Revelation 6:4
And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

Biological Warfare

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Clinton to order antibiotics stockpiled for terrorism attack Associated Press, 05/21/98 05:46 WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton will order the stockpiling of antibiotics and vaccines for civilian protection in the event of biological warfare, says a senior administration official.

Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI Director Louis J. Freeh told Congress last month that U.S. cities and towns remain vulnerable to chemical and biological terrorism despite recent efforts to improve protections.

``We need to make sure we have a significant stockpile - and I
don't think we do - of vaccines and other medications,'' Reno told members of the Senate intelligence and judiciary committees.

An administration review of how the United States would respond to a biological or chemical weapon attack from terrorists has been under way for about a year. In 1995, Iraq admitted having built a large arsenal of biological weapons - and had been ready to use it four years earlier during the Gulf War.

The following are some quotes from a 12/17/97 Reuters article by E. J. Mundell titled, ANTHRAX SHOTS FOR MILITARY ONLY - President Clinton told a White House news conference Tuesday that he does not recommend that American civilians get vaccinated against anthrax, a potentially deadly bacteria that could be used in biological warfare. "I know of no expert opinion that would say that those of us that are essentially in the civilian population in the United States should be vaccinated," Clinton said. His comments come on the heels of Monday's Department of Defense (DOD) announcement that it plans to vaccinate an estimated 2.4 million military personnel against anthrax, amidst fears that it might be unleashed in some future conflict involving biological weapons.

DOD Secretary William Cohen recently used a five-pound bag of sugar to illustrate the fact that a similar amount of anthrax, dispersed in air, could kill half the population of Washington, D.C.

Not everyone agrees. Dr. Kenneth Berry, President of the American Academy of Emergency Physicians and head of the medical counter-terrorism group PREEMPT ( contends that the threat of a domestic anthrax attack is very real. "It's our number one national security threat," he said. Berry says military experts believe there is an "over 90% probability of having a major attack in a U.S. city in two to five years." He says the real problem is that just 6 million doses of the anthrax vaccine are currently available in this country -- and it might take years to have enough to properly vaccinate the whole nation. But Berry estimates that an anthrax attack on a city the size of San Francisco could kill hundreds of thousands of people, and cost the country nearly a trillion dollars. Any investment we make in prevention now, he says, could save lives and billions of dollars in the event of such a terrorist event. Berry believes such an event "is going to happen, it is going to be devastating, and my message is, let's be ready."

Revelation 6:4

And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

What is the great sword of the red horse of revelation? More and more it would seem that it is not nuclear but rather biological weapons. Biological weapons are the most destructive of all weapons of war ever developed. A special Pentagon panel today (12/01/97) is to recommend to Defense Secretary Cohen that there should be a profound shift in American military strategy focusing on the "defense of the homeland" instead of exercising power overseas according to the London Electronic Telegraph. The report is said to promote concentration on the growing threat of hit and run attacks on U.S. cities by an increasing number of nations noting that many enemies of America are developing biological or chemical weapons and the ability to deliver them to the mainland.

According to Larry Harris, military models conclude that if the Iraqi sleeper cells in America were to release their biologicals, 180,000,000 to 230,000,000 Americans would be dead in 5 days. A 1993 government study indicated that 220 pounds of anthrax bacteria released from a slow-flying airplane could kill 3 million people. And anthrax is not even contagious. An attack with the bacteria that cause bubonic plague, or the viruses that cause smallpox, could start an epidemic.

One special fright about germ weapons is just how quickly and easily they can be made. A single disease-producing bacterium, which can divide every 20 minutes, could give rise to more than a billion bacteria in 10 hours. Thus, a vial about the size of a bottle of aspirin tablets could yield a huge arsenal in less than a week. For some diseases, like anthrax, inhaling a few thousand bacteria, which would take up less area than the period at the end of this sentence, could be fatal.

This does make the nuclear weapons pale in comparison to biological weapons, as the great sword of the red horse in Revelation.

A professional engineer should fully qualify to make the mathematical conversion calculations which produced the Pfizer product #4163 DOSAGE CHART from the data in Larry's book. UNDERSTAND THAT THE DOSAGE CHART IS ONLY FOR THE SPECIFIC PFIZER PRODUCT #4163 TETRACYCLINE ANTIBIOTIC. Many checks of various farm supply and feed stores in the Midwest, have shown the Pfizer product #4163 antibiotic was by far the most readily available. At the end of this introduction will be a SINGLE PAGE with the most essential information from the book by Larry Wayne Harris, BACTERIOLOGICAL WARFARE - A MAJOR THREAT TO NORTH AMERICA - WHAT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY CAN DO BEFORE - AND - AFTER. (1-888-617-0044)

Larry Harris, is a Registered Microbiologist. He and his book are controversial to say the least. It is recommended that you check him, his book, and video tape out for yourself, (1-888-617-0044 video tape order phone number).

