The Difficult & The Glorious

by Jim Searcy

Revelation Notes
Chapters 4 through 22

Yeshua lays out His battle plan for the churches in the antichrist war on the saints. That is the message of the first 3 chapters of Revelation. There are 5 warnings and 10 promises. That topic is covered in G-d's Battle Plan for His People . The 12 part Real Audio on Revelation is available on the GJiGT. You may click directly to either of those.

Revelation is about the things that are quickly coming to pass NOW before our very eyes. This is the New Testament prophetic revelation of Jesus Christ. Revelation was given to John for the Church to be able to KNOW of the CERTAIN VICTORY which we have IN Jesus. The church is instructed regarding those things which will shortly (meaning = suddenly) take place. YOU WILL BE BLESSED IF YOU READ, HEAR, AND KEEP THAT WHICH IS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION.

What follows here are some short notes on Revelation chapters 4-22.

We should desire to learn, from the promises and prophecies of Scripture, what will be the final outcome to believers and to the church. Yeshua has prevailed. Jesus said in Matt 10:22, Matt 24:13, and Mark 13:13 "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." Yeshua speaks very plainly. The END is the END. The end is not 3.5 or 7 years before the END.

Steadfastness in the faith of the gospel and true worship of G-d, in this great hour of trial and temptation, which would deceive all but the elect, is the character of those registered in the book of life. This powerful motive and encouragement to steadfastness, is the great design of the whole Revelation.

Chapter 4

Verses 1-8. After the L-rd Yeshua had instructed the apostle John to write to the churches "the things that are," there was another vision. The apostle saw a throne set in heaven, a picture of the universal dominion of YHVH. He saw a glorious One upon the throne, not described by human features, so as to be represented by a likeness or image, but only by His surpassing brightness. These indicate the excellence of the Divine nature, and awesome justice of G-d. The rainbow is a fitting sign of that covenant of promise which G-d has made with Messiah, as the Head of the church, and with all His people in Him. The prevailing color was a pleasant green, showing the reviving and refreshing nature of the new covenant. Twenty-four seats around the throne, were filled with twenty-four elders, representing, probably, the whole church of G-d. Their sitting denotes honor, rest, and satisfaction. Their sitting about the throne signifies nearness to G-d, and the sight and enjoyment they have of Him. They were clothed in white raiment. The white raiment is the imputed righteousness of the saints and their holiness. They had on their heads crowns of gold, signifying the glory they have with Him. Lightnings and voices came from the throne. This calls us to consider the awesome declarations G-d makes to His church, of His sovereign will and pleasure. Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne. They signify the gifts, graces, and operations of the Spirit of G-d in the churches of Messiah. These are given according to the will and pleasure of Him who sits upon the throne. In the true church, the laver for purification is the blood of the L-rd Yeshua Messiah, which cleanses from all sin. We all must be washed in this, to be admitted into the gracious presence of G-d on earth, and His glorious presence in heaven. The apostle saw four living creatures, between the throne and the circle of the elders, standing between G-d and the people. These might signify the true ministers of the gospel, because of their place between G-d and the people. This also is shown by the description given, denoting wisdom, courage, diligence, and discretion, and their calls and praises of holiness unto the L-rd.

Verses 9-11. All true believers totally credit their redemption and conversion, their present privileges and future hopes, only to the eternal and most holy G-d. This causes the always harmonious, thankful songs of the redeemed in heaven. We on earth should do like them. Let our praises be constant, not interrupted; united, not divided; thankful, not cold and formal; humble, not self-confident.

Chapter 5

Verses 1-7. The apostle saw in the hand of Him that sat upon the throne, a roll of parchments in the form usual in those times, and sealed with seven seals. This represented the secret purposes of G-d about to be revealed. The designs and methods of Divine plans, toward the church and the world, are stated, fixed, and made a matter of record. The counsels of G-d are altogether hidden from the eye and understanding of the creature. The several parts are not unsealed and opened at once, but after each other, till the whole mystery of G-d's counsel and conduct is finished in the world. The creatures cannot open it, nor read it. Only the L-rd can do so. Those who see most of G-d, are most desirous to see more. Those who have seen His glory, desire to know His will. But even good men may be too eager and hasty to look into the mysteries of the Divine plan. Such desires, if not soon answered, turn to grief and sorrow. If John wept much because he could not look into the book of G-d's decrees, how much more should we who are nearing the conclusion of history, shed floods of tears for our ignorance of G-d's plans and purposes for the church in the last days! The mission of the church is that on which everlasting salvation depends for billions of souls! We need not weep that we cannot foresee future events respecting our personal lives in this world. The knowledge of our future prospects, or our future calamities, would disable us for present duties and conflicts, and even make our prosperous days distressing. Yet we should desire to learn, from the promises and prophecies of Scripture, what will be the final outcome to believers and to the church. Yeshua has prevailed. We have been given G-d's word so that we should learn all that we need to know. Messiah stands as Mediator between G-d and both ministers and people. He is called a Lion, but He appears as a Lamb slain. He appears with the marks of His sufferings, to show that He pleads for us in heaven, having redeemed us. He appears as a Lamb, having seven horns and eyes; perfect power to execute all the will of G-d, and perfect wisdom to understand it, and to do it in the most effective way. The Father put the book of His eternal counsels into the hand of Messiah, and Messiah gladly took it into His hand; for He delights to make known the will of His Father; and the Holy Spirit is given by Him to reveal the truth and will of G-d.

