GJiGT Unabridged Version of War on the Saints

CHAPTER 5 Deception and Possession.

To be deceived by lying spirits does not mean that the believer is necessarily possessed by an evil spirit. A person may be "possessed" without having been deceived. For instance, a believer may be misled in guidance, or be deceived by counterfeit visions and manifestations, without these deceptions leading on into possession. Yielding to sin, either known or unknown, even by a believer, an evil spirit may take possession of the mind, or body, without there being any experience of deception (1 Cor. 5:5).

The capabilities may become severally held, or possessed, by evil-spirits, by (1) yielding to the sin of passivity--passivity is the sin of omission, for God does not give a talent either for misuse, or non-use, or (2) yielding to sins of action. For example, if the tongue lends itself to slander or foul language, it lends itself to sin; and becomes liable to possession. And so with the eyes, ears and other parts of the body; the lust of the eyes in seeing, and looking at vile things; the ears by wrong listening -- eaves-dropping is lending the ears to the emissaries of Satan--or, on the other hand, evil spirits may take hold of the nerves of the ear, so that the person cannot hear what he should, yet is permitted to be alert enough in bearing all that he should not hear.


The needed degree of ground given to an evil spirit in order to possess, cannot be clearly defined, but that there is (1) sin without evil spirit possession; (2) sin which opens the door to possession; and (3) sin which is unmistakably the result of Satanic possession (John 13: 2) is beyond question. If the man, be he unbeliever or believer, sins so as to admit an evil spirit, the ground given may be deepened without measure. (1) the ground given admits the demon, (2) the "manifestation" of the evil spirit takes place, (3) then the misinterpretation of the manifestation again gives further ground, because he believes, and admits still more of the lies of the evil one.

It is possible, also, for deception and possession to come about, and pass away without the man being conscious of either. He may yield to sin which gives access to an evil spirit, and then take the position of death (Rom. 6: 6, 11) to the sin or its ground, when, unconsciously to himself, the possession passes away.

Multitudes of believers are "possessed" in various degrees but do not know it, as they attribute the "manifestations" to "natural" causes, or to "self" or "sin," and they put them down to these causes because they do not appear to bear the characteristics of demonic possession.

There is also a degree of deception by deceiving spirits, in connection with counterfeits of God and Divine things, which leads on to possession. This too, depends upon the extent of the counterfeits which have been accepted by the believer. I do hope that by now the alarm bells of Toronto and Pensacola have been ringing loud and clear. That is precisely what is going on. Literal transmission of evil spirits. On some of the videos those gifted with discerning of spirits may clearly see the demons being transmitted and taking possession. People go to these places and then bring their "BLESSING" back to share their BLESSING with their home congregation. Is there any wonder that the great apostasy of the last days is becoming so total, so quickly? This is Jannes and Jambres which Paul in 2Tim 3:8 warned would manifest in the last days.

Through "possession" by accepting the counterfeit of the workings of the Holy Spirit, believers can, unknowingly, be brought to (1) put their trust in evil spirits, (2) rely on them, (3) surrender to them, (4) be guided by them, (5) pray to them, (6) listen to them, (7) obey them, (8) receive messages from them, (9) receive Scripture texts from them, (10) help them in their desires and working, (11) stand by them, and (12) work for them. All of this is done because they are deceived by the counterfeit spirit. They believe they are doing these things for God. They are very spiritual with a counterfeit spirit.

In some cases, the counterfeit manifestations have been accepted with such reckless abandonment, that deception has quickly developed into possession in a most acute, yet subtle, and highly refined form; giving no apparent trace of the presence of evil, yet the peculiar double personality, characteristic of fully developed "demon possession," is easily recognizable to one with spiritual discernment. It may be hidden under the most beautiful "angel of light" manifestation, with all the fascinating attraction of "glory light" upon the face, exquisite music in song, and a powerful effect in speech.


The dual personality of fully developed demon possession is generally only recognized when it takes the form of objectionable manifestations. A distinct other-intelligence may obscure the personality of the possessed one, and speaks through the vocal organs, in a distinctly separate or altered voice. They may express thoughts or words unintended, or only partially controlled by the person. The victim is compelled to act in ways contrary to his natural character. The body may be manipulated by a foreign power, and nerves and muscles are twisted in contortions, and convulsions. These manifestations are described in the Scripture records (Luke 9: 39). A characteristic of the dual-personality of demon-possession also is that the manifestations are usually periodical. The victim is comparatively natural, and normal, between what are described as "attacks." In reality they are periods of manifestations of the intruding power.


Evidences are now available, proving that this dual-personality of possession in its fullest degree, has taken place in believers who are NOT disobedient to light, or yielding to any known sin. However they have become possessed through deception in their abandonment to supernatural power, which they believed to be of God. Such cases have all the symptoms and manifestations described in the gospel records. The demon answering questions in his own voice, and speaking words of blasphemy against God through the person, while he is, in spirit, in peace and fellowship with God. This proves (1) the Holy Spirit to be in the spirit, and (2) the demon, or demons, in the body, using the tongue, and throwing the body about at their will.

This same "dual-personality," under entirely different manifestations, is easily recognizable by any who have the "discerning of spirits." At times the environment of the victim is more favorable than others for the spirit manifestations, and then they can be detected in both beautiful and objectionable forms.