The conclusion that a father could possibly protect his family from the certain death of a biological warfare attack for as little as $10.00 compels me to publish this information. Does the acquisition of the antibiotics represent a weakness of faith? Not in the least; because, the L-rd will have to let you know the time of the attack. The timing is almost as important as the tetracycline antibiotic itself.

Bottom Line, antibiotics -- only if, when, and as the L-rd leads. Vaccinations -- vaccinations are very dangerous.
DO NOT consider any vaccination
unless you check out the information on
The Biological Manipulation of Human Populations



The following warning is the first thing in Larry Harris' book:
Self-medication under circumstances
where a physician's care is available is not only unlawful, it is extremely dangerous. The author and the publisher of this book do not recommend or endorse self-medication or the practice of medicine without a license in any way, shape, or form. The responsibility for any such activity is borne entirely by the reader.
Seek professional medical help if there is any way to obtain it.

There is so much information and disinformation that you must have discernment. "When in doubt, don't," is generally good advice. However even better advice is found where the L-rd tells us, by His prophet Hosea in chapter 4 verse 6: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children." Of course the knowledge spoken of is the knowledge of the scriptures. However, the following knowledge may be a part of His deliverance of His faithful remnant people. Let the Word of G-d and His Spirit be your guide. Let us pray for G-d to send a spirit of repentance upon America, and that the famine for hearing the Word of G-d be ended in this land.

Does this sound like a hoax? Could be. However, the question is "Are you betting your life that the Bio-Attack threat is a hoax?" Pfizer product #4163 is still readily available in most farm feed and supply stores. The $10.00 cost of the tetracycline represents some low cost insurance for such a threat.

I have read scores of pro and con reports concerning Larry Harris. The only 2 medical research professionals that I have found, in essence state that the information given by Larry Wayne Harris is 100% credible. They also agreed that the detractors would not be knowledgeable professionals in the field.


50 mg Capsules
(made from filling both top & bottom of #00 gelcaps w/Pfizer #4163)
Pfizer #4163 Dosage Chart
Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Cholera, and Typhoid
Take one dose BEFORE and one dose After exposure
Both Must be within 16 hours of Exposure
Body Weight----Capsules ******* Body Weight----Capsules
-----10---------------- 3 ------*******-------130------------ 35
-----20---------------- 5 ------*******-------140------------ 37
-----30---------------- 8 ------*******-------150------------ 40
-----40--------------- 11------*******-------160------------ 42
-----50--------------- 13------*******-------170------------ 45
-----60--------------- 16------*******------ 180------------ 48
-----70--------------- 19------*******------ 190------------ 50
-----80--------------- 21------*******------ 200------------ 53
-----90--------------- 24------*******------ 210------------ 56
----100-------------- 26------*******------ 220------------ 59
----110-------------- 29------*******------ 230------------ 62
----120-------------- 32------*******------ 240------------ 64
If you have been exposed without having taken the preventive dosage, then you must take the dosage TWICE daily for 10 Days. And if the exposure was ANTHRAX, then 1/2 indicated dosage for an ADDITIONAL 20 DAYS, and 1/4 dosage for 30 more days.

AGGRESSIVE TREATMENT - For Severely Ill Patients FOUR times daily for 10 Days

Dear Jim,
I actually had already read the page above. I thought it was bold but appropriate. You may want to add that tetracycline is a photo-sensitizing agent and that people taking tetracycline must avoid sun exposure or risk severe burning. It is usually contraindicated in pregnancy. As well as in pregnancy, tetracycline is usually contraindicated in children under age 12 but this might be an exception.
William Zambrano MD

The only product that Larry Harris recommended which we have found to be readily available is Pfizer product #4163. This product contains 10g of tetracyclene in a 181.4g bag of Pfizer product #4163. A 181.4g bag of Pfizer #4163 would make about 200 of #00 capsules. Therefore each capsule would be 50mg of tetracyclene. Dr. Horowitz, (Steve Quail's program 12/22/97) said the maximum safe dosage of tetracyclene is 500mg 4 times per day for 10 days. He made absolutely no reference to body weight in this statement. I view this as a serious error that the maximum dosage is not related to body weight. Therefore from a purely technical standpoint, Larry Harris' (registered microbiologist) data would seem to be more credible than the information of Dr. Horowitz, (dentist and best selling author.)

