By Jim Searcy


May I ask a very serious question? Is God an end or is He a means? Our Laodicean terminal generation honors success. As long as a person can get things done, or get the job done, then such a one is honored. People today will say well done.


Why this is so important, and where we are going? The issue is so very essential in these glorious, perilous, last days of strong delusion and the great falling away from THE Faith. It is essential that we ask ourselves NOW, regarding our circumstances in this pilgrimage in which we now live - Are we going to serve God, or serve men in the name of God. Have we considered how this relates to - Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain?


Have we considered how this relates to the performance of our religious activities? Are we looking for a place that will give us recognition? That is the apostate Purpose Driven Church. Are we looking for a place that will give us acceptance? That is the apostate Purpose Driven Church. Are we looking for a place where we can shine in terms of those values, which are important to us?


So you feel like a lone sparrow on the roof top? You say you feel like there are no other people of REAL Faith anymore? GOOD. Yes, good, you should feel like that, in such a time as this. Even if it hurts, yes, it is a good sign, in such a time, if you feel like you are the only one.


Some people have religious jobs in the church business. Some have sold themselves to their church business. If somebody comes along who will give them a bigger salary, a bigger church, a bigger group of people to serve in the name of God, they are prepared to sell themselves for more money, or more people to whom to minister. Such a one has put a value upon himself and has figured that his religious service and his activities were just a means to an end. Though not perhaps being aware of the reality that God has become a means to the end he has planned.


The great apostasy had its foundations about 150 years ago in a Luciferian coordinated conflict that attacked Christianity. Darwin's theories coincided with the work of Luciferians to produce the corrupted Greek texts, which would lead to a plethora of profane bibles. As stupid as evolution may be, that is the same time frame in which those stupid theories of science, falsely so-called, began. Some acclaimed philosophers began to adapt that stupid unscientific theory to their philosophies, and some theologians began to apply it to the Scripture. Also, about 1860 the Illuminati Satanists put John Darby on their payroll to develop, with the lawyer CI Scofield, the abomination of dispensational theology, also known as, pre-trib lala land. From many directions at that same time, one can mark the opening of a frontal attack upon the Word of God.


From his first words to the human race he so hates, and passionately seeks to destroy, Satan had always been insidiously attacking the Word of God. The integrity of God is EXPLICITLY bound to the integrity of His Word. But now it was open season on the Book, open season on the Church. Voltaire, in France, declared that he would live to see the Bible become a relic, placed only in museums; that it would be utterly destroyed by the arguments that he was so forcefully presenting against it.


The philosophy of the day became humanism. Humanism declares that the end of all being is the happiness of man. The reason for manís existence is man's happiness. According to humanism, salvation is simply a matter of getting all the happiness you can out of life. We have seen the results of humanism when someone like Nietzsche, who says that the only true satisfaction in life is power, and that power is its own justification, influences someone. Anyone should see how destructive humanism can be in that perspective. Since all that matters is for the man to be happy, to become powerful, and become powerful by any means he can use, that of necessity, will produce disaster on a grand scale. This inevitably would produce a Hitler who would take the philosophy of Nietzsche as his working operating guide. This would cause Hitler to say his people were destined to rule the world. They would therefore define salvation as this objective by any means including world war and the holocaust.


Thank God the majority does not go after the extreme folly of Nietzsche. However, the vast majority still would embrace an end of being to be happiness. Yes, happiness of man, humanism, is the majority goal. Some might say happiness comes from sensual experience. That obviously took hold in France, and that track surely produced the beatniks or hippies of America. It is fundamentally that particular flavor of humanist philosophy, which led America into such gross sensuality. Some would even conclude that salvation would be nothing more than to find the most desirable way to gratify the animal, beastly, or sensual part of a person. Yes, sadly it is that far fallen away from THE Faith in some.


That is where the flawed philosophy of humanism will lead in its more or less obviously destructive forms of expression. Humanism is the devils lie, that the end of all being is the happiness of man. American humanistic philosophers like John Dewy perverted the education system. They convinced and trained the teachers that there were no absolute standards. The end of education was simply to allow the child to express himself and expand on what he is. That he would find his happiness in being what he wants to be. This is how the culture of lawlessness developed. And it was not just the schools, but the churches also, with their ANTINOMIAN abominable dispensational theology. Love was reduced to simply tolerating what every man could do, as seemed right in his own eyes. Essentially, even in the churches, the rule of God over us, was ruled out.


The Bible had been perverted, discounted, disallowed, and certainly not approved even in the churches. Notice there is a big difference in the definite article THE Bible and all of the profane counterfeits. God and His Word had been dethroned even in the churches. Reliable high level Vatican insider sources, such as Dr. Malachi Martin, even told of the highest occult ceremony ďThe Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel LuciferĒ being conducted simultaneously in the Vatican, and the highest freemason temple, 13 blocks north of the Whitehouse in Washington DC, in 1967. Some said God did not exist, yes even in churches that were supposedly called Christian. Many churches taught that God had no personal relationship to individuals. It was taught that Jesus Christ was either a myth or just a man. Underlying it all was humanism, that the whole purpose of man, was man's happiness. The individual would establish the standards of his happiness, and interpret it without God messing with his formula.