The fact of the demon possession of Christians destroys the theory that only people in "heathen countries," or persons deep in sin, can be "possessed" by evil spirits. This unexamined, unproved theory in the minds of believers, serves the devil well as a cover for his workings to gain possession of the minds and bodies, of Christians in these last days of the great apostasy. Thank God that the veil is being stripped off the eyes of the children of God by the hard path of experience. The knowledge is dawning upon the awakened section of the Body of Messiah that a believer baptized in the Holy Ghost, and indwelt by God in the inner shrine of the spirit can be deceived into admitting evil spirits into his being. Holy Ghost baptized believers can be possessed, in varying degrees, by demons, even while in the center he is a sanctuary of the Spirit of God. God can still be working in, and through his spirit, and the evil spirits in, or through, mind, or body, or both. Shocking, yet all too real and true. Know anybody who has been to Toronto or Pensacola? Read on.


From such possessed believers there can proceed, at intervals, streams from the two sources of power. There is one from the Spirit of God in the center, and the other from an evil spirit in the outer man. There are two parallel results to those who come in contact with the two streams of power. In preaching, all the truth spoken by such a believer may be of God, and according to the Scriptures, correct and full of light--the spirit of the man is right. Yet at the same time evil spirits working in mind or body, make use of the cover of the truth to insert their manifestations. They can then find acceptance with both speaker and hearers. There may pour through a believer at one moment, a stream of truth from the Word, giving light and love and blessing to receptive ones among the listeners. The next moment, a foreign spirit, hidden in mind or body, may send forth a streamlet through the soulish or physical part of the man, producing corresponding effects in soul or body among the listeners, who respond in their soulish or physical part to the Satanic stream, either by emotional or physical manifestations, or in nervous or muscular actions.

One or the other of the "streams" of power from the Holy Spirit in his spirit, or from the deceiving spirit in mind or body, may predominate at different times. This makes the same man appear dual in character, with short intervals, at different periods of time. "See how he speaks! How he seeks to glorify God! How sane and reasonable he is! What a passion he has for souls!" This may all be said in truth of a worker, until some moments later some peculiar change is seen in him, in the same meeting. A strange element comes in, possibly only recognizable to some with keen spiritual vision, or else plainly obvious to all. Perhaps the speaker begins to pray quietly, and calmly, with a pure spirit, but suddenly the voice is raised, it sounds "hollow," or has a metallic tone. The tension of the meeting increases. An overwhelming, overmastering "power" falls upon it. And no one thinks of "resisting," with the power of the Blood of Yeshua, what appears to be such a "manifestation of God!"


The majority of those present may have no idea of the mixture which has crept in. Some fall upon the ground unable to bear the strained emotion, or effect upon the mind. Some are thrown down by some supernatural power. Others cry out in ecstasy. The speaker leaves the platform, passes by a young man, who becomes conscious of a feeling of intoxication upon him, which does not leave his senses for some time. Others laugh with the thrill of the intoxicating joy. Some have had real spiritual help and blessing through the Word of God being expounded before this climax came. Consequently they accept these strange workings as from God, because in the first stage of the meeting, their needs have been truly met by Him. They cannot discern the two separate "manifestations" coming through the same channel! If they doubt the latter part of the meeting, they fear they are untrue to their inner conviction that the earlier part was "of God." Others are conscious that the "manifestations" are contrary to their spiritual vision, and judgment; but on account of the blessing of the earlier part they stifle their doubts, and say "We cannot understand the 'physical' manifestations, but we must not expect to understand all that God does. We only know that the wonderful outpouring of truth and love and light at the beginning of the meeting was from God, and met our need. No one can mistake the sincerity, and the pure motive of the speaker. Therefore, although I cannot understand, or say I 'like' the physical manifestations, yet--it must be all of God . . "


This is a glimpse into the mixed "manifestations" which have come upon the Body of Messiah. The new wine of these last days, before the return of Messiah, is found in Isa 24:6-8. Almost without exception, in every land where revival has since 1990 broken forth, within a very brief period of time the counterfeit stream has mingled with the true. Almost without exception, true and false have been accepted together, because of the workers being ignorant of the possibility of concurrent streams; or else have been rejected together by those who could not detect the one from the other. Could it really be that there is no "true" at all, because the majority of believers fail to understand that there can be mixed workings of the (1) Divine and Satanic, (2) Divine and human, (3) Satanic and human, (4) soul and spirit, (5) soul and body, (6) body and spirit; the three latter in the way of feelings and consciousness, and the three former in the way of source and power.

2 Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:2 Th 2:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Ezek 14:14 Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness, saith the Lord GOD.
Ezek 14:20 Though Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, as I live, saith the Lord GOD, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness.

There must be more than one quantity to make a mixture; at least two. The devil mixes his lies with the truth, for he must use a truth to carry his lies. The believer must therefore discriminate, and judge all things. He must be able to see so much to be impure, and so much that he can accept. Satan is a "mixer." If in anything he finds ninety-nine percent pure, he tries to insert one percent of his poisonous stream, and this grows, if undetected, until the proportions are reversed. Where there is mixture acknowledged to be in meetings where supernatural manifestations take place, if believers are unable to discriminate, they should keep away from these "mixtures" until they are able to discern.

In accepting the counterfeits of Satan, the believer thinks, and believes, he is complying with Divine conditions in order to ascend to a higher life; whereas he complies with conditions for Satanic workings in his life, and thereby descends into a pit of deception and suffering, with his spirit and motive pure.

How evil spirits gain access to the believer, is the next question we need to consider; and here we give six concise lists of (1) how they deceive; (2) the ground given for deception; (3) where they enter; (4) the excuses the spirit makes to hide the ground, and keep the believer in ignorance of his presence and the ground he holds; (5) the effect on the man thus deceived; and (6) the symptoms of the possession.


