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By Jim Searcy


At the end of this article is a very brief summary of the STATISTICAL
HEALTH Risk Facts related to homosexuality.


Why is it a hate crime to speak the truth to the homosexual? Why are the homosexuals not told that their median life expectancy is proven to be about half of the normal median life expectancy? Why are homosexuals not told that 4 out of 5 homosexuals have a sexually transmitted disease? Why are the homosexuals not told that Sodomy KILLS? Why is it a hate crime to tell homosexuals the truth that they can be set free from bondage to that sin? Why are the homosexuals not told they are 10 times more likely to commit suicide? Why are homosexuals not told they are 100 times more likely to be killed by partner abuse? Why are homosexuals not told the truth that the words Christian and homosexual can not be used together because they are mutually exclusive? ABSOLUTELY, EXPLICITLY, AND UNEQUIVOCABLY, THERE CAN BE NO SUCH THING AS CHRISTIAN HOMOSEXUALS. Yes, God said so, no matter what reprobate liar says otherwise. It is a most certain sign of the antichrist war on the saints that such truth can NOT be told even in some so-called Christian churches.


The homosexual problem is NOT an unsolvable problem. Many would teach that the problem is not changeable but what is the TRUTH, and what are the facts? There is plenty of evidence for real change of sexual orientation from the perversion of homosexuality. The possibility of change is proven. It is a proven matter of CHOICE. The fact that some people have changed does not mean that all people WILL change. The WILL is the real issue. To change does require an act of the will. One must be willing to receive and acknowledge the truth, to be set free from the bondage of homosexuality or any other sin. Do professing homosexuals want to receive and acknowledge the truth? A few do, and most will not. However, the evidence is compelling, explicit, and conclusive, that homosexuals CAN change if they are willing to receive and acknowledge the truth. If they love their sin, if they choose to reject, and will not acknowledge the truth, then they WILL not change. They WILL not because they WILLINGLY choose to reject the truth. However, the proof remains conclusive that any individual who desires to change may find it possible to do so.

First of all we should understand that homosexuality has roots. Homosexuals are not born they are recruited. There are many lies about homosexuality that cause someone bound in homosexuality to think that there is no way out. The truth can set the homosexual free. The lies that are promoted about homosexuality are designed to keep the victim of homosexuality held firmly in that bondage.

Homosexuality is not inborn. We KNOW that because of what the God, who IS the TRUTH personified, has said on the subject. However, in addition to the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of the Word of God on the subject, there is also true science and conclusive scientific proof for the truth that people are NOT born homosexuals. 

There are many studies that have indicated that tendencies toward alcoholism or depression are inherited. Except for the fact that the iniquity of the fathers may be visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate God, apart from that fact, real Christians will uphold the truth that homosexuals are NOT born that way. Even if one were to believe such a lie, why is not the same logic applied to alcoholism, that alcoholism is an "acceptable alternative lifestyle?" Christian duty is to provide the TRUTH to help people who suffer alcoholism, homosexuality, or any other sinful way, to find healing and freedom from such bondage. Only the TRUTH will, or can, set anyone free of any form of bondage to sin. 

Real Christians, who KNOW the truth, will reject the view that homosexuality is genetically determined, At the same time, we do recognize that the circumstances and pressures that cause any man or woman to eventually conclude and profess they are a homosexual can be traced through every stage of an individual's growth and development. Homosexuality has become such a big deal, and such a growing problem, because it is a part of the antichrist war on the saints. Yes, and in particular, because the CHURCH has FAILED in the strong delusion of the great falling away from THE Faith, to provide the salt and light of the TRUTH to the problem of the sin of homosexuality. 


As soon as we are born we begin taking in information that tells us who we are. Long before we can effectively express our feelings or have organized our thought processes, we can sense peace, warmth, comfort, and love. We can also detect the absence of peace, tension, anger, and fear. The events of one’s childhood do NOT cause someone to become lesbian or homosexual. However, such background and experience can set the stage for the problem to develop. 

I believe that the first years of any child’s life, according to the perfect will of God, is to be a life which develops a deep, secure bond of love with the mother that leads to a healthy sense of personal identity. Some have even called those first few years a time of development of basic trust. With a solid sense of identity and a confidence that one’s needs for love and care will be met, a child has a good foundation for growth and development in a life free from the bondage of the sin of homosexuality. 

When this foundation is disrupted, the child is vulnerable to all kinds of problems. The disruption of this early foundation of life can be seen by withdrawal, apathy, passivity, or by intense aggression and uncontrolled emotion. When the normal foundations are disrupted there can develop an inner emptiness, and even an inordinate affection, to find attachment to people to whom they may find acceptance, and in whom they may place their trust. Such disruption in early life can cause an overwhelming desire to attach and find their identity in another person. This is why it is so important for Christian parents to train up a child in the way they should go, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and that they be encouraged to find trust in Him whose name is called the Word of God.

