Jew Hatred
The Antichrist Plan to Destroy Israel

No hatred is like Jew hatred. Anti-Semitism is the longest hatred in history. While people may disagree about the age of planet earth, they are forced to agree that the age of recorded history is about 4,000 years. For the entire history of history, anti-Semitism has infected the majority of peoples, religions, and civilizations. Anti-Semitism now rages in Western Europe as it does in the Middle East and the rest of the world. Why? Because humankind loves to hate, naturally blame-shifts, and does not acknowledge the truth of this fact and reality.

Men who are otherwise brilliant, can find no single, simple, cause for this phenomenon of anti-Semitism. The scholars continue to be blind regarding the simple truth that Jew hatred remains one of the very few constants in the 4,000 year history of change on planet Earth. Otherwise intelligent scholars, regard every outbreak of this constant, unchanging, reality of Jew hatred, as unique. Men of otherwise great insight remain blind to the constant line of anti-Semitism from the ancient world to that of today. There is a constant of Jew hatred. It is the constant blind spot of the human race. Whether it is the attack on the Jews of Alexandria in 38 AD, or the attacks 200 years earlier in ancient Jerusalem, Jew hatred is constant. Whether it is the Dreyfus affair in 1890's France, or Kristallnacht in late 1930's Germany, otherwise intelligent men, remain blind to what a child can see. The popes, philosophers, professors, pooh-bahs, and potentates continue to be blind to the simple recurring cause. They continue to see the events of history, surrounding that constant of history, as a mix of political, social, economic, cultural, and religious forces, that preclude the possibility of discerning the truth of the simple cause.

Is there any real difference between the religiously based hatred of the Middle Ages and the racially based hatred of the modern era? To the Jewish victim, NO. Truth puts the responsibility for the anti-Semitic waves that engulfed Europe from the age of Constantine to the dawn of the Enlightenment, at the foot of the Roman Catholic Church and its offshoots. The enlightened voices tell us that the turmoil over the course of the next three centuries, was the byproduct of the rise of nationalism. People may hear no other reason today; because, in the globally enlightened world of today, nationalism, or patriotism, is bad or evil. Everyone is to know we are on the global road to peace and security. Don't you like to believe that? That lie is the best seller today because it is the only lie we hear.

The blame shifting nature of humans, has always had a natural place to shift the blame. Today's moral, ethical, and religious experts even defined the term in 1993. Yes, in 1993, the combined top religious leaders of the entire planet, gave the world the global ethic. The global ethic gave us the term "not authentically human." That is nice. Don't ask an adult, ask a child. Children anywhere on planet earth, can tell you what "not authentically human" means. Children can tell you, because they heard if from the adults, and don't know you are not supposed to say the incomprehensible truth. The answer is the same answer Frederick the Great got, when he demanded an immediate proof that there is a God. "The Jews, your majesty." Yes, the Jews being humanity's place to shift the blame, and the fact that the Jews still exist as an identifiable people group, proves the reality of God. That the Jews still exist also proves the sinful nature of humans, as they continue to blame everything on them, and persecute them, just because they are Jews. The natural way to deal with any human problem, is blame shifting. The constant of the last 4,000 years of change, is that weaker group of "not authentically human" people to blame, the Jews. That is the constant solution for whatever is troubling the authentically human people. The Jews constantly fill that role of the group to blame by humankind's need to blame those who are ethnically, religiously, or racially different.

The fact that anti-Semitism is now raging in Western Europe is undeniable. Russian anti-Semitism under Stalin, and German anti-Semitism under Hitler had systematic, government-imposed, discrimination against Jews. The anti-Semitism now raging in Western Europe has been given lip service condemnation by the governments. This makes the Jew hatred now raging in Western Europe more disturbing. It shatters the illusion that democratic governments are an answer to Jew hatred. The idea that a Jewish state could be an answer is quickly being shattered. Anti-Semitism did not stop with the founding of the state of Israel. A very rapidly increasing number of people today, including some Jews, are convinced that anti-Semitism will end only with the disappearance of the Jewish state. Does anyone wonder or care what God says about that?

God has spoken very clearly on the subject. God has given very dramatic proof, and mountains of hard physical evidence, that He means what He said, about the subject. The reality is that Jew hatred, or Jew blaming, is proof of enmity of any man for God. God said so, believe it or go to hell. It really is that simple.