We shall see how subtly the evil spirit works, first to deceive, and then to gain access to the mind or body, or both, of the believer. One principle governs the working of God, and the working of Satan in seeking access to a man. In the creation of a human being with a free will, God, Who is Sovereign Lord of the Universe, and of all angelic powers, has limited Himself in that He does not violate man's freedom in obtaining his allegiance; neither can Satan's evil spirits enter, and obtain possession of any part of the man apart from his consent, given either consciously, or unconsciously. Just as a man "wills" a good thing, and God makes it fact, so when the man "wills" an evil thing, evil spirits make it fact. Both God and Satan need the will of man for working in man.

In the unregenerate man the will is enslaved to Satan, but in the man who has been regenerated, and delivered from the power of sin, the will is liberated to choose the things of God. In one who has thus been brought into fellowship with God, Satan can only gain ground by strategy, or, in Bible terms, by "wiles"; for he knows he will never get from a believer deliberate consent to the entry, and control of evil spirits. The Deceiver can only hope to obtain that consent by guile. His main trick is by pretending to be God Himself, or a messenger from Him. He knows, too, that such a believer is determined to obey God at all costs, and covets the knowledge of God above all else on earth. There is, therefore, no other way to deceive this one, but by counterfeiting God Himself, His presence and His workings; and under pretence of being God, to obtain the co-operation of the man's will in accepting further deceptions; so as eventually to lead to "possession" of some part of the believer's mind or body, and thus injure or hinder his usefulness to God, as well as that of others who will be affected by him.


The counterfeit of God in and with the believer, is the basis on which is built the whole after structure of possession through deception. Believers desire and expect God to be with, and in them. They expect God's presence with them, and this is counterfeited. They expect God to be in them as a Person, and evil spirits do counterfeit the Presence of God.

In order to understand the counterfeiting methods of evil spirits, we must distinguish between the Presence and the Person of God. The "Presence" as giving forth an influence, and the Person manifested as Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. We could say it is like the difference between God as Light, and having light from God. God as Love, and having love from God. The one is the Person Himself in His nature, and the other the outshining, or giving forth of what He is.

The thought with many is that the Person of Christ is in them, but in truth, Christ as a Person is in no man. He dwells in believers by His Spirit--the Spirit of Christ (Rom. 8: 9), as they receive the "supply of the Spirit of Jesus" (Phil. 1: 19; Acts 16: 7 ).

It is necessary also, to understand the teaching of the Scriptures on the Trinity, and the different attributes and work of each Person of the Trinity, to discern the counterfeiting work of the deceiver.

God the Father, as a Person, is in the highest heaven. His presence is manifested in men as the "Spirit of the Father." Christ the Son is in heaven as a Person, His presence in men is by His Spirit. The Holy Spirit, as the Spirit of the Father, and of the Son, is on earth in the Church, which is the Body of Messiah. The Holy Spirit manifests the Father or the Son, in, and to believers, as they are taught by Him to apprehend the Triune God. Hence Christ said "I will manifest Myself," to those who loved and obeyed Him; and later "We will come, and make our abode with him" (John 14: 23). The Holy Spirit was given on the Day of Pentecost.


The Person of God is in heaven, but the presence is manifested on earth, in and with believers; through and by the Holy Spirit; in, and to the human spirit, as the organ of the Holy Spirit for the manifested presence of God.

The believer's misconceptions of the manner in which God can be in, and with him, and his ignorance that evil spirits can counterfeit God and divine things, form the ground upon which he can be deceived into accepting the counterfeit workings of evil spirits, and give them access into, and possession, and control of his inner being.

If God, Who is Spirit, can be in and with a man, evil spirits can also be in and with men, if they can obtain access by consent. Their aim is possession and control. These are terms which are often used of God's work in believers, but which are not really Scriptural. In reality as Creator, God "possesses" a man in the sense of ownership, and then He asks for co-operation, not " control". The believer is to control himself, by co-operation in his spirit with the Spirit of God. NEVER, I say again NEVER, does God "control" the man as a machine is controlled by another, or by some dynamic force.


We must make a distinction between God and Divine things. All that is Divine is not God Himself, just as all that is Satanic is not Satan himself, and all that is human is not the man himself. Divine, Satanic and human things, being those which emanate from God, Satan, and man respectively.

These three sources must always be taken into account in everything. Guidance can be (1) divine, (2) satanic, or (3)human. Obedience may be rendered to (1) God, (2) Satan, or (3) men. Visions may have their source in (1) God, (2) evil spirits, or (3) the man himself. Dreams can come from (1) God, (2) evil spirits, or (3) the man's own condition. Writing in its source may be from (1) God, (2) evil spirits, or (3) the man's own thoughts. Counterfeits by evil spirits may therefore be (1) of God, and divine things, (2) of Satan and satanic things, or (3) the human and human things.

To obtain possession, and control of believers, who will not be attracted by sin, the deceiving spirits must first counterfeit the manifestation of the presence of God, so that under cover of this "presence" they can get their suggestions into the mind, and their counterfeits accepted without question. This is their first, and sometimes their most difficult work. It is not always an easy task, especially when the soul has been well grounded in the Scriptures, and learned to walk by faith upon the Word of God. Nor is it easy when the mind is sharp in usage, and well guarded in thought, and healthily occupied.


From the counterfeit presence, comes the influence which causes the counterfeit to be accepted. Evil spirits must make something to imitate the presence of God, as their "presence" does not, and cannot be a counterfeit of it. The counterfeit presence is a work of theirs, made by them, but is not the manifestation of their own persons. It is a deception. They are vile and evil. However they counterfeit sweet or soothing feelings, or feelings of peace, love. Then with the whispered suggestion, adapted to the ideal of the victim, that these indicate the presence of God.

When a counterfeit presence, or influence, is accepted, then they go on to counterfeit a "Person," as one of the Persons of the Trinity. If the believer is drawn to one more than another of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, the counterfeit will be of the One he is attached to most. The Father, to those who are drawn to Him; the Son to those who think of Him as "Bridegroom" and crave love; and the Holy Spirit to those who crave for power.

