June 12, 2001 - THE EXECUTION OF A GOVERNMENT PATSY - More Evidence was destroyed this morning when Tim McVeigh was executed.
More evidence destroyed when the latest in a LONG line of Government patsy's, Tim McVeigh was executed. The Federal Government amassed voluminous amounts of evidence showing that many other individuals, in addition to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, were involved in the implementation of the bombing.

John Doe numbers' 1,2 and even 3 are quite real. McVeigh Was at LEAST a quarter mile away when the explosives where being set (a military/government bomb developed in the labs at Palo Alto, Calif., by Government scientists), by Andres Straussmeier, an undercover ATF agent now living in Dublin, and two of the "dark, swarthy" individuals, Afagian terriorists, described by at least 12 witnesses.

McVeigh was actually driving away from the blast area when the building was imploded (yes, that's correct, imploded. BLOWN UP FROM INSIDE Not exploded.). He was probably 4-5 miles away at the time of the blast. His rear license plate had been removed by Straussmeier and a description of him, and the vehicle called into the Highway patrol and OKC police as a possible bombing suspect BEFORE the detonation! And of course there are those "little ole' overlooked facts" of little or no sulfuric content found at the blast site (meaning it was NOT a fertilizer bomb); the fact that the building was imploded, not exploded, clearly indicating an INTERNALLY planted bomb on key inner-support structures for the building, causing said support structures to be blown inwards towards each other, causing the building to basically "fold in" on itself. A fertilizer bomb causes a rather dramatic outward release of energy, or explosion.

This was not the case in OKC. And how about the fact that the van involved in this disaster, the Ryder van, was seen 2 days before the bombing at an U.S. Army camp some 80 miles outside of OKC. It then showed up in the rubble. I'm SURE, therefore, that the Military could have had NOTHING to do with this! Or the fact that the then Sheriff of the county was ordered off site when at 3:00 A.M. he discovered certain Military and Federal agency personnel REMOVING undetonated explosives cased in Military OD Green canvas (cases). Or perhaps it was that approximately 35 Federal Agents where phoned at home the previous evening and told to STAY AWAY from the Federal Center Building that day, to not report for work THERE......and that approximately 4 Agents where not told this, and died in the blast.

The fact that these 4 agents had information they where taking to the Grand Jury on the Clinton's and the Bush's illegal activities that week had nothing to do with it, I'm sure........read on, this is just the beginning.

If there is actually someone "out there" that believes Tim McVeigh acted alone, well, the Earth stopped rotating on it's axis yesterday, didn't it? Wake up people - though he may deserve the punishment, there should be approximately 20 others lying beside him with their arms strapped down. They include the likes of Bush Sr., who ordered the bombing, the Clintons, Lawerence, David, and Nelson Rockefeller, Kissinger, the director's of the FBI, CIA, DOD, BATF, NSA - the command staff of NATO..... would be a full Gurney, wouldn't it?

McVeigh is another Oswald, another James Earl Ray, another...... Government patsy. And that is ALL..... these events are carefully planned and orchestrated by a group known as the Office Of policy Initiative, and a variety of Federal agencies and the goons that work for them. Their goal is to create so much violence and chaos that the American people will CRY OUT for the government to completely "take over", do away with the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, that is, and to disarm the rest of those pesky ole' Patriots would stubbernly INSIST on their Freedom and their rights as guaranteed under those old, brittle old-dated documents!

Damn them anyway.......I mean, who wants to be free, anyway?????? And you people are so dumb, and so materialistic and self-centered, that you are letting them do it. Well, you'll soon get what you deserve, slavery. Wake up folks, time is running out. Attached to this document is a zip file that contains several police radio transcripts on the evening before, and the day of the blast. The remainder of these transcripts are available on the Web. It is quite clear from them that the "Fix is in".