary - a couple of pages - laying out what she had garnered during her investigations.
It really piqued by interest.  So I asked her if she had more. She said yes she had an awful lot of stuff, but she wouldn't want to send it up through the mail or any other way. So she and her husband flew up to Chicago and brought a mass of information - I mean affidavits, all kinds of things.

AJ: And we've had Col. Craig Roberts, who was a detective working the case on this show many times, a month before attack, predicting one was imminent. He has all that same information. They actually arrested some of these guys and the Justice Dept. in 1995 said to release them.

DS: That's right - and the words out today that they are not even allowed to touch them, the Oklahoma City police are not allowed to touch these people. And from what I'm understanding, they are up to something again in Oklahoma City.
I don't know what it is or what their target is but these same people are at it again. The terrible thing here else, something that few people know that there was a warning sent out. Have you ever heard of Ysolf Bodansky (sp)?

AJ: Yes.

DA: He is the guy that wrote the book about Bin Laden. He was hooked up with some Congressional leaders in the House - kind of an unofficial, for lack of a better word, a strike force, a task force on terrorism. They sent out a warning on February 19, 1995, saying there was going to be a massive attack by the terrorists in the heartland of the United States and it was going to be a federal facility.
Everybody ignored it.
By the way, I have seen that warning, I have seen that warning. I don't have it in front of me so I can't go into the specifics of it too heavily but at the same time, there was in that warning that there was going to be a massive attack in Washington - it took them six years to do it.
The targets were going to be Washington, the White House and the Capitol Building. - And that they were going to use airliners to attack them.

AJ: Now later you got it from FBI agents in Chicago and Minnesota that there was going to an attack on lower Manhattan.

DS: Yea - and that's what started me calling.
I started calling out there. First of all, I tried to see if I could get a Congressman to go to bat for me and at least bring these people out there and listen to them.
I sent them information and nobody cared.
It was always, "We'll get back to you", "we'll get back to you", "we'll get back to you."
Then I reached out and tried to get to the Attorney General, when finally we got an attorney general in there that I would be willing to talk to.
And, again, I used people who were personal friends of John Ashcroft to try to get him.
One of them called me back and said, "Alright I have talked to him. He will call you tomorrow morning." This was like a month before the bombing.
The next morning I got a call. It wasn't from Ashcroft. It was from somebody in the Justice Dept.

AJ: One of his handlers.

DS: Yea, and I started telling him the situation and he said, "You know we don't start our investigations at the top." I said I would like to talk to the Attorney General because this is vital.
He said, "We don't start our investigations at the top.  Let me look into this and I will get back to you." As I sit here today, I have never heard from him.

AJ: Again, David Schippers, you are big in Washington, you were the top lawyer that got Clinton impeached, you are highly respected, you know the Senators, the Congressmen.
You're calling up.
You've got these FBI agents and others feeding you this information.
They're being pulled off the cases, they're angry.
That's even been in the news now, from Minnesota and Florida and Illinois.
They know what's going to happen.
The Sudanese in '96 and '98 tried to arrest Bin Laden for Clinton, tried to give us the names of Al Qaeda, Clinton wouldn't take it.

DS: Didn't want any part of it.

AJ: Wouldn't touch it.
So we've got all this developing. We've got police officers and FBI on the ground who know who bombed Oklahoma City.
They've got them in custody with blue jogging suits and bomb-making components.
They are ordered to release them.
All of this is unfolding - 3500 to 5000 Iraqi Republican Guard (living near OKC), we know there is a Saddam/Iraqi connection here - I mean they knew this.
Why in the world, David Shippers, did they allow this to take place?


I'll tell you something. This one of the things that, to me, it is almost inconceivable, inconceivable that with the knowledge they had that they would turn their back.
Just assume that they had investigated and gone in after the Oklahoma City bombing , as they are going now.
There never would have been an attack on the Trade Towers.
If they had done, 5 to 6 years ago what they are doing now, there probably would have had Bin Laden and that gang all stopped by now.
But, I don't know, as a human being, as a former prosecutor, as a lawyer and a guy who represents police and agents all over the United States, it is inconceivable to me that those bureaucrats in Washington would turn their back on the obvious for their own purposes.

AJ: And now the World Trade Center Complex is absolutely destroyed.

DS: Yes, 6000 people are dead. And there is more coming. There is more coming.

AJ: Now you say, from your sources, I know you represent a bunch of FBI agents who are hopping mad, you probably can't talk about the specifics, you say you are representing them. Are they getting ready to sue or something?

DS: Well they are hoping to, but what do you sue for?
What I'm trying to do is get the people in Washington - you see these agents can't come out.
The only information that I have is information that is public knowledge.
They can't tell me anything that is confidential or anything that is secret, or anything like that. I'm talking about what is public knowledge and these guys can't say anything unless they are subpoenaed.

AJ: That's why you want to get into a court.

DS: I don't want to get into a court.
I want to get them into the intelligence committee.
I want to get them to talk to the Attorney General, to Gov. Ridge, to General Downing or to somebody who has the
ability or the authority to go to the FBI bureaucrats and say "Butt out!" - we are going to do this right.

AJ: I'm sure you are aware that on the History Channel, they are reporting that we had prior knowledge of the Japanese attack and they allowed that to take place.

DS: Sure.

AJ: And now you see the UN empowered, the World Court empowered.
It looks like the UN is going to get to take over that oil supply in Central Asia.
The face scanning cameras - now they are on the fast track. This has sure brought the police state into a lot more focus.

DS: It sure has.
I've been saying for years that once you have license, the next step is tyranny.
It really is scary. The whole thing is scary.
Remember the Palmer raids when they had the Reds scare in the early twentieth century and they just went out and rounded up everybody and threw them in jails and deported them.
Our freedoms took a real hit.
I hope to God that we don't run into the same thing this time. The people are saying, "I want to be safe." Who was it, Ben Franklin said if you give up your liberties for security, you will eventually lose both your liberties and your security.

AJ: Absolutely.

AJ: We're talking to David Schippers.
We're discussing FBI agents across the country having prior knowledge of the attacks, trying to get these guys
arrested or even to get a warrant, knowing they were associates of Bin Laden, others being trained at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, Clinton not wanting the names of Al Queda when they had the chance, there is so much evidence of prior knowledge.
How did this happen with the Bush administration, when you are trying to get to Ashcroft and telling them that they is a plan to attack lower Manhattan very soon and what was the Intel you were getting from these agents?

DS: Well, a lot of this wasn't coming from the agents.
When the bomb hit (WTC attack) and everybody said we have to find the money (trail) and stop the money. The only place the money was actually identified and stopped was in Chicago.
There was actually a lawsuit, a case filed here in Chicago, in which money that had been earmarked for Hamas, to be used for terrorism, was grabbed by the United States government - and seized and forfeited, and that was here in Chicago.

AJ: But that agent had to go through a lot of grief to get that done.

DS: An agent actually filed the affidavit.
I'm not talking about anything that is confidential.
This agent here in Chicago filed the affidavit where he laid out the whole way that the money moves, the way that it is handled, how it comes out of the middle east into Chicago area and into the United States, how it is covered, how the operatives are covered, how the money is transferred back and where it's kept while its here.
And that affidavit ran like 30 pages - laying it out.
And he had to go through hell on earth in Washington, he had to fight like a tiger - everybody in his own bureau and in the Dept. of Justice was against him - and still is.

AJ: Now the FBI agents in Minnesota knew about this and had the evidence but they couldn't even get a wiretap or a warrant to search these guys.

DS: Exactly.

AJ: We're talking about some of the actual hijackers.

DS: Exactly.
And this woman who was talking to me, she had other contacts, who were in Naval Intelligence and other areas, and she was reporting that there was one of these terrorists who was involved in the bombing in Oklahoma City - was working at the Boston airport.
A friend of mine who happens to be an agent had information that there were Hamas operatives working in baggage and areas at O'Hare Airport with free access to any part of the airport.
But no one would listen.
They just said it's not true, it can't happen that way.
I'll tell you something.
I don't know if it was because Clinton and his boys didn't want the United States to realize that Flight 800 was a terrorist attack and that Oklahoma City was a terrorist attack because they didn't want to admit that the intelligence of the United States was totally destroyed.

AJ: Well Craig Roberts says it best. 
They wanted to demonized the patriot organizations and create this internal security force to watch Americans....

DS: Exactly.

AJ: because the "precious Arabs", they can't do anything wrong.

DS: And that's exactly what they started.
I forget which nitwit it was that came out and said you can blame the Rush Limbaugh's and the talk show hosts who are fomenting this terror.

AJ: That was Bill Clinton.

DS: Yea, Clinton made that statement.
And they had a handy guy in McVeigh.
I also know from affidavits that I have read that there were eyewitnesses who saw the middle eastern man running from the scene (OKC bombing) along side McVeigh.

AJ: And why don't the feds just release those 12 surveillance camera tapes if it is just McVeigh alone?

DS: Those surveillance camera tapes are going to show that there was a middle eastern man running with him.
Some of these people who gave affidavits were interviewed by the FBI during the course of the investigation. They were interviewed about the second person that they saw and the agents tried to make them say or suggested to them that the second person was Nichols.
Every single one of these people said absolutely not, it was a middle-eastern type individual.

AJ: Al Hussani (sp)

DS: Now, listen to this.
None of those investigative reports; none of those 302s have ever surfaced.
So the FBI comes up with all these thousands of documents which they claimed they overlooked but the key ones
where they tried to get them to say it was Nichols never surfaced.

AJ: It is so important that all of you out there contact your representatives, contact the White House, contact the Justice Dept. and say talk to David Schippers.
He's a man we can trust who helped get Clinton impeached.
Talk about a dangerous job - who then wrote a book detailing the black mail, the intimidation by Clinton in the Senate.
And now we find out that weeks and months before he had the news, the feds, the investigators telling him these terrorists are all over the place ...
Now David Shippers, the knowledge, the information, you told me yesterday on the phone that it was lower Manhattan, months before, you are trying to get into see Ashcroft, they wouldn't let you do it.
What were the reports you were getting about the attack on lower Manhattan?

DS: The original report that I got was that they had arranged for three attacks on the United States - one, they were going to take down an airline; two, they were going to attack a federal facility in the heartland of the United States; and the third one was going to be a massive attack in lower Manhattan.

AJ: The first was TWA 800, then Oklahoma City...

DS: The original intelligence that was reported to me, and this was not first hand obviously, that the original plan was a suitcase nuclear weapon.

AJ: Now we gotten that from Col. Roberts and a bunch of other people...

DS: I've ran into a lot of nuts who came up with a not of strange theories, outer space, and things like that.
But these people who I was talking to were very, very credible people.
For example, Jayna Davis took everything she had ...

AJ: Tell us who she is, one more time...for those who just tuned in

DS: She was an investigative reporter working for a TV station in Oklahoma City at the time of the bombing.

AJ: And they had these very middle-eastern Bin Laden, Saddam minions, interviewing these guys.

DS: Yes, absolutely.
She identified by the name the guy who was the one.
Recently, she came up with some evidence that another guy there actually admitted that he was part of the World Trade Center bombing.
He's still walking around. I mean they are taking people into custody, they are offering rewards, but these guys are still there and still doing their little thing.

AJ: That's the point I'm trying to make.   The government has their names, knows who the cells are, the 3500 Iraqi....

DS: I don't know if they do because when Jayna had all this material..
I'm talking about 3 giant loose-leaf binders full of affidavits and other material.
This woman did a job of investigating that would make the Mossad look bad.

AJ: The New York Times came in and bought up her TV station and got rid of her.

DS: Well, they bought up the TV station and got rid of her and also tried to make her turn over notes and films and stuff like that but she beat them in court. She's still got them.

AJ: Here's the bottom line question.
The attack on lower Manhattan, the third big attack.
We know you tried to get to the Attorney General. What did you say?

DS: My first move was to go through some of the people that I knew in Congress because I was working on two fronts.
On the one hand I wanted to get someone to listen to Jayna about Oklahoma City;
on the other hand, I was trying to get someone to understand that Hamas has infiltrated the United States so thoroughly that I don't how long it will take to run them out.  All over the United States.
They had a training camp for terrorism at Chicago.

AJ: There is a mosque at UT for the young Islamics, they raise money for terrorism right there.
And nothing is being done.

DS: Bill O'Reilly had that guy from southern Florida University that raised money for Hamas.
And whenever you mention Hamas, everybody says it's a humanitarian organization.

AJ: No, they're not.

DS: They're humanitarian like Hitler was humanitarian.
They are terrorists and they will never be anything but terrorists.

AJ: And we are not supposed to criticize these people.

DS: No, you can't say anything.
I just heard about the young man whose sister was injured in the World Trade Center and he put up an American flag
and some American slogans on his locker at school. They gave him a ten-day suspension because they said it might be offensive to some of the Arab students.

AJ: They are saying the American flag is racist.

DS: Isn't that lovely.

AJ: Let's stop the evil American flag from being flown at your business or at your university, but let's leave the Hamas people alone.

DS: You know the guy that cut the throat of that bus driver in Tennessee was here on a one-month visa and he had overstayed his visa by what - a year and a half, two years.
Until somebody starts listening, I'm telling you, I see on television, I see them saying that the president has said
that these tapes that are coming from Bin Laden may very well be signals or codes to terrorists in the United States.

AJ: And why is every network running them?

DS: Bingo.
You tell me.
When they say that they may very well be signals, he can give all the signals he wants in Pakistan and Afghanistan but if the American networks don't carry it, then they won't out.
But the American networks are saying that people have a right to know.

AJ: And they are calling for more attacks on the tapes.

DS: Yea, the latest tape specifically made reference to the heart of the United States.

AJ: Yea, attack the heartland - you said your intel or your sources....