The counterfeit "Presence," as an influence, comes before the counterfeit of the "Person" of God, through which much ground is gained.

The period of danger is, as already shown in Chapter 3, at the time of seeking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. At such times, when much has been said by others about manifestations of God to the consciousness. Often there is a sense of the presence of the Spirit, felt by the senses. This is the opportunity for the watching spirits.

All believers long for the "conscious" presence of God. Most would give up all to obtain it. How difficult it is to walk by "faith," when passing through the dark places of life! If the "conscious presence" is to be obtained by the Baptism of the Spirit, and there can be supernatural effects upon the senses, so that God is really felt to be at hand--then who would not be tempted to seek it? It looks to be an absolutely necessary equipment for service, and it appears from the Bible story of Pentecost, as if the believers then must have had this conscious presence, felt by them physically and actually.


Here is the danger point which first opens the door to Satan. The working upon the senses in the religious realm, has long been Satan's special mode of deceiving men throughout the whole world. Let's face it, he became the god of this world when he worked his deception on Adam and Eve. He knows how to soothe, and move, and work upon the senses in every possible way. His fingerprints are on every form of religion ever known, deceiving unregenerate men with the form of godliness while denying the power. Among the truly converted, and even sanctified believers, the senses are still his way of approach. Let the soul admit a craving for beautiful emotions, happy feelings, overwhelming joy, and the idea that manifestations, or "signs," are necessary to prove the presence of God, especially in the Baptism of the Spirit, and the way is open for Satan's lying spirits to deceive.


The Lord said concerning the coming of the Holy Spirit to the believer, "I will . . manifest Myself unto him" (John 14: 21). He did not say how He would fulfill His promise. To the woman at the well He said "God is spirit," and "they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth." The manifestation of Messiah is, therefore, to the spirit, and not in the realm of the senses, or animal soul. Understand that the craving for sense-manifestation opens the door to deceiving spirits to counterfeit the real presence of Messiah. However, the consent and co-operation of the will to their control must be obtained. They seek to get consent under the guise of an "angel of light" or as a messenger of God apparently clothed with light. They hide their darkness. They come as light, for light is the very nature and character of God.

The basis of this deception of the believer is his ignorance of the principles on which God works in man, and the true conditions for His manifested presence in the man's spirit. There is also general ignorance of the conditions upon which evil spirits work, in a passive surrender of the will, mind and body to supernatural power. In this ignorance of the true working of God, the believer expects Him to move on the physical being, so that He is manifested to the senses. Most expect God to use his gifts apart from him, as a proof of His presence and "control." THE TRUTH IS THAT God only moves in, and through the man himself by the active co-operation of his will--the will being the ego, or center of the man. Neither does God use the talents of the man apart from the man. The man's will must co-operate with the will of God. GOD DOES NOT WORK INSTEAD OF THE MAN -- GOD WORKS WITH THE MAN.(2 Cor. 6: 1).


The counterfeit presence is an influence from outside upon the believer. The counterfeit can begin in some cases, not only at the time of the Baptism of the Spirit, but by a "practice" of the "Presence of God," if the believer means by that a sense consciousness of "God." God is spirit. You must worship in SPIRIT and in truth. The flesh profits nothing. If you feel in the flesh the "Presence of God," you know you have the counterfeit deceiving spirit. The Holy Spirit is to be known and recognized by the sense of the spirit, not the senses of the body. The true presence of God is not felt by the physical senses, but in the spirit. The same is true of "feeling" the presence of evil spirits, or Satan. The spirit sense alone can discern the presence of God, or Satan; and the body only feels indirectly.

It is important clearly to recognize the distinction between the "obsession," or influence of the counterfeit presence; and the "possession," or access obtained, which follows the acceptance of the obsession, or influence from without.

The distinction and the characteristics may be briefly described as follows:--(1) Obsession: an influence from outside; a counterfeit presence of God as an influence upon the person, to which he opens himself in mind and body.

Possession Defined: the counterfeit of a person within (after obtaining a footing), generally as love. Absolute abandonment to this of the affections and will. Exquisite feelings in physical and soulish realm, with spirit untouched. The man thinks all is "spiritual," when it is really the sensuous life in a spiritual form.

The word obsession has been exaggerated in modern use. The symptoms, or manifestations truly belonging to possession, are frequently called obsession.


"Obsession" means an evil spirit, or spirits, hovering around, and influencing a man with the object of obtaining a footing in him, and gaining possession, in however small a degree. If these influences are yielded to, it must result in possession. If an evil spirit counterfeits the presence of God, and comes upon the man as an influence only, it may be described as obsession. However, when a footing is gained in him, it is "possession." It becomes possession because the obsessing spirits have gained access, and possess the ground they hold, up to the extent of the ground given.

The meaning of the word obsession as given in the dictionary bears this out. It means "to besiege," and it is described as "persistent attack, especially of an evil spirit upon a person; and "the state of being molested from without, as opposed to 'possession' or control by an evil spirit from within." According to this description of obsession, it is evident that it is a very common form of attack by the powers of darkness upon the children of God. The unregenerate are already, according to the Scriptures (Eph. 2: 2), controlled from within, by "the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience".


Evil spirits "obsess," or persistently molest, and besiege the man, to gain possession. They obsess his mind with some dominating idea which destroys his peace, and clouds his life. Or else they counterfeit some Divine experience, which seems to come from God, and which the believer accepts without question. This is the dangerous form of obsession in the present day which makes most churches very dangerous places indeed. When evil spirits seek to gain admittance to a believer by counterfeiting some exterior manifestation of God, such as a "Presence" filling the room, and felt by the physical senses; "waves" of "power" pouring upon, and through the physical being; or a feeling of wind, air, or a breathing upon the outer man, apparently from Divine sources. CHILD OF GOD UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS IS. THE TRUE GOD DOES NOT WORK IN THE WAYS OF DECEPTION UPON THE PHYSICAL BEING.

