Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. I Peter 5:7

So then, Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of G-d. (Romans 10:17)

By Jim Searcy

Most of the time fear and worry is unreasonable. Many times we fear things that never happen. F.E.A.R...means False Evidence Appearing Real. Fearing the threat of future disaster is a way our adversary steals our joy in the L-rd and weakens us. Most of the time these things never happen. All of the time and energy we have wasted worrying has kept us from helping someone, praying for someone, praising G-d, or studying His Word. Usually it all worked out all right any way.

The other side of this is that we can draw negative things to us by fearing them. Satan's goal is that rather than having us operate in faith, and trust in G-d, to wallow in, and wither in, and cringe in fear. G-d has given to all of us all the faith we need to be able to do whatever it is that He calls us to do. You have got enough faith. Realize that G-d has given us all enough faith to do what we are called by Him to do. Then we can quit saying "I'm not going to make it" or "I just can't stand it", or "I can't take any more of this." I Corinthians 10:13 There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but G-d [is] faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear [it]. Romans 12:3 ......, according as G-d hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

Even unbelievers have been given the measure of faith. Having faith in yourself will allow you to accomplish some things but it will not be counted to you for righteousness by G-d. Putting your faith in G-d is pleasing to G-d. That kind of faith is counted unto us for righteousness by G-d. That is the kind of faith that causes us to never cave in, never give up, never fail. That kind of faith causes us to press on all the way through to victory until we go to heaven to live with Yeshua. Faith functions according to how much fear which we allow to come into our life.

Fear is the devil's kind of faith. The devil has an antidote for every good thing that G-d wants to give us. G-d wants us to be generous and giving and Satan wants us to covet and be stingy. Fear is the satanic counterpart that comes against faith. What do you think would happen to you if you didn't have any fear? What all do you think you could do if you did not have any fear? What all do you think that G-d could do through you if you did not have any fear? How much faith do you think is in you if you did not have any fear or worry? If your mind was not all fogged up with fear, and doubt, and fretting, and worry, and foreboding thoughts, what could you do? Sometimes it is very helpful to think about our thinking and see if some of our thinking is stinking thinking. Do you know we don't just have to think about whatever comes into our mind? Do you know you can choose what you will think about? Do you want to have more faith than fear? READ AND MEDITATE ON G-D'S WORD. It is a choice. You can't because you won't. You can't because you choose not to trust G-d. You can't because you refuse to go to G-d's Word.

We often allow the devil to bring against us anything that he wants and we don't seem to know how to put a stop to the downward spiral of fear and depression. Praise is the way out. Helping others is the way out. When I wake up I should feel that G-d is releasing my faith to go out and do this or that. It doesn't have to be something big. Maybe it is to go next door and give a neighbor something, or bake a cake for somebody that is sick. Give somebody an encouraging phone call. Go to the hospital and lay hands on somebody that is sick. Thinking about doing some simple thing like that causes faith to rise up in your heart. Then fear will come to your mind with things like "they're going to think I'm stupid." What if you do go lay hands on someone and they don't get better? Think! How many times does fear rise up and block your faith?

We must use our faith to be able to change and to be what G-d wants us to be. We must put our faith in G-d. G-d can change us. G-d can do it. I can't but G-d can. I can't but by allowing G-d's power to work through me I can. Otherwise I can't means I won't. Satan is the source of fears and lying spirits, and the source of most of the reasons why it won't work out. There is no telling how many times each individual person is stopped and blocked each week by fear, nagging fears that come against the mind. There are unbelievers that operate in less fear than people that claim to be believers. That is why sometimes unbelievers can get more accomplished than a believer will. It ultimately won't do them any good because you can have the whole world and it won't do you any good if you go to hell. We call ourselves believers and sometimes it seems that we have more unbelieving believers than we have believing believers. Just calling yourself a believer doesn't make you a believing believer. It is a choice. Everyone chooses faith or fear. Everyone has this power to choose.