Rejection is a major problem for all people. If you have not read the GJiGT article on the SPIRIT OF REJECTION, just do so. http://www.moresureword.com/reject.htm It is safe to say that everyone experiences some degree of rejection in their early years. But when a little boy fails to connect with his father, or a little girl does not form a close relationship with her mother, the groundwork is laid for future sexual identity struggles. 


Boys who are born with a sensitive, spontaneous, inventive nature can be more vulnerable to disruptions in their relationships with their fathers. If a little boy who is sensitive, and perhaps introverted, experiences rejection and ridicule from his dad, the statistics would show that he is much more likely to have sexual identity struggles later on. Yet, if this love insufficiency is filled by a loving grandfather, stepfather, or older brother, then the sexual identity problems are almost always averted and greatly reduced.

Often girls are expected to be soft, sweet, and compliant. I am greatly honored to be the father of a daughter, who at the moment of birth, arrived in a fit of total rage. Even the doctor and nurses were shocked. She is quite an honor and a confident heterosexual woman. However, there is credible scientific data that statistically would show that if a mother has great difficulty in accepting an aggressive, active daughter, the little girl will always feel wounded and rejected. This can often cause her to distance herself from her mother, cutting herself off from the very source of love she needs to help her grow into her own female identity. There are credible statistical studies that indicate that girls with this same-sex love insufficiency are more vulnerable to future lesbian recruitment.
In the grade school years, home and family still are very important in shaping our identities. However, in grade school is when the powerful forces of peer pressure kick in. The little boy who is already estranged from his father is now probably getting the same treatment from his peers, along with some nasty labeling and name-calling, because kids can be cruel to one another. It is common for children to call other children names like calling them a sissy. This is where participation in team sports can be quite valuable, but often the young boy, rather than face the possible humiliation that is part of team sport participation, turns to computers or television. They might find other shy and withdrawn boys like themselves and even begin some sexual experimentation. 

For girls, in the first few grades, a tomboy is not so likely to experience teasing and rejection from other girls. However, today our sexually-oriented culture presses children toward premature puberty. Often starting in kindergarten and surely by second or third grade, most little girls are concerned about being pretty, popular, having the right clothes, and giggling about boyfriends. The girl who does not  share these interests, who truly prefers sports, roughhousing, and being buddies with the boys, is probably starting to feel disconnected from other girls.

Sadly, in the terminal generation of today, sexual abuse of children is all too common. Credible scientific statistical studies have shown that  the single factor that most powerfully propels a girl toward a lesbian identity is sexual molestation, incest, or rape. Incest, sexual contact with a family member, or regular caretaker is the most common and damaging form of sexual abuse. Usually, the perpetrator is a male, although women can be abusers, too. Incest wreaks incredible devastation because a child is betrayed and violated by the very people she should be trusting to care for and protect her. Often the molested child will think, I must be a horrible person for something like this to happen to me! The abuser may threaten to harm or even kill the child if she ever divulges the secret.

Children can not deal with the trauma of such events, and typically will minimize the abuse and many may bottle it up completely. The incredible rage, hurt, and indignation goes deep inside them. This rage and hurt can later be seen in women found to have total rejection of men, and a turning exclusively to women for love and affirmation. 

It is in junior high school where the full significance of such labels as queer really hits hardest. It is in this time when the first strong rushes of sexual attraction come surging up. Given the SORRY STATE of public education, with affirmative action homosexual teacher hiring quotas in many school districts, and the PERVERTED sex education classes which children are forced to endure, it is no wonder that the homosexual problem is growing. Often it is the teachers and the perverted sex education classes in the public schools, which cause so many junior high school students today to go in the wrong direction of the bondage of the sin of homosexuality.



The antichrist homosexual tolerant society does NOT influence most high school kids to want to be homosexuals. However, the societal tolerance of open homosexuality, and the tolerance of public homosexual activism, is a major antichrist force to turn young people in a wrong direction. MOST HIGH SCHOOL TEENAGERS DO NOT WANT TO BE HOMOSEXUAL – THE ANTICHRIST AGENDA OF TOLERANCE OF HOMOSEXUALITY, AND TOLERANCE OF THE LIES SURROUNDING HOMOSEXUALITY, TURN THEM IN THE WRONG DIRECTION, THAT THEY DO NOT WANT TO GO. Most teenagers who discover same-sex attractions repress them, ignore them, and hope they will go away. Even those who act out homosexually resist accepting the so-called gay homosexual label. Many get into opposite-sex dating in hopes of drowning out their homosexual feelings. Many boys and girls experiment homosexually during grade school and junior high. This does NOT mean they will be homosexual and usually their feelings of sexual attraction are directed heterosexually. Public school sex education, antichrist television, and the church’s failure to be salt and light in holding up the truth on the issue of the sin of homosexuality is a BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM. 

