The bombing of the Murrah Building was over six years ago. Memories fade about things so I thought I'd resurrect one of the strangest aspects of this bombing you're not going to believe - but it's true. Try this one on for size:

Governor Frank Keating's brother, Martin Keating, wrote a manuscript in 1991, roughly four years before the OKC bombing. Gov. Frank Keating is a former FBI hot shot. His brother, Martin could not get this work published until after the bombing. This manuscript, now a published book, is titled The Final Jihad. In this book, Keating lays out a story of terrorists, based in OKC, who decide to bomb a federal building. Guess what the name of the one of the key "terrorists" in the book is? Tom McVey. And for the kicker of this fictional work: The terrorists in The Final Jihad are stopped by an Oklahoma highway patrolman for a broken tail light.

Now, let me see: We have a book in manuscript form written four years before the OKC bombing whose story line involves terrorists in Oklahoma City. This part of this fictional work comes true.

We have a main character in the book by the name of Tom McVey. In real life, the bomber four years later in OKC is named Tim McVeigh.

We have the terrorists in this fictional work stopped by Oklahoma state troopers for a broken tail light. In real life, our bomber, Tim McVeigh, is pulled over by an Oklahoma state trooper because of a missing license plate.

How's that for fiction being stranger than reality? In this book, remember it's written in 1991, our author also predicts the TWA downing and the World Trade Center bombing. Was this just a premonition that Mr. Keating had? Who knows, but this book sure does sound like a blue print for the bombing.

What is Mr. Martin Keating's background? In his own words:

"Martin Keating is a master storyteller with unique access to government intelligence agencies and clandestine terrorist groups. His brother Frank Keating, currently governor of Oklahoma, is a former FBI agent and assistant secretary of the Treasury who supervised the Secret Service, U.S. Customs, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Keating's uncle, Barney Martin was a career intelligence officer who headed the U.S. Navy's worldwide foreign intelligence collection operations and counterintelligence activities.

Introduced to the intelligence community through generations of family involvement, Martin Keating knows intimate details of what the rest of us can only imagine. Armed with firsthand knowledge of explosives and of chemical and biological weapons, Keating accurately reveals what the highest government officials have known, feared, and covered up for much
too long."

Martin Keating also bragged after the bombing that he had copies of the surveillance film from the Southwest Bell building across the street from the Murrah building. The film from the Regency Towers survived completely intact. The government claims the Southwest Bell film didn't - my money says they're lying and they're lying to protect their assets and their invented story. There wasn't a scintilla of this strange story in any media publications except Media Bypass Magazine. You would think the "mainstream media" would have jumped on this like a June-bug just because of who the author of the manuscript is: Brother of the Governor of the State of Oklahoma. Nope. Dead silence.

Has anyone ever put Martin Keating under oath and ask him to produce these video surveillance films? Nope.

There is talk that Frank Keating - who states emphatically on the live news coverage the morning of the bombing that more bombs were found and "have been removed from the building" (a statement he now denies, but is memorialized on film) - may be slated to replace Louis Freeh. Oh, good, that makes me feel real warm and fuzzy.

I just thought I'd bring up this little bit of history that has such a strange resemblance to what happened in OKC. Today Jon Dougherty of, wrote a piece titled, To Die or Not To Die:

Jon pretty much says what the rest of us are saying: There are so many unanswered questions and McVeigh is evidence. Why is our good Christian, John Ashcroft trying his darndest to hurry up with this execution? I have a few more questions:

McVeigh allegedly gave a false name, using fake ID in the name of "Bob Kling" to rent the Ryder truck, yet he rented a hotel room where he parked this big beacon the same day using his own name. How come? We sure have a lot of strange things and numerous "Tim McVeigh's" running around.

How come we have so many Ryder trucks and how come everyone likes yellow Ryder trucks so much? I've linked a few things in my past two posts on this, but here's another one:

This is a photo of Dennis Mahon, grand poo-ba of the Eloim City crowd. Very bad folks, make no mistake about it. Carol Howe was apparently involved with this guy. Ms. Howe was an ATF undercover informant later charged and tried by the government; she was acquitted. As I said, everyone seems to love yellow Ryder trucks, from the World Trade Center to OKC to Eloim City. How come no one ever rents U-Haul or some other brand? How come they're always from Ryder and always yellow? Ryder rents white trucks, I've seen them.

On May 8, 1995, Michael Fortier, who has just been given an 18 month pass off his 12.5 year prison term, told CNN "I do not believe Tim blew up any building in Oklahoma. There's nothing for me to look back on and say, 'Yeah, that might have been. I should have seen it back then.' There's nothing like that." Two weeks later, he claims that he and McVeigh actually
visited the OKC federal building and "cased" the place.