Regardless of whatever any Jew hating or Jew blaming man believes or thinks, the fact is, that he does NOT KNOW God. Of course, he thinks he does. However, the truth is that God IS God. The god that the Jew hater, or Jew blamer knows, even if he calls him Jesus Christ, is not the REAL Jesus Christ. The god he knows is a god of his own vain imagination, who will, in the long run, do him no more good than faith in Harvey the six foot invisible rabbit. The people of this world simply are at enmity with the truth. The One who is the truth personified, remains rejected. His message is either not heard, rejected, perverted, or denied. The people of this world, with very, very, few exceptions, maintain enmity for the One Who IS their Creator, Redeemer, Judge, King and INDEED the ONLY TRUE GOD. The truth revealed more and more fully, over the history of history, is that God would and did appear from the lineage of His friend Abraham. That He, whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting, would be manifest, or born in Bethlehem, of the house and lineage of David. That makes Him to be as Jewish as any Jew could be. If you hate Jews, you hate God, and you will wind up in hell. That is love, that is anything but hate speak, that is the simple truth.

Consider the Six-Day war of June 1967, at that time, the Soviet press was filled with scathing attacks on Israel and Zionism. A wave of official anti-Semitism was unleashed in Russia. Many Jews in Russia who had been trying their best to melt into Soviet life, got a rude awakening. Israel suddenly became a jarring reminder of their true status in the "workers' paradise." They were trapped in a world where they were free, neither to live openly as Jews, nor to escape the stigma of their Jewishness. Even to many of those Russian Jews, Israel seemed to be part of the problem, and not part of the solution. It may sound hard to believe, but many Jews in Russia, in 1967, believed things would be better, if Israel did not exist. It is amazing today, how many, regardless of race or place on earth where they live, whether they think they know God or not, have the notion that Israel is one of the primary causes of anti-Semitism. Today the world increasingly hates Jews because it increasingly hates Israel.

Brethren, the state of Israel cannot be the cause of a phenomenon that predates it by 4,000 years. How could the State of Israel possibly be regarded as the cause of contemporary anti-Semitism? Anywhere you want to look, the Jewish state does appear to be at the center of the anti-Semitic storm. In Europe, the connection between Israel and anti-Semitism is obvious. The timing and nature of the attacks on European Jews, whether physical or verbal, have all revolved around Israel. The anti-Semitic wave began when the Palestinians launched their Oslo terror war against the Jewish state in September 2000. The worst so far, was when Israel initiated Operation Defensive Shield, at the end of March 2002. In that month 125 Israelis had been killed by terrorists.

Journalists, and scholars now regularly demonize Jews. Yes, even antichrist pretend to be Christians, and used to be Christians, are calling Jews, Christ-killers. They are charging them with poisoning non-Jews, fabricating blood libels, and the like. So called Christians, even refer to the Jesuit Roman Catholic masterpiece of forgery, to produce Jew hatred. That great Jesuit forgery is known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols, even today, cause people to trade the love heart motivator, for that of hate. That is the great Jesuit Roman Catholic Luciferian success of the Protocols. Write me, if you want some of the best information available about the truth regarding the Jesuit Roman Catholic masterpiece of forgery, known as the Protocols.

The Italian newspaper, La Stampa, published a cartoon of an infant Jesus lying at the foot of an Israeli tank, pleading, "Don't tell me they want to kill me again." The frequent comparisons of Ariel Sharon to Adolf Hitler, of Israelis to Nazis, and of Palestinians to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, are not the work of ignorant goons, but of university professors, and sophisticated columnists. There is nothing noble about giving a Nobel Prize to Arafat for peace. There is nothing noble about giving a Nobel prize for literature to author, Jose Saramago, who wrote of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians: "We can compare it with what happened at Auschwitz."

The "World Conference against Racism" that was held by the United Nations in Durban, South Africa, was an anti-Semitic circus. The Jewish state was accused of everything from racism and apartheid, to crimes against humanity and genocide. How absurd does it get, when the Jews themselves, were turned into perpetrators of anti-Semitism?