DS: They are doing something down there in Oklahoma City.
The folks in Oklahoma City tell me they are up to something.
There are deliveries being made, there is material being moved and places being opened...
One of the methods they use to cover their operatives while in the States is they set up some garbage or a pretend garage - or a filling station where they can all allegedly work. But they're not working there, it's not really a garage, it's just a location to cover them.
I tried the House, I tried the Senate, I tried the Dept. of Justice, I didn't go to the FBI because I know there is a roadblock there and I didn't go to the Justice Dept. until Ashcroft got in there because I know there's roadblocks out there.
These are the very people who put up roadblocks on the attack against the terrorists under Clinton, they are still
there. They still constitute, almost like moat, between the people with information and the people who should hear the information.

AJ: Well we know that Clinton released 16 members of the FALN.

DS: Sure.
Well he had to win New York didn't he? He had to win New York for Hillary.

AJ: So when you are talking to these people at the Dept. of Justice, folks at Congress, what do they say?

DS: They say, that's wonderful, we'll get right back to you. I have never got a call back. I was on a radio program out east, Pittsburgh, and I just hinted that the FBI was sitting on information when they should have been sharing it with others and, as a result, there was a breakdown in intelligence.
And the next morning, I got a call from the office of the Speaker of the House, who happens to be an Illinois Republican.

AJ: Hastert.

DS: Yes, Hastert.
They hadn't heard the show but they said we understand you've got some information, etc.
I said, yes I do, I would really like to share it with somebody.
I have at least two and maybe three witnesses that should be subpoenaed to come out there and testify in executive session and tell you what I was talking about.
Ok. We'll get back to you.
Never heard from them.
Couple of days later, I got a call from the Senate Intelligence Committee.
We hear that you've got information, etc.
Yes, I have information and I'd be perfectly willing to bring it out to you. I'd be perfectly willing to have my witnesses go in there and testify but they have to be subpoenaed.
And by the way, I will not talk to staffers because the staffers don't tell the Congressman what they found out.
Ok, we'll get back to you.
That was last week, I still haven't heard from them.

AJ: So bottom line - and my intelligence sources who were police officers who actually worked the case, FBI who worked the OKC bombing case, grand jury witnesses, are saying they are getting ready for something big, not just in Oklahoma, but out on the West Coast as well.
That's the intel I'm getting and nothing is being done.
They are just talking about national ID cards, face scanning, troops with no bullets in the airports, they are not going to arm the pilots, this is sick!

DS: The whole thing is unbelievable.
You know, I talk to people who are in the media, people who are well aware of what is going on and they cannot
believe that this is happening.

AJ: Can we get you on the O'Reilly factor to talk about this?

DS: I've been on O'Reilly but not to talk about this.
You know Jayna was on twice and she laid it out. She got a call and she said that Dave Shippers was representing her - so I think that might have precipitated a call from someone in Washington who immediately said I'll get back to you and that was the end of it.
Strangely enough, the one group I haven't heard from is the FBI intelligence people.
Of course, if I did hear from them I wouldn't talk to them anyhow, because they are totally incompetent.

AJ: They got their funding tripled after OKC bombing....

DS: Sure, that's great and they can all sit around and tell everybody that their informants told them this or that.
They are running around grabbing people they should have grabbed 5 years ago.

AJ: What are your sources saying about the Oklahoma City area?

DS: That somebody is up to something down there.
I know of phone calls going to Iraq from some of these guys.
I know of phone calls from one of the known, one of the named terrorists by the FBI, he is making calls to a
place that is identical to one of the people that I am talking about.
In other words, same place...

AJ: Did you see Bush show pictures of Bin Laden's minions?

DS: Yes, the most wanted.

AJ: But we have people involved, fingered, witnesses on tape there at the Oklahoma City bombing at the scene, later apprehended with the jogging suits, with the materials, then told to be released by the Justice Dept. back in '95.

DS: They don't want any part of it.
Jayna's got the original police radio calls. And in the original calls, it said to be on the lookout for this truck that was being driven by a middle-eastern type individual.
That was the original one and I remember, at one point, one police officer called in and said by whose authority do we stop this guy.
And they said: authority FBI, Oklahoma City.
Then shortly thereafter, the all-points-bulletins stopped and there was never another word.
Remember how they said that he (McVeigh) had been with a militant group in Michigan and how we all have to hunker down because they crazy right wing maniacs are liable to do anything.
Nobody wanted to tell it like it was because it would turn out that the crazy rightwing maniacs were right all along.

AJ: And had been warning people about the threat.

DS: Yea.

AJ: So where does it go from here?

DS: Well, I'm still trying, I'm still trying to get somebody to listen to me out there and to listen to my witnesses - and to, at least, take the material.
You know, Jayna Davis, took the same stuff she showed me and walked into the FBI at Oklahoma City and said here, I have all this material, it may be of some assistance to you.
They said, we don't want it. They refused to even take it.

AJ: You can see the motive. I see more intelligence funding, I see the cashless society with biometrics, I see an expanded UN, I see NATO planes patrolling our skies, I see global government being empowered and a takeover of the middle east and Central Asia. I see great dividends for them by allowing this to happen.

DS: I hope to God that you're wrong, I do.
I can't fight or argue with you because it does seem to be heading that way.
However, I think the problem is that they covered up the TWA 800 bombing, they covered up the Oklahoma City bombing, but when the whole world watched those two planes hit the Towers, there is no way they could blame that on a local group.
They have to get into it now and I think - I'm not talking about Ashcroft or the president, I'm not talking about the street agent.
They are the greatest men on the face of the earth, as far as I'm concerned - the FBI street agent, the guys out there going door to door.

AJ: Yea, but in Minnesota they did they job...

DS: Sure and they got hurt for it.

AJ: and they got pulled off the case.

DS: And in Chicago, they did their job and they got pulled off the case.
And down in Oklahoma City, you've got those three agents. And what did they do?
The method by which they stopped them. They bring some garbage charge against them and then say well they are dissidents. They try to affect their credibility by that.

AJ: For trying to protect their country, the heroes get crucified.

DS: The heroes get crucified and the bureaucrats sit out there and tell each other what a great job they are doing until another city blows up.
And then they say, they need more tools. They have all the tools in the world.
They could have found the money (trail) years ago if they had just listened.
Sorry, if I sound mad, I am.

AJ: No, I'm angry too.
They've got biologicals, they've got chemicals. They've got suitcase nukes.
As you said, that was the original plan.
It could happen any time - from the same sources that you have that I have.
David Schippers, I can only commend you for going public with this because you do have so much credibility.

DS: We've got to go public.
We tried to do it the right way, we tried to do it by going to the people in whom you would normally repose your
confidence and trust.
It didn't work. Nobody cares.

Listen to the archive of the 10/10/01 Alex Jones Show, as David Schippers
says the Government had prior knowledge of the 9-11 attacks.

Click below to listen

Background from 4/20/99 GOG MEGOG WAR - W.W. III - I can tell you this, we are in WW III. Many will be surprised at the similarity of the WW I script and the very prominent role of Rome's virgin. With Serbia so prominently in the news we should remember another "bloody purification" took place in Yugoslavia about fifty years ago, when a million Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies were purged to create a pure Catholic state. "The Secret History of the Jesuits" by Edmond Paris, has some MOST INTERESTING, quotes in that book, which date back to to the start of WW I, in 1913. Remember all of these quotes are from 1913 with just a couple of inserts in (parentheses). You should be able to see in these Quotes from 1913 start of WW I --- The same script for WWIII (Remember the pope's 1/26/99 visit to Clinton)
"But for the time being the Orthodox Church stayed firmly implanted in the Balkans, especially in Serbia."
"To Rome, the growing power of Serbia marked her out as the enemy to overthrow."
"Among the subjects discussed first of all with the cardinal secretary of State last week, the question of Serbia came up as anticipated. First of all the cardinal expressed his joy at our opportune attitude."
"During the audience I had that day with His Holiness, the Holy-Father who started the conversation by mentioning our energetic steps taken in Belgrade."
"Regarding the murders, The Serbian government had nothing to do with this crime..., but it was the perfect excuse for the emperor (Clinton) to start hostilities."
"The advice of the pope and his minister was the one which could best influence him (Clinton)."
Today, the Virgin still appears in Serbia regularly, for many years since the last world war two. The reported prophecies by Rome's Virgin in Serbia, years ago, said W.W. III would break out this way. The Luciferians manufactured those reports so that people would later recall them and say that this W.W. III was God's will. The truth is, it is an Antichrist New World Order script that has been well orchestrated behind the scenes. The Luciferian plans must perfectly fulfill what God has declared in the scriptures. The 3rd Secret of Fatima is that Satan has entered, and Lucifer has been enthroned in the Vatican, bringing with him agents to occupy the highest positions. Scriptures, history, and ancient pagan literature cannot be reconciled with the claims of Roman Catholicism. Perhaps the virgin apparitions are more dangerous than an infallible pope. Most recognize the pope as the false prophet of Lucifer and the Antichrist in the last days. Few understand what is behind the apparitions of Rome's virgin. Come out of her My people! Saith the Lord in Rev 18:4. Now, when they say peace and safety, then sudden destruction will come.

4/3/2001 - WWIII - Next Stop Jerusalem Bad news abounds. Yet in Luke 21:28 Jesus tells us - And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. All the bad news confirms that our redemption draweth neigh.
It is war in Israel. That war may go nuclear any day. Any day we could see the fulfillment of Isa 17:1 and Eze chapters 37-39. However, since Elijah has been sent away from Cypress (Chittim) to Greece, we may yet
celebrate Passover in peace. Let us all pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

Step one: The Palestinians will begin to increase the uprising by using heavier weapons that were previously hidden. These will be used to engage Israeli armor and helo gun ships. They will range from anti tank rockets to ground-to-air weapons. Rock throwing will turn into actual firefights with small units (50 to 100 men). We are almost at this level now. The Palestinians will be attempting to engage and commit Israeli units to numerous conflicts. How they will do this is simple: the Palestinians will attack the more than 60 Jewish settlements scattered in the West Bank region. As Israeli forces move in to defend, the heavier Palestinian units will ambush and try to destroy the Israeli units.
Step two: The Iranian backed and Syrian supported Hezballah units in southern Lebanon will open up with long range Katushya rockets upon Israel's northern cities, such as Nahariya and Haifa. Israel will respond with limited ground action (artillery fire) and multiple air strikes, further committing IDF units.
Step three: Syria will use the Israeli response to Hezballah attacks as the pretext for a wider action. Syria will initiate a massive SCUD missile launch into Israeli cities. They will be joined by the Iraqi missile units. The real question will be whether chemical weapons will be used in these attacks. Syria is known to have chemical weapons such as VX gas. Iraq is known to have biological weapons such as anthrax. These weapons are rightly classified as weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Major cities in Israel will be hit including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem causing great fear and disruption. As soon as the missile rocket motors ignite, Israel will know of their launching and threat azimuth. As a result of the gulf war in 1991, Israel acquired the use of some specially placed DSP (Defense Support Program) satellites in geosynchronous orbit over the Middle East. These satellites can detect the missile exhaust using an infrared focal plane and are part of the U.S. satellite early warning system (SEWS). Ground stations connected to the satellites then interpret the heat signature as to the type of weapons and its initial launch arc. The flight of the missile is only a matter of minutes to their targets, but Israel will know about the missiles intentions within seconds after it launches. Some of these incoming missiles will be intercepted by the Patriot missile batteries; however, this will not be effective as a defense. Depending upon the number of missiles launched, the Patriot anti-missile batteries will be overwhelmed with targets with the full knowledge of their impending attack.
Step four: Regional war breaks out in the Middle East with the predominate attack coming from the north. Iraq sends its armored units to engage Israel. Whether these units travel only on Syrian roads toward the Golan Heights is not sure. They may also travel across Jordan expanding the attack into the Jordan valley. Syrian forces will launch a full scale attack on the Golan Heights. The Palestinians will start celebrating early, expecting Syrian and Iraqi armor to arrive shortly. Egypt will not attack. Their best strategy is to wait and jump in just as victory is inevitable. From a strategic standpoint, they remain poised as a reserve element able to open another front in the war. Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf neighbors will become more fearful of Iraq and Iran and what may follow. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait may catch a few Iraqi missiles of their own. The United States will be purposely slow to respond to Israel's immediate needs, preferring to cover the Arab oil sources. Israel will find themselves alone and over committed.
Step five: The combination of SCUD missiles, Palestinian armed interference, and a major northern invasion will take their toll on Israel. It will not look good for Israel. They will evacuate the Jewish settlements in the Samarian and Judean mountains. Press reports will be extremely limited, but any report that looks bad for Israel will be spread world wide. Arafat will be watching CNN from Baghdad, planning his triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. In fact, many believe they will be watching Israel's demise and a major Arab victory at hand.
There are many in the Arab world meeting in the Arab League that believe this is their future. They are arguing over who will get what part of the spoils once Israel is destroyed. Syria wants the Golan Heights. Saddam Hussein wants to be the messiah of the Arab world. The Palestinians want Jewish homes and cars. Arafat wants the glory of capturing Jerusalem. However, according to the ancient prophets of Israel, something else will happen.
It will be swift and ferocious. It will be fire from heaven and it will rain down on the Palestinians in the mountains of Israel. It will fall upon Damascus and Syria. It will hit Jordan and Iraq. All who are part of the invasion and the conflict will suffer greatly. The face of the Middle East will never be the same again. Initially, the world will see it as a nuclear conflict in the modern age, but because prophets have written about it more than 2,500 years ago, we will know the God of Israel has shown His hand.
The world will gasp at the suddenness and devastation upon Israel's enemies. One thought will begin to take shape as details come in after the battle. Surely, there is a God in the midst of Israel. That God will not be Allah; instead, He will be the Almighty God, the Mighty One of Jacob, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The world will reel with the fact that there is no God like the God of Israel.

