GJiGT Unabridged Version of War on the Saints


Rev 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

WAR ON THE SAINTS! Why, most Christians do not even know there is a war on. The Church has not dealt with the powers of darkness. Today the church is entertained and controlled by the powers of darkness. We expect this of the government and it is true. God's prophets and men of wisdom know it is true of the organized visible church. God is calling His church to order. He is calling His people to come out of the great apostasy. He is calling His saints to rise up to stand in the evil day and having done all to STAND. If you will not rise up to stand you will be slain and fall among the slain.

Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

What is FIRST and most foundational for the overcomer? When in doubt, SHOUT, Blood of Yeshua! Get in the habit of saying Blood of Yeshua! Blood of Yeshua! Blood of Yeshua!

Saints, we are at war. The good news is that we have ALL the nukes in this war with Lucifer, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet.

When going to battle with the demonic hordes of hell, it is no more Mister Niceguy! Shout Blood of Yeshua! That is your nuke in spiritual warfare. Nothing is more important in this time than to know who you are IN Him, who you are called to be IN Messiah. Who you are in Him has everything to do with the Blood of Yeshua! We all need a better understanding of the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF YESHUA!

Why must you say blood of Yeshua instead of blood of Jesus? The demons know His real name even if churchianity does not. You will be much more effective in spiritual warfare when using His real given Hebrew name, that the apostles and saints of the first century knew Him by. You want to use your NUKE in dealing with the demons. You want to deliver a knockout punch. That knockout punch is the BLOOD OF YESHUA! When you say Blood of Yeshua, 3 totally debilitating realities blast upon that demon consciousness.

1) The Blood of Yeshua totally defeated all the hosts of hell almost 2000 years ago.
2) The Blood of Yeshua guarantees the eternal destiny of all the demonic horde is the eternal lake of fire.
3) They did it to their own selves. Had the princes of this world known they would not have crucified the L-rd of Glory!

Shout BLOOD of YESHUA! Alleluia Yeshua! Praise the L-rd Jesus for giving us the power of the Blood of Yeshua!

Is it possible for you to be an overcomer? Have you been overcome and don't know it? There are very few individuals today who have been raised up by God to enter the battle. It is a vast territory over which the devil holds such undisputed sway. Can you become one of these isolated warriors?

God has restored to the Church a good measure of the Pentecostal power and authority so vividly demonstrated in the early church. Numbers of believers received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. As they entered into war with the powers of darkness, they began to discover the presence and activity of evil spirits. The big surprise and shock is to find the evil spirits also in Christians.

Today the institutional church is clearly a spiritual failure. This is because the church did not discern the numerous deceptions of Satan at work among her ministers and members. The great falling away from the truth, the great apostasy, is nearing its climax. In these last days many churchmen and members make themselves the champions of every wicked cause pushed by the enemy.

At best, 1 in 50 Christians understand that it is Satan and his wicked spirits who move powerfully behind the events of our time. Most Christians on their way to hell, believe that they are exempt from the influence of demons. That makes them easy prey for the devil.

What happens to a man who is born again? Do the Scriptures teach that the new birth includes automatic freedom from demons? Ephesians 2:1-3 clearly teaches that all human beings are under the influence of the evil one and that his influence over mankind is exercised by evil spirits. "We all" were in this condition. But in the new birth, the infant believer has his sins forgiven. His spirit—formerly dead in trespasses and sins—is made alive by the Spirit of God. He receives power TO BECOME a son of God. Will you make it? Or have you been deceived to think you have it made?

How will you get the power to overcome the very things which enslaved you before? Have you just begun or did you think you arrived somewhere along the way? What a marvelous change can be made from victim of sin, to conqueror, joint overcomer with Christ!

But nowhere does the Scripture or experience teach that the new birth automatically eliminates demon influence or bondage. All of the carryovers of the old man such as tempers, moods, lusts, envyings, selfishness, prejudice, are still there. The born again believer must learn to take up his cross, deny himself and die daily. He must walk in the Spirit lest he fulfill the lusts of his flesh.

Hopefully, he will also press on to find his rightful place in the plan of God. Maybe he can become a warrior in the true functioning in the Body of Christ. Today that true functioning Body of Christ has come out of the apostate organized church. The process of growing up in Christ is usually painful. In these last days of great apostasy, Jesus warned us that all the pulpits and airways would be filled with false teachers. The pain comes in two general ways but the result is glorious. The pain comes from the betrayal of "Christian" friends. The pain comes from the discovery of certain areas in which the believer has been deceived. How can we understand and deal with deception? Welcome to War on the Saints.