Brethren, do not bite the devil's bait. The modern Jewish State of Israel, can not be the cause of 4,000 years of Jew hatred. That is absurd ignorance gone to seed. Here is a plain simple truth - anyone who blames Israel or the Jews for the world's problems, can NOT be a true Christian, or a true Jew, and does NOT KNOW God. People like Texe Marrs needs to be exposed for the lying agents of the devil that they really are. When someone, who cannot plead ignorance, equates the Illuminati with Zionism, they need to be quickly marked as the agent of the devil that they really are. When an ignorant, brain washed Muslim, or Roman Catholic does that, it is to be expected. The Jesuits control both the Roman Catholic and Muslim thought processes. But when a so-called Christian expert does so, it must be quickly pointed out that he is NEITHER Christian nor expert.

For the short term, Israel has become the world's Jew. Everyone thinks that the world's problems are all because of Israel. Everyone seems to think the world's problems will disappear, when the modern state of Israel is dismantled. No one seems to regard what God has to say about the issues. That is the sad state of the antichrist world today.

Here in the Middle East, it is easy to hear the bloodcurdling cry from the Mosques. They are more open with their truth. The cry is not "Death to the Israelis," but "Death to the Jews." It is much more subtle in more civilized circles. The pinnacle of the devil's subtlety, is seen when so-called Christian experts, want to dismantle or liquidate the state of Israel. You do not blame a 4,000 year old problem on a 55 year old state.

Yet today a columnist in London proudly boasts that he does not read published letters in support of Israel that are signed by Jews. In 1945, right after the horror of the holocaust was openly exposed, it was not respectable to be openly anti-Semitic. Now when you hear discussions anywhere in Europe, it is not only respectable, but fashionable. The Middle East is a hot topic and almost all discussion of the Middle East in Europe is pure old-fashioned and very open Jew hatred. For years now the Jewish state alone is condemned in the UN. That sometimes seems to be the whole purpose of the UN. None of the dozens of tyrannies represented in the United Nations General Assembly ever seem to get singled out for UN condemnation, just Israel. You will find over 25 resolutions every year; all against Israel, and none against Cuba, North Korea, China, or Iran. Only Israel is targeted by Western campaigns of divestment. In the last year the poverty level has gone from 10% to 30% in Israel, as the direct result of Western divestment, and boycotts, and embargoes. Only Israel is denied membership in the International Red Cross. Israeli scholars do not get grants and do not get published.

Brethren, when people say they do not hate Jews, but they hate the state of Israel, they are expressing willing ignorance, or just plain, lying, hypocrisy. I tell all such, be they popes, philosophers, professors, poohbahs, or potentates, that God's truth is, that when people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews. PERIOD. The world hates Israel because the world hates Jews. The only people, who do not hate Jews, are the people who REALLY KNOW GOD, and don't just think they do. I will not allow the 4,000 year old indicator of people who do NOT know God, and who hate God in their hypocritical hearts, be blamed on a 55 year old state of Israel.

In about 500 BC, now we are talking about 2500 years ago, here is what a guy named Haman, the infamous minister of Persia, said to convince the king, to order the annihilation of the Jews:

There is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of thy kingdom; and their laws are diverse from all people; neither keep they the king's laws: therefore it is not for the king's profit to suffer them. If it please the king, let it be written that they may be destroyed: and I will pay ten thousand talents of silver to the hands of those that have the charge of the business, to bring it into the king's treasuries. Est 3:8-9

In about 100 AD, the Roman historian, Tacitus, carried on the enlightened tradition of Jew hatred. It was common practice in the enlightened world, at that time, to kill babies. Not like the abortions of today, unless you could ask the baby. It was a little different, but still, the message was the same, whether delivered by Haman, or some other enlightened one. Tacitus wrote about why the Jews should be hated: "Among the Jews, all things are profane that we hold sacred; on the other hand, they regard as permissible what seems to us immoral... The rest of the world they confront with the hatred reserved for enemies. They will not feed or intermarry with gentiles... They have introduced circumcision to show that they are different from others... It is a crime among them to kill any newly born infant."

In about 200 AD, the Greek writer, Philostratus, gives another look at the enlightened tradition of Jew hatred: "For the Jews have long been in revolt not only against the Romans, but against humanity; and a race that has made its own life apart and irreconcilable, that cannot share with the rest of mankind in the pleasures of the table, nor join in their libations or prayers or sacrifices, are separated from ourselves by a greater gulf than divides us from Sura or Bactra of the more distant Indies."