1/27/2K Russian Plans for WWIII Ezekiel 38 is upon us - by Vince Aquilino
The situation is Israel continues to grow more grave. In the last seven weeks of bloodshed, some 230 have been killed and 8,000 injured, but the quintessential defining event was the attack on an Israeli school bus last Monday which killed two Israeli civilians and injured nine, including five children.

A Government spokesman indicates that Tanzim, the armed branch of the Fatah movement was responsible for the attack.

As a result of this event, Barak convened his security cabinet in an emergency session where angry settlers, leaders, and Israeli hawks urged Barak to "make war" on Palestinians and to disavow all attempts for dialogue with Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority. Barak was pressured to abandon restraint from within Barak's own inner circle. Cabinet minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said Palestinian violence had gone too far for Israel to be able to afford to continue to restrain itself. "If this hurts us, it will hurt them [the Palestinians] seven times over," Ben-Eliezer told Army Radio.

The next day the Israeli Air Force attacked nine targets in Gaza. The IDF's retaliatory were the most severe since the current disturbances began. In contrast to previous air raids, the IDF did not warn the occupants of the targeted buildings in advance. Dozens of missiles were fired several Palestinian targets in Gaza and in addition, the army blocked the Kisufim-Gush Katif Road connecting the northern and southern parts of the Gaza Strip, thereby preventing thousands of Palestinians from the south who work or study in the north from getting home.

Israel is preventing supplies of fuel from entering the Gaza Strip and now the IDF has begun to unload tanks and armored personnel carriers from transporters at the Kisufim Junction in the Gaza Strip, as IDF is apparently strengthening the line of heavy firepower between the Kisufim crossing point into Israel and the Gush Katif settlement across the Gaza Strip. The IDF is also cutting off Palestinian cities and villages by using backhoes to dig up the roads entering cities and villages in the West Bank making the roads into the towns impassable.

An "Israeli Wire" report the week before, by IDF Res. Lt. Col. Gal Luft (regarded as an expert on PA security forces), indicated that Arafat had restrained his security forces (saving them for all out war), but instead sent his 20,000-member Fatah militia to battle Israeli troops in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The report went on to say that Arafat does not want to lose international support by converting the uprising in the West Bank and Gaza Strip into a war between two militaries. Luft wlso noted Arafat has not only spared his uniformed forces from fighting, but he has not deployed much of the PA weapons arsenal which included Palestinian armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tank missiles.

In response to the escalation of violence in the Middle East, Defense Secretary William Cohen told U.S. troops stationed in a desert compound and on the highest alert, that Israeli-Palestinian violence could spread throughout the Gulf region. Yasser Arafat telephoned President Bill Clinton on Tuesday to ask for US intervention after Israel's reprisal action in Gaza. Arafat reportedly told the US its credibility would be at stake if Palestinian leaders were hit, according to a report from Saudi Arabia. He said this was Israel's purpose.

Israel's Barak is in a hard position. Barak, aides said, is walking a fine line in easing his policy of restraint against the Palestinians. On one hand, Barak faces what appears to be the fall of his government if he does not respond to Palestinian attacks. On the other hand, continued military strikes such as the one Barak ordered throughout the Gaza Strip on Monday could prompt Arafat and his aides to flee the Palestinian areas. If Arafat is in effect exiled from the territories, it could prompt a massive Hizbullah attack along Israel's northern border that would eventually bring in Syria.

Syria is posturing for war. On Tuesday, November 21,2000, Syria accused Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak of exceeding the Nazis in repression of the Palestinians, and warned that current tensions endangered the whole world. "We do not exaggerate if we say that the whole world is threatened by the neo-Nazis who are ruling Israel now," the official daily al-Baath, organ of the ruling Baath party, said. The paper accused the United States of pushing the region towards an unpredictable future through its unlimited support for Israel. In the wake of Israel's retaliatory helicopter attacks on Palestinian security targets in the Gaza Strip, the Syrian daily urged the international community to act quickly to stop the violence in the Middle East. The Syrian daily also called upon Arabs to unify their ranks and mobilize their resources to counter Israel. "Arabs are required to adopt a more serious stand to counter the Israeli aggressions with a unified national stand. Our nation has lots of resources to allow it do what it wants if there is a will to engage in action," al-Baath said. It appears that Syria has the will as well as Iran, Iraq and the other nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38. With Russian backing, we may well see the Ezekiel 38 invasion in short order. We may also witness the destruction of Damascus as foreseen by Isaiah in Chapter 17 as a prelude to the invasion. Should Israel decide to launch a preemptive first strike against Syria (Isaiah tells us that Damascus is destroyed, never to be inhabited again), Russia would be forced to retaliate on behalf of her ally. In this event, Russia's alliance with Syria would prove to be another "hook in the jaw", which would draw Russia into the Israeli invasion. This is especially likely given Russia's growing ties to the Muslim nations. If that were to happen, Israel would use all options available to defend herself--including nuclear weapons.

For Egypt, if Arafat would flee, it could mean a total severance of relations with Israel and perhaps the introduction of thousands of Egyptian troops in the mostly demilitarized Sinai. Some Israeli analysts said the Egyptian recall of its ambassador on Tuesday could be the first step in a deterioration of relations toward war. On Tuesday, November 21,2000, Egyptian Ambassador Mohammed Bassiouny was recalled to Egypt, a traditionally hawkish act, in the wake of the Israeli reprisal attacks on the Gaza Strip on Monday. Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Mouusa said the move was in response to ‘the Israeli escalation and the use of force against the Palestinian people. He also mentioned that the recent Islamic conference had recommended that ties with Israel be severed. Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami reacted and called the decision to recall Egypt's ambassador as "grave."

On Thursday, November 23, 2000, Egypt warned the United States of an Arab war against Israel if the violence continues in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The warning was relayed by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen during their meeting in Cairo. Egyptian President Mubarak said the Arabs cannot stand by while the Palestinians are being attacked by Israel.

It has been reported that Barak wants to maintain a lid on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict until at least the end of the Clinton administration. Aides said Barak and Clinton have agreed to work toward a peace summit at the end of December in the United States. This, they said, requires keeping Arafat and the PA alive. So Barak is walking a fine line trying to keep his government intact, but trying to avoid all out war.

Israel's military is urging Prime Minister Ehud Barak to launch harsh strikes against the Palestinian Authority. The appeal is coming from every arm of the military. They are warning that PA Chairman Yasser Arafat will order a further escalation of violence unless Israel launches major strikes against the PA and Fatah groups. It may not be possible for Barak to maintain a policy of restraint, especially considering the school bus incident. "Restraint" may completely fall away as all out war breaks out between the PLO and Israel which could be the hook in the jaw that precipitates the Ezekiel 38 invasion.

Let's look at the positioning of other nations in the area in response to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

Jordanian Ambassador Abdulilah al-Kurdi will not return to his post in Israel. The statement came after a special Jordanian cabinet meeting this week. Al-Kurdi has not been returned to Israel since the violence began two months ago. This is not a good sign. Then on Tuesday, November 21,2000, Jordan's King Abdullah II Tuesday strongly condemned "Israeli aggressions" in the Gaza Strip and asked for international protection for the Palestinians, a Jordanian official said. Speaking with visiting US Defence Secretary William Cohen, Abdullah stressed "the need to work towards an immediate halt in Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people," the official said.

On just the Friday before the school bus incident, both Jordan and Russia denounced Israel's use of force and live ammunition in the Palestinian territories and called for an urgent halt to the deadly violence. "Jordan and Russia share the same views and agree on denouncing Israel's use of force against the Palestinian people," Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdel Ilah al-Khatib told a news conference with Russian counterpart Igor Ivanov.

Also on the Friday before, both the U.S. and the U.N. warned of escalation after anti-Israeli Hezbollah Lebanese guerrilla bombings along the disputed border with Israel. "We are very worried about the risks of escalation if provocative actions continue and we hope that all sides exercise the maximum degree of response to see to it that this does not happen," said US Ambassador David Satterfield.

It appears there is a will as positioning for the Ezekiel 38 invasion is continuing and Zechariah's prediction of the entire world turning on Israel continues to unfold before our very eyes;

Last week, the European Union called for the creation of a "sovereign, democratic Palestinian state ... in the near future Concluding a tense two-day meeting of the EU states and their southern Mediterranean partners, the 15 EU nations voiced their "support for the Palestinians' right to their own state."

Also last week, UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson said in Gaza that she supports the Palestinians' demand for an international intervention force in the territories to protect them from Israel. Robinson also condemned Israel for using excessive force to quell the Palestinian uprising.

What is most enlightening is that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is set to arrive in Moscow on Friday, November 24, 2000, for talks with President Vladimir Putin. Since Russia is technically the co-sponsor of the peace process, that makes Moscow a natural ally in his current predicament. For his part, President Putin sees an opening for Russian diplomacy in the Middle East - especially at a moment of political uncertainty in the US.

Just a few days earlier, on November 19, 2000, the Russian Foreign Minister called for ''regional security system'' that would bring together Iraq and its Gulf neighbors. He indicated that the system must be guaranteed by the international community, including the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, he said. The Russian foreign minister also proposed to Kuwait that for Iraq to play an active role in the system, it must be reinstated in the world community and encouraged Kuwait to halt its support for the enforcement of "no-fly" zones over Iraq, a proposal he slammed.

Let us not lose sight of the fact that is Russia which leads and arms the Ezekiel 38 invading forces. Russia is clearly supporting Iraq and Iran (Identified as Persia in the Ezekiel 38 scenario) as evidenced by several actions undertaken this week.

On Friday Nov 24, 2000, Russia dismissed the threat of additional U.S. sanctions on its companies linked to Iranian missile and non conventional programs amid plans to export hundreds of missiles to Teheran. The Israeli Yediot Aharonot daily reported on Friday that Russia plans to send 325 shoulder-fired SA-16 anti-aircraft missiles to Iran. The SA-16 is regarded as the most effective missile deployed in the former East Bloc and Israeli sources fear that they will be transported to the Hizbullah in Lebanon. The shipment is part of a deal to export 700 SA-16 missiles to Iran as part of a $1.75 billion contract. Yediot quoted U.S. sources as saying hundreds of missiles have been placed on a Russian train and ship for Iran.

On Thursday, November 23,2000, Russia officially declared that it will no longer observe a 1995 pledge not to sell tanks and battlefield weapons to Iran. Russia gave as its reason that the pledge it had made to Vice President Al Gore in 1995 had been made public during the presidential campaign. The note was received by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright a few days before the election, and the Clinton administration was trying to get Russia to change its mind, obviously without success, by warning that if it sold the weapons to Iran the United States would impose sanctions, the official told The Associated Press.

Furthermore, Iran has increased the transport of Katyusha rockets to the Lebanese Hizbullah movement. Israeli military sources said that Iran has sent Katyusha rockets aboard flights from Teheran directly to Beirut. In the past, Iran would send the rockets to Damascus and they would be transported by land to Lebanon. Iran is sending 107 mm and 122 mm rockets, both with a range of 20 kilometers. The sources said Iran is also sending the Fajr, or improved Katyusha rocket, with a range of more than 40 kilometers. The Fajr can strike the suburbs of the Israeli northern city of Haifa. The sources said Hizbullah is preparing for a war with Israeli troops along the northern border. They said Hizbullah is paying Lebanese demonstrators $10 a day to throw stones and firebombs at Israeli installations over the border fence.

Iraq has also begun pumping oil through a pipeline to Syria, apparently outside the terms of the United Nations oil-for-food arrangement. Speaking from Damascus, a Syrian oil official said that about 150,000 barrels a day of Iraqi crude was flowing through the line, disused since 1982. Syria will need this oil to sustain a war effort and Iraq is defying U.N. sanctions to supply it.

Russia is arming Israel's enemies, just as Ezekiel prophesied, and war preparations are continuing. Can the Ezekiel 38 invasion be far off?

Reuters reported on November 22, 2000, that Russian President Vladimir Putin was determined to crush Chechnya's rebels in order to stop the region becoming a launch pad for terrorist attacks. He told an annual meeting of Russia's top military leaders that Chechnya's status was a secondary issue, and rejected suggestions that Moscow was waging an imperialist campaign. What is important is that this territory is never used by anyone as a springboard for an attack on the Russian Federation,’ Russian news agencies quoted Putin as saying. Some 2,600 Russian servicemen have died since last year's escalation of fighting in the North Caucasus region..."

Russian's internal problems with Chechnya may seem inconsequential to the Middle East situation, but it is not. Chechnya is located just north of the Caucasus mountains in the Russian republic of Georgia, biblically known as Magog. We know that God will draw Magog into this ill-fated invasion of Israel by putting "hooks in their jaw". It appears that the Chechnyian affair may prove to be one of those hooks. If Russia sends in a large number of troops into Chechnya, the Russian army would be in in strategic proximity to the countries with whom she will ally in the attempt to destroy Israel. To the west and southwest of Chechnya lie Turkey and Armenia, the House of Togarmah. To the south, en route to Israel, lie Iraq and Iran (Persia). Chechnya is also close to Russia's Black Sea naval facilities, which would be key to quick deployment to the south and to the west.

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to soften on its support for Israel risking an immediate Genesis 12:3 curse from God. In was reported on Thursday, November 23,2000, that the United States is imposing what officials term as massive pressure to prevent an Israeli retaliatory strikes against the Palestinian Authority in wake of the school bus attack. Senior Clinton administration officials were in contact with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak overnight Thursday and warned him against attacking PA and other Palestinian installations. They rejected Barak's assertion that the bombing in the Israeli city of Hadera was the work of the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad supported by the PA.

Officials said the White House and State Department also demanded that Israel end economic sanctions on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. They said such sanctions only increase the suffering of the Palestinian people. Instead, the administration has appealed to Barak to agree to a new U.S. effort to end the violence and return to peace negotiations. Officials said the administration has warned Barak that continued Israeli retaliation could plunge the Middle East into war.