Verses 8-14. It is matter of joy to all the world, to see that G-d deals with men in grace and mercy through the Redeemer. He governs the world, not merely as a Creator, but as our Savior. The harps were instruments of praise; the vials were full of odors, or incense, which signify the prayers of the saints: prayer and praise should always go together. Messiah has redeemed His people from the bondage of sin, guilt, and Satan. He has not only purchased liberty for them, but the highest honor and favor. He made them kings and priests. Our kingship is to rule over our own spirits, and to overcome the world, and the evil one. He makes them priests; giving us access to Himself, and liberty to offer up spiritual sacrifices. What words can more fully declare that Messiah is, and ought to be worshipped, equally with the Father, by all creatures, to all eternity! Joy without regard for circumstances is evident in those who know their destiny is with Him. We shall bless the Lamb for ever, who delivered and set us apart for Himself by His blood. How worthy art thou, O G-d, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, of our highest praises! All creatures should proclaim your greatness, and adore your majesty.

Chapter 6

Verses 1-8. Messiah, the Lamb, opens the first seal that discloses the white horse and its rider. This is not Yeshua who now holds the scroll and will be found on a great white horse later in REVELATION. This white horse rider who is going forth to conquer is the impostor known as Antichrist. He comes in the name of Messiah, masquerading as Messiah. He comes promising a peace. He promises world peace and a false Millennium. He is a great liar. "But when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes" and they that shall follow Antichrist shall not escape. The second seal discloses the red horse with a very powerful weapon. The liar Antichrist who has come to world power on a lying peace platform now plunges the whole world into unprecedented bloodshed. Could the significance of the RED horse be the REDS. All of Russia's most powerful weapons are intact and aimed at the United States. As Russia grows more unstable and more desperate this could possibly be nuclear rapture time for the American Christians and nuclear hell for the other Americans. There is absolutely no difference for the true believer in Messiah between the rapture and a strategic nuclear attack - both mean instantly with the L-rd. The black horse third seal of famine always comes on the heels of war. This will be the worst war ever, since the destruction this time is from the great sword of nuclear weapons. The whole world will be starving and rationing its food. The pale, corpse colored, horse of Death indicates that one fourth of the world's population will be destroyed by war, famine, and plagues. Hell always follows death for those who are not in Messiah. G-d gave them power. They are instruments of His anger and judgments. All calamities are at His command; they only go forth when G-d sends them, and no further than He permits. However, Yeshua told Martha just before He raised Lazarus, that those who live believing in Him never actually die. They have abundant eternal life because He is the resurrection and the life.

Verses 9-11. The apostle was deeply moved at the opening of the fifth seal. The fifth seal shows that many believers will be slain for the word of G-d and holding their faith in Yeshua. Some say this proves the rapture is before the tribulation but it sounds much more like a post tribulation rapture proof text. These saints had been martyred by the rule of Antichrist. They had obviously not been killed by a generation previous to that of the Antichrist's rule. Any previous generation shedding the blood of saints would already be in torment and there would be no cry for G-d's vengeance. They were told to be patient for a little season until their fellow servants and their brothers (the saints with whom Antichrist was still waging war) should also be killed. Assurance of final victory and of G-d's vengeance is given to the saints in heaven who had been martyred by Antichrist's war on the saints. Persecutors can only kill the body; after that there is no more they can do; the soul lives. G-d has provided a good place in the better world, for those who are faithful unto death. It is not their own death, but the sacrifice of Messiah, that gives them entrance into heaven. The cause in which they suffered, was for the word of G-d. This is the best cause for any man to lay down his life. Their cause of death was faith in G-d's word, and the unshaken confession of that faith. They commit their cause to Him to whom vengeance belongs. The L-rd is the comforter of His afflicted servants, and precious is their blood in His sight. As the measure of the sin of persecutors is filling up, so is the number of the persecuted, martyred servants of Messiah. When this is fulfilled, G-d will send wrath to those who trouble them, and unbroken happiness and rest to those that are troubled.

