The Oklahoma City Bombing
PROOF there were additional explosive charges.
Last Update Wed Mar 21 15:31:37 PDT 2001

Tiffany Bible affidavit
Tiffany Bible was a paramedic called to the Murrah Building following the bombing. This affidavit reports three important facts. 1. The ATF were not in the building. 2. That the ATF was already putting out a story that the Murrah Building was bombed "because of Waco" only a few hours after the actual blast and before Tim McVeigh was even arrested. 3. That an unexploded bomb was found attached to a gas line inside the building.

Arlene Blanchard Press Release
Arlene was a survivor of the bombing. IN this press release, issued at the time of her grand jury appearance, she reveals that she was ordered to keep silent about what she knew of the bombing by the Army under threat of court martial.

DoD Atlantic Command MemoThis memo, issued 24 hours after the bombing, reports at least two additional bombs were found in the Murrah Building.

FEMA Situation ReportThis FEMA memo also reports at least two additional bombs were found in the Murrah Building.

U.S. Forces Command Daily LogAgain, confirmation of at least two additional bombs which were found in the Murrah Building.

Joe Harp affidavit
Joe Harp, based on his military explosives experience, refutes the ANFO claim and identifies the additional bombs he sees removed from the building as being military in nature.

Jane Graham Statement
This statement by a survivor tells of three men he saw in the Murrah Building Garage the week prior to the bombing, and the FBI's obvious disinterest in the matter.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Radio LogsThese four pages are the radio log of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Note that the reports of additional bombs are confirmed by the fire department.

Virgil Steele Affidavit
Virgil Steele is the elevator inspector who discovered that the story told by a senior BATF agent about being trapped in a plummeting elevator was a lie. The elevators were in working order except for being without power, and nobody had been trapped in them. Virgil also sees two additional bombs being removed from the building.