The White House also rejected an Israeli demand that an international commission of enquiry suspend its work until the Arab-Israeli violence ends in the region. U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said Israel is not the only victim of the violence. Ms. Albright said Palestinians have also been killed in clashes with Israeli troops and appeared to cast equal blame on the two sides. The secretary rejected an Israeli assertion that four Palestinians killed in Gaza hours before Wednesday evening's bombing in Hadera were Fatah guerrillas.

The U.S., as predicted by Zechariah, is also starting to turn on Israel inviting the judgment of God.

It is also newsworthy that Cyprus warned Turkey on Tuesday that violations of its air space would not go without a response after six Turkish war planes flew over the divided island, though without crossing from the Turkish-held north. The stern warning came from Greek Cypriot President Glafcos Clerides, who said upgraded National Guard anti-aircraft radar was now capable of dealing with Turkish air intrusions.

On Sunday, November 19,2000 Turkey began to question the EU's sincerity on its membership prospects amid growing anxiety over what it sees as EU moves to attach strings to its accession and a wave of accusations that Turks committed genocide against Armenians under the Ottoman Empire. Ankara threatened to "revise" relations with the EU if its accession was tied to the solution of the Cyprus conflict and territorial disputes with Greece. Turkey has been Israel's allay, but has continued to move toward Muslim influence. If Turkey is distracted by a flare up with Cyprus, this may also afford Israel's enemies an opportunity to act.

Prophetic Analysis:

These news reports provide additional evidence of the positioning going on in the Middle-East as God sets the stage for the Ezekiel 38 invasion of Israel. I say God sets the stage because in Ezekiel 38:4 God tells us that it is He that …"will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armor, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords.''

It is God who is orchestrating this invasion as part of His plan to redeem the whole world. Through this invasion, He will execute judgment on the invading forces and countries.

Ezekiel 38:1-3 tells us that it is Russia who leads and and the supporting nations in this invasion. Ezekiel 38:5-6 tells us the other nations that participate: "Persia, Ethiopia (Cush), and Libya (Put) with them; all of them with shield and helmet: Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.''

God tells us the countries that will join the Russians in forming this massive invasion force. These nations are:
`Persia'' (mainly Iran and parts of northern Iraq and Afganistan); "Cush'' (Ethiopia and Sudan); "Put'' (Libya); "Gomer, and all his bands'' (Eastern Europe - Gomer was an immediate descendant of Noah who settled north of the Black Sea in modern day Russia. They later moved westward into what is today Eastern Germany in the area of Poland (Now part of the European Union); "The house of Togarmah of the north quarters and all his bands'' (Togarmah was the second son of Gomer; his descendants occupied northern and eastern Turkey. Many of these "bands'' occupied Southern Russia which used to be comprised of many small nations such as Armenia, and included some of the Tartar hordes who lived in Asia south of the Sea of Aral and toward the Caspian Sea. The Armenians still refer to themselves as the house of Togarmah).

It should be noted that none of the nations that join Russia are Arab --they are all Muslim. They do not share the same ethnology or the same geographic location, but they do have one thing in common: Islam and a fanatical hatred of Israel. Their goal is the total annihilation of Israel.


Ezekiel 38:7 "Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.''

Russia's allies have something else in common: she has armed them all.

Lybia, for starters, is studded with Russian bases positioned for attack on Israel. They are developing ballistic missiles and have in-flight refueling capability for their bombers. They are dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Ethiopia, formally a friend of the West, is now also populated with Soviet bases which are manned by Cubans, Russians, East German and North Korean troops and include 50,000 Russian advisors.

Hashimer Rafsanjani of Iran (formerly Persia) has announced his desire to unite the Muslim Islamic world. Iran is selling oil to Russia at a discount and, in exchange, has been allowed to spend over fourteen billion dollars in arms trade with Russia -- making Iran the premier military power among the radical Muslim nations. Besides the 115 planes Rafsanjani "inherited'' from Sadam Hussein during the Iraq war with the United States (UN), he has acquired the latest in Russian air power. These include state-of-the-art "Backfire bombers,'' MIG fighter planes, AWACs, etc. They are also purchasing artillery, tanks and Russian submarines.

According to Rafsenjani, Islam has replaced Marxism as the ideology of the future. He has formed an alliance with Syria and is trying to unite all the Moslems. He now believes that they have the resources, from oil revenues, and the nuclear capability to disconnect planet earth from its Christian/Judeo world order. Iran has funded 30 schools in the Sudan to train terrorists. The Massod, Israel's intelligence organization, says they are the best funded and organized schools of there kind in history. The radical Muslims also hate the United States, the "Great Satan", and they are training terrorists for operation in the USA.

Most disconcerting, is that Rafsanjani has hired hundreds of Russian nuclear scientists. These scientists worked for under $50 a month in Russia, but are now being paid over $5,000 a month by Rafsanjani. They are, therefore, highly motivated. Iran has also purchased at least four nuclear bombs on the Russian black market and has acquired hundreds of advanced Scud Missiles from Russia, North Korea, and China. These missiles not only put Israel at risk, but pose a risk for Europe as well. It is disconcerting to think what might have happened if the bomb placed under the World Trade Center by Iranian terrorists had been nuclear.

These nuclear bombs have a limited shelf life. Unless the uranium is periodically reprocessed, they become unstable and useless. Iran is in the position of using them or losing them. A sobering thought when one considers that Islam is fanatically dedicated to the utter and complete destruction of Israel (and of all infidels who do not embrace Islam -- including Christians).

Another major problem for Israel is that the Central Asian Republics (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyztan) are also Muslim and thus committed to Israel's destruction. They have nuclear weapons, ICBM's and have signed a military assistance pact with the Russian Federation. Because these republics contain over 60 million

Muslims, Russia fears Muslim fundamentalist agitation throughout former Soviet Central Asia, as well as the Russian federation itself. As a result, Russia has been cooperating with Iran. In his newsletter, Chuck Missler stated that "Russia needs Iran's restraint in Central Asia, and the price is supporting Tehran's more important ambitions elsewhere: the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, and, of course, Israel. We suspect that the Islamic commitments could well prove to be the `hooks in the jaw' that will draw Russia into the ill-fated `Magog invasion' of Israel.''

It is evident that Russia continues to build its strategic alliance with Iran AND TODAY'S NEWS IS JUST ADDITIONAL EVIDENCE THAT THIS IS CONTINUING.

This includes not only weapons, but nuclear power plant technology as well. Russia has supplied Iran with at least two nuclear power plants, is training nuclear technicians and is establishing a nuclear research facility. It is probable that Iran wants to obtain this technology to reprocess the enriched uranium in the nuclear bombs obtained from the Russian nuclear stockpile.

Furthermore (in addition to the Russian-Iranian Axis), Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan and Afghanistan have formed a strategic alliance with the twin goals of expulsing western influence in the Gulf and the destruction of Israel.

Things are heating up for Israel. She is surrounded by radical Muslim nations dedicated to her destruction. Russia is arming and preparing these troops exactly as the Bible predicted. And the peace process -- though fraught with problems, is continuing forward. When it eventually reaches conclusion, it may produce a false sense of security for Israel and may perhaps be the time that "Russia thinks an evil thought", and leads the radical Muslim nations in their ill-fated invasion of Israel. Or, perhaps, it is in the aftermath of the invasion that peace is achieved only to later usher in destruction as Israel cries out, Peace, Peace!

What Israel's enemies will not anticipate is God's intervention in the course of human history. The result is catastrophic for the invaders, but will change life for all mankind, as well. These events include nuclear weapons and an earthquake so large that it shakes the entire earth. But most important is that, during this time in history, God once again pours out His Spirit on the House of Israel, showing His greatness and holiness, and making Himself known in the sight of many nations. "Then they will know that I am the LORD". (Eze 38:23) God will "once again, in a little while, shake the heavens and the earth, and the sea and the dry land; and I will shake all nations, and the desired of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts." (Haggai 2:6-7) "And the desired of the nations shall come.''

``It is now the hour to awake from sleep, for our salvation is closer than when we first accepted the faith.'' (Rom 13:11)

God's righteous judgments are always redemptive. He does not desire that anyone perish, but that all come to repentance and everlasting life.

This invasion could now take place at almost any time. To prepare for it, stay close to the Lord by purifying your heart and thoughts through the daily washing of the Word. Be careful not to forsake the Holy One of Israel. Soon the culmination of all things shall begin.

Purify yourselves daily by the reading of the Word. Jesus is returning for a Holy and Spotless Church.

10/29/2K Russian Plans for WWIII - John Sherrill is a very sharp college student. John recognized that Jeff Nyquist is one top expert on Russian Military Strategy. John asked Jeff some very good questions regarding Russian Military Power. Here are John's Questions and Jeff's answers:

1. In general, what is the direction the Russian military has taken in the last ten years?
The old Soviet military districts continue to function, with ethnic Russian officers in Central Asia and Baltic Military district (in addition to others). There have been large demobilizations of the Army and Navy, but the number of ranking officers remains high. In other words, the Russians have retained the Soviet era mass mobilization system, so that they can reconstitute millions of troops in a short period of time. It takes 8-12 weeks to make a soldier, but 2 years to make a division commander. Furthermore, Russia has retained (in mothballs) 20,000 battlefield nuclear weapons, while the United States has destroyed all of its tactical nukes, except those controlled by the Air Force (these are really tactical nukes, as a leading U.S. general explained to me.
The Russians recently announced deep reductions in their nuclear forces, but quietly put those reductions on hold. Russia's conventional forces are being rapidly modernized, with new tank weapons, a rifle-fired grenade that has the power of a 155 mm howitzer (vacuum grenade) and a new attack helicopter.
The Russian strategic rocket forces remain the most modern strategic forces in the world. With the road mobile SS-27, Russia may have more units deployed that publicly given. Since Russia has built a huge tunnel nest at Yamantau Mountiain, ideal for hiding SS-27s and for secretly producing them in a deep underground factories (suspected by some U.S. intelligence analysts). Consequently, the arms control inspection regime re Russia has not been effective, and the Russians continue to deny inspector access to bases like the one at Yamantau Mountiain, making arms control and monitoring a joke.
Russia's military doctrine has been changed recently to reflect a nuclear first strike war fighting doctrine. The Russians are using the Chechen war to train and modernize their forces, rotating divisions in and out of the region. The size of the Russian army is definitely understated, and the quick mobilization capability is greater than that of the USA.
Russia has a weak economy, but Russian strategists believe that a future world war will be nuclear, and Russia has prepared an extensive ABM system, underground shelters for the population and specially sited factories with wartime stockpiles of raw materials and food. Russia's huge anti-missile defense system has been written about by former CIA and DIA analyst Bill Lee, in his book *The ABM Treaty Charade*. There is a huge gap between Western perceptions of Russia and the reality. How large the gap is, between Western misperception and Russian reality, is difficult to estimate.

2. Some say the Russian military is a rag tag army and point to the sinking of the Kursk as evidence of this. Do you agree?
No. The Kursk was a modern, highly sophisticated ship in excellent condition. The United States lost two attack submarines in the 1960s. This did not reflect the dilapidated state of the US Navy at the time. It is an error to make such a judgment regarding the tragedy of the Kursk.

3. Has the Russian military gained any advantages over the US in the last ten years?
Most analysts would disagree with this, but when you factor in Russia's strategic alliance with China, her modern nuclear potential, and her rapid mobilization and National ABM defense, the answer must be yes. If Russia is seriously cheating on the START I Treaty and others, as the evidence indicates, her first strike potential may have war-winning implications.

4. Has the declassification of sensitive material by the Commerce Department and financial aid to Russia from the US, World Bank, and the IMF contributed to the development of the Russian military (systems, installations, and
technology)? If so, how?
Yes. Money has often been diverted for this purpose. Russia's courageous journalist, Yevgenia Albats documented how money given by the USA for the disarmament of nuclear weapons was used to build a chemical weapons plant in violation of treaty obligations. There are many programs in place in which US taxpayer dollars are supporting the Russian military logistics.

5. Do you think Russia posses a threat to the security of NATO and the US in the future?
Russia is a great nuclear power. It poses a threat because its capabilities are not imaginary.

6. How has the fall of the USSR effected security of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction?
This is a complex issue, greatly misunderstood. While the Russians are lax about the nuclear fuel, the trigger mechanisms are carefully guarded. This is because the machine tools for making those triggers only exist a few places on the earth. Therefore, the Russians do not waste time guarding things that are inessential.

7. How has Russian military doctrine changed in the last decade?
They always had a nuclear war fighting world war doctrine. In the last year they have openly and proudly acknowledged this.

8. Do you believe Russia and its allies could defeat the US in a war right now?
A leading Russian defector, who was an expert in military plans and a sinologist who speaks fluent Chinese, assured me that Russia and China would probably win a world war if it began at this time. This may sound incredible to most people, but Colonel Stanislav Lunev was once a part of Russia's nuclear war plan against America. He knows about these preparations, though U.S. analysts haven't really bothered to listen to what he has to say.

9. If not, how soon could they?
Russia has been making odd moves, which appear to be war preparations. These might merely be on account of the crisis in Chechnya, but one cannot be too careful in this regard.

10. Does Russia intend to go to war with the US, or maintain a peaceful relationship, and head toward democracy and a free market system?
Russian officials and defectors have sometimes -- in the last two years -- been heard to say that the Kremlin and Russian General Staff believe war with the USA is inevitable. Chinese officials also hold this view, according to Steve Mosher, an expert on China's war preparations.

