I think that Charles Key and his investigative committee, Stephen Jones and Timothy James McVeigh's various legal teams, know more about it than anyone else - besides the guilty parties still running free. Charles Key is one very courageous, decent American that we all owe a debt of gratitude to for his tenacity in staying on top of exposing the lies and truths about this crime at horrendous personal expense and sacrifice. One thing I do know: There are too many discrepancies and too many lies that need to be explored and the so-called "mainstream media" in this country, and I now include the "fair and balanced" FOX, are complicit in keeping the truth from the American people.

"An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right, and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery. A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself."

Joseph Pulitzer, American newspaper publisher

The current blarney being spewed by the "mainstream media" and the government is that "witnesses can't be relied upon for accuracy." Yet, this was exactly the opposite when the feds were building their case against McVeigh and Nichols. Well, here's a little news flash for you: A very credible eye-witness says that shortly before the bombing, McVeigh, or his look-alike, stopped to ask directions to the Murrah Building. That's right, he was lost. Huh?

McVeigh, allegedly in his interview with the two Buffalo reporters, gave a detailed description of his two fuses that were integrated into the big, yellow beacon (Ryder truck) and how he set them to go off a few minutes apart. This is such crap, it defies imagination. As I have said before, we have too many McVeigh's running around. If you were going to blow up a building in a certain city, wouldn't you at least know how to get there? How come you have to stop and ask directions? Set fuses while your butt is in the truck? Oh, sure. What happens if you miss a light or something and you're delayed?

How come, and I've said this 100 times already, McVeigh had no problem driving this weapon of mass destruction up to the front of the building, getting out where everyone could identify him, set the fuses and then walk away? This is the same guy who a short time before that was asking directions to the location of the building he was going to bomb? Maybe because whoever drove up in front of the building looked similar to Tim McVeigh, but wasn't the Timothy James McVeigh, had no fear of being caught?

The Bombs

This remains the key to the whole crime and there are differing opinions on this. has done a wonderful job in bringing forward all this information that was reported years ago. They are the biggee of today's new media and I am grateful for their coverage. However, last week they ran excerpts from a book by Evans Ambrose-Pritchard (which I purchased when it first came out) that highlights the "investigative" reporting of one J.D. Cash.

I would be less than honest if I said anything other than I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of J.D. Cash's mouth. Why? Since I don't want to get sued, I'll refrain from comment. I'll just let it stand that I do not believe him. However, please remember, there are a number of people, myself included, who go way back six years and were intensely looking into this crime. Cash has always attempted to steer people away from bombs in the building and rather look to explosives and ordinance inside the building kept by the ATF.

Was there this type of material in the Murrah Building? Yes, and you can read about this on the piece posted on with Charles Key:

That piece I reference above is very good and I hope you take time to read it. There is too much evidence, i.e. events as they unfolded, that prove in my mind beyond a shadow of a doubt, coupled with expert opinions, that there were additional bombs in the building. Could ordinance in the building when the first bomb went off have caused damage as J.D. Cash has consistently tried to steer people to for six years? Sure, but not the damage caused from explosives placed on the columns as many of us believe. Cash wants you to stay focused on white supremacist groups and Eloim City. He's certainly entitled to his opinion, but I believe that is a diversion.

A lot of people have put a lot of time into this crime. Michelle Moore, Pat Breilly, Bill Jasper, honest law enforcement. So much good information has come from their efforts in trying to put together the pieces to the puzzle. Historical material that depicts the event as it unfolded is critical. You can listen to a live CNN feed that will make you realize what liars the government and the "mainstream" media are and continue to be. Also remember this: The audio you will hear was live, just like the video Cover-Up in Oklahoma City. It isn't speculation, conspiracy or made-up. These tv stations had reporters right there on the scene, each trying to scoop the other on what law enforcement was saying, doing and what was found.

Audio Portion of Feeds to CNN Day Of Oklahoma City Bombing

I used the version below:

Downloadable Winamp version (you can save to disc and open from location..ect) 862kb

A great deal of this can be seen and heard on the video, Cover Up in Oklahoma City:

A lot of people do not have audio capacity on their computer system, so I have taken the time to listen and type out this feed for you. Please remember, like the video mentioned above, this is all live as it's happening. Now, whose lying, Mr. Ashcroft?

Transcript of the live audio broadcast. This broadcast is several TV anchors talking back and forth:

"Another bomb. Move back.

"Oh, my God, another bomb.

"Now confirmed through federal authorities, that a second bomb has been found inside that federal building in OKC. It was an explosion 9:00 this morning that did that damage you're looking at right there.