Verses 12-17. When the sixth seal was opened, there was a great earthquake. Earthquake frequency and amplitude are going off the record books. With such an earthquake, volcanic ash will darken all the skies and allow only the red light spectrum to penetrate this ash cloud causing the moon to turn blood red. The foundations of churches and states will be terribly shaken. Such bold figurative descriptions of great changes abound in the prophecies of Scripture; for these events are signs, and declare the end of the world and the day of judgment. The resulting panic and fear will cause many to try to hide in caves and want the rocks of the mountains to fall on them and hide them from the face of G-d and the wrath of the Lamb. Neither riches, courage, nor strength, can support men at that time. They would be glad to be hidden or to no longer have any being. Though Messiah is the Lamb, He can be angry, and the wrath of the Lamb is exceedingly dreadful. If the Redeemer Himself, who appeases the wrath of G-d, is our enemy, where shall we find a friend to plead for us? As men have their day of opportunity, and their seasons of grace, so G-d has His day of righteous wrath. Are we living in such a day? When the signs of the times show those who believe in G-d's word, that the King of kings is approaching, Christians are called to a decided course. We are called to a bold confession of Messiah and His truth before our fellowmen. Whatever we may have to endure, the short contempt of man is to be borne, rather than that shame which is everlasting.

Chapter 7

Verses 1-8. In the figurative language of Scripture, the blowing of the four winds together, means a dreadful and general destruction. But the destruction is delayed. Seals were used to mark for each person his own possessions. This mark is the witness of the Holy Ghost, printed in the hearts of believers. And the L-rd would not allow His people to be afflicted before they were marked, that they might be prepared against all conflicts. Observe that this sealing by the angels, must be on the forehead, plainly to be seen alike by friends and foes. But it is not seen by the believer himself, except as he looks steadfastly in G-d's word. The number of those who were sealed, might stand for the remnant of people which G-d reserved. The church of G-d is a little flock in comparison with the wicked world. Still, it is a society really large, and to be more enlarged in tribulation. Here the universal church is reckoned under the classification of Israel.

Verses 9-12. The first fruits of Messiah have led the way. The Gentiles converted later follow. All ascribe their salvation to G-d and the Redeemer, with triumph. In acts of religious worship we come near to G-d, and must come by Messiah. The throne of G-d could not be approached by sinners, were it not for a Mediator. They were clothed with the robes of justification, holiness, and victory; and they had palms in their hands, as conquerors used to appear in their triumphs. Such a glorious appearance will the faithful servants of G-d make at last. First we have to fight the good fight of faith, and finish our course. With a loud voice they gave to G-d and the Lamb the praise of the great salvation. Those who enjoy eternal happiness must and will bless both the Father and the Son. They will do it publicly, and with fervor. We see what is the work of heaven. We ought to begin it now with all of our hearts. We should long for that world where our praises, as well as our happiness, will be made perfect.

Verses 13-17. Faithful Christians deserve our notice and respect. We should mark the upright. Those who would gain knowledge, must not be ashamed to seek instruction from any who can give it. The way to heaven is through many tribulations; but great tribulation, shall not separate us from the love of G-d. Tribulation makes heaven more welcome and more glorious. It is not the blood of the martyrs, but the blood of the Lamb, that can wash away sin, and make the soul pure and clean in the sight of G-d. Other blood stains. His is the only blood that makes the robes of the saints white and clean. They are happy in their employment. Heaven is a state of service. It is not a state of suffering. It is a state of rest, but not of inactivity. It is a praising, delightful rest. They have had sorrows, and shed many tears on account of sin and affliction. But G-d Himself, with His own gracious hand, will wipe those tears away. He deals with them as a tender father. This should support the Christian under all his troubles. All the redeemed owe their happiness completely to His sovereign mercy. The work and worship of G-d their Savior is their element. His presence and favor complete their happiness. From Him they receive every needed skill. To Him they offer all praise and glory.

Chapter 8

Verses 1-6. The seventh seal is opened. There was profound silence in heaven. Whenever the church on earth cries through oppression, that cry reaches up to heaven. It is a silence of expectation. Trumpets were given to the angels, who were to sound them. The L-rd Yeshua is the High Priest of the church, having a golden censer, and much incense, fullness of merit in His own glorious person. We should study to know the fullness that is in Messiah. We all need to better understand His excellency. Are we truly persuaded that Messiah has such an office as that of Intercessor, which He now performs with deep sympathy? No prayer, brought to the throne through Messiah, was ever denied hearing and acceptance. These prayers, thus accepted in heaven, produced great changes upon earth. The Christian worship and religion, was pure and heavenly in its origin and nature. Yet on earth, when conflicting with the passions and worldly projects of sinful men, produced remarkable conflicts and wars. This is set forth here in prophetic language. Our L-rd declared the same thing in Luke 12:49.