Lets look at some more numbers.
Horowitz spoke of Harris' dosages as being 4 to 6 times maximum safe dosage regarding causing toxic shock to someone taking the tetracyclene. (Again no reference to body weight) Lets take a 150 pound person. Harris' dosage chart would indicate a total of 50 of the 50mg capsules 2 times within 16 hours of exposure. That is 5000mg. Horowitz, with no regard for body weight, would say 500mg x 4 times/day x 10days, which would be 20,000mg over 10 days. So we have Howitz @ 20,000mg over 10days vs Harris @ 5,000mg over 2 days.

Harris' data would assumes you could take the first dosage BEFORE exposure. (This is critical. This is where our faith in God remains solidly at the center of all of this.) If you did not take the first dose within 16 hours of anthrax exposure, the dosage would double for 10 days. This would end up as 5,000mg every day for 10 days or 50,000mg over the 10 days. On the other hand if you were exposed to anthrax without doing anything it is almost certain death. The death from the anthrax exposure is more certain death than exceeding the maximum safe dosage (no body weight reference) that Harowitz suggests.

This is still quite short of the 4 to 6 times the toxic dosage that
Harowitz accuses Harris of recommending.

My problem is simply this. In no way would I ever consider taking a vaccination, according to what Harowitz has written and said. On the other hand, if a father could spend $10 to protect his family from the threat of anthrax, bubonic plague, typhoid, or cholera bio-war terrorist attack, how could I possibly be silent.

Important Update Summary 6/16/98

This was originally sent by a military pharmacy officer. It was forwarded to me by someone who has good track record of credibility. His e-mail address is should you want to check his credibiblity or correspond with him directly.

Begin forwarded message:

Much nonsense has been appearing about anthrax cures. We hear about "colloidal silver", vinegar, and a host of other folk remedies. Forget it. They don't work. Just wishful thinking. We are talking about military grade anthrax here, not the kind that you can find in the soil or that often infests livestock.

The only thing that really works are vaccines, and then only if it is the right vaccine, tailored for that strain of anthrax. The wrong vaccine won't work either. And we can expect an enemy to use a mix of military grade strains, so that if we have the vaccines for some we won't have all of them covered.

But a great deal depends on the level of exposure. It is possible to survive if one is exposed to very low levels of pathogen, so, lacking the right vaccines, one can improve his chances by doing what one can to reduce the levels of exposure. Most of that involves the kinds of prophylactic measures used in medical operating rooms: filtered air, protective garments and gloves, antiseptics, and cleanliness.

Rooms can be sealed with plastic over windows and doors, but one must allow for necessary ventilation to avoid suffocation. That means using air filters with high HEPA ratings. These can be obtained in connection with air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.

Having a supply of plastic gloves is important, as is such precautions as not touching one's face or supplies of food or water, which should be kept sealed when not being used. If exposure is suspected, sterilization procedures must be taken before opening the containers.

In a pinch, plastic sheeting can be used to make protective garments, but beware of heat prostration, which can be avoided by occasional immersion in a pool of cool water.

The other major measure is departure from the area. This is a tough one, because if you have been contaminated, you may only be spreading the contagion to others and endangering them as well. If exposure is confirmed, you have a duty not to leave the area, but to cooperate in establishing a quarantine of yourself and others in the exposed area, to try to confine the area of exposure.

This a very good commentary about dealing with anthrax exposure. The initial treatise, to debunk many of the wide spread (via internet, too) 'folk remedies' is proper.
Colloidal silver has been shown to have a definite, but weak, antibiotic effect on serious pathogens. It would be effective only for negligible anthrax exposures, although for lesser microbes it may be much more effective. Oil extracts and other such tales have shown absolutely no direct effect. It should be noted, however, that any effort to support and/or strengthen the natural immune system is of great assistance. Delaying the anthrax symptoms from appearing in one's body gives one more time to deal with it. Once the serious symptoms do appear nothing short of a lightning bolt miracle will avoid death. Not every victim will begin demonstrating signs of anthrax exposure at once. Those that do exhibit indicators early on serve as 'canary birds' for all others. This symptomatic warning 'issued' by these early onset, and hapless, victims can allow for an 'early warning' (barely sufficient) allowing the salvaging of those others around them. A strong natural immune system tends to assure that you will still be asymptomatic, and treatable, at that time.

