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Songwriter/Singer Bruce Moss 

The Manning Report

Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project

Richard Rives - Too Long In The Sun

Jerry Golden - The Golden Report

Barry Chamish


Ynet News

Arutz-7 Israel News Service

Associated Press

The Jerusalem Post - Front Page Internet Edition


SNS News Service - "Updates from Israel"

JTA (Israeli Associated Press)

Israeli & Global News

The London Times


Uncensored Christianity

Johnathan Hansen World Ministries Int'nl.

Internet Watch

Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

Alien Intervention: The Spiritual Mission of UFOs

B'tzedek Journal

Christian Resources on the Internet


The Watchman

Eternal Life Ministries

Mystery Babylon

Messianic Friends Network

The Knesset - The Parliament of Israel

Christian Friends of Israel


Ultimate Jewish/Israel Link Launcher


Johnathan Hansen World Ministries Int'nl.

Israel and the Peace Process

Maccabean Online

Hal's Bible Prophecy Page

Weekly Weather and Crop Bulletin

David Wilkerson, Times Square Church

Wyatt Archaeological Research

Rob Shipe

Press Secretary to The Queen

New World Order


Emergency Management Information

News from the Holy See


Israel Peace Documents - Balfour, UN, Egypt, Oslo, PLO, Hevron

Global Ethic

Palistinian National Charter

Charter of the Islamic Resistance (Hamas)

Palestinian National Council

Chronology of bombing attacks against Israel

Israel Defense Forces

Pope accepts theory of evolution

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