"I took another look down the street at the Murrah Building again. I see another bomb truck going, so apparently they're going to try to get out that third bomb that's been talked about.

"At the present time the medical teams downtown are unable to get into the wreckage to retrieve more of the injured because of the presence of other bombs in the area. I've been told by the police department that just as soon as those bombs are diffused, they will permit the medical teams to enter. The 1st bomb that was in the federal building did go off. You can see right there. The 2nd explosive was found and diffused. The 3rd explosive that was found, and they're working on right now as we speak, I understand . Both the 2nd and 3rd explosives, if you can imagine this, were larger than the first.

"The Justice Department is reporting that the 2nd explosive has been found in the AP Murrah Building in downtown OKC.

"The reports I have is that, one device was deactivated. Apparently there is another device and obviously whatever did the damage to the Murrah Building was a tremendous, very sophisticated explosive device, so-

"Right now they are saying that this is the work of a sophisticated group. This is a very, uh, sophisticated, uh, device, and, umm, it has to have been done by an explosive expert. Obviously with this type of explosion-

"Two other explosive devices were found and were not detonated and they were larger than the first, but there were more bombs set to go off according to ATF officials.

Uh, what we have here, you can see here we have the Sheriff's bomb squad who are very, very busy today, they just pulled up and they are continuing to stay in the area and as we have more information we will bring it to you. Back to you guys.

"We should find out an awful lot when the bombs are taken apart. I think, it was a great stroke of luck, you're mentioning it's hard to talk about luck on a day like today in OKC, but it was a great stroke of luck that we have actually have got diffused bombs. It's through the bomb material that we'll be able to track down who committed this atrocity."

Do you really think they left people injured and dying inside the building just to plant a conspiracy theory about bombs? Remember some of the photos in my prior posts - one of them was of the area cleared. They were bracing for more bombs to go off. Do you really think they would go to all this trouble and leave victims laying and hurting for more than an hour if they didn't see and identify actual bombs? Come on. Think John Ashcroft isn't now aware of all of this? Come on.

McVeigh and Nichols - a "very sophisticated group?" The dopes at Eloim City? Why the cover-up of the bombs? I think you can guess and it's a vile, sickening conclusion, but inescapable. Get that video, Cover-Up in Oklahoma City and show it to everyone you know and get on the phone to John Ashcroft's office and express your OUTRAGE at the GOVERNMENT DESTROYING THE EVIDENCE KNOWN AS TIM McVEIGH. Let's get the ATF, the FBI, all experts and witnesses under oath and then see what materializes.

The Medusa File

Make no mistake - there are lots of conspiracy theories out in America on a whole variety of subjects and issues. I have a fortune invested in books and videos of all kinds. One of the advantages I have that most people don't is time. I gave up my career ten years ago because I could see the clear and present danger to our Republic. I decided we could live without a second paycheck because it was my duty to do what I can in getting the truth to my fellow countrymen.

When I hear or read something, I do my best to evaluate the material, check it out and then make recommendations. I don't just take everything I see or hear as gospel and pass it around -especially on the Internet. While Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's book is very interesting on the Clinton's, because he relies so heavily on J.D. Cash regarding the OKC bombing, I wouldn't and cannot recommend it as a source. I do recommend The Medusa File.

This book by Craig Roberts isn't devoted entirely to the OKC bombing, although Roberts worked the bombing investigation the third day after the crime was committed. He was deeply involved on a level J.D. Cash and others have only fantasized about. I take his word and his very carefully and fully documented presentation, over J.D. Cash's any day. This might not set well with some folks, but it's my opinion. Let me quote from page 378 of Roberts' book:

"The end result, whether it was a covert operation to destroy records and inflame the public, or an attack by Islamic Jihad terrorists, or a combination of both, is that it appears that other, much higher entities than McVeigh and Nichols are involved.

"The investigation should not stop, or even slow down, with the apprehension of McVeigh and Nichols as the only suspects. With leads into the Right Wing, Christian, Constitutionalist, Militia, Patriot, NRA, Conservative and other groups - with the exception of WAR and the Eloim City/Strassmeir connection - not developing anything of substance, it is now time to explore the other side of the political spectrum." (This book was published in 1997)

Who is this Craig Roberts?

Craig Roberts is a 26-year veteran police officer; a U.S. Marine Vietnam veteran, commercial helicopter and airline pilot, and author of eight non-fiction books and one novel. He participated in the investigation of not just the OKC, but other very high profile cases as well.