If the believer co-operates intelligently and obediently with God, he will in due time become a more mature and spiritual Christian. Because the time is so short, you need to take the time to read this material. You need this shortcut and fast track to the experience of that great verse, "He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed." Most Christians will only know that verse as theology rather than an experienced reality. It must quickly become real for you or you will lose in the War on the Saints.

The casting out of demons is to be one of the signs that follow Christians in their ministry (Mark 16:17). But casting out of demons from whom? From the unregenerate only? Not so, but demons shall also be cast out of bound and deceived believers in order to set them free. Your church doctrines, even if they are Biblical doctrines, is no refuge. Even your belief in the inerrancy of the Bible does not provide a refuge from the countless tricks of the enemy. All men are the objects of Satan's devices. After conversion his attempts to deceive and, if possible, to control, INCREASE.

The spiritual activity of the last day apostate churches comes from the bottomless pit. If Christians everywhere accurately understood what is happening spiritually, they would arm themselves for the final onslaught.

The enemy is prepared and the sheeple sleep. Can you escape the last great deception?

It is time for more than isolated warriors to press the battle to the very gates. It is even past time for a large body of believers to arise to meet the challenge of the deceiver openly. I would rather stand alone IN Messiah than to stand in the middle of pre-trib la la land deluded, once saved always saved, demon possessed feel good Christians, who will surely betray you in this final war.

This is going to be strong meat to fast track the preparation of believers for this warfare. This is not going to be an easy ten-step method of how to deal with the devil. If you are already offended, put it down. You may be hell bound and you might as well feel good on your way to hell. Even though you will fast track, read it carefully and prayerfully. Only those who desire to be set free from every deception and work of darkness will have ears to hear the strong meat. Yes, it is possible, but not likely, that you may yet see the liberation of fellow believers who are in bondage and deception. YOUR MAIN CONCERN NOW SHOULD BE TO SAVE YOURSELF FROM THIS UNTOWARD GENERATION. The widest deception today is the people who think they have not been and are not deceived.

Much ground needs to be recovered from the foe. There is so precious little time to equip the Saints. This strong meat is of vital help to the warring and overcoming saints. This will equip the diligent reader for two things: how NOT to be ignorant of the devil's devices and how to be MORE than a conqueror over him. EVERY DEMON IN THE HOST OF HELL SHOULD BE MADE TO TREMBLE BEFORE THE MAN OF GOD walking in true righteousness and true holiness in FULL POSSESSION OF HIS OWN MIND, WILL, and BODY, walking in the PERFECT WILL and POWER OF ALMIGHTY GOD. "Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." Ephesians 6:13

It is no more a book for the general reader than is either a medical work on cancer, or a text book on mental disorders. It should never be read for curiosity nor from mere academic interest. Christians of all stages of growth in the spiritual life, who simply take what they can understand and leave the remainder for those who are in deeper need, will obtain much light on matters within your present capability.

It will help those who have become involved in some false system of religious teaching. Today that just about includes every church. Today, I cannot name one that does not draw its inspiration from satanic lies instead of from the sane balanced truth of the Word of God. If you have been under this deception where the Authorized English scriptures, the KJV, is not read and carried by all, you need help whether you know it or not. The false doctrines taught today have opened churchmen to abnormal spiritual experiences which often result in demon possession. The suffering endured by these dupes of the powers of evil is intense. Deliverance and help is still available today. Tomorrow, I don't know. Today, by the mercy of God, there may yet be hope, and possible restoration.

This strong meat will be of immense value soon. Soon everyone will find himself faced with cases of spiritual abnormality. There will be an increasing number in these days of intense satanic activity ahead. These pages will bring practical useful light and guidance based solely and solidly on the Authorized word of God. Upon pastors rests the greatest measure of responsibility for the instruction of the flock of God. It is in a special way, theirs to discern, the signs of enemy-working and to deliver their people. It is theirs also to teach and to warn of the perils which threaten the spiritually minded. It must be realized that the "heavenlies," into which the saints are introduced by divine wisdom and grace, are in this present day, the habitat of "the prince of the power of the air." The believer who seeks the deepest experiences of the spiritual life may fall under deception unless he knows that "Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light" at times, and that the arch-enemy is at home in religious gatherings where earnest leaders are "ignorant of his devices."