Verses 7-13. If we will not stand to hear the truth of G-d's wrath and judgment then we will quite likely buy into the great lie and strong delusion being spread by Antichrist. If the coming judgment is such that the angels gasp in horror, how much more should we be alarmed and rush to be cleansed, covered, and protected by the blood of the Lamb? Pre tribulation rapture doctrine will not break through the hard shells of pride, self righteousness, and hypocrisy. It is the knowledge of this horrible coming judgment that can break through these and other hard shells and lead to repentance. It is very easy to see why these verses are not to be heard coming from the pulpit unless accompanied by a pre-tribulation rapture viewpoint. Otherwise it would literally scare the hell out of us. Could it possibly be that is why John wrote it? And woe, woe, woe, there are 3 angels still to sound.

Chapter 9

Verses 1-12. Upon sounding the fifth trumpet, a star fell from heaven to the earth. Having ceased to be a minister of Messiah, he who is represented by this star becomes the minister of the devil; and lets loose the powers of hell against the churches of Messiah. On the opening of the bottomless pit, there arose a great smoke. The devil carries on his designs by blinding the eyes of men, by putting out light and knowledge, and promoting ignorance and error. Out of this smoke there came a swarm of locusts, emblems of the devil's agents, who promote superstition, idolatry, error, and cruelty. The trees and the grass, the true believers, whether young or more advanced, should be untouched. But a secret poison and infection in the soul, should rob many others of purity, and afterwards of peace. The locusts had no power to hurt those who had the seal of G-d. G-d's all-powerful, distinguishing grace will keep his people from total and final apostasy. The power is limited to a short season; but it would be very sharp. In such events the faithful share the common calamity, but from the pestilence of error they can be safe by staying in the Word. All early writers plainly refer to the great tribulation with the antichrist waging war on the saints, to be endured by the Christian church, placing the rapture coincident with the L-rd's return in great power and glory at the end of the war of antichrist with the saints.

Verses 13-21. The kings of the east will go on the march across the Euphrates. This is Red China. The time must be at hand. Today China boasts of the size of their standing army to be 200,000,000 men. This is the exact number that John heard. There were not 200,000,000 people on the planet when John wrote this! It is high time to get hold of a solid understanding of the book of Revelation. Here we see both the infinite mercy of G-d and the blindness of men who rebel against G-d. These judgments just keep coming in ever increasing waves. The waves of judgment are call after call to repentance. Just like Pharaoh they all harden their hearts. It is also interesting to note the Greek word translated sorceries is pharmakia or drugs. The attentive reader of Scripture and history, may find his faith and hope strengthened by events, which otherwise would fill his heart with anguish and his eyes with tears, while he sees that men who escape these plagues, repent not of their evil works, but go on with idolatries, wickedness, and cruelty, till wrath comes upon them to the utmost.

Chapter 10

Verses 1-7. The apostle saw another representation. The person communicating this discovery probably was Messiah, or it was to show His glory. A rainbow was upon His head; our L-rd is always mindful of His covenant. His awesome voice was echoed by seven thunders; solemn and terrible ways of discovering the mind of G-d. We may not be certain of the subjects of the seven thunders. The final salvation of the righteous, and the final success of true religion on earth, are absolutely certain by the unfailing word of the L-rd. Though the time may not be yet, it cannot be far distant. Very soon, time will be no more. If we are believers, a happy eternity will follow. We shall from heaven behold and rejoice in the triumphs of Messiah, and His cause on earth.

Verses 8-11. Most men feel pleasure in looking into future events, and all good men like to receive a word from G-d. But when this book of prophecy was thoroughly digested by the apostle, the contents would be bitter. There were things so awful and terrible, such grievous persecutions of the people of G-d, such desolations in the earth, that the foresight and foreknowledge of them would be painful to his mind. Let us seek to be taught by Messiah, and to obey His orders; daily meditating on His word, that it may nourish our souls. Let us be bold in declaring it. The sweetness of such contemplations will often be mingled with bitterness, while we compare the Scriptures with the state of the world and the church, or even with that of our own hearts.

Chapter 11

Verses 1-2. This prophetical passage about measuring the temple seems to refer to Ezekiel's vision. The design of this measuring seems to be the preservation of the church in times of public danger; or for its trial, or for its reformation. The worshippers must be measured; whether they make G-d's glory their end, and His word their rule, in all their acts of worship. Those in the outer court, worship in a false manner, or with hypocritical hearts, and will be found among His enemies. G-d will have a temple and an altar in the world, till the end of time. He looks strictly to His temple. The holy city, and the visible church, is trodden under foot. It is filled with idolaters, infidels, and hypocrites. But the desolations of the church are limited, and she shall be delivered out of all her troubles.