"We find few historians who have been diligent enough in their search for truth; it is their common method to take on trust what they help distribute to the public; by which means a falsehood once received from a famed writer becomes traditional to posterity."

John Dryden
English Poet, 1631-1700

The Medusa File: Crimes and Cover-Ups of the U.S. Government is not a work to be taken lightly and I say this having read a few million words from documents, historical publications and books. I will give you a preview of the book from the back cover and every word is absolutely true. What is well documented in this book will make you sick. There is too much
of this kind of information, carefully crossed checked for it to be nothing more than "conspiracy theories" or "anti-government wackos" spouting off at the mouth.

We are supposed to be a nation of laws, not lies. Our Republic cannot continue to exist if the truth isn't exposed and the guilty hung. America simply cannot continue to give their blind loyalty to their stupid political party over God, flag and country. America cannot and will not survive if her own people have become as base as this government because the truth
is too painful. You can't hide from the truth forever and it is our duty to step forward.

From the back cover of The Medusa File:

"From World War II until the present, there has been hidden within the highest levels of government secrets that you are not supposed to discover. During the period of 1940-1996 the power brokers, working from their positions of trust, have committed and then covered up the most heinous of crimes known to mankind. Investigative journalist Craig Roberts, author of Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza, now provides us with the results of his ten-year investigation regarding the true stories behind such secrets as:

Devil Unit 731 and Japanese WWII germ weapons testing on U.S. and Allied POWs--resulting in hundreds of deaths; all covered up by U.S. authorities.

Operation Paperclip and the smuggling of war criminals - including mass murderers --into the U.S. by the military.

CIA and military mind control experiments on unsuspecting citizens - including children...

Secret drug and bacteriological weapons experiments on the American population by the CIA and Department of Defense....

Atomic guinea pigs, Agent Orange and the Gulf War Syndrome....

What really happened to over 30,000 POWs and MIAs in World War II, Korea and Vietnam--and why Russia knows....

Where did the CIA come from - and who really controls it?

International assassinations, drug smuggling and money laundering, all orchestrated by officials of the U.S. government....

Terrorism in the Air: What the media did not tell you about the shootdown of KAL-007; the bombing of Pan Am 103, the Arrow crash in Gander; the shootdown of TWA 800...

The true stories of the bombing of the World Trade Center; the Oklahoma City bombing; the derailment of Amtrak's Sunset Limited; and what could happen net to the American people on a nationwide scale...."

America: When are you going to stop excusing the crimes committed by politicians in this country just because they belong to "your party?" This book is fully documented. Think you will never be one of the unlucky ones to be in the wrong time and place? Think again. Get this book and read it. I could hardly put it down and much of it I already knew. However, Roberts' knows more because he's been in the position to have access to material denied you and me.

There are only about 1,000 left in print, after that you'll have to try rare book sellers. The Medusa File can be ordered by calling 1-812-477-7887, ask for Shirley.

Speaking of videos, I have the video that tracked Alaska Air Flight 261 that crashed January 31, 2000. It cost me $104 bucks through a Freedom of Information Act request via the U.S. Navy. The Navy took the original radar tracking from the first may-day from the pilot and put it on video; this is what I have. I am currently working my story on the Alaska crash for Media Bypass Magazine. I'm going to give them this video and we're hoping it can be put up on their web site for viewing. The minute this plane went down, we had all the usual conspiracy jockeys ejected out of their cubby holes with shouts of "It was a missile!"

Really? Look for my story in the August Media Bypass (if it's accepted) and we'll see about that. I have all the charts, all the training logs, all the ordinance accounting sheets and a ton of other stuff that took more than a year to acquire under the FOIA. I went to Pt. Mugu and onto that secure facility. There was a crime alright. Whose the next unlucky one flying on a
commercial airliner?

"The Republic was not established by cowards; and cowards will not preserve it... This will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave."

Elmer Davis, (1800-1858), American writer, commentator

Because Craig Roberts book covers a great deal of atrocities conducted and covered up by military brass against their own, I feel compelled to re-print a piece from one of my old newsletters back in December, 1996:

"The Sunday following the gassing and murder at Waco, on top of the unnecessary deaths of four law enforcement officers, the Denver [Com]Post used one full newspaper page in the editorial section to allow people to comment on the "burning of the cult" in Waco. There were 28 letters. Twenty-seven people said the FBI did the right thing. I almost threw up.