Full "abandonment to God," unless guarded by the knowledge of the methods by which the Spirit of God reveals Himself, may open the life to the invasion of spirits of darkness. This statement should be considered carefully in desiring gifts and manifestations. The distribution of such gifts is strictly the function of the Holy Spirit, who divides "to each one severally (individually) AS HE WILL." The seeking believer should have his eyes upon the Throne, disregarding specific gifts (unless these are revealed as things which he should "covet"-1 Cor 12:31; 14:1).

What the surrendered soul must pursue is the will of God. The will of God must be your chief and only aim. You must be watchful so that your mind is not set on things which might promote carnality. Self-will is deadly in the last days war on the saints. However, you better never surrender your will. You take control of your will and conform it to the perfect will of God. Many, many are the earnest souls who have unconsciously given themselves over through an unrecognized envy, to grasp after what they have seen in the possession of others.

Demon possession is, as a rule, understood by the missionaries in heathen lands. Today all land is heathen land. All countries today have become strongholds of paganism. It is, therefore, not unreasonable to expect that spiritual phenomena usually associated with voodoo and eastern mysticism will manifest themselves more and more in the midst of the so-called culture, and pseudo-Christian paganism of our modern world.

In these last days liberty and private judgment are gone. Today it is dictatorship and mass propaganda. These are powerful forces. Today the chapter dealing with "passivity" should be read and re-read. The powers of darkness would make man a machine, a tool, a human robot of the state.

The true God of holiness and love desires to make him a free, intelligent sovereign, a rational creature created after His own image (Eph. 4.24).

Therefore, God never says to any man "Be thou idle." It can not be emphasized strongly enough, the danger of slipshod thinking concerning spiritual things. It may mean eternal death today, to delve into unreasoning abandonment, to experiences not founded on a clear understanding of the broad principles of Scripture.

I am absolutely astounded at how quickly satanic eastern mystic shamanism has been embraced by so called Christian churches. Clear teaching along this line is necessary if a healthy advance is to be seen in the life of any Christian in these days of great apostasy.

There are not going to be any more true spiritual revivals. Such things as Toronto and Pensacola are the manifestations of Jannes and Jambres (2 Tim 3:8) Revive yourself before it is too late. Where are we in God's time table. It is now as it was in the days of Noah. Two verses of Ezekiel 14 best describe these last days: Ezek 14:14 Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness, saith the Lord GOD. Ezek 14:20 Though Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, as I live, saith the Lord GOD, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness.

At such times satanic opposition stiffens, and many hidden workings of evil are brought out into the open. Then those, who have the responsibility of dealing with souls will need all the light they can obtain on the abnormalities caused by the hold of evil spirits. These holds are gained either through acceptance of false doctrines, or by tampering with the supernatural.

Some very few instances you will encounter genuine insanity. Even genuine insanity can often be brought to some state of improvement when the demonic influence is bound. First call is always to call it demon possession and take up your stand against the enemy. If there is no effect whatsoever, it may then be considered a type of temporary insanity! To attribute troubles indiscriminately to the devil does not make for a healthy atmosphere. We do need balance, and, above all, we need to be so in touch with our Lord that He can give us spiritual perception.

Finally, the issue lies with God. He who has sustained, and given countless proofs of His protecting hand in a "thus far and no farther" to the attacking hosts of darkness, will carry through His purpose to the end. The light will reach those who need it. Let God fulfill His Will.

Those of us responsible for launching this GJiGT edition of War on the Saints, can only say "Amen" to that final prayer. We dare not withhold from publication a message which, as it has done in the past, will undoubtedly bring freedom from the torturing grip of the evil one to many in need. May the Spirit of God to whom "all hearts be open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid" so guide, that every copy fall into the right hands, and may He also give all who read discernment, to grasp the truth, which will meet their need, without involving themselves and others in a maze of unnecessary complication.

Saints, we are at war. The good news is that we have ALL the nukes in this war with Lucifer, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet. When going to battle with the demonic hordes of hell, it is no more Mister Niceguy! Shout Blood of Yeshua! That is your nuke in spiritual warfare. Nothing is more important in this time than to know who you are in Him, who you are called to be in Messiah. Who you are in Him has everything to do with the Blood of Yeshua! We all need a better understanding of the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF YESHUA!

The most sad thing the prophets of God see today is the well-intended sincere people running to get demon possessed due to their ignorance of spiritual warfare. The sound teaching of spiritual warfare has been systematically eliminated in the organized church over the last 30 years. We covet your prayers. More than that, if you are equipped to judge these words we need the input of those whom the Lord has equipped to judge these final warnings and equipping of the saints.

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