The Jews actually did reject the values that were dominant in the ancient world. They did refuse to sacrifice to foreign gods. The Jews did strongly oppose killing newborn infants. There was a time when the Jews were the only group of people in the civilized world, that did consider the killing of newborn infants, to be a crime. The Jews were the only people to seriously challenge the moral system of the Greeks. The Jews did defy the idolatry of the pagan world around them, since recorded history began. The Jews were the only people group, proclaiming the idea of the one true God, and Creator of heaven and earth, for the first 2000 years of recorded history.

The Christians joined them, in the proclamation of the one true God, for the last 2000 years. Perhaps the strangest thing, in the last 2000 years, is how the Jews have been persecuted in the name of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Jesus Christ was crucified by the pagan government, that then ruled the world, for the charge of being King of the Jews. It is very strange, that the greatest propagation of Jew hatred, was accomplished by the Roman Catholic religion, which claimed to be Christian. The Roman Catholic religion, which also put Mohammed in the religion business, remains a primary driving force of Jew hatred to this day. However, there has always been a very, very, small remnant of REAL Christians, who did not go along with the Roman Catholic Church, and the rest of the world, in the world religion of Jew hatred. Jews and real Christians are notorious, and almost unique, for refusing to subordinate their beliefs to those of their conquerors.

All who would dare to claim to be Christians today, need to take a serious look at the so-called history of the Christian church. Is the Roman Catholic Jesuit version of history true, or is it false? Christianity claims to follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who was born in Bethlehem. That makes Jesus Christ as Jewish as a Jew could possibly be. How could the followers of Jesus Christ, hate Jews? The ONLY TRUTHFUL ANSWER is they can NOT.

The followers of the REAL Jesus Christ are always easily recognized, not just by their love for truth, and love for people, but by their love for Jewish people, in particular. Real Christians hate Jew hatred, with a passion. Real Christians will not submit to the Roman Catholic pope's, idolatrous, hypocritical, vain religion of black witchcraft draped in Christian terms. More and more real Christians do not regard the Roman Catholic pope's Sabbath. More and more real Christians do not regard the celebrations of the winter solstice, rebirth of the sun god, and spring equinox, fertility goddess celebration, regardless of the Christian terms applied to those celebrations.

The arrival of Christianity, under the perversion of the black witchcraft of the Roman Catholic church, did not reduce Jew hatred; but, made it an essential part of the Roman Catholic religion. Historically, Roman Catholics know how to hate, and persecute, religiously. Persecution of the Jews, under the Roman popes, would intensify a thousand fold. The refusal of the people of the "old covenant," to accept the Roman pope's new religion, came to be defined as a threat to the very legitimacy of Christianity. The Roman popes made Jew hatred part of the Roman Catholic religion, and persecuted the Jews, religiously.

The Roman Catholics branded the Jews "Christ killers" and "sons of devils." The Roman Catholic church, and her offshoots, launched a systematic campaign to denigrate the Holy Bible in general, and the Hebrew scriptures in particular. The Roman Catholic church ruled the dark ages before the printing press. The Jews had precise hand made copies of 75% of the Holy Bible. The Jews therefore, were a great threat to the Roman Catholics. The Holy Bible has always been the greatest threat to religion, and other forms of tyranny.

The Roman Catholic church made outrageous accusations of desecrating the host, ritual murder, and poisoning wells. The Roman Catholic church, and her offshoots, would make many outrageous, false accusations, against the Jews, to burn their synagogues, and thereby destroy their scriptures. The only way Rome could have the total control of the world, be to destroy the scriptures. And to do that, Rome had to wipe out the Jews. With the growing power of the Church, and the global spread of Christianity, the deadly Jew hatred was carried to the far corners of the world, bringing anti-Semitism to places where no Jewish foot had ever trod.

The illiterate masses of surfs, were easily convinced by Rome, that persecution of the powerless Jews was justified, as a divine payback for the Jewish rejection of Jesus. This religious stamp of approval for Jew hatred, would be invoked many times through the centuries. Not only would this be true of the Roman Catholic Church, but it should be made known that Rome financed, taught, and put Mohammed in his religion business. To this day Rome controls Islam. Islam is the overt arm of Rome for killing Jews and Real Christians. The religious doctrine of Jew hatred, would even be sacred to many in the so-called Protestant Reformation of Christianity.