Verses 3-13. In the time of treading down, G-d kept his faithful witnesses to attest the truth of His word and worship, and the excellence of His ways. The number of these witnesses is small, yet enough. They prophesy in sackcloth. It shows their afflicted, persecuted state, and deep sorrow for the abominations against which they protested. They are supported during their great and hard work, till it is done. When they had prophesied in sackcloth the greatest part of 1260 days, antichrist, the great instrument of the devil, would war against them, with force and violence. Determined rebels against the light rejoice, as on some happy event, when they can silence, drive to a distance, or destroy the faithful servants of Messiah, whose doctrine and conduct torment them. There is abundant cause to prophesy in sackcloth, on account of the state of religion. The depressed state of real Christianity may relate only to the western church. The Spirit of life from G-d, quickens dead souls, and shall quicken the dead bodies of His people. The revival of G-d's work and witnesses, will strike terror into the souls of His enemies. Where there is guilt, there is fear. A persecuting spirit, though cruel, is a cowardly spirit. It will be no small part of the punishment of persecutors, both in this world, and at the great day, that they see the faithful servants of G-d honored and advanced. The L-rd's witnesses must not be weary of suffering and service, nor hastily grasp at the reward; but must stay till their Master calls them. The resurrection and ascension of these two special witnesses starts the rapture. This will be a mighty shock and convulsion in the antichristian empire. Events alone can show the meaning of this. But whenever G-d's work and witnesses revive, the devil's work and witnesses fall before Him. The slaying of the two witnesses occurs three and a half days before the rapture.

Verses 14-19. Before the sounding of the seventh and last trumpet, there is the usual demand of attention. The saints and angels in heaven know the right of our G-d and Savior to rule over all the world. But the nations met G-d's wrath with their own anger. It will be a time in which He is beginning to reward His people's faithful services, and sufferings. Their enemies agitated against G-d, and so increased their guilt, and hastened their destruction. The opening of the temple of G-d in heaven, may mean, that there is a more free communication between heaven and earth. Prayer and praises may more freely and frequently go up, with graces and blessings plentifully coming down. It seems to refer to the church of G-d on earth. In the reign of antichrist, G-d's law is laid aside, and made void by traditions and decrees. The Scriptures are locked up from the people. This, like the ark, is a token of the presence of G-d returned to His people, and His favor toward them in Yeshua Messiah, as the Propitiation for their sins.

Chapter 12

Verses 1-6. The church and/or Israel, may be represented by the woman. She was clothed with the sun, justified, sanctified, and shining by union with Messiah, the Sun of Righteousness. Yeshua is the great manchild of Israel, far greater than Moses or any of the patriarchs. He will rule all nations with a rod of iron. Then Satan is seen as the great red dragon who seeks to destroy Israel. Satan's last chance to make any word of G-d be found untrue is to destroy the nation of Israel. Israel is being protected by G-d. G-d has been using the United States with its 5.5 million Jews (almost half of the total) to frustrate the Satanic destruction of Israel. G-d gives Satan unrestrained control of the earth under the Antichrist symbolized by the 7 (meaning = complete or full) crowns. Antichrist may divide the earth into 10 regions but he will have full power and control. Satan tried to destroy the Great Manchild of Israel when he had Herod kill all male babies less than 2 years old.

Verses 7-11. The attempts of the dragon proved unsuccessful against the church and Israel. The attempt to destroy Israel will be fatal to his own interests. The seat of this war was in heaven. The parties are Messiah, the great Angel of the covenant, and His faithful followers, against Satan and his followers. The strength of the church is in having the L-rd Yeshua for the Captain of their salvation. The salvation and strength of the church, are only to be ascribed to the King and Head of the church. The conquered enemy hates the presence of G-d, yet he is willing to appear there, to accuse the people of G-d. Let us take heed that we give him no cause to accuse us; and that, when we have sinned, we go before the L-rd, condemn ourselves, and commit our cause to Messiah as our Advocate. The servants of G-d overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb. By the word of their testimony, shows that the powerful preaching of the gospel is mighty, through G-d, to pull down strong holds. The church's method of warfare is by their courage and patience in sufferings. They loved not their lives, to the extent that they could lay them down in Messiah's cause. These were the warriors and the weapons by which Christianity overthrew the power of pagan idolatry. If Christians had continued to fight with these weapons, their victories would have been more numerous and glorious, and the effects more lasting. The redeemed overcame by a simple reliance on the blood of Messiah, as the only ground of their hopes. In this we must be like them. We must not blend any thing else with this.

Verses 12-17. The wilderness is a desolate place, and full of serpents and scorpions, uncomfortable and destitute of provisions; yet a place of safety, as well as where one might be alone. If the world thought they saw anti -Semitism under Hitler, the persecution of the Jews under Antichrist will be no comparison. The main message is still that anyone who does not love the Jews is Antichrist and anti G-d. Demon angels persecute and seduce the ministers and teachers of the church. They try to crush the Christian religion. In spite of the opposition of such enemies, the church brought forth a manly issue of true and faithful witnesses. Messiah was truly formed anew in them. This is the mystery of Messiah, that the Son of G-d who should rule the nations, give the faithful members of His body, the right to partake of the same glory. This blessed offspring was protected of G-d. We should be cautioned about being overly dogmatic about the interpretation of such a heavenly video.