Barak seeks Clinton's OK for War
MIDDLE EAST NEWSLINE Friday, October 13, 2000
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is appealing to the United States for approval of a massive offensive against Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority.
So far, the United States has appealed to Barak for more time.
Israeli Cabinet ministers have urged Barak to launch massive attacks on Lebanon in retaliation for the Hizbullah capture of three Israeli soldiers, government sources said. Barak convened his ministers on Saturday night and later announced a Tuesday deadline for war.
"If we don't see a change in the violence over the next two days, we will direct the Israeli military and security forces to use all means stop the violence," Barak said. "A new situation has been created. This is a struggle for our very existence."
One thing is clear: The ten day old Israeli-Palestinian crisis was significantly broadened yesterday to include Lebanon, Syria and, through the Hizbullah militia, Iran. Now Muslims are entering an anti-Israel frenzy in nuclear-armed Pakistan and other non-Arab Muslim countries, and even in New York. Saddam has also said he is eager to jump in and join attempts to "liberate Al-Aksa mosque" on the Temple Mount, and Palestinians in Jordan have been rioting to demand that King Abdullah break his father's peace accord with Israel and join the growing conflict.
Barak is massing troops along the border this morning following the outrageous kidnapping on Saturday of three IDF soldiers--taken from INSIDE Israeli territory. This has angered everyone in Israel, including leftist peaceniks. As the Palestinians are doing every day, Hizbullah PROVOKED the shooting along the border fence that left two Palestinians dead, which was then used as a pretext for the Hizbullah attack. Hizbullah has been using buses (!!) to bring Lebanese-based Palestinians to the border to hurl rocks and firebombs at IDF soldiers. When two were killed during intense rioting, they used it as an excuse to attack IDF positions and kidnap soldiers. This reflects the current Palestinian method as well--shoot at IDF forces from inside crowds of usually young Palestinian "stone throwers," knowing that some of them will be wounded and a few killed in the response, then use their deaths and funerals to further inflame passions and ratchet up the violence.
The Israeli public, including Shimon Peres and other peace process sponsors, are finally reaching their limit. There was an Israeli civilian assault on a mosque in Tiberius last night--showing that many young Israelis are ready to fight as well (Muslims have recently been demanding that the mosque, closed in 1948, be reopened). Bullets are flying through many windows in the Jerusalem area every night. Such things are occurring all over the place. Roads are impassable due to such fire, along with frequent rock and fire bomb attacks. Yet Arafat has said not one word to try and halt the violence, although he did reign in his armed "police" force a bit after meeting with Madeleine Albright in Paris on Wednesday. Barak has given him until Monday night to either completely end the violence or face "severe consequences." Arafat responded harshly to Barak's ultimatum, and armed attacks escalated overnight upon the Jewish community in Hebron and elsewhere, prompting IDF helicopters to go into action for the first time there. Clashes occurred in many other places as well--far too many to detail.
The GJiGT has been saying for several years that the Oslo "Peace & Safety" insanity process would collapse over the issue of Jerusalem. Those who read their Bibles--have known this as well. The "Peace" process has established a well armed guerilla army within the boarders of Israel. It has been predicted many times in the PWNU that this "Jerusalem stumbling block" would be followed by a new Palestinian uprising--this time involving lots of gunfire. The situation now is far more dangerous than during the original uprising. Israel now is forced to respond with tanks and helicopter gunships (tanks were used for the first time) overnight to destroy Palestinian shooting positions in the Gaza.
Understand the television propaganda. Israeli actions are not "very unfair." It is much more than rock throwing going on. There is massive philistine gunfire from crowds and sniper position. The picture on TV is a wrong picture. It is not heavily armed Israelis "attacking stone-throwing" Palestinian children. This is exactly the impression Arafat wants to give the world. That is the picture of the prince of the power of the air and his beast government and religious system. Arafat is calling for "help" from other Arab states. The western media makes his lies seem believable. He is urging Muslims everywhere to support his "sacred struggle" to secure total control over the Temple Mount. Like Saddam, Arafat knows this is an extremely popular cause in the Islamic world.
Many Israeli men began receiving military call up orders yesterday. Tanks were deployed overnight in several Jerusalem suburbs. This is major crisis underscoring the next stop of WWIII is Jerusalem.

5/23/2K - WWIII - Clinton's plan to stay in the Whitehouse -
U.S. Agrees to Total Nuclear Weapons Ban - NewsMax.com - Sunday, May 21, 2000
The United States agreed, for the first time since the explosion of the first atomic weapon in 1945, to totally eliminate its nuclear arsenal.
The sweeping U.S. policy was made Saturday when the U.S. agreed with all other members of the U.N. Security Council to the worldwide elimination of nuclear weapons.
The agreement had the full backing of the Clinton administration and was endorsed by all five admitted nuclear powers - the United States, Russia, Britain, France and China.
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Robert Einhorn led the U.S. team during the final negotiations.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan, elated at the agreement, declared it "marks a significant step forward in humanity's pursuit of a more peaceful world - a world free of nuclear dangers, a world with strengthened global norms for nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament."
No date or schedule for the disarmament plans have been set. But the Clinton administration has committed the U.S. to the new agreement, a continuation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.
The new agreement signed Saturday demands the "unequivocal undertaking by the nuclear-weapon states to accomplish the total elimination of their nuclear arsenals leading to nuclear disarmament."
Other protocols will require the U.S. to:
- make full disclosure of the nation’s nuclear arsenal.
- begin lowering the "the operational status" of weapons.
- destroy nuclear warheads by first extracting plutonium and uranium from them.
- agree to another treaty prohibiting the making of fissile materials for weapons.
This latest agreement codifies Clinton administration policies that have sought to reduce and eliminate the U.S. nuclear stockpile.
During the past eight years almost the entire U.S. tactical nuclear stockpile - which was estimated at approximately 10,000 weapons - has been destroyed.
The administration has sought to greatly reduce the U.S. strategic nuclear stockpile, currently with 6,000 warheads, to a modest 1,500 warheads.
Such moves have met with some resistance from the Pentagon. Previous Clinton administration directives, according to some critics, have increased U.S. vulnerability to a Russian nuclear strike.
One Clinton directive changed the U.S. policy of "launch on warning" to one of "launch on destruction," meaning the U.S. can launch a retaliatory strike against Russia or China only if it confirms nuclear detonations on American soil.
Other Clinton administration proposals have called for welding shut the missile hatch doors on nuclear submarines and the removal of computer programs from land-based silos to locations 150 miles from the missile sites.

Indeed Clinton has take treason to an entirely new level. He has disconnected our retaliate on launch radars, dismantling and disabling our land based strategic nuclear arsenal. He has PUBLICLY stated that America will absorb a first strike before retaliating. He has expended all of our cruse missile inventory in Kosovo. He has taken the launch keys away from our nuclear sub commanders. You can find a lot on this subject in recent Prophecy Fulfillment World News Update articles on the GJiGT. We are a sitting duck, soon to be a very dead duck, guaranteeing the fulfilling Ez 38:10-12.

So what are the Executive Orders all about??? You could not find out about many of the most damaging ones if you wanted to. This fits well in to the last days prophetic unfolding of the events leading to the conclusion of the great tribulation and the glorious return of Jesus Christ. Remember that it is God who sets up kings and God who takes
them down.
The first thing that God would do when He was going to judge Israel is to give them a bad king. It seems clear that Bill Clinton is God's instrument to bring judgment upon America.
James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D., is an internationally recognized attorney. He is renowned as a speaker on constitutional, government and global issues. Dr. Hirsen is the author of the following two books, available through Newsmax.com's Booksite: The Coming Collision: Global Law vs. US Liberties, and a previous book on Executive Orders, Government by Decree:
From President to Dictator Through Executive Orders. Dr. Hirsen is duly admitted to the US Supreme Court and the US Court of International Trade. He is a professor at Trinity Law School in California.
The following article by Dr. Hirsen gives the story of Executive Orders as concisely as I have seen. I have only taken liberty to arrange the order of some of his Executive Order points. He is truly an expert on the subject.

Executive Orders and the Demise of Liberty - James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D. - November 12, 1999
It is not possible for a constitutional republic to maintain itself. A great and noble system of government requires perpetual vigilance on the part of its citizenry if it is to survive. Sadly, within our own precious land, a subtle but virulent type of distortion has been taking place. The assault has been slow but persistent. It has occurred beyond the grasp and view of many Americans. Most alarming, though, is that we now find ourselves in a situation where the rudimentary mechanisms of our republic, the actual underpinnings of our representative structure, are in danger.
At the superficial level, procedures appear to be routine in nature and government seems to be operating facilely. So by what means could so seemingly a solid and efficient system be threatened?
The instrument of destruction that hangs over us like the sword of Damocles goes by various titles, but most commonly it is referred to as the executive order.
When used as originally intended, an executive order is a written method of communication that enables a president to facilitate and effectuate necessary administrative functions. However, this tool has slowly been corrupted over time. It is now being used with the very intention of circumventing our system of representative government.
Most Americans would be shocked to find out that President Clinton, acting alone, has:
* Changed four decades of military policy, where previously a launch on warning was required if it were verified that an enemy missile was headed toward our mainland or our territories, to a launch on impact, where we are required to sustain a potentially devastating nuclear missile hit, with likely casualties, before we respond;
* Created secret laws that are unable to be seen, even upon written request, by the people, press, Congress, or even select intelligence committees of Congress;
* Implemented unratified international treaties, ignoring the constitutional requirement of the two-thirds approval vote by our duly elected representatives in the Senate;
* Placed the country in a state of emergency that allows the president, or others in his administration, to suspend the Bill of Rights and the Constitution at will.
* Secretly assigned our troops to the United Nations and placed them under foreign command;
* Taken legislation that was voted down by our elected representatives and, acting as a one-man Congress, signed it into law;
* Resurrected a law that had previously been terminated by Congress, so as to alter policy relating to the export of sensitive technology;
* Erased a crucial, foundational part of our Constitution, the Tenth Amendment;
* Enabled United Nations representatives in a given NGO to be immune from legal action for violations of law;
Every American citizen should find the above list of items extremely disconcerting. But equally distressing is the fact that the present administration plans to accelerate its approach further still.
And so, with an urgency that has rare parallels in our history, we must determine how to stop the ever-increasing, pernicious usurpation of power that has been occurring through Bill Clinton's abuse of the executive order process.
I do hope the above lets you see why the hope of the people to be raptured before the great tribulation is folly. Yeshua said in Matt 24:29-31 that IMMEDIATELY AFTER the tribulation of those days is when He sends forth His angels to gather His ELECT. In Matt 10:22 & 24:13 Yeshua tells us that He that shall endure unto the END the same shall be saved. Paul clearly tells us that the resurrection, the rapture, and the Lord's return is a single simultaneous event happening in the twinkling of an eye at the LAST TRUMP (1 Cor. 15:51-52)
The antichrist war on the saints is raging. It is coming soon to America.
Ezek 38:10 Thus saith the Lord GOD; It shall also come to pass, that at the SAME TIME shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought:
Ezek 38:11 And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of UNWALLED VILLAGES; I will go to THEM THAT ARE AT REST, THAT DWELL SAFELY, ALL OF THEM DWELLING WITHOUT WALLS, and having neither bars nor gates,
Ezek 38:12 TO TAKE A SPOIL, and TO TAKE A PREY; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and UPON THE PEOPLE THAT ARE GATHERED OUT OF THE NATIONS, which have gotten CATTLE and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land.
The many fine American Christian patriots need to understand that this thing is too far gone to be turned around. The only thing that makes sense is REPENT!!! America will soon be destroyed in just one hour. It is then that the world will know that it is in great tribulation.
I hope many of the saints on the GJiGT ListBot know that it is already great tribulation. The value of any warning of coming judgment is BEFORE the event. Some rules of Christian conduct change in a state of war. The sovereignty of God must never be anything other than priority Agenda #1.
Are you prepared for that great and notable day of the Lord?? Can salvation yet be found??? Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so. Are you redeemed? What causes you to say you are Redeemed? Do you KNOW Yeshua, or do you just know about Him? Are you prepared to stand before Almighty God. Death and heaven or hell could confront any and all of us today! Only be very strong and of good courage.

4/9/2K - WWIII - Clinton's plan to stay in the Whitehouse - Russia launches drive to upgrade its strategic nuclear weapons - SPECIAL TO WORLD TRIBUNE.COM Saturday, April 8, 2000

TEL AVIV -- Russia has changed its benign policy and is directing scarce funding toward improving its strategic nuclear weapons arsenal, a leading defense expert says.

Alexei Arbatov, deputy chairman of the Russian parliament's Defense Committee, said that after several years of neglect the Kremlin is focusing its energy on rebuilding and improving its strategic nuclear arsenal. He said this includes billions of dollars into research for new weaponry.

Arbatov said the trigger for the new Russian policy was the U.S.-led NATO offensive against Yugoslavia in 1999. He said Moscow now regards NATO as an opponent if not an enemy.

"Now, everything has changed," Arbatov told a Tel Aviv University conference. "After the war in the Balkans, there was no more talk of detargeting [the United States]. The Duma [Russian parliament] and the executive branch drafted a law for long-term allocations for the strategic forces."
Further complications that keep WWIII on its sure course are Russian Iraqui oil smuggling and US warship interdiction. Cohen is in the Persian Gulf now keeping that leg of the WWIII front stirred up for his commander-in- chief. Cohen, on Friday, told troops aboard an aircraft carrier they were helping to keep Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ``contained'' with air strikes.
US Navy warships have intercepted and detained a Russian tanker in the Gulf on suspicion of carrying smuggled oil from Iraq. Charles Moore, commander of the US Fifth Fleet, said US sailors had boarded the Akademik Pustovoyt and were awaiting the results of an analysis of oil aboard the ship. If it is confirmed that the tanker was smuggling oil from Iraq, the American military will divert it to port and seize its cargo. "At this point we have reasons to believe it is smuggling oil," said Vice Admiral Moore. The Russian Government has been notified of the boarding and has asked to send consular agents to the ship, which is being held at an anchorage in the southern Gulf. This is the 4th interception. The Russian tanker has been boarded four times in the past couple of months, but was not diverted to port "for a variety of reasons," Vice Admiral Moore said. Timing is important for world war.
RUSSIA moved closer last night to becoming the first country to be expelled from the Council of Europe when the body's parliamentary assembly voted to launch suspension proceedings against Moscow. The assembly called on member governments to start the process of suspending Russia without delay because of its conduct of the military campaign in Chechnya, provoking a furious reaction from the head of the Russian parliament. Gennady Seleznyev, speaker of the Duma, said: "We've had enough, we'll manage without you, you European lecturers."
The Russian delegation walked out after a separate vote to suspend Russia's voting and representation rights.