In brief, all exterior manifestations to the believer, coming from without upon the body, have the characteristics of "obsession," because they may come from deceiving spirits seeking access to mind or body.

The deliverance of persons under obsession of any kind, or degree, is by TRUTH, such as:

1. The Blood of Yeshua.

2.Giving them knowledge how to detect what is of God or the devil, by understanding the principles distinguishing the working of the Holy Spirit, and evil spirits.

3.Showing them that they should accept NOTHING from WITHOUT either in suggestions to the MIND, or influence of ANY KIND coming upon the BODY. God, the Holy Spirit works from within the spirit of the man, illuminating and renewing his MIND, and bringing the BODY under the believer's OWN control.

4.Teaching them how to stand IN Messiah, and RESIST all besieging attacks of the powers of darkness.

For the deliverance of souls under the bondage of evil spirits in possession, like when they have, after obsession, gained admittance in any degree, knowledge of God and of spiritual things is needed.

It is generally thought that "casting out" the spirit or spirits, is the only method of dealing with them. UNDERSTAND however, since the ground they obtained to gain entrance, and abide in, cannot be "cast out," it should be obvious that although the "casting out" may avail in some cases, it is not the only means of deliverance. Often that will only stop the manifestation without total deliverance. We must still deal with the occupied ground. We must take that ground back and that involves agreement with the will of the victim to take that ground back by giving up the deception or repenting of the sin. It is that TRUTH which will set free and not just quell the manifestation but give the deliverance.


Rev 12:11 And they overcame him by the BLOOD of THE LAMB, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

What is FIRST and most foundational for the overcomer? When in doubt, SHOUT, Blood of Yeshua!

Get in the habit of saying Blood of Yeshua! Blood of Yeshua! Blood of Yeshua!

Saints, we are at war. The good news is that we have ALL the nukes in this war with Lucifer, the Antichrist, the False Prophet and the whole demonic host of hell. When going to battle with the demonic hordes of hell, it is no more Mister Niceguy! Shout Blood of Yeshua! That is your nuke in spiritual warfare. Nothing is more important in this time than to know who you are IN Him. KNOW who you are called to be IN Messiah. Who you are in Him has everything to do with the Blood of Yeshua! We all need a better understanding of the POWER OF THE BLOOD OF YESHUA!

Why must you say blood of Yeshua instead of blood of Jesus? The letter "J" was only invented less than 500 years ago. The demons know His real name even if churchianity does not. You will be much more effective in spiritual warfare when using His real given Hebrew name. Use the name that the apostles and saints of the first century knew Him by. You want to use your NUKE in dealing with the demons. You want to deliver a knockout punch. That knockout punch is the BLOOD OF YESHUA! When you say Blood of Yeshua, 3 totally debilitating realities blast upon that demon's consciousness:

1) The Blood of Yeshua totally defeated all the hosts of hell almost 2000 years ago.

2) The Blood of Yeshua guarantees the eternal destiny of all the demonic horde is the eternal lake of fire.

3) They did it to their own selves. Had the princes of this world known they would not have crucified the L-rd of Glory!

Shout BLOOD of YESHUA! Alleluia Yeshua! Praise the L-rd Jesus for giving us the power of the Blood of Yeshua!

Much depends upon the cause of the possession. God is sovereign to intercede. Among the heathen, demons are frequently cast out immediately after the simple prayer of faith by the Christians. Sometimes men are delivered from demon-possession after one prayer. Others can take weeks, months, years, before they get free. These are situations where the true gifts of word of knowledge and discerning of spirits could have identified the ground. This would help the victim come to repentance and get the victim's will involved to much more quickly break the bondage. The TRUTH sets free. The true gifts of word of knowledge and discerning of spirits greatly help in taking away the ground.

FOR BELIEVERS, who have become possessed by evil spirits as a result of deception, the main principle of deliverance is them being undeceived . To deal with "possession" which is the fruit of deception, by commanding the spirits to depart, is to deal with the effect, rather than the cause. This will just stop the manifestation and bring about only temporary relief, with the danger of the evil spirit returning quickly to his "house." His house is the ground which gave him lodgment. Identify the ground before you take it back.

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. Believers who discover themselves to be possessed through deception, should therefore seek light upon the ground through which the evil spirits entered. Then repent and give it up. It is by ground given that they obtain access, and it is by ground removed that they depart. It is for this reason that emphasis is placed in "War on the Saints" upon the understanding of truth, rather than upon the aspect of the casting out of demons. This is written for the deliverance of believers deceived and possessed through accepting counterfeits of the working of God.

Deceived and possessed believers should also be taught the fundamental principle of the attitude of the HUMAN WILL in relation to God, and Satan, and his deceiving spirits. The Scriptures are full of this truth. "If any man willeth to do His will, he shall know . ." (John 7: 17); "he that will, let him take . ." (Rev. 22: 17).

Let it be emphasized again: deceiving spirits MUST GET the consent of the man's WILL before they can enter, and are permitted by the victim's will as to how far they enter. This they do by counterfeit and deception. They can only obtain the believer's surrender to their power, by pretending to be God. In fact, obsession, and possession, in all cases, both of regenerate and unregenerate, is based upon deception and "wiles." It is not until a man is very fully under the power of Satan that he willfully, and knowingly, yields himself up to him.