Chapter 13

Verses 1-10. The apostle, standing on the shore, saw a savage beast rise out of the sea; a tyrannical, idolatrous, persecuting power, springing up out of the troubles which took place. It was a frightful monster! It appears to mean that worldly, oppressing dominion, which even from the times of the Babylonian captivity, has been hostile to the church. The first beast then began to oppress and persecute the righteous for righteousness' sake. The source of its power was the dragon. It was set up by the devil, and supported by him. The false church paid honor and subjection to the devil and his agents. Yet the devil's power and success are limited. Messiah has a chosen remnant, redeemed by His blood, recorded in His book, sealed by His Spirit. Though the devil and antichrist may overcome the body, and take away the natural life, they cannot conquer the soul, nor prevail with true believers to forsake their Savior, and join His enemies. Steadfastness in the faith of the gospel and true worship of G-d, in this great hour of trial and temptation, which would deceive all but the elect, is the character of those registered in the book of life. This powerful motive and encouragement to steadfastness, is the great design of the whole Revelation.

Verses 11-18. The first beast denotes a worldly power. The second is also a persecuting power, which acts under the disguise of religion. It is a spiritual dominion, professing to be derived from Messiah, and exercised at first in a gentle manner, but soon spoke like the dragon. Its speech betrayed it; for it gives forth those false doctrines and cruel decrees, which show it to belong to the dragon, and not to the Lamb. It exercised all the power of the former beast. It pursues the same design, to draw men from worshipping the true G-d, and to subject the souls of men to the will and control of men. The second beast has used lying wonders, and pretended miracles to deceive men into worshipping the former beast, in the new shape, or likeness made for it. It also uses severe condemnations. It allows none to enjoy natural or civil rights, who will not worship that beast which is the antichrist image of Satan. The mark of the beast is made a qualification for buying and selling. Making an image to the beast, whose deadly wound was healed, gives form and power to his worship. All are required to obey his commands. The number of the beast is given, to show the infinite wisdom of G-d, and to exercise the wisdom of men. The number is the number of a man, computed after the usual manner among men, and it is 666. Everybody must wise up that WE WILL BE FORCED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF ANTICHRIST TO TAKE THAT LITTLE 666 SCANNER MARK THAT IS ALREADY ON ALMOST EVERYTHING WE BUY OR SELL. We will be forced to take the mark EITHER IN THE RIGHT WRIST OR FOREHEAD. BOTH THE UPC AND SKU SYMBOLS ARE BASED ON 666. Even if it means starving to death DON'T DO IT. No matter what - DON'T DO IT. Call it blaspheming the Holy Spirit, whatever - JUST DON'T DO IT. The mystery of what and who is intended by this is soon to be revealed. The beast is the Antichrist. He will recover from a wound that appears to be deadly. He thus counterfeits the resurrection of Messiah and the world is captivated by him. Those at the highest echelons of the New Age Movement, and New World Order are openly worshipping Lucifer but the majority are just caught up in the Antichrist web with its many tentacles and facets.

Chapter 14

Verses 1-5. Messiah is with Israel and His church. His presence secures them in their steadfastness to Him. They have the name of G-d written in their foreheads. They make a bold and open profession of their faith in G-d and Messiah. There are persons who will lay down their lives for the worship and truth of the gospel of Messiah. They kept themselves clean from the wicked abominations of the followers of antichrist. Our prayer, our endeavor, our ambition, should be to be found steadfast in this honorable company. Those who are really sanctified and justified are meant here. No hypocrite can be accounted to be without fault before G-d.

Verses 6-20. The gospel is the great means whereby men are brought to fear G-d, and to give glory to Him. The preaching of the everlasting gospel shakes the foundations of antichrist in the world. The believer is to risk or suffer any thing in obeying the commandments of G-d, and professing the faith of Yeshua. Observe the description of those that die in the cause of Messiah. They rest from all sin, temptation, sorrow, and persecution. Also observe the destiny of the wicked who follow antichrist. If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of G-d, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of G-d, and the faith of Yeshua. This is why it is so vital not to take the little 666 scanner mark of the beast in the right wrist or forehead. We must never forget what it means for our eternal destiny if we take the mark of the beast. Blessed are the dead which die in the L-rd from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them. Since he thinks he is so privileged as to be raptured before any great tribulation suffering, is there any restraint regarding the taking of the mark by the pre-tribber?