1/25/2k - Los Angeles Daily News - Ex-spy tells of Russian threat By Steve Carney, Staff Writer

His face hidden beneath a black hood, a former top Soviet spy testified Monday that Los Angeles is still a strategic target for Russia, and that he once scouted locations for weapons caches that Russian commandos could use in a "future war."

Stanislav Lunev, speaking at a meeting of the U.S. House Committee on Government Reform, said he doesn't know whether weapons or supplies were ever stashed at the locations he detailed to Moscow.

But he and others at the hearing held in downtown Los Angeles said a danger still exists from Russian spies and soldiers, as many leaders in Russia still see the United States as an evil empire, poised to finish off its former Cold War foe.

"Russia is not just an indirect threat. It still operates a pervasive intelligence community here in the U.S.," said Lunev, now living under an assumed identity in the federal Witness Protection Program. He added that the widening military and economic gulf between the United States and Russia is only increasing the paranoia of leaders in Moscow, who are still planning for possible conflict with the West.

"San Francisco and Los Angeles are strategically important targets for the future war," Lunev said.

And committee Chairman Dan Burton, R-Indiana, cited a KGB defector who said he had heard of weapons sites in California, Texas, Massachusetts and elsewhere.

"We believe there are hundreds of sites in the United States," Burton said, where agents could have left explosives and even suitcase-sized nuclear bombs, waiting for retrieval by Russian commandos.

But none of the committee members, the witnesses or the Russian sources they quoted could verify any weapons caches in the United States, nor did they have evidence that nuclear bombs or other weapons of mass destruction were ever kept there.

The defector did have specifics about arms and communications caches left in Belgium and Switzerland, however, and authorities found those where he said they were.

"It's a real stretch, it seems to me, that their doctrine calls for them (the caches) to be in NATO and the United States, and that we've found them in NATO," and then not believe that the caches are also in the United States, said one of Monday's witnesses, Peter Vincent Pry, an author and former CIA agent.

Literally the spy who came in from the cold, Lunev began his remarks Monday by thanking the committee for holding the hearing in balmy Los Angeles, rather than snowbound Washington, D.C. He walked in wearing loafers and dark olive slacks; a blue blazer covered his rounded frame, and a black cloth hood covered his head.

Lunev was a colonel in the GRU, the intelligence agency of the Soviet military, before he grew disillusioned and defected in 1992.

Posing as a correspondent for Tass, the Soviet news agency, Lunev worked out of the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C. Among other duties, he said he compiled dossiers on government leaders as possible assassination targets, and scouted locations for "dead drops," secret sites where agents could leave money, information or weapons.

Burton said the Clinton administration should make Moscow give an accounting of the sites' locations and contents, if they exist.

"If there are Russian arms caches hidden around the country with explosives and booby traps, this is a very dangerous situation," he said.

With the American economy booming, Lunev said the country should invest in more aid to Russia to ease economic turmoil there that could lead to a more nationalistic and hostile government.

"Now is a good time to think about American national security," he said. "A little bit later, it may be too late."

STRATFOR.COM's Global Intelligence Update - January 17, 2000
Summary: Russia's acting president, Vladimir Putin, last week reversed his country's vow never to use nuclear weapons first. The announcement sent shock waves around the world. And it should have. Russian nuclear warheads are not about to rain down on the United States but Putin is doing more than rattling sabers. A new Russian national security doctrine has emerged over the last few months and Putin's announcement is intended to round out that doctrine, affecting the war in Chechnya, and re-ordering relations both with Russia's neighbors and the United States. (c) 1999, Stratfor, Inc. http://www.stratfor.com/

Russian belligerence continues - Dec 20,1999 - J.R. Nyquist - 1999 WorldNetDaily.com

On Friday Russia celebrated the 40th anniversary of its Strategic Rocket Forces. These forces can lay waste to any country on Earth. And yet, smug Western experts say that Russia is no longer a superpower.

The idea that Russia is no longer a superpower comes, of course, from the Russians themselves. They have promoted this idea since 1991. So successful was their campaign of self-discovered weakness and incapacity, that even when Russia emerged at the end of the decade with sophisticated new weapons, the Western experts nevertheless continued to repeat the mantra that Russia is incapable and weak.

Western disbelief in Russian military power is now so exaggerated and bizarre, the Kremlin is forced to remind the West -- week after week -- that Russia is still a nuclear power. And Friday was no exception. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Rocket Forces, the Kremlin announced it had lowered the threshold for using nuclear weapons.

Col.-Gen. Vladimir Yakovlev, commander in chief of Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces, said that Russia's economic problems and threats from abroad had forced a dramatic turnabout in Russian military policy. "Russia," he said, "for objective reasons, is forced to lower the threshold for using nuclear weapons, extend the nuclear deterrent to smaller-scale conflicts and openly warn potential opponents about this."

Yakovlev's statement, and similar statements from Russia's leaders, are being carefully ignored in the West. Nuclear war is being hinted at, day by day, but these hints are not being presented to the American people as something serious.

No doubt there is an internal Russian political angle, which must be admitted. The leading political parties in Russia, including the Communist Party, are beginning to resemble each other -- especially in terms of anti-Western posturing. As the Russian people are led to hate the West, the political spectrum in Russia becomes ever narrower, ever more nationalist and Bolshevik in orientation.

Since the Kremlin has been harping on nuclear war Yeltsin's popularity has risen. This suggests a definite sickness in the Russian public. It has to be admitted, we are not talking about a normal country. If a politician in America or Western Europe began discussing nuclear war as a realistic option his popularity would collapse. If American generals publicly stated that the nuclear threshold had been lowered, there would be cries of outrage.

Saturday night Russian bombs continued to fall on Grozny. Jets and helicopters delivered 50 strikes. The West Europeans are now drawing up a list of sanctions to be imposed on Russia. The external affairs commissioner of the European Union, Chris Patten, says that Europe cannot carry out "business as usual" with Russia while Grozny is under bombardment.

How will Russia react to this?

The West has poured billions of dollars into Russia. It is possible that Russia has become addicted to Western money. Imagine if we threaten to cut the Russians off. Imagine what that would mean for them. We have given Russia food. We have helped Russia at every turn. In recent months we have even paid the interest on Russia's debt. And now it seems, as we threaten to withdraw our financial aid, they begin talking about lowering the nuclear threshold.

You want to talk about nuclear blackmail?

As I've said before, we don't know what will happen in the coming days and weeks. We do know that the danger of nuclear war is increasing. On Nov. 17 the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia and America might soon be on the verge of war. This has since been stated by Russia's leaders in a variety of ways.

Despite a multiplicity of danger signs, look at how lax we are. Look at how we shrug it off. As a nation we have lost all sense of danger. We are increasingly unable to deal with powerful enemies -- to the point of denying that our enemies have any power whatsoever.

By the time you read these words the outcome of the Russian elections will be known. Perhaps the Communists will not win a majority. But wait. Every major political party in Russia is making Soviet-style noises. Every major political party has merged with the Communist idea. Socialism did not die in Russia. Socialism split itself into multiple parties -- all controlled by the same old Communist gang.

America needs to wake up.

Surprise nuclear missile attack, J.R. Nyquist, 1999 WorldNetDaily.com

The greatest danger facing America is a possible nuclear attack from Russia. This danger is not something imaginary. Russian nuclear missiles can reach America in about 30 minutes, reducing America's cities to rubble. Unlike Russia, America has no anti-ballistic missile defenses and no national shelter system. Furthermore, political changes in Russia have not reduced the danger of nuclear war. According to former CIA analyst Peter Vincent Pry, there has been a five-fold increase in nuclear war scares since the collapse of Communism.

What accounts for the increased danger?

We have to look at Russia with an eye to previous defector warnings about Kremlin strategy. Americans need to reconsider the importance of KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union several years before it happened. Golitsyn's 1984 book, "New Lies for Old," alleged that the coming Soviet collapse would be orchestrated by the KGB in order to disarm the West. Gen. Jan Sejna, a high ranking Czech defector, made a similar claim in his 1982 book, "We Will Bury You." In 1967 Sejna learned of a plan to fake the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. This plan hoped to advance the arms control process, encourage Western disarmament, and alter the balance of power in Russia's favor.

Golitsyn and Sejna -- two significant defectors from the Communist bloc -- both described a long range Soviet plan. Both of them said this plan involved a grand deception, unprecedented in scope. Western policy-makers did not believe Golitsyn or Sejna's statements. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, for example, refused to consider the possibility of a Soviet plan. "One of the basic problems with the West," explained Sejna, "is its frequent failure to recognize the existence of any Soviet 'grand design' at all. Those rejecting this concept unwittingly serve Soviet efforts...."

To understand why the danger of nuclear war is increasing, we need to remember what Golitsyn and Sejna said about the final moves envisioned by Soviet deception planners. In 1984 Golitsyn predicted a future Russian military alliance with China. This alliance would be formed towards the end of the "final phase" of the long range strategy, when Russia would turn the tables on America and emerge with renewed strength. Golitsyn's 1984 book suggested that the end of the "final phase" would roughly correspond with the year 1999. A quick review of recent events shows the accuracy of this astonishing prediction. Consider Golitsyn's overall description of the future: First, the West disarms after Communism's "collapse"; then, Russia forms a military partnership with China while both countries increase their military power.

Accurate predictions need to be credited. If Golitsyn's allegations about a Soviet long-range deception are true, then Gorbachev and Yeltsin were never our friends. In that context, an increase in war scares may not be entirely accidental -- but intentional. In fact, every time Russia prepares its nuclear forces for launch, or sends its ballistic missile submarines to sea, America's reaction is studied by Russian specialists. Is there a weakness in U.S. early warning systems? Can these systems be bypassed or fooled? How quickly can America get her submarines to sea and her bombers into the air?

One can almost hear Russia's top generals saying, "Let us test the Americans."

It should be noted that the Norwegian rocket launch of January 1995, which momentarily triggered panic among the Russian generals, was definitely not such a "test." This case is interesting because of its psychological implications. Russia's generals feared that a harmless science rocket was part of an EMP precursor attack on their communications infrastructure -- a standard opening move in a nuclear war. Given America's generosity toward Russia, and the good relations that existed at the time, the generals' had no reason to fear a NATO attack. It might be argued, however, that their momentary panic suggests a bad conscience. In other words, no one is more paranoid of being robbed than a thief. And nobody is more frightened of a surprise nuclear attack than those who are plotting one themselves.

Totalitarian mentalities are always projecting their own evil intentions onto others. For example, Stalin plotted against his colleagues, accusing them of plotting against him. In nearly all cases Stalin's victims were innocent and Stalin was guilty. The same technique was used by Chairman Mao. When the Chinese tyrant wanted to destroy someone, he would begin with false accusations. In most cases Mao's accusations against others could justly be turned against Mao.

Armed with this psychological insight into the totalitarian mind, we need to take a fresh look at the statements of Russian strategists and military planners. According to "Soviet Military Strategy," a classic text used in the education of Russia's current crop of generals, America "plans to initiate a new world war by a surprise nuclear attack. ..." "It must be realized," explains the Russian text, "that (America's) preparation for such a blow has gone too far, that too great financial and material resources have been expended (to permit a reversal of policy). Moreover, it must be remembered that adventurism and recklessness have always been characteristic of imperialism." According to this same text: "The (American) imperialists are preparing an offensive against our country, a war of total destruction and mass annihilation of the population with nuclear weapons."

When Russian military texts say that America is planning to launch a surprise nuclear attack, it is time to consider what the Russian generals are up to themselves. In fact, Russian military literature takes great pains to justify a surprise nuclear attack on America. Since the Americans are planning an attack on Russia, and the best defense is to strike first, then Russia must prepare a surprise attack against America. According to Col. A. Sidorenko, Doctor of Military Science at the Frunze Military Academy, "Preemption in launching a nuclear strike is considered to be the decisive condition for the attainment of superiority ... and the seizure and retention of the initiative."

Last Friday a meeting took place between Russia's top generals. It was the last day of a three-day conference. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who attended this meeting, emerged from the occasion with warlike resolve. He spoke of building up Russia's military. "I very much hope," he said, "that concrete decisions ... will allow us to mobilize all available resources to make our armed forces more powerful and effective."

Why the big military build-up?

Russia's military leaders now believe -- or pretend to believe -- that Russia is in grave danger. And what is the grave danger at hand? Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev gave a speech last Friday. In that speech he accused America of attempting to "weaken Russia and squeeze it out of the Caspian region. ..."

Most of Russia's oil is located in the Caspian region.

Sergeyev's anti-American vitriol was unmistakable. He said that the North Caucasus military conflict was "fanned from the outside" and U.S. national interests required this. He said that America was purposely destabilizing the global situation by following a plan based "on the use of force, disregard for universally recognized international legal norms, dictatorship and arbitrariness."

With this idea in mind, the General Staff wants to dispatch strategic bombers to Cuba and Vietnam. Meanwhile, the commander of the Russian Air Force, Gen. Anatoly Kornukov, lamented Russia's weakness in air power: "The geopolitical state of the Russian Air Force is depressing," he lied. Kornukov said the air force budget should be increased. He warned that a powerful NATO military force is approaching the Russian border.

"When aggression cannot be stopped by conventional weapons, when it poses a threat to the very existence of Russia and its people, then Russia has the right to use all its potential in defense of its sovereignty, including its nuclear potential," said Col.-Gen. Valery Manilov, deputy chief of the Russian General Staff.