G-d will sometimes put us in a place that we must totally rely on G-d. G-d gives us the measure of faith to do what He has called us to do. None of us can do everything. Different people have different gifts and different calls, but we make G-d a liar when we say I can't do what He has called me to do. Sometimes we may be so overwhelmed that we know that within ourselves there is no way we can do what we should do. But to say that I can't is truthfully to say I won't. It is to say I refuse to believe that G-d can give me what I need to complete the task before me. G-d gives us the faith to do what He has called us to do. He may not give us the faith to do what we jump up and decide to do, but to be sure He has given us the measure of faith to do what He has called us to do.

We all have got faith. Call 3 people today and tell them that they have got faith. You've got faith! We all have dreams and desires and sometimes we try in the initiative of our own flesh to make it happen. We finally come to the point where we know it is impossible for us. Matthew 19:26 But Yeshua beheld [them], and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with G-d all things are possible. Many times we all come to that place where we think it is impossible. Have you come against anything this week that you thought was just impossible? I'm not going to change, I've been this way all my life, you're not going to change, the circumstance is not going to change -- its just impossible. Then we start to get hopeless, and into despair, despondency, and discouragement.

When meditating on Matthew 19:26 draw a line to separate the 2 separate thoughts. With men this is impossible. The 2nd part is a whole different story. But with G-d all things are possible. Satan hits us in between those 2 places. Satan hits you when you come to the point where you know with man it is impossible. Now if Satan would leave you alone you would go on to part 2. Where I know I can't do it, but I know somebody who can do it, and that's G-d. That is when we get our faith off of ourselves. G-d gives grace to the humble. G-d loves us so much that He will not let us do it on our own. If we will humble ourselves and get G-d's anointing than we can go on to accomplish anything that He wants us to accomplish. Satan will hit us all with mind binding spirits when we come to the point of knowing it is impossible for us, to keep us from going on to part 2 where we can see that it is possible for G-d.

You can have all kinds of talents and abilities but if you don't bring your thinking into agreement with what G-d has given you ability to do, it won't happen. G-d can say you can do it and if your are going to say you can't, you end up in the pits. We have to be careful that our thoughts are in line with G-d's thoughts toward us. Do you know that G-d can forgive people? Many people torment themselves because they won't believe that G-d has forgiven them. They can't receive it if they won't believe it. It always gets back to our choices. The best help we can get to stop making wrong choices is the Word of G-d. Read your Bible every day. Believe what it says and EVERY THING'S GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT.

You can get bad habit patterns in your mind. I used to make a habit of worrying. I used to have a habit of figuring everything out. Partly because of how I was raised and partly because of adverse circumstances. I had a habit of worrying and always trying to figure things out ahead of time. I had a bad mental habit problem that kept me from having peace and joy. If you don't have peace and joy, something's wrong. The package plan from G-d is not functioning right if you don't have peace and joy. Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of G-d is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

If I am mad at myself all the time and under guilt and condemnation, then it just means that I don't know that I am righteous. If I don't have peace and joy, then I know that G-d's plan for my life is not working right or that I am not following Him. Sometimes I can't seem to figure out what is wrong. Sometimes I have a hard time believing even what I know is absolutely true because it is the Word of G-d straight out of the Bible. I know His Word is true in my heart but in my mind I am not believing it and I end up going in 2 different directions and that is hard on anybody. Sometimes my mind seems to have a mind of its own. I think about things I don't want to think about. When I finally get tired of letting my mind beat up on me, I just say EVERY THING'S GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT.

I have a vision. I want to see Christians coming together not to talk about the weather but to talk about what they were reading in their Bible. Disciplined, scheduled, daily reading in the Bible makes such a difference in life that I have a vision for everyone that I love to have that same wonderful difference in their life. We have a congregational Scripture Reading Schedule. May I encourage you to jump in today into today's Scripture Reading. Give the Scripture Reading Schedule a serious try. Think about encouraging others to do the same and perhaps form a weekly home study group to discuss what you all had read and received in last week's readings.

So then, Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of G-d (Romans 10:17). We will come to a rock solid faith, based on the integrity of G-d's word, that EVERY THING'S GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT.

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