Can we see what humanism has done even in what is called fundamentalism? Fundamentalists believe in the inspiration of the Bible! Fundamentalists believe in the deity of Jesus Christ! Fundamentalists believe in hell! Fundamentalists believe in heaven! Fundamentalists believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ! But in the atmosphere of humanism, all that is still reduced and turned away from God, and man's focus shifts to the IDOL of SELF. This may be clearly seen in the apostate mega church and purpose driven church. Even in Fundamentalist humanism the teaching still says the chief end of being is the happiness of man. Humanism is like an epidemic, infecting and making everything sick everywhere.


You know the truth of this, but it is mournful to think about it. Yet we must, because of the fact that we know ONLY the truth can set us free or keep us free.    


Fundamentalists knew and recognized each other because they said, We believe these things! They were men, for the most part, that had met God. However, it was not long until having said, These are the things that establish us as fundamentalists, that the second generation said - This is how we become a fundamentalist! Believe in the inspiration of the Bible! Believe in the deity of Christ! Believe in His death, burial, and resurrection! And thereby become a fundamentalist. It did not take all that long until it seems to have swept our generation, where the whole plan of salvation was reduced to simply giving intellectual assent to a few statements of doctrine. And a person was considered a Christian because he could say, yes or Amen, at four or five places in a litany recitation of four or five spiritual laws or beliefs common to Fundamentalists. If the stranger could be taught to know where to say yes or Amen, in that short list of Fundamentalist beliefs, someone would shake his hand, and congratulate him with a big smile and say, Brother, you're saved! And once saved always saved, donít you know.


No mater, that once saved always saved is NOT biblical. No matter, that Jesus said you MUST be born again. The man was a happy, Fundamentalist Christian with just enough of the gospel to become immune to it. Making it no wonder why the Lord said of our Laodicean age, that He prefers men that are hot or cold and finds the lukewarm Laodicean Fundamental Christians SICKENING. So what happens to the people who have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge. Sooner or later they become disillusioned and disappointed with the vain powerless from of godliness, with its feigned faith and feigned affection. Some are drawn to the religious spirits of the cults or modern self-proclaimed Messianic rabbis, and other blind leaders of the blind. Still it is humanism at the root and the AX of Godís TRUTH must be laid to the root of that tree.


We better know that salvation is more than an assent to a scheme or a formula, of saying yes to four or five questions of beliefs. Sadly we do know the vast majority of what is called Fundamentalism today is that same perverse salvation of humanism and the happiness of man. Humanism even if it is called fundamental Christianity is still a big part of the strong delusion of the last days. The liberals say the end or purpose of religion is to make man happy while he is alive, and the fundamentalist say the end of religion is to make man happy when he dies. Still, can we not see that it is the happiness of man, and not the glory of God, which remains at the foundation?


Can we not see humanism and selfishness even in what now may be a global hate crime in telling someone to accept Jesus so they can go  to heaven! Because surely no one should want to go to that burning hell when there is a beautiful heaven up there! Now come to Jesus so you can go to heaven! Where is Godís glory in that particular form of fundamentalist evangelism today? It is still selfishness, it is still humanism and self idolatry.


Humanism is perhaps the most deadly and disastrous of all the philosophical garbage out of the pits of hell. The stink and corruption of humanism has undermined THE Faith. WE NEED TO SAY WITH ALL HOLY BOLDNESS THAT HUMANISM IS IN UTTER AND TOTAL OPPOSITION TO CHRISTIANITY! It is really sad how few can see it. How many are in some church either to impress the other church folk, or to think that God will give them more blessings? How many even give offerings to believe they will get a bumper crop return for their seed faith offering. God forbid. THIS IS SELFISHNESS!!! AND THIS IS SIN!!!


So is there any answer? Only ONE. Faith. Yes, only REAL Faith. Only real faith honors God. Real faith hungers to know what God said and is FULLY DETERMINED to do what God said, just because God said so. That sort of faith honors God. That sort of faith will make a difference a hundred years from now. The rest of what is called faith is phony baloney.


How will someone get faith listening to a preacher or teacher who is so blind as not to know the difference between a Holy and a profane bible? I say it has to start there. Because that is where the devil started his attack on faith with the human race when he said, Yea, Hath God said? Yes, it has to start there, because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. We must KNOW we have the word of God that we have the word of God, if our faith will be based upon Godís integrity and not mans.


If you have not read that link, and the shorter links with it, just try to do so. For faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Faith does not come by alternate renderings which leave you wondering Ė Yea, Hath God said?


NO Ė The purpose of everything is NOT the happiness of man no matter how it may be covered and hidden with evangelical terms. NO - Biblical Sound Doctrine does NOT establish the kingdom of heaven for the happiness of man.  NO - Jesus Christ is not come in the flesh for the happiness of man. NO - All the angels do NOT exist for the happiness of man. NO - Everything is NOT for the happiness of man! THAT IS SELF-IDOLATRY. It may be the Purpose of the Purpose Driven Church, but, it is NOT the Purpose for which Christ Died. Some will surely say, Does not God intend to make man happy? YES Ė but as a by-product and not the main reason. Man was created for the glory of God. Faith, REAL Faith, is the only thing that really honors God and glorifies God.


Fear not: for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west; I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not back: bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends of the earth; Even every one that is called by my name: for I have CREATED HIM FOR MY GLORY, I have formed him; yea, I have made him. Isa 43:5-7

Rev 4:11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive GLORY and HONOUR and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Luke 18:8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find FAITH on the earth?