Manilov made this statement on Russian television three days ago.

America is being accused of plotting Russia's downfall. The terror bombings in Moscow and other cities, which have claimed 300 innocent lives, are being indirectly laid at our door. These accusations, of course, are vintage Communist propaganda. As noted above, totalitarian accusations involve subtle reversals; in truth, they are unwitting psychological confessions. America is not following a plan based on "dictatorship and arbitrariness." It is Russia that follows such a plan -- which involves the deception and disarmament of the United States. If the complete and total disarmament of America cannot be achieved, then America will be smashed by nuclear missiles.

"Nuclear strikes by strategic missiles will be of decisive, primary importance to the outcome of a modern war," says the text of Soviet Military Strategy. "Massive nuclear blows on the enemy's strategic nuclear weapons, economy, and system of governmental control, and the concurrent defeat of his armed forces in military theaters will permit attainment of the political aims of war much more rapidly than in previous wars."

The logic of the situation -- psychologically and militarily -- should be obvious.

In Chapter 7 of "Soviet Military Strategy," the classic text quoted above, "victory in (nuclear) war is quite unthinkable without thorough and timely preparation of the country and the armed forces."

In this type of war, preparation is 90 percent of the game. The leaders of a successful nuclear offensive must plan for the survival of their own people. They must lay the groundwork for post-war economic recovery. Without such preparations the war becomes an exercise in suicide. Therefore, if Russia's leaders have decided on war, their preparations must give them away.

As it happens, the Russian generals are taught that war preparations follow three main lines:

1) preparation of the armed forces,

2) preparation of the national economy and

3) preparation of the population.

In terms of preparing the armed forces for nuclear war, the Russian generals are taught that surprise is essential. They are also taught that large forces must be mobilized beforehand. But how can force mobilizations take place without giving away the game? That may seem like an insurmountable problem, but it isn't.

In 1968 the Soviet General Staff established the Chief Directorate of Strategic Camouflage (Glavnoe Upravleniye Strategicheskoy Maskirovka). It should be added that the Russian term for "camouflage" (maskirovka) also translates as "diversion" and "deception" as well. The Chief Directorate of Strategic Camouflage is tasked with guiding the enemy toward erroneous conclusions by the use of authentic information. In other words, the Russian strategists do not deny the reality of a mobilization. They merely paint it in harmless colors.

For example, the Americans see Russia mobilizing forces in 1999 (authentic information), but American analysts are nonetheless tricked into concluding that the mobilization is to deal with a terrorist threat in the North Caucasus (erroneous conclusion). They will not notice that a deployment exceeding 100,000 troops is out of proportion to the 5,000 lightly armed guerrillas that are led by one of the GRU's own agents (in this case, Shamil Basayev). As the operation proceeds, the Chief Directorate of Strategic Camouflage will continue to generate diversions and feints.

If belief in the authenticity of the Russian crisis wears thin, a second tier of strategic camouflage and misdirection stands at the ready -- like rumors of a Yeltsin dictatorship accomplished by a bogus state of emergency, or the latest manipulations of Moscow's fake capitalist oligarchs, or the elevation of Boris' newest KGB pet. Many confusing questions arise. Are the generals taking over? Is somebody exploiting all this to gain votes in upcoming parliamentary elections?

American analysts, lost under the big tent of Boris' three-ring circus, aren't likely to break free of the clowns, the bears and other performing animals. Distracted and diverted by a torrent of trivia, American observers always fail to boil Russia's mess down to the inconsistencies which rise on every side, blocking out all light and truth. Consequently, they never ask why the general who lost the Maikop Brigade in the first Chechen war should be promoted to chief of the General Staff. They never ask how 1.5 million Chechens could possibly defeat 147 million Russians in a military conflict. Once you fall for the first lie in a series, the next lie becomes easier to swallow. Continue swallowing lies and after a while you aren't a human being any more -- you're a joke.

"Men are so simple, and so much creatures of circumstance," wrote Machiavelli in The Prince, "that the deceiver will always find someone ready to be deceived." The inconsistencies of a strategic maskirovka operation will never be noticed by people whose reality is encompassed by the Washington Beltway.

Maskirovka is a technique which utilizes real military movements -- even defeats -- to disguise the true intentions of the Russian General Staff. That is how you accomplish a mobilization in plain sight without alarming the enemy's high command.

Having explained the technique of deceptive mobilization, it is now time to list ten indicators of Russian military preparations for nuclear war:

1.Significant troop mobilizations in response to a fabricated crisis;

2.An increase in missile tests, to assure the readiness and accuracy of the Strategic Rocket Forces;

3.An increase in prohibited underground nuclear tests;

4.An increase in war exercises of all service branches;

5.Significant troop mobilizations in satellite or allied countries, especially China, North Korea, Iraq or Serbia;

6.Any attempt to create a unified nuclear command;

7.Efforts to extend the range of fighter-bomber formations by upgrading them with extra fuel tanks and in-flight refueling capability;

8.An increase in high-level meetings between government and military leaders;

9.Misleading official statements about the military readiness of the armed forces;

10.The sudden distribution of a new generation of conventional weapons to the armed forces.

Item 2 -- underground nuclear tests in Russia -- is not proven, but is strongly suspected by some intelligence experts. As for item 4, China is mobilizing its armed forces, North Korea has been mobilizing since last December, Iraq slightly increased its force levels during the winter, and Serbia has been building its troop strengths since June. Item 6 -- the creation of a unified Russian nuclear command -- was reported last January but was supposedly dropped. (The importance of this item has to do with advantages related to unity of command in coordinating a surprise attack.) Every other indicator in the above list has been reported and verified by the Russian or Western press.

Next, we should look at the question of Russian Economic preparations for nuclear war. Any close examination of Russian industry will reveal it is oriented toward war preparedness more than it is oriented toward profit or productivity. According to the text of Soviet Military Strategy, Russia's leaders want "the capability ... to wage war over a protracted period; the ability to 'stand up' under massive nuclear assault by the enemy, with minimum losses; and the maintenance of a high level of morale and will-to-win among the population." These officially mandated capabilities require a different type of industry than that possessed by Western countries engaged in commercial competition. Consequently, Russia has a very unusual industrial system. Its deformations baffle Western economists. But there is nothing baffling about a country that bases itself on war instead of commerce.

The normal prewar pattern acknowledged by Russian military theorists holds that "the volume of military production sharply increases with the start of military operations." It should also be noted that increased troop training and mobilization also consumes resources. Filling out military formations and distributing new weapons requires large expenditures of fuel, along with nonferrous and rare metals needed to produce the new weapons. Therefore, the ten key economic indicators of Russian war preparations are:

1.The unusual stockpiling of nonferrous and rare metals;

2.Significant cutbacks in petroleum exports for increased military consumption and/or stockpiling;

3.Large government purchases of gold;

4.A large increase in food imports (above normal domestic consumption);

5.Large imports of agricultural machinery;

6.The creation of hardened underground sites for the relocation of war factories;

7.The sudden closing of heavy industrial plants or key scientific centers involved in aerospace research;

8.An increase in shipping assets operating along the Volga and Caspian waterways;

9.A sharp increase in rail traffic in the Ural Mountains and Far East regions;

10.A sudden rise in domestic energy consumption.

Except for item 8, all of the above listed indicators have been reported in the Russian or Western press.

The third "main line" of war preparation described in Russian military writings is the preparation of the population. This consists of four elements which are listed in Russian military texts:

1.Warning the population in advance of attack;

2.Evacuating areas which lack blast or fallout shelters;

3.Construction of emergency shelters;

4.Proper instruction of the population on protective measures against weapons of mass destruction.

More important however, is the psychological preparation of the population. According to Soviet Military Strategy, "The political preparation of the morale of the people is of decisive importance ... since the use of weapons of mass destruction in war imposes exceptionally high and unprecedented demands on the political morale of the population."

First and foremost, the population must be taught "love of the Motherland." The architects of war must motivate the people to bear all the hardships of war in the name of victory. To accomplish this, the Russian leadership must clearly expose America as a vicious and warmongering country. America's preparations for surprise nuclear attack on Russia must be exposed. To quote again from the text of Soviet Military Strategy, "Hatred of the enemy should arouse the desire to destroy the armed forces and military-industrial potential of the aggressor and achieve complete victory in a just war."

From these excerpts it is obvious what the Kremlin must do in order to psychologically prepare the Russian public for nuclear war:

1.Convince the Russian people that America is out to destroy them;

2.Show that Western capitalists have been looting the Russian economy;

3.Say that the United States has designs on Russia's neighbors, or on Russian resources;

4.Say that the United States is preparing to build new weapons -- in violation of treaty obligations -- that will make

5.America invincible to attack;

6.Suggest that corrupt Russian officials and capitalist "oligarchs" are agents of the CIA;

7.Work behind the scenes to provoke a regional crisis that makes the United States appear in the role of aggressor;

8.Repeatedly expose the public to official statements that nuclear war is close at hand;

9.Increase the number of civil defense drills;

10.Require the population to organize itself into voluntary civil defense units;

11.Initiate a new program of education on methods of defense from nuclear weapons and fallout radiation.

All of the above indicators have been reported in open press reports except for item 10. The closest thing to 10 involved a special Kremlin meeting chaired last summer by former Prime Minister Stepashin. This meeting focused on civil defense and the creation of an improved program for the people. Russia's leaders reportedly agreed that protecting the Russian people from nuclear attack was the government's number one priority. Detailed reports about specific policy changes or programs were not given.

In the event a nuclear war is only hours away, further danger signals will be evident. If any three of the following indicators appear, then nuclear attack is probably imminent.

1.A rash of high level assassinations within the United States and other Western countries;

2.A sudden outbreak of an unknown and virulent disease which quickly kills or debilitates thousands of people in a matter of hours;

3.Unexplained underwater nuclear explosions in the North Atlantic, Norwegian Sea, North Pacific or Arctic;

4.Reports or rumors of an attempted military coup against the president of the United States;

5.A collapse of the power grid throughout most of North America;

6.Failure of the phone system in the United States and Canada;

7.Motor vehicles with computerized ignition systems failing to start up;

8.Widespread terrorism, mayhem in the cities, rioting, looting, fires and general unrest caused by "unknown forces" (regardless of who is blamed);

9.The Russian population is moved into fallout and blast shelters; and

10.Russia evacuates many small towns and rural districts.

In this coming Thursday's column I will discuss recent reports from Russia on the stockpiling of strategic metals, food and fuel. I will go into greater detail about some of the indicators listed above. China's war preparations will also be touched upon.

J.R. Nyquist is a WorldNetDaily contributing editor and author of 'Origins of the Fourth World War.'

Red alert in Russia - 12/16/99 - J.R. Nyquist - 1999 WorldNetDaily.com

On Tuesday Will Stewart of The Express Newspapers reported that President Boris Yeltsin put Russia's "most powerful missiles on full alert." Why was this done? Yeltsin is supposedly furious at the West.

After the alert was declared Monday night Yeltsin's wife, Naina, made a public statement. She said that her husband had "never been in such a bad state as he is now," after recovering from an illness. Of course, President Yeltsin's health is not good, and some Russian pundits are questioning his fitness for office. But the problem isn't with Yeltsin.

On Tuesday Prime Minister Vladimir Putin lashed out at the West. Putin spoke as if Russia had received an ultimatum from the United States. Previously President Yeltsin, speaking in Beijing, suggested that the United States had attempted to dictate policy to Russia with regard to the war in Chechnya. "It is us who will dictate," declared the Russian president.

Reinforcing the idea that the West had delivered an ultimatum, Prime Minister Putin said on Tuesday that the West had employed "the language of force" against Russia. "We won't stand for it," said Putin, "and we will use all the levers at our disposal -- diplomatic and military-political."

Putin made this statement to reporters at Russia's Plesetsk missile base in the Arctic, just after the launch of a Topol-M missile. "Russia has everything to guarantee its security," Putin declared. "The diplomatic levers are clear and, as for military ones, today's successful launch of the Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile is one of them."

In terms of timing, Putin's statement was well prepared in advance. Russia has no intention of unleashing nuclear war in mid-December. In this instance the objective is to influence the outcome of Russia's elections which are coming this weekend.

In various Russian cities posters with Communist themes have appeared. In some of these posters, workers are shown battling with the "bourgeoisie." Stalin's portrait has even appeared on occasion. Vladimir Ryzhkov, the chief of the Our Home Is Russia faction in the Duma, blasted the United States on Monday. Ryzkhov offered support for Yeltsin's Beijing statement, saying that the Russian president had raised an "an absolutely legitimate question" by opposing U.S. global domination.

Ryzhkov said that "very serious consequences" would follow if the West used the Chechen war as a pretext for imposing economic sanctions. Ryzhkov further added that the Kremlin and the State Duma had "synchronized their watches."

On Wednesday a number of public opinion polls were published in Russia. According to these polls the Communists could win up to 29 percent of the popular vote. Nobody can be sure of exact numbers, but the Communists are running ahead of all other political parties. The Unity bloc is polling between 12 and 20 percent of the electorate, and the Fatherland-All Russia movement is polling between 9 and 16 percent.

The explanation for the Communist surge is simple. Patriotic fervor has been unleashed by the Kremlin's war rhetoric. Last spring's NATO's bombing in Kosovo, combined with the Islamic terrorist strikes on Russia's cities later in the year and a renewed war in Chechnya, reinforces Communist claims about the wickedness of the United States and the need for a strengthened Russia. You put all these elements together, and Russians are beginning to feel a nostalgic longing for the Soviet Union. In fact, many Russians want a strong tough-talking leader.

Michael McFaul of the Carnegie Endowment was correct when he said the Kremlin wanted "to make sure that the Communists did well." McFaul also noted that a strong Communist showing will also propel Mr. Putin into the presidency next year.