Martin Luther is a classic case in point. Luther knew the scriptures taught justification by faith. He knew that faith works by LOVE, and not hate. Luther knew that Christians were to love all men, according to the scriptures, and that included Jews, in particular. Luther was certain that he could convince the Jews to acknowledge the superior truth of Christianity. Martin Luther was at first extremely friendly toward Jews. As a young man Luther had complained about the mistreatment of Jews by the Church. However, Luther turned into one of the bitterest enemies of the Jews, as soon as he realized that his efforts to woo, them to his new form of Christianity, would never bear fruit.

Alberto Rivera told us much about the origin of the Protocols. He was a Jesuit, a "professed" Jesuit. He found the Truth. He renounced Lucifer's Jesuits and shined the light of truth upon them. Alberto was greatly maligned and not helped at all by the Apostate, Protestants, and Baptists in America. He was helped, somewhat, by Jack Chick. Jack Chick published his story in six volumes, titled Alberto I, II, III, IV, V, & VI. Alberto Rivera says, that it was Jews aligned with the Pope, who published the Protocols. The Jesuits hand is all over the Protocols. Whether they used some traitorous Jews, or did it alone, is debatable. What is not debatable, is that the Jesuits alone, were the ones who were able to produce the Protocols, and to this day promote the Protocols, in every way imaginable. Alberto Rivera, was greatly hated by the Vatican, because he was a very high Jesuit, who came out, in about 1969. He exposed the power of Rome in the ecumenical movement. Yes, the Jesuits killed him.

Think MOTIVE. Who gains and who loses by the Protocols? The Jesuits are the big winners, because their plan for control of the world, is blamed on the Jews. The Jews are the big losers, and tens of thousands of Jewish lives have already been lost as the result of the Protocols. Untold millions of souls will burn in hell because the love which was taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ, is perverted to hate, by such Jesuit work as the Protocols. Of course the Jews did not drain the blood of children, poison wells, attempt to mutilate the body of Christ, or commit any of the other wild crimes, of which the Roman Church accused them. Moreover, since many teachings of Christianity and Islam, stemmed directly from Jewish ones, Jews could hardly be said to have denied them. But if rejecting the Christian or Islamic world meant rejecting the Christian or Islamic creed, then Jews, who clung to their own separate faith, and way of life were, certainly, rejectionist.

For many Jews over the last 2,000 years there was theoretically a way out of institutionalized discrimination and persecution by assimilation. Even assimilation has proven to be an illusion for the Jew to escape Jew hatred and persecution. Both assimilated and non-assimilated Jews, both religious and secular Jews, were equally victimized by pogroms, persecutions, and genocide. In fact, the terrors directed at the assimilated Jews of Western Europe, have led some to conclude, that far from ending anti-Semitism, assimilation actually makes the problem worse for the Jew.

The first nation in history to give Jews the right to vote, and extend full citizenship to Jews, was the United States. To this day, assimilation, with or without conversion to the majority faith, does not solve the Jew hatred problem. Jews in Europe now, and coming soon to America, will find it more and more difficult, to become real Frenchmen, or true Germans, than their ancestors would have found it to become Greeks, Romans, Christians, or Muslims. If the Jews do not fight for their home land now, when there are still REAL Christians above ground who will stand with them, they will have no place to run or hide, when the lights go out.

Hitler stated it clearly in Mein Kampf. Hitler said "wherever I went, I began to see Jews, and the more I saw, the more sharply they became distinguished in my eyes from the rest of humanity." You see the demonic, satanic, or ungodly nature of Jew hatred does not change with time. The masses are at enmity with God and Jew hatred and blame shifting to the Jews, is demonic in nature. Jew hatred, and blame shifting to the Jews, is an almost unfailing indicator of enmity against the Creator and Redeemer, and ONLY King and owner, of this planet earth. There was a time when 95% of the so called Christians in Germany, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and Evangelicals, ALL thought Hitler was the greatest Christian in Germany. Those claiming to be Christians, and hating Jews, are deceived, in one of the strongest forms of demonic bondage. Jew hatred is a strong demonic deception. A real Christian not only does not hate Jews, but in fact, has special God given love toward them.