Deliverance, therefore, requires the ACTIVE exercise of the WILL, which must, in reliance upon the strength of God, and in the face of all bluffs, and suffering, be kept steadily set against the powers of darkness. This is how to nullify previous consent to their working.

Deceiving spirits also counterfeit God in His holiness, and in His righteousness. The effect in such a case is to make the believer afraid of God, and to shrink away from, and loathe all spiritual things. They try to terrorize those who are timid and fearful. They influence those who yearn for power. They draw into their control those who are open to the attraction of love and happiness.


It is NEVER safe in ANY case to feel God's presence with the PHYSICAL senses. It is beyond doubt a counterfeit "presence"--a subtle snare of the enemy to gain a footing in the man. This is one reason why some who have urged upon other believers their need of a "realization of God"--meaning a felt presence in the atmosphere, or within them--have, to their grief and dismay, lost the "realization" they themselves had, and sunk into darkness, and numbness of feeling. These believers did not know this is the direct result of all supernatural manifestations to the senses. The victim usually looks for the cause of the breakdown, or "deadness" to spiritual things, in "overstrain" or "sin," and not to the realization experience he rejoiced in.

The normal condition of the physical senses being awake and ready for use, is plainly to be seen in all Bible records of men in direct communication with God. Paul in a "trance" (Acts 22: 18), had full possession of his physical senses, and intelligent use of mind and tongue. This is very recognizable in John on Patmos. His physical being was prostrate from the weakness of the natural man in the unveiled presence of the glorified Lord. But after the quickening touch of the Master, his full intelligence was in use, and his mind clearly at work, in power to grasp and retain all that was being said and shown to him (Rev. 1: 10-19).

The DIFFERENCE between the Bible records of the revelations of God, and the conditions of the men to whom they were given, and the records of many of the supernatural manifestations today, GIVE THE PRINCIPLE TO REVEAL THE DIFFERENCE. There is a striking DIFFERENCE between the pure Divine working, and the Satanic counterfeits of God:

1.God requires the RETENTION of the USE of the will, and physical senses being AWAKE and READY for USE.

2.Satan's counterfeit manifestations REQUIRE the LOSS of personal control through PASSIVITY.

We will look at what is called "clairvoyance" and "clairaudience." These are the power to see and the power to hear. Clairvoyance is the seeing of supernatural things. Clairaudience is the hearing of supernatural words. There is a true seeing and hearing. There is a false seeing and hearing of supernatural things. They result either from a Divine gift, which is the true (Rev. 1:10-12); or an EVIL PASSIVE STATE. The passive state PROVES the counterfeit.


It is falsely said that clairvoyance and clairaudience powers are "natural gifts." They are really the result of an evil state, in which evil spirits are able to manifest their power and presence. Crystal gazing is also merely a means of inducing this passive state. All the various methods in vogue in the East and elsewhere, to bring about the manifestations and workings of supernatural powers are evil. The principle is the same. The key to all these, and other Satanic workings in humans is the need of the suspension of the mental activity. True revelations from God requires the mental faculties and powers to be unhindered, and in full operation.

The people at the foot of Mount Sinai "saw God," yet they were not "passive." Vision--whether mental or physical--is really active and not passive. If it is of God it is not separated from your will, your self-control, and your personal action. "Visions" may be either physical, mental or spiritual.


In writing under the control of evil spirits the same principle is manifested. The control of the will and mental action is suspended:--

1.The person writes what he hears dictated audibly in a supernatural way.

2.He writes what he sees presented to his mind supernaturally, sometimes with rapidity as if compelled.

3.He writes automatically, as his hand is moved, without any mental, or self control.

In descriptive writing, or writing from what is supernaturally presented to the mind, the words may pass before the mental vision as clearly as if they were seen by the physical eye, sometimes in letters of fire, or light. The same may take place in public speaking, when the speaker may describe what is presented to the mental vision--that is, if his mind is in a passive state--thinking that all is "illumination by the Holy Spirit." WRONG! The Holy Spirit requires an active, not passive, mind and self-control.

This may take place in some, in such a refined degree, that the man is deceived into thinking that it comes from a "brilliant mind," "gifts of imagination," "delicate power of poetic description." In fact, none of it is the real product of his own mind. It is not the outcome of thought , but the seizing of subtly presented "pictures" given at the moment when writing or speaking. It can be tested by its fruits; being (1) empty of tangible results, and sometimes (2) mischievous in suggestion. Certain sentences may be intermingled with words of truth, and still be subversive of the pure gospel. There is no spiritual substance at the back of the beautiful words. There is no permanent result in the salvation of the unregenerate. There is no building up of believers.


It is possible that this may be the hidden cause of the temporary character of Missions carried out on a wide scale. They may seem to be fruitful. They quickly pass away like the morning cloud in a few brief weeks. The speakers gave the truths of the gospel. Yet they have preached from mental presentations. The preaching was not from the source of the spirit in cooperate action with the Holy Spirit. The powers of darkness have nothing to fear from words--even words of gospel truth--if there is no resurrection life in them from the source of the Spirit of God. That there are spurious conversions on a wide scale permitted by the spirits of evil, is now beyond question. It is easy for them to, apparently, let go their captives when it suits their plans to deceive the people of God. There is much in the religious movements of today which absorbs the energy of Christians. It appears to extend the Kingdom of God. Yet it leaves undisturbed the kingdom of the spirits of the air.

In automatic writing and speaking the mind is passive. The man writes, or speaks, not what comes from the normal action of the mind, but what he sees presented to him.