Chapter 15

Verses 1-4. Seven angels appeared in heaven; prepared to finish the destruction of antichrist. As the measure of Babylon's sins was filled up, it finds the full measure of Divine wrath. While believers stand in this world, in times of trouble, as upon a sea of glass mingled with fire, they may look forward to their final deliverance, while new mercies call forth new hymns of praise. The more we know of G-d's wonderful works, the more we shall praise His greatness as the L-rd G-d Almighty, the Creator and Ruler of all worlds. His title of Emmanuel, the King of saints, will make Him dear to us. When we consider the power of G-d's wrath, the value of His favor, or the glory of His holiness, who would refuse to fear and honor Him alone? His praise is above heaven and earth.


Verses 5-8. In the judgments G-d executes upon antichrist and his followers, He fulfills the prophecies and promises of His word. These angels are prepared for their work, clothed with pure and white linen, their breasts girded with golden girdles, representing the holiness, and righteousness, and excellence of these dealings with men. They are ministers of Divine justice, and do every thing in a pure and holy manner. They were armed with the wrath of G-d against His enemies. Even the most average creature, when armed with the anger of G-d, will be too hard for any man in the world. The angels received the vials from one of the four living creatures, one of the ministers of the true church, as in answer to the prayers of the ministers and people of G-d. Antichrist could not be destroyed without a great shock to all the world, and even the people of G-d would be in trouble and confusion while the great work was in process. The greatest deliverances of the church are brought about by awesome and astonishing acts of G-d. The happy state of the true church will not begin till obstinate enemies shall be destroyed, and lukewarm or formal Christians are purified. Then, whatever is against Scripture being purged away, the whole church shall be spiritual, and the whole being brought to purity, unity, and spirituality, shall be firmly established.

Chapter 16

Verses 1-7. We are to pray that the will of G-d may be done on earth as it is done in heaven. Here is a succession of terrible judgments of G-d. There seems to be an allusion to several of the plagues of Egypt. The sins were alike, and so were the punishments. The vials refer to the seven trumpets, which represented the rise of antichrist. The fall of the enemies of the church shall bear some resemblance to their rise. All things throughout their earth, their air, their sea, their rivers, their cities, all are condemned to ruin. All are cursed for the wickedness of that people. No wonder that angels, who witness or execute the Divine vengeance on the obstinate haters of G-d, of Messiah, and of holiness, praise His justice and truth. No wonder they praise His awesome judgments, when He brings upon cruel persecutors the tortures they made His saints and prophets suffer.

Verses 8-11. The heart of man is so desperately wicked, that the most severe miseries never will bring any to repent, without the special grace of G-d. Hell itself is filled with blasphemies. Those who are ignorant of the history of human nature, of the Bible, and of their own hearts, who do not know that the more men suffer, and the more plainly they see the hand of G-d in their sufferings, the more furiously they often rage against Him. Let sinners now seek repentance from Messiah, and the grace of the Holy Spirit, or they will have the anguish and horror of an unhumbled, impenitent, and desperate heart. This will add to their guilt and misery through all eternity. Darkness is opposed to wisdom and knowledge, and threatens the confusion and folly of the idolaters and followers of the beast. It is opposed to pleasure and joy, and signifies anguish and distress of spirit.

Verses 12-16. This probably shows the destruction of the Islamic power, and of idolatry, and that a way will be made for the return of the Jews. Or, take it for Rome, as mystical Babylon, the name of Babylon being put for Rome, which was meant, but was not then to be directly named. Today it could mean America. When she is destroyed, her river and merchandise must suffer with her. Perhaps a way will be opened for the eastern nations to come into the church of Messiah. The great dragon will collect all his forces, to make one desperate struggle before all will be lost. G-d warns of this great trial, to engage His people to prepare for it. These will be times of great temptation; therefore Messiah, by His apostle, calls on His professed servants to expect His sudden coming, and to watch that they might not be put to shame, as apostates or hypocrites. However Christians differ, as to their views of the times and seasons of events yet to be brought to pass, on this one point all are agreed, Yeshua Messiah, the L-rd of glory, will suddenly come again to judge the world. To those living near to Messiah, it is an object of joyful hope and expectation, and delay is not desired by them.

Verses 17-21. The seventh and last angel poured forth his vial, and the downfall of Babylon was finished. The church triumphant in heaven saw it and rejoiced; the church in conflict on earth saw it and became triumphant. G-d remembered the great and wicked city; though for some time He seemed to have forgotten her idolatry and cruelty. All that was most secure was carried away by the ruin. Men blasphemed. The greatest judgments that can fall on men, will not bring them to repentance without the grace of G-d. To be hardened against G-d, by His righteous judgments, is a sign of sure and utter destruction.