Today's anti-Semitism, in the antichrist war on the saints, is worse than previous Jew hatred. Hitler was just a dress rehearsal for the plans of the antichrist prince, in the last days antichrist war on the saints, which concludes with the glorious return of Messiah. Modern Jews may not have believed they were rejecting the prevailing order around them, but that does not mean their demonic enemies necessarily agreed with them. Just as in the ancient world, the Jews in the modern antichrist, or apostate Christian world, remain the object and target of demonic hatred, separate, assimilated, secular, or religious. The only friend of the Jew is Messiah and His REAL true followers, who prove their reality, by their God given special love for the Jews, and ability to see through the spin of the mass media to blame everything on the Jewish people and Israel.

It is plain simple fact and truth, that wherever Jews were given the chance, most modern Jews strove to become model citizens. Today modern lies and mass media spin promoting Jew hatred, are just as far removed from the truth, as in ancient times. The Jews did not, and do not, control the banks. They did not, and do not, control the media of communication. They did not, and do not, control governments. The Jews are not plotting to take over anything. They are pouring out their blood against a totally hostile world, to hang on to a piece of land, that the Messiah, and God of Real Christians and Jews, has given them, and commanded them, to occupy.

Today, Jew hatred is more and more sharply focused on the state of Israel. Israel has all of a sudden become the state that everyone loves to hate. Israel is thought by the world to challenge both the political, and moral, or religious order at the same time. Israel is thought to challenge the order of the Arab and Muslim Middle East, and the order that prevails in Western Europe.

The values that have shaped today's Middle East are Islamic fundamentalism and state authoritarianism. To the Islamic fundamentalist, any non-Muslim sovereign power in the region, particularly a Jewish sovereign power, is vile and intolerable. Jewish sovereignty in an area, which the Muslims call dar al-Islam, the realm where Islam is destined to have exclusive dominance, makes the Muslim demons continually manifest. The Muslim will be satisfied with nothing less than Israel's total destruction. To the secular Arab regimes, the Jews of Israel are a great threat. The threat to the secular Arab regimes, is to have Israel existing as the free, productive, democratic, neighboring state. The people controlled by repressive secular Arab regimes, view Israel as a living rebuke to the corrupt regimes surrounding it. The Jewish state is the ultimate freedom fighter. Israel has freedom of its citizens that is a threat to both forms of Arab states. In the Arab media, in the mosques world wide, the Jews are presented as a symbol of all that is menacing, in the democratic, materialist, West as a whole. The Arabs do everything possible to promote the lie that the Jews are the treacherous force manipulating the United States into a confrontation with Islam. Europe has bought the lie. The Jesuits love to promote this lie everywhere, and have the real resources to do it.

These things should have helped anyone see why Oslo was doomed from day one. No one is going to be satisfied with anything less than the liquidation of the Jewish state. The schools in Gaza, the textbooks in Ramallah, the newspapers in Egypt, and the television channels in Saudi Arabia, never deviated. The Jews and the state of Israel must, and will be destroyed. In Egypt, copies of Shimon Peres's "A New Middle East," were printed with an introduction in Arabic, claiming that what this crazy book of Middle East peacemaking proved, was the veracity of everything written in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, about a Jewish plot to rule the world.

As for Western Europe, they now seem just as united regarding the destruction and dismantling of the Jewish state of Israel. Before 1967, people still remembered the holocaust. Israel was a small state struggling for its existence in the face of Arab aggression. European political classes then had a certain restraint for their Jew hatred. But all that changed in June 1967, when tiny Israel got the miraculous victory against its massed Arab enemies in the Six-Day war. In Europe, Israel the victim instantly became Israel the aggressor. All of the European political elite, were convinced, before 1967, that it was certain, that Israel would lose any combined Arab attack. Before 1967, anti-Zionist resolutions, sponsored by the Arabs and their Soviet partners in the United Nations, garnered little or no support among the democracies. After 1967, more and more Western countries, joined the condemnation of Israel. By 1974, Yasser Arafat, whose organization openly proclaimed terrorism as the means, and destruction of a UN member state the goal, was invited to address the UN General Assembly. The next year, that same body passed the infamous "Zionism-is-racism" resolution. In 1981, Israel's strike against Iraq's nuclear reactor was condemned by the entire world, including the United States.

In the summer of 2000, at Camp David, Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians nearly everything their leadership was thought to be demanding. The offer was flatly rejected, and Arafat started the present Oslo war. As Israel defended itself, Europe became more and more open in its resentment of the Jewish state. Israel had taken every last step for peace. Europe was united that Israel was the state that everyone loved to hate, and blame for every problem. The Jews all over the world, whether they supported Israel or not, were considered citizens of the Jewish state rather than citizens, of their native country.