Let us no longer be ignorant of the existence of evil spirits, and their unceasing schemes to deceive every child of God. Let us understand and be aware of the danger of fulfilling the conditions for their working. The vast majority of Christians do not know that in the ordinary circumstances of life they can be opening themselves to the deceptions of supernatural beings. These foes are looking to gain admittance and to use the servants of God. What about the speaker who seeks to depend on "supernatural help," and does not keenly use his brain in alert spiritual "thinking?" He practically cultivates a passive condition which the enemy may make use of to the fullest degree. Many have unknowingly allowed evil influence in their life. These can be manifested in unaccountable attacks of all kinds, with, apparently, no ground given by him in life or action.

The same may be true of an author, who in some way, unknown to himself, has become passive in some faculty, or part of his inner life. Thereby one may open himself to the supernatural "presentations" of evil spirits. Of course he believes his speaking or writing is illumination from God.


In writing under Divine guidance, three factors are required:

1.A spirit indwelt by, and moved by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1: 21).

2.An alert and renewed mind, in active power of apprehension and intelligent thinking (1 Cor. 14: 20).

3.A body under the complete control of the spirit and volition of the man (See 1 Cor. 9: 27).

In writing or speaking under the control of evil spirits, a man is not truly "spiritual," for his spirit is not in use. What appears "spiritual" is the work of supernatural powers manifesting their spirit power on, and through, the passive mind of the man, apart from his spirit. But in writing under the guidance of God it is not given by dictation, as to a recorder. Rather it is by the movement of the Holy Spirit in the man's spirit. The man is then truly spiritual. The source being in the spirit, and not in the mind. The Scriptures bear the marks of their having been written in this way. "Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost (2 Pet. 1: 21). They spake from God," but as men they received and uttered, or wrote the truth given in the spirit, but transmitted through the full use of their God enlightened faculties.

Paul's writings all show the fulfillment of the three requirements.

1) His spirit being open to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

2) His mind in full use, and his body an obedient instrument under the control of the spirit

3) His mind renewed for apprehending the deep things of God.


In Paul, we see the clear discrimination possessed by a spiritual man. He was able to recognize what came from God in his spirit, and what was the product of his own thought in the exercise of his judgment as a servant of God.

The records of most "supernatural revelations" today, almost entirely show (1) the absence of the requirements for true Divine manifestations; and (2) of having fulfilled the law for the workings of evil spirits; and the passive suspension of the use of the mental faculties, with the consequent emptiness, and sometimes childish folly, of the words said to have been "spoken by God," and the lack of purpose of the "visions," and other manifestations.

Let the conditions necessary for evil spirits to work in the human frame be fulfilled, and then no experience of the past, no dignity of position, no intellectual training, or knowledge, will protect the believer from their counterfeit manifestations.

Consequently, the deceiver will do anything and everything to engender passivity in the children of God, in any form whatsoever, either in spirit, soul or body; for he knows that sooner or later he will gain the ground then given. It can therefore be said unhesitatingly, that if the law for evil spirits to work is fulfilled, in the non-use of the mind and faculties, evil spirits will work and deceive the very elect of God.


It may be asked why evil spirits want the body, and why they so persistently work to gain access and possession?

1.Because in it they find "rest" (Matt. 12: 43), and seem to find some relief for themselves in some way we do not know.

But still more than this:

2.Because the body is the outlet of the soul and spirit; and if they can control the exterior, they can thereby control the inner man at the center by hindering his freedom of action in the great spiritual battle about to reach its climax.

In the case of the believer, they do not destroy the life at the center. But they can imprison it, so that the inner man, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, is unable to attack and destroy their kingdom and works. When the evil spirits gain possession of a believer's body and mind in any degree, all previous spiritual growth is practically of no service value. In the spiritual section of the Body of Messiah, a great number of believers need light for freedom from what limits them. Their spiritual growth is checked and hindered by the dulling of their faculties, the clog of misconceptions and deceptions in their minds, or weakness and disease in their bodies. These conditions also block flow of the Holy Spirit indwelling the spirit, so that the life of Jesus cannot be manifested through them. They are hindered in the using of the mind for the transmission of truth, or in the strengthening and using of the body in active effective service.

When the outer man is set free of the deceiving spirits, it does not bring life in Messiah into existence, but into freedom of operation. All this may be in various degrees, for all believers are not in the same degree of bondage. There are degrees of (1) inner spiritual growth; of (2) mixture in the life, of workings of God from the spirit, and evil spirits in the outer man; of (3) passivity of the man in spirit, soul and body, resulting in (4) degrees of "possession."

The moment ground is given, in any degree, to evil spirits, the faculties are dulled by them, or become passive through non-use. Their aim is to substitute themselves for the person in all his actions, and so to gain entrance to him. They do this by means of his passive mind, will, and body. They intertwine themselves in his innermost being. They seek to control him and use him for their own purposes. The man meanwhile believing that God is working, and acting instead of himself, and he is deceived, thinking he is is becoming "God-possessed."

Believers in such a degree of possession by deceiving spirits then have "supernatural power." They can, in a supernatural way, get from the spirits in control of them, and give forth from them as their transmitters, many supernatural workings, or manifestations such as:

The getting and transmitting of "Revelations."

The power of "Prophecy."

The power of divination.

The receiving and giving of impressions, supernaturally.

The getting of specific "guidance," supernaturally.

The foretelling of events.

The power of writing automatically, or otherwise.

The receiving and giving of information.

The receiving of interpretations.

The getting of visions.

Such a possessed believer may also obtain power:

Of listening to spirit beings.

Of concentration necessary for listening.

Of getting knowledge, supernaturally.

Of holding communication and communion supernaturally.

Of translating, criticizing, correcting, judging.

Of getting and giving suggestions.

Of getting and giving messages.

Of dealing with obstacles, supernaturally.

Of receiving and giving "meanings" to facts and imaginations.