"It is so repugnant to me that so many Americans saw nothing wrong with what went on at Waco. This is a good indication at just how far the cloning of the American mind has succeeded. I watched all the Waco and Ruby Ridge hearings on C-SPAN. Never have I seen such lying and covering of worthless bureaucratic behinds. Did Waco become a rallying cry in
America by people like myself who watched Waco burn to the ground on television and sat horrified, unable to do anything to stop such blatant murder? You bet it did. After OKC, I realized that America had taken one more giant step towards a real difference of opinion from We the People and the federal monster.

"While I've never been a real fan of J. Edgar Hoover, he did make one statement which I feel perfectly sums up where we're heading: "When any person is intentionally deprived of his constitutional rights, those responsible have committed no ordinary offense. A crime of this nature, if subtly encouraged by failure to condemn and punish, certainly leads down the road to totalitarianism." (1952)

"At Ruby Ridge and Waco, there was no condemnation. The murderers were promoted and cheered. Janet the Butcher Reno has been hailed as a great Attorney General. The screaming lies about the OKC bombing by both the media and the government are so reprehensible they defy imagination. And the powers that be still expect We the People to sit back and say, okay, no problem. Not in my life time! I could not live with the shame of being one of the sheep."

The following quote is from the NWO chart distributed by F.R.E.E. (Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate), available by writing to P.0. Box 33339, Kerrville, TX 78029 [$2.00 donation]:

An Open Letter to the Officers of the United States Military Forces:

In the course of recent history, there have occurred numerous events which give rise to our urgent concern as to where your immediate loyalty lies. Is it with the People of the several united States of America, or is it to the Commander in Chief and his cohort of advisors and controllers determined to bring us into a world social, economic and political order governed by
the United Nations organization?

In February, 1992, President George Bush told the UN General Assembly, "It is those Sacred Principles enshrined in the UN charter to which we henceforth pledge our allegiance." This statement conflicts with the Founding Principles of this nation and arouses concern in freemen everywhere. Our concern is exacerbated by such as events as these:

(1 ) Numerous Executive Orders signed by recent presidents which negate the authority of the people through their elected representatives to declare war, to ratify international treaties and to limit, by appropriations, military activity in peacetime;

(2) A continuum of undeclared wars whose purpose and result remain clouded at best is treasonous at worst;

(3) A growing propensity for placement of various U.S. military units under foreign commanders;

(4) An apparent change in policy and purpose of the U.S. military for the protection of the people of these several united States of America and their property to the furtherance of some vague and unspoken political, social and economic agenda;

(5) The obvious unnecessary sacrifice of the lives and limbs of our fathers, sons, daughters and husbands in the implementation of that agenda;

(6) Numerous recent violent actions by agents and agencies of the federal government against the people of the several States, and

(7) The apparent determination of a significant influence within the Congress and the present administration to disarm law-abiding Citizens of these several States and to deny us our ultimate protection against a potentially tyrannical government.

History is replete with examples of the people's worst enemy being their own government taken over by power hungry despots. We have no reason to believe that human nature has changed, that, given the opportunity, evil men will impose their will upon the populace. The form of government established by this Nation's founders is one of Law based upon
absolute Principles, not upon the whim of individuals, nor even of the majority of the people. They wrote a Constitution expressly limiting the authority of the federal government and denying to elected leadership unilateral and unquestioned authority.

You are reminded that your oath upon commissioning as an officer of this nation is the support and defense of that Constitution and through it, the people of these several states. It is not to obey a Commander in Chief, nor even less to obey the orders of some presumed foreign authority. You are further reminded that it is well established in international law that following the orders of a superior authority is no defense in your personal responsibility for any unlawful acts by military leaders.

lt is with these points in mind that we demand that you make a personal decision and public commitment that, if and when you are ordered to take any action against the people of these several States or the Constitution established by them, that you stand with the people and their Constitution, that you protect them from intrusion upon their rights, their persons, and
their property and that you defend them against all actions, either violent or non-violent, perpetrated by those, domestic or foreign, whose object is the destruction of the Constitution. We call upon you to renounce any action in violation of the people or their Constitution, and to bring to bear all the forces under your command to the protection and defense of these
high purposes. In the name of the Almighty Creator God, we will accept nothing less." End

Quotes from the man known as the "Father of Our Country," George Washington, a very politically incorrect kinda guy:

"Do not let any one claim to be a true American if they ever attempt to remove religion from politics." --George Washington

"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference -- they deserve a place of honor with all that is good." --George Washington

"Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is a force, like fire: a dangerous servant and a terrible master". --George Washington

"A free people be armed..." --George Washington, speech of January 7, 1790 in the Boston Independent Chronicle, January 14, 1790.