But why would Boris Yeltsin want to strengthen the Communists and put a KGB general into the presidency? Most Americans believe that Boris Yeltsin is an anti-Communist -- that Boris Yeltsin knocked over the Soviet Union.

Let us not be so naive.

The main objective of Russia's secret political structures, ever since Christmas 1991, has been to bring Communism back on a popular basis. According to KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, the collapse of neo-Stalinism in Russia was a maneuver to disarm the West and reestablish Marxism on a firmer footing than before.

In 1944 the legendary Soviet filmmaker, Sergei Eisenstein, directed a two-part epic on the life of Ivan the Terrible. (If you get a chance, rent this film -- it's on video.) In the first film, Eisenstein shows Russia broken up into small feudal principalities ruled by the Boyars. Young Ivan wants to unite the Russian land to make it strong against external enemies. Being bold and fearless, Ivan uses force and cunning to defeat the Boyar princes. But this backfires and results in a crushing personal loss. Ivan isn't strong enough to defeat the Boyars alone.

At the end of the first film, Czar Ivan leaves Moscow. He gives up power to live a life of prayer and repentance. The Russian people do not appreciate him. The Boyars are too strong. But in the meanwhile Ivan's secret agents, the dreaded "oprichniki," sow the seeds of discontent throughout the country. The plan, says Ivan, is to show the Russians how bad things can get. Let them see the country collapse. Let the people beg for the Czar's return. Then Ivan will be anointed a second time -- with the full approval of the Russian masses.

At the beginning of the second film, Eisenstein shows a huge crowd of Russians coming to beg Ivan back to the throne. Russia cries out to be saved, so Ivan is anointed a second time. His power is greater because the people are behind him. Now he can confront the Boyars and unite Russia.

One can see the same storyline today. In the present instance Ivan's role has been taken by the Communist Party. If we go back to 1991 we find the Communists abdicating, the empire broken up. Meanwhile, the KGB is sowing discontent throughout the country. KGB agents in every sector are working day and night to ensure the failure of capitalism and democracy. Finally, the Russian people ask the Communists and their nationalist flunkies back into power. The Duma becomes heavily dominated by the Communists -- even more than previously -- while a KGB general promises to become the next president of Russia.

If the Kremlin is to complete its maneuver of turning the tables on America, the home front must be guaranteed. The people must be united and well organized. Morale must be raised. Communism must be restored under a nationalist banner. If sacrifices are called for, citizens must understand the reasons. And these are being explained, day by day.

It is no accident that Yeltsin and Putin are acting as though Russia were gravely threatened. We are approaching the Russian Duma elections. The Kremlin's strategy will win votes for the Communists at the upcoming elections. What we are seeing is a technique for consolidating political power. It is extreme, it is even dangerous. But it isn't nuclear war -- not yet.

The new Russian robotics teams, slated to clear the rubble from bombed Russian cities after a war, have not completed their course at the Russian Civil Defense Academy. Russia's large anti-submarine warfare ships have yet to join the Russian fleet. We are going to see many maneuvers in the coming weeks. The Kremlin has many options. To list but a few -- terrorism, cyber terrorism, regional conflicts, fifth column sabotage, economic warfare, renewed peace offensives to compel our disarmament -- and world war.

We do not know in what order the Russian strategists will play their cards. We only know that they are playing for big stakes.

The World Reacts to Yeltsin's Beijing Statement - December 13, 1999 - J.R, Nyquist - 1999 WorldNetDaily.com

Russian President Boris Yeltsin, speaking in Beijing on Thursday, reminded President Bill Clinton that Russia has a large nuclear arsenal. This simple fact, of course, should never be mentioned publicly. Yeltsin's obvious breach of etiquette, therefore, sent shock waves through the West. Typical of the American reaction, the Dow Jones Newswires carried a column by Jim Murphy that began by quoting lines from the "Solipsist's Love Song." Murphy then admitted that he wanted to talk about "the sodden, perhaps evil, and increasingly demented president of Russia." But Murphy couldn't write about Yeltsin "because it's too depressing."

Like most Americans, Murphy doesn't have a bomb shelter.

President Clinton, on the other hand, reacted by saying that Yeltsin's statement should not be taken seriously. This made everything better, of course, because we can go on pretending that Russia isn't a threat. However, Clinton did take offense at being accused of a memory lapse. Therefore, regarding the existence of Russia's nuclear arsenal, Clinton said, "I haven't forgotten that."

Clinton, of course, has a bomb shelter.

In Russia the reaction was different. As tens of thousands of Chechens were fleeing for their lives, as the Russian army openly threatened to blow Grozny off the map, Russian television took special pleasure in replaying Yeltsin's Beijing remarks. Nezavisimaya Gazeta said it was a pity Yeltsin had to remind the Americans of Russia's missiles. Reaching back with nostalgia, Izvestya reproduced the words of Nikita Khrushchev, who said, "We will show you what's what!"

Poor Khrushchev. Like Yeltsin, he was a heavy drinker. Like Yeltsin he made some scary comments, for example: "We will bury you!" And also: "Your grandchildren will live under Communism!" Notice he didn't say "your children" will live under Communism.)

People thought Khrushchev was a clown. The party took his decoder ring away in 1964, so people quickly forgot what he had promised. And that is for the best -- if you're a KGB general. Whatever the concerns expressed in New York and Washington at this latest Khrushchevian outburst, the Russian media knows not to worry. The Americans don't expect it to start raining nuclear missiles, said one pundit. After all, the Chief of the General Staff, the Deputy Chief of the General Staff, the head of the Air Force, and the Defense Minister have been making anti-American statements since Nov. 17 and hardly anybody outside Russia even noticed. President Yeltsin merely stated that Russia has nuclear weapons. If people in New York got upset there is no problem. They will take a pill and feel better in the morning.

There was some criticism of Yeltsin, of course. MTV mocked the Russian president for blundering. Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze, who once served as Soviet foreign minister, said the exchange between Yeltsin and Clinton left him "perplexed." After careful consideration, Shevardnadze said that Yeltsin was not serious. The world, he explained, has abandoned the idea of nuclear war. In fact, Shevardnadze predicted that "everything will remain at a level of threats, since the world understood back in the 1980s there will be no winner in a nuclear war."

Yeah, better not to worry. After all, Yeltsin is hinting about a nuclear war. And everybody knows that's not serious.

Former Prime Minister Yevgenny Primakov was openly critical of Yeltsin. He said that a person should never talk about nuclear weapons unless he is about to unleash them.

The subtlety of Russian politicians goes very deep indeed.

Primakov, of course, is a former head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). In other words, he's a KGB general with KGB instincts. He knows that we know. He even knows that we know that he knows that we know. So it's very simple, as anyone can see.

Perhaps there is an invisible threshold. Perhaps you can talk about using nuclear weapons up to a point. Perhaps you can talk and nobody will take you seriously. But maybe you go too far and the sleeping dragon opens one of its eyes. So you get Shevardnadze to pull the eye

Hey, are you asleep? Here's a pill.

So it is possible to talk about nuclear weapons before you unleash them. And why not? The most popular business newspaper in St. Petersburg, Delovoj Petersburg, ran a story on Nov. 17 entitled, "Russian Authorities Make Threats." According to the story, a Russian foreign ministry spokesman said that Russia and the U.S. may soon find themselves on the verge of war.

Nobody in the West picked it up. Nobody got scared.

According to Russian Defense Minister Sergeyev the West is conspiring to deprive Russia of her Caspian oil fields. Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said the patrons of the Chechen terrorists could be found "in NATO." The head of Russia's Air Force, Gen. Anatoly Kornukov, joined the chorus when he accused NATO of "advancing on Russia's borders." Gen. Valery Manilov, deputy chief of the Russian General Staff, told Russian TV viewers that nuclear weapons should be used if Russia's survival is threatened.

Last week the second regiment of Topol-M intercontinental missiles was added to Russia's Tatishchevo division. The Topol-M is a road mobile long-range missile that is designed to hit the United States. According to Col.-Gen. Vladimir Yakovlev, commander of Russia's Strategic Rocket Forces, the Topol-M is 50-100 percent superior to previous missiles in readiness, and 150-200 percent superior in strike efficiency. The United States has no comparable weapon.

And here we sit on the great merry-go-round. The Russians are smiling at us, they are growling at us, they are shaking our hand, they are shaking their fist, they are begging our indulgence, they are spitting in our face, and around and around we go -- and where we stop, nobody knows.

President Clinton says we should not take it seriously. Eduard Shevardnadze says that nobody could win a nuclear war. Yevgenny Primakov says you should only talk about nuclear weapons before you launch them. The Russian press doesn't think the Americans are really worried.

Are you getting the picture? Is this coming into focus for you?

In the text of Soviet Military Strategy, it explains, "One of the important tenets in Soviet military doctrine is that a world war ... will inevitably assume the character of a nuclear war with missiles, i.e., a war in which the nuclear weapon will be the chief instrument of destruction, and missiles the basic vehicle for their delivery to the target."

Of course everyone knows there won't be a world war. Decades will turn into centuries, and centuries will turn into millennia, and millennia will turn into layers of rock that will yield fossils. No war will ever break out.

Take this with a glass of water and go to bed. You will sleep soundly until a bright flash and a loud noise wakes you.

The visions of Henry Gruver... (If you don't have these 2 cassette 90 minute tapes it is urgent that you call, e-mail, or write, Brother R.G. Stair, Henry Gruver, Dan Catlin, or San Antonio Forum, and get them NOW ! Share them with your family, friends and loved ones) A short excerpt may be found by CLICK HERE.
"War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in thirty or forty years. To win, we shall need the element of surprise. The Western world will need to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There shall be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate to their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall smash them with our clenched fist." - Dmitrii Z. Manuilskii (Lenin School of Political Warfare, Moscow, 1931)
"Comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal change within the Soviet Union other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep. We want to accomplish three things: One we want the Americans to withdraw conventional forces from Europe. Two, we want them to withdraw nuclear forces from Europe. Three we want the Americans to stop proceeding with Strategic Defense Initiative." - Mikhail Gorbachev Nov. 1987 address to the Soviet Politburo
"There is profound error and harm in the disoriented claims of bourgeois ideologues that there will be no victor in a thermonuclear war." - A.S. Milovidov, Russian Military Theorist

The Russian Invasion of America I hope you are aware of the visions given to Henry Gruver.

Part of Henry Gruver's Visions - You may contact Henry Gruver at 601 Walker, Woodbine, IA, 51579. Review all of Henry's Visions NOW. If you don't have them you could also call or write Brother RG Stair's Overcomer Ministry for those most important and timely tapes.

"I was in Wales, on December 14, 1986. I went up on top of the Eagle tower in the Caernarvon Castle. I was overlooking the Irish Sea toward the North Sea. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the tip of Scotland, Greenland, Iceland are in that area.
All of a sudden I was up above the earth looking down upon the earth like a globe. As I looked down on the earth, I saw a massive amount of all kinds of ships and airplanes. They were coming from up above Norway, out of this inlet. They headed down between the United States and Europe. They literally covered the whole Atlantic.
Then I wanted to see what was happening to the United States. I looked over and
I saw coming out of the United States these radio communication towers. I saw the jagged lines like they draw to show that communications are coming out. Suddenly, as I was looking down on them, they began to sprinkle down on the earth like dust.
I thought "Oh no! They are not getting through! They are not getting through. They don't know what is happening!
They are totally oblivious!"
Then I began to see
all of these submarines emerging from under the surface. I was surprised at how close they were to our borders! They were in our territorial waters! Then I saw the missiles come out of them! They hit eastern coastal cities of the United States. I looked over across the country where my family was over in the northwest and I saw the submarines. I saw the missiles coming out and hitting the western coastal cities.
I cried out and I said, "Oh God! Oh God!
When will this be, and what shall be the sign of its coming?"
I heard an audible voice speak to me and say,
"When Russia opens her doors and lets the masses go, the free world will occupy themselves with transporting, housing, feeding, and caring for the masses, and will let down their weapons and cry peace and safety. Then sudden destruction will come. Then is when it will come."
That was December 14, 1986. Glastnost and Perestroika were unheard of at that time!
Ezekiel 38:10-12 says," Thus saith the Lord GOD; It shall also come to pass, that at the same time shall things come into thy mind, and thou shalt think an evil thought: And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates, 12 To take a spoil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of the land." When Boris Yeltsin visited America, he said he liked the heartland area the Best!

These 4 visions are the most scripturally sound and accurate of any visions that I have ever heard. The value of any prophetic warning of judgment is BEFORE the event. These visions present a clear picture of how America will be destroyed as Russia is used as God's instrument of judgment for the sin of America. It gives tremendous direction and encouragement to the people of God. In addition to the HOW it gives a good indication of WHEN. The time to see and review these visions is NOW.


It must be pointed out that the following prophetic word fails to adress that America will be destroyed AT THE SAME TIME, in this soon coming war in Israel.
If you have not read the current
Bible Prophecies for Now please click that topic and carefully study it NOW!

Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. Who are these prophets?

However, I listen intently to his confirmation of whatever words the other prophets and/or prophetesses may speak. I need to also make it clear that there is no such thing women prophets. Women are out of order to claim offices which the Authorized English scriptures preclude from them. Such people as Joyce Meyers, Marylyn Hickey, and Gloria Copeland have no idea of the destruction their "Teaching & Preaching ministry" is doing to the Body of Messiah.

Here are some prophets I generally hear: Henry Gruver, Jonathan Hansen, Sam Marrs, Dan Bohler, Tom Carlson, Marvin Byers, Kieth Davis, and Bob Jones. The only prophetess that I hear is Nita Johnson. You judge if you should hear what the Lord gives me to speak.

Most of these people are careful about saying, "Thus saith the Lord." I respect that. I say "Thus saith the Lord," when I am reading or quoting the Authorized English scriptures.

America needs to wake up.