Of giving supernatural meanings to natural facts; and natural meanings to supernatural facts.

Of being led and controlled.

Many of these manifested workings of the evil spirits in possession of the believer, appear to be the working of the man himself. He is actually incapable naturally of these actions. He may have no "natural" power of "translating, criticizing," or judging. Yet the spirits in possession can give him power for so doing and create a false personality, in the eyes of others, who think him possessed of such and such "gifts" (naturally). They will be disappointed when he will not use them, if they do not know that he is unable to "manifest" or use such supposed "gifts," except at the will of the spirits in control of him.

When the deceived believer discovers such manifestations to be the fruit of possession, and refuses any longer to be the slave of the lying spirits of Satan, such "gifts" cease to exist. This is the time when the undeceived man is persecuted by the revengeful spirits of evil. They will suggest to others that he has "lost his power," or "backslid" in his spiritual life. The truth is that he is being liberated from the effects of their wicked and fiendish workings.


The following examples show how the deceiving spirits may substitute themselves, and their own working in the believer's life, through his misconceptions of spiritual truth.

1. Substitution in speaking.

Text: "It is not ye that speak . . ." (Matt. 10: 20).

Believers think that this means Divine substitution for their speaking. That God will speak through them. The man says, "I must not speak, God is to do so," and he "surrenders" his mouth to God to be His mouthpiece, bringing about passivity of the lips and vocal organs, which are abandoned for usage to the supernatural power which he thinks is God.

Result: (a) The man himself does not speak; (b) God does not speak, because He makes no man an automaton; (c) evil spirits speak, as the condition of passivity is fulfilled for their doing so. The outcome is the substitution of evil spirits in possession and control of the believer. This will come particularly in the form of supernatural "messages" which increasingly demand his PASSIVE obedience. In due time this will bring about a destructive condition wholly unforeseen by him.

2. Substitution in memory.

Text: "Shall bring all things to your remembrance" (John 14: 26).

Believers think this means that they need not use the memory. God will bring all things to their mind.

Result: (a) the man himself does not use his memory; and (b) God does not use it, because He will not do so apart from the believer's co-action; (c) evil spirits use it, and substitute their workings in the place of the believer's reasoned use of his memory.

3. Substitution of conscience.

Text: "Shall hear a word behind thee saying, this is the way.." (Isa. 30: 21).

Believers look upon supernatural guidance in a voice or text directing them, as a higher form of guidance than through conscience. The man then thinks that he does not need to reason or think, but simply "obey." He follows this so-called "higher guidance," which he substitutes for his conscience.

Result: (a) he does not use his conscience; (b) God does not speak to him for automatic obedience; (c) evil spirits take the opportunity, and supernatural voices are substituted for the action of the conscience. The outcome is the substitution of evil spirit guidance in his life.

From this time the man is not influenced by what he feels or sees, or by what others say, and he closes himself to all questions, and will not reason. This substitution of supernatural guidance for the action of the conscience explains the deterioration of the moral standard in persons with supernatural experiences. They have really substituted the direction of evil spirits for their conscience. They are quite unconscious that their moral standard is lowered. Their conscience has become seared by deliberately ceasing to heed its voice; and by listening to the voices of the teaching spirits, in matters which should be decided by the conscience in respect to their being right or wrong, good or evil.

4. Substitution in decision.

Text: "It is God that worketh in you both to will . . . " Phil 2:13

The believer thinks this to mean that he is not to use his own will, for God is to will through him.

Result: (a) the man himself does not exercise his will; (b) God does not either, or he would cease to be a free agent; (c) evil spirits seize upon the passive will, and either hold it in a paralyzed condition of inability to act, or else make it domineering and strong. The apparent "Divine substitution" of God's will in the place of the man's will, turns out to be a Satanic substitution, and thus the emissaries of Satan gain a hold of the very center of the life. Eventually they will make the believer a victim to indecision and weakness in will-action, or else energizing the will to a force of mastery, even over others, which is fraught with disastrous results.


In like manner, evil spirits will not only endeavour to substitute their own workings in a man's life in the place of God, on the ground of the believer's misconception of the true way of co-acting with God; but they will also seek to substitute their workings for all the mental faculties of the man. They will work in the mind, the reason, the memory, the imagination, the judgment. This is a counterfeit of self through substitution. The person thinks it is himself all the time.

This substitution by evil spirits of themselves on the ground of the passive surrender to non-use of any part of the inner, or outer, life of the believer, is the basis of deep deception and possession among the most "surrendered" children of God. The deception and possession taking an entirely spiritual form at first. The man may have an exaggerated sense of his importance in the Body of Messiah, his "world-wide ministry," his lofty position of influence arising out of his "divine commission," his abnormal height of spirituality, and definite and almost unprecedented "experience," which makes him feel he has been placed far above other men. But a tremendous and inevitable fall awaits such an one. He ascends his pinnacle, pushed by the enemy, without any power whatsoever to control the inevitable descent, which must follow when he is undeceived. A crash being the result. The things that can be shaken, will be shaken. Then he experiences awful darkness, and the effects of possession in its true results. The effect of demon possession in its fullest climax is darkness; nothing but darkness; darkness within, darkness without; intense darkness; darkness over the past; darkness enveloping the future. Darkness surrounding God and all His ways.

Here many sink under the horror that they have committed the "unpardonable sin." Some, however, discover that their bitter experience may be turned into light for the Body of Messiah in its fight with sin and Satan. Those who have been in the camp of the enemy have heard all his secrets. They can become a terror to the forces of evil on their emergence to liberty. They better know it is a given result that they will be assailed with intensified malignity on account of their knowledge of the foe. Memorize Matt 5:11-12.

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