The final development of a lesbian, or homosexual identity, usually comes in the ten years AFTER high school. The ten years AFTER high school opens all kinds of options. Young people in that ten year period AFTER high school generally leave preventive influences of parents, and the people they grew up with. Many people use the ten years AFTER high school, to try anything in the search for life's direction and identity. With such confusion as homosexual preachers, homosexual teachers, in so-called Christian churches, with the absence of TRUTH and salt and light of the Word of God on the subject, it is no wonder why the homosexual problem is growing and leading to the same sort of judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Going to college or becoming part of the working world opens areas of self-expression that were almost unthinkable just forty years ago. Without the salt and light of the Word of God being proclaimed in the churches, and with the confusion of the churches not even enforcing or seeming to believe biblical principles, there should be little wonder over such confusion young people find today.


In those ten years AFTER high school, if a woman has any inclination toward lesbian feelings, that is the time she will most likely go that direction. The ten years AFTER high school is when homosexuality is established. Most women stop short of physical involvement, but form inappropriately close and exclusive relationships with other women, which are referred to as inordinate affections, or emotional dependencies. For most men, who find a homosexual tendency in high school, the biggest post-high school decision is whether or not to be openly identified as gay, or to maintain a straight image, while possibly secretly indulging in homosexual behavior. There are many ways that men and women make the decision, that they are homosexuals. However, the pressure from our antichrist culture of tolerance, and the church’s failure to be salt and light regarding the sin and bondage of homosexuality, are big factors that can NOT be denied.


For anyone struggling with the problem of the sin and bondage of homosexuality, I would recommend the Exodus International internet web site http://www.exodus.to/ which has comprehensive information on the subject.


Below is a very brief summary of the STATISTICAL HEALTH Risk Facts related to homosexuality. Real Christians are NOT homophobes. Real Christians love the homosexual enough to tell them the truth, and how they may be set free from the sin of homosexual behavior, which will otherwise would cut their life expectancy in half. No real Christian denomination will publically allow homosexual ministers, which would be proof that any such denomination is NOT Christian. Openly homosexual ministers, openly proves any denomination to be Reprobate and Apostate. Even the homosexual ministers in the Apostate Roman Catholic Church know they must keep their homosexual behavior in the closet. Even Rome’s apostate denomination, with so many homosexual ministers, could not possibly claim to be Christian, if Rome did not prevent their clergy from being openly homosexual. One can be a professing Christian or a professing homosexual but NEVER BOTH. There are NO Christian homosexuals. There are Reprobate and Apostate Christians. But there is no such thing as a Christian homosexual. God IS God, and God has made it very clear in the His More Sure Word that there is no such thing as a Christian homosexual.

Short Summary of HEALTH FACTS Related to Homosexual Behavior

74% of AIDS cases originated with homosexual contact.

23.1% of male homosexuals, 39% of female homosexuals are raped, physically assaulted, and/or stalked by a cohabitating partner at some time in their lives.

25-33% of homosexual men and women are alcoholics.

50% of Suicide victims are homosexual.

78% of homosexuals have one or more Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Homosexuals are 100 times more likely to be killed by partner abuse than heterosexuals.

The median age of death of a Lesbian is 45.

The median age of death of a homosexual man without AIDS is 42, with AIDS is 39.


The sexual activities of homosexuals inevitably lead to a whole range of viral and bacterial infections that can result in sterility, cancer and death.

A 1999 study published in the American Journal of Public Health indicated that homosexuals are FIVE TIMES as likely to have Hepatitis B as their heterosexual counterparts. The study goes on to report that 25% of homosexuals have rectal Gonorrhea and Gonorrhea of the throat is prevalent because of oral sex practices. More than 50% of homosexual males have the Human Papilloma Virus. Homosexuals are acquiring Syphilis in record numbers. The CDC released two reports on Syphilis in February, 2001. One report said that Syphilis rates had
declined by 22% in the U.S. since 1997. The second indicated that Syphilis rates among homosexuals in Southern California had risen from 26% to 51% in one year. The report also noted that in Southern California alone, 60% of Syphilis-infected homosexuals were also HIV positive.

Homosexuals are at high risk for spreading Tuberculosis. In June-August 1998, the Baltimore Health Department tracked the spread of TB by four black transgendered homosexual
prostitutes. They had infected 22 others with TB through their sexual activities. TB infection was also spread from Baltimore to New York City.

Dr. John Diggs, Jr., has recently published statistics on the serious health consequences of engaging on homosexual sodomy. His report, “The Health Risks of Gay Sex,” was published by the Corporate Resource Council. This report is downloadable at:

Dr. Diggs notes, “A compassionate response to requests for social approval and recognition of gay, lesbian, or bisexual relationships is NOT to assure gays and lesbians that homosexual relationships are just like heterosexual ones, but to point out the health risks of gay sex and promiscuity. Approving same-sex relationships is detrimental to employers, employees, and society in general.”

Homosexual sex leads to serious venereal diseases, anal and oral cancer, and death from HIV infection. This behavior must be discouraged. Homosexuality should NOT be promoted as an alternative lifestyle. SODOMY KILLS.


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