As with any threat, avoidance is the best response. If one can avoid anthrax exposure then so is the threat of death avoided. Unfortunately an R.S.V.P. is unlikely. In the case of anthrax the next best is pharmaceutical antibiotics if treatment begins early enough. Vaccines can offer protection if indeed it is the proper type. Vaccines are great in that they are ready and waiting (on 'stand-by') automatically in the event of any exposure. Antibiotics on the other hand must be taken pro-actively at the proper time; not too early nor too late. Selection of the proper vaccine is very important here. There are three types of anthrax vaccines in this world. One is made by a Michigan firm, another by Colorado Serum, and yet another by the old Soviet Regime. The first two are the only ones available to Americans. The 'Michigan' anthrax vaccine has been in the news lately as being subject to FDA raids. They found expired effective dating and contaminated conditions and other questionable factors. It is believed by many that Gulf War Syndrome was introduced into GI bloodstreams by vaccine contamination. There are many serious researchers who point to the suspicious statistics that only those who received the vaccine later subcombed to GWS. It can be demonstrated that a mycoplasma infectious agent causes GWS identical symptoms and responds to treatment similarly.

On the other hand the Colorado Serum vaccine has been used for the last thirty years on both livestock and humans (in Africa) with no contrary indications. The Colorado veterinary vaccine has no FDA approval and thus no medically licensed individual is allowed to administer it to you despite its beneficial use in humans in S. Africa. My personal and direct experience with it has been positive as well. Today many medical faculties will medicate for an expected prognosis while yet waiting for the results of specific lab identification.

Valuable time may be lost while waiting so they deliberately 'jump the gun' if the symptoms point to a probable cause. Thus it is Not unreasonable to use a Physicians' Desk Referenced treatment, or antibiotic, to combat a suspected anthrax outbreak, or similar. Some antibiotics are narrow spectrum while others may be more broad spectrum, i.e., being effective against several different pathogens. For example, one may be effective against cholera but not at all against The Plague. Also some antibiotics may be bacteria killers and others may be merely bacteria stoppers, i.e., they stop bacteria growth and/or reproduction. This is the reason that there is an occasional controversy as to which antibiotic to use. The PDR will list the bactericidal treatments first but these are usually more narrow spectrum and each will be effective against only certain agents.

Terramycin (tetracycline), on the other hand, is a frequently overlooked bacteriostatic pharmaceutical that is very effective against a broad range of pathogens. Agricultural antibiotics are just as effective when the pharmaceutical ones are not available.

Package labels will indicate proper dosage amounts for the liability protection of the manufacturer.

I am not a credentialed medical professional but I am associated with a defensive biowar and disaster recovery consulting firm. One should exercise great care in selecting one's medical professional as few understand pathogens in this type of application.

Point of clarification: Anthrax is NOT contagious, although other Bio-weapons are.

Yes, a good point. Although the original post makes many very good statements it may have left the idea that anthrax is contagious. Anthrax is not ordinarily considered to be contagious from one 'sufferer' to another unlike the common cold, flu, or plague. The spores can be spread only if one practices arrogant ignorance of ordinary precautions. That is, it takes more than an ordinary sneeze or cough to contract a fatal dose. Covering windows with plastic, etc., is only helpful in avoiding inhaling the spores present during any deliberate exposure by unfriendlies - not from stopping any contagion of anthrax. Sharing body fluids, by nursing, intimate contact, open sores, blood transfusions, etc., with an exposed victim and thus allowing spores to spread into another's body would similarly spread the disease into the bloodstream.

Some pathogens are easily transmitted to new victims. Although, it can happen with anthrax, that is not typical. Pathogens such as cholera, yersinnia pestis or Plague are contagious, the last one, extremely so. LWH Consulting has a book available that explains the transferability of certain selected pathogens and the appropriate safeguards to pursue in this matter. Thank you for the inquiry allowing the opportunity to clarify this matter.

Bottom Line, ANTIBIOTICS ONLY if, when, and as the L-rd leads. Vaccinations -- vaccinations are very dangerous.
DO NOT consider any vaccination
unless you check out the information on
The Biological Manipulation of Human Populations

Read----Psalm 91 & Psalm 46