Chapter 17

Verses 1-6. Rome clearly appears to be meant in this chapter. Pagan Rome subdued and ruled with military power, not by art and flatteries. She left the nations in general to their ancient cultures and worship. But it is well known that by crafty and political management, with all kinds of deceit of unrighteousness, papal Rome has obtained and kept her rule over kings and nations. Here were allurements of worldly honor and riches, pomp and pride, suited to sensual and worldly minds. Prosperity, pomp, and splendor, feed the pride and lusts of the human heart, but are no security against the Divine vengeance. The golden cup represents the allurements, and delusions, by which this mystical Babylon has obtained and kept her influence, and seduced others to join her abominations. She is named, from her infamous practices, a mother of harlots. She trained them up to idolatry and all sorts of wickedness. She filled herself with the blood of the saints and martyrs of Yeshua. She intoxicated herself with it. It was so pleasant to her, that she never was satisfied. We cannot help wonder at the oceans of Christian blood shed by men called Christians. Yet when we consider these prophecies, these awesome deeds testify to the truth of the gospel. We should always beware of a splendid, gainful, or fashionable religion. We must avoid the mysteries of iniquity, and study diligently the great mystery of godliness. We should learn humility and gratitude from the example of Messiah. The more we seek to resemble Him, the less we shall be liable to be deceived by antichrist.

Verses 7-14. The beast on which the woman sat was, and is not, and yet is. It was a seat of idolatry and persecution, and is not. It is not in the ancient form, which was pagan. Yet it is; it is truly the seat of idolatry and tyranny, though of another sort and form. It will deceive into stupid and blind submission all the inhabitants of the earth within its influence, except the remnant of the elect. This beast has seven heads, seven mountains, the seven hills on which Rome stands. There were seven world kings or seven world orders. Five were gone by when this prophecy was written. One, Rome, was then ruling the world. The other New World Order will soon be upon us. This beast, possibly directed by the papacy, makes an eighth governor, and sets up idolatry again. It had ten horns, which are said to be ten kings who had as yet no kingdoms. These kingdoms would not form until after the Roman empire was broken. For a time they are very zealous in her service. Messiah must reign till all enemies be put under His feet. The reason of the victory is, that He is the King of kings, and L-rd of lords. He has supreme dominion and power over all things. All the powers of earth and hell are subject to His control. His followers are called to this warfare, are fitted for it, and will be faithful in it.

Verses 15-18. G-d so ruled the hearts of these kings, by His power over them, and by his will, that they did those things, without intending it, which He purposed and foretold. They shall see their folly, and how they have been bewitched and enslaved by the harlot, and be made instruments in her destruction. Rome was that great city which reigned over the kings of the earth, when John had this vision. Could New York or Washington, D.C. be that city today? Believers will be received to the glory of the L-rd, when wicked men will be destroyed in a most awesome manner. Their joining together in sin, will be turned to hatred and rage, and they will eagerly assist in tormenting each other. But the L-rd's portion is His people. His counsel shall stand, and He will do all His pleasure, to His glory, and the happiness of all His servants.

Chapter 18

Verses 1-8. The downfall and destruction of the mystical Babylon are determined in the counsels of G-d. Another angel comes from heaven. This seems to be Messiah Himself, coming to destroy His enemies, and to shed abroad the light of His gospel through all nations. The wickedness of this Babylon was very great; she had forsaken the true G-d, and set up idols, and had drawn all sorts of men into spiritual adultery. By her wealth and luxury she kept them in her dominion. The spiritual merchandise, by which multitudes have wickedly lived in wealth, by the sins and follies of mankind, seems to be indicated. Fair warning is given to all that expect mercy from G-d, that they should not only come out of this Babylon, but assist in her destruction. G-d may have a people even in Babylon. But G-d's people shall be called out of Babylon, and called effectual, while those that partake with wicked men in their sins, must receive of their plagues.

Verses 9-19. The mourners had shared Babylon's sensual pleasures, and gained by her wealth and trade. The kings of the earth, she flattered into idolatry, by allowing them to be tyrannical over their subjects, while obedient to her. And the merchants, those who trafficked for her indulgences, pardons, and honors, these mourn. Babylon's friends partook her sinful pleasures and profits, but are not willing to share her plagues. The spirit of antichrist is a worldly spirit, and that sorrow is a mere worldly sorrow; they do not lament for the anger of G-d, but for the loss of outward comforts. The magnificence and riches of the ungodly will avail them nothing, but will render the vengeance harder to be borne. The spiritual merchandise is described, when not only slaves, but the souls of men, are mentioned as articles of commerce, to the destroying the souls of millions. We must learn, with any material gain, to get the unsearchable riches of Messiah. Otherwise, even in this life, we will mourn that riches fly away, and that all the fruits their souls lusted after, are departed from them. Death, at any rate, will soon end everyone's commerce, and all the riches of the ungodly will be exchanged, not only for the coffin and the worm, but for the fire that cannot be quenched.

Verses 20-24. That which is matter of rejoicing to the servants of G-d on earth, is matter of rejoicing to the angels in heaven. The apostles, who are honored and daily worshipped at Rome in an idolatrous