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Publications Order Form - January 2000

All materials are offered on a free will offering basis.

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.


1 . '"Angelic Praise " - One 90 min. tape originally recorded in Ireland with multitudes of heavenly voices praising God

2. "Discernment" - One 90 mm tape that explains the gifts of discernment through the five senses

3. "Don't Be Offended" - One 90 min tape with instructions for a clean bill of spiritual health. (Matt 11:6)

4. "Don't Take it Personally" - One 90 min tape that will revolutionize your thought life

5. "Globalism: The Invasions" -- Two 90 min tapes revealing God's plan for the coming judgment on America. Divine interventions and visions given to Henry.

6. "Henry's Six Hours in Heaven" -- Two 90 min tapes that includes testimony from two experiences of Henry's while he soared through the heavens and walked 'the streets of gold', emphasizing Heaven's atmosphere and the white raiment of the saints

7. '"How to Commune with God" -- Two 90 rnin tapes. A teaching and testimony about Henry's personal relationship and walk with his Heavenly Father

8. "I Saw Subs ,Attack America!" - Two 90 min tapes. A lecture by Henry giving his visions and much information documenting the threat: to the U S A by Russia and her allies

9. "Judith Sings" - One 60 mln tape of Henry's wife singing many scriptural songs the Lord gave her self-accompanied with her electronic-amplified autoharp

10. "Purging America" ,-One 90 min. tape Excellent follow-up teaching to The Russian Invasion" tapes. Gives Biblical reasons why America is ripe for invasion. Includes many of Henry's other visions concerning God's plan to purge, as well as visions concerning God's interventions.

11. "Remitting Sins" - Two 90 min. tapes This series teaches on the redeeming of man and creation and will revolutionize your prayer life. Much scripture is given along with the testimonies.

12. "The Ark of the Covenant" - Two 90 min. tapes. An in-depth scriptural explanation of why the Ark of the Covenant was located where Ron Wyatt discovered it.

13. "Judah's Rebirth & The Church Glorious" - Two 90 min tapes. A comparison teaching of Natural Judah and The Church spiritually overcoming in the latter days.

14. "The Glory of God" - One 90 min tape Testimonies of Henrys encounters with the Glory of God

15. "The Rebirth of Judah" - One 90 min tape gives a Biblical explanation of the impact this birth will have on the world and Israel, with specific signs leading up to this event

16. "The Russian Invasion" - Two 90 min tapes 'Testimony of Henry's Dec '86 vision of the invasion of America. Biblical perspectives from Ezekiel 38

17. "The Russian Invasion II" -- (Update) - Two 90 min tapes. Recorded Jan '97. Gives confirming updates of events that are leading to the fulfillment of the invasion.

18. "What is His Mark & Number of His Name" -Two 90 min tapes of an account of Henry's walking and praying the paths of the Crusades across 8 western European countries.

19. "Prayer Walking" BOOK - A 77-page paperback handbook / teaching guide. Henry's first book. An excellent tool for Bible study groups desiring greater understanding in spiritual warfare