Americans, too, are hated by the rest of the world. The US pressures Israel, harder than any other country, to bend to the world domination plan of the Jesuits and Luciferians. Europe, and the rest of the world, want Israel to be dismantled as a Jewish state. In dozens of countries, protesters streamed into the streets, to voice their fury at this refusal of the United States to conform to what "everybody" knew to be required of it. The protests were not about any good in Iraq. The protests were about American vice, and the grievances of anti-capitalists, radical environmentalists, and self-styled anti-imperialists. The world viewed from Europe, and the Middle East, outside of Israel, would cheer a strategic attack of America by the Russians.

The European idea, of a world regulated not by force, but by reason, compromise, and nonjudgmentalism, will sooner or later be proven to be lala land. Europe today professes pacifism, and nationalism has given way to the union of Europe. When America makes statements like "evil empire" and "axis of evil," the only country in the world, which can relate to such expressions today, is Israel. Only Israel, today, can possibly relate and identify with the idea of actually confronting the axis of evil. Israel and the Jewish people, share something essential with the United States. The Jews, after all, have long held that they were chosen to play a special role in history, to be what their prophets called "a light unto the nations." America is the only country in the world, which has not set itself totally against Israel. The pressure is mounting for America to join the rest of the world, and be set against Israel. On June 26, 2002, Bush yielded to the pressure and Joined Russia, Europe, and the United Nations, in the Road Map to dismantle the state of Israel.

The people of this world simply are at enmity with the truth. The One who is the truth personified, remains rejected. The people of the world, with very, very, few exceptions, maintain enmity for the one who truth says is their Creator, Redeemer, Judge, King, and INDEED, the ONLY TRUE GOD. The truth revealed more and more fully over the nearly completed span of history, says that God would, and did, appear from the lineage of His friend Abraham. That He, whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting, would be manifest, or be born in Bethlehem, of the house and lineage of David, making Him to be as Jewish, according to the flesh, as any Jew could be.

The New York Times of 10/27/2003, had an article by Thomas L. Friedman "Expand NATO to Iraq, Egypt, and Israel" Friedman had interviewed NATO officials. He concluded, that if NATO really wants to secure Europe, it needs to help stabilize other regions to its south. Iraq, after getting a democratic government, will need a force "over the horizon" as guarantor. The ideal force, to do this, would be a combined Iraqi-multinational force, that included an Arab-Muslim component. Egypt is the leading candidate. Yes, EGYPT. Sounds insane, but Egypt has many, many soldiers trained and ready for action somewhere. All of NATO's 55,000 "usable Euro-Canadian troops" are now "maxed out" on peacekeeping missions. Egypt has a huge surplus of military manpower. Yes, that is now the plan, to have Iraq and Egypt join NATO.

To do this, Israel would essentially be dismantled, and liquidated in stages. First step would be to force the so called Road Map. The next move, would force Israel into NATO. Then there will be a multinational force to police Israel, and the new Palestinian state. It is amazing how that people of the world do not see the OUTRAGE of private citizens, Yossi Belien et. all, who could not be elected dog-catcher in Israel, going to Geneva, to formulate a plan to liquidate the State of Israel. The multinational force brought in to police Israel and the new Palestinian state, would be a US-led NATO force. Since US, European and Canadian forces are "maxed out" elsewhere, Israel would have to accept Egyptian-Iraqi "peacekeepers" provided they were packaged under American command. Bottom line, is the end of Israel, when Arafat's dream of an international force to police the conflict becomes attainable, with the help of the creative strategists of Brussels.

Brethren, the Holy Bible says this insanity will not stand. The antichrist globalists, and Jesuits, and the rest of the godless illuminati satanists, have come to the conclusion that the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, was a mistake. The Jews are to be evicted from the Middle East. That is the antichrist plan to solve the many Middle East problems. It will not stand.

"This proposition would not likely get approval with the Israeli voter" is the understatement of the year. The authors of the "Geneva Understandings" made good on their pledge to get the document into the door of every home in Israel. It certainly explains why two senior NATO members, Belgium and France, enthusiastically granted its senior author, Yossi Belien, $7 million for domestic marketing and promotion, as an official document. Daniel Levy, son of Lord Levy, who is a close friend of Tony Blair, is said to be a co-author of its English text. His father is trying to get Belien received at 10 Downing Street. Meanwhile the purpose of the Israeli news blackout has become clear. There is nothing in the Israeli press, which should be the biggest news since the beginning of the modern state of Israel.

The Plan is to liquidate the Jewish state. At the core of this OUTRAGEOUS draft is a lala land cure all, for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. All points at issue will be brought to international arbitration, or handed over to international monitors. Israel has been told that they have nothing to say or do about it. The antichrist, global, hidden, shadow government, has already made its decision.

Brethren, I do hope you are well read on what the God of Israel has to say about all this insanity of the antichrist shadow government plan, to eradicate the state of Israel. You may click this up for the best summary of prophetic scriptures that I have as of this date at

Again we must make clear that Roman Catholics are not the problem. Most Jesuits are not even the problem. The Jews certainly are not the problem. Even the majority of freemasons are not the problem. The problem is two fold:



The masses of ignorant Roman Catholics, or ignorant Freemasons, or even ignorant Jesuits, do not know the Luciferian rottenness at the top of these organizations. It is love, and certainly not hate, which motivates the duty to tell the truth about the Jesuits and Freemasonry. The top of Freemasonry and Jesuits worship Lucifer openly. Yes, we are at war. I hate Lucifer with a perfect hatred. I do know that Lucifer is the god of Freemasonry, and those at the top of the Jesuit order. It is very sure, that all that corrupt top, and every arm serving Lucifer, with deliberate knowledge and purpose, will surely lose this war. It is a done deal, and the Luciferians are too deceived to even know it. If you want to put out or execute a contract on me, then you just don't KNOW my Big Brother, and you can't know my Father. Alleluia!

The best definition of a Jew, ever written, was written by the Apostle Paul. Rom 2:28-29 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God. Simply put, a Jew, is a God Pleaser.

So if someone hates Jews, or anyone else for that matter, they are not pleasing God, and are in for one ultimate horrible surprise. If someone comes against you for loving the Jews, and standing up for them, and calls you a Jew, or a Jew lover, just say - Thank you. Heaven is going to be full, 100% full, of redeemed repentant SINNERS. There will be NO workers of INIQUITY. Matt 7:22-23. Racism is a form of iniquity. If you don't like Jews you won't like heaven, because it will be 100% full of them, the natural ones, and the grafted in spiritual ones, all of them God Pleasers.

By Jim Searcy

The European Union prepared a report on anti-Semitism - but buried it because it showed that Moslem and pro-Palestinian elements are involved in most of the incidents.  So reported yesterday the Financial Times of London.

The European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), which serves as the EU's racism watchdog organization, commissioned a report on anti-Semitism in early 2002, following a sharp increase in anti-Jewish violence.  However, when it received the report towards the end of the year, the EUMC objected to the focus on Muslim and pro-Palestinian perpetrators, judging this "inflammatory."  The EUMC also did not like that the authors - the Centre for Research on Anti-Semitism at Berlin's Technical University - had included some anti-Israel acts in its list of anti-Semitic acts. 

In February of this year, for the above reasons, the EUMC decided to shelve the 112-page study.

"There is a trend towards Muslim anti-Semitism," the Times quoted one person familiar with the report.  "Merely saying the perpetrators are French, Belgian or Dutch does no justice to the full picture...  The decision not to publish was a political decision."

Among recent incidents in the latest upsurge of anti-Semitism in European Union countries, a Jewish school near Paris was firebombed last Saturday - the same day two synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey, were devastated by suicide truck bombs that killed 25 and wounded 300.

The Times reported that this past July, U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fl.) wrote to Javier Solana, the Secretary-General of the European Union Council, demanding the release of the study.

Some EUMC members had felt that anti-Islamic sentiment should be addressed too.  In fact, the EUMC has published no fewer than three reports on anti-Islamic attitudes in Europe in the past two years. 

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, visiting in Europe last week, proposed a joint ministerial council with the EU to fight rising European anti-Semitism.  Shalom flew from Brussels to Vienna, mending relations with Austria following some symbolic acts by Austrian officials - such as a visit by Austria's Foreign Minister to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial this past July - indicating remorse for the country's role in the Holocaust.

At the same time, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was meeting in Rome to enlist the EU's current president, Italy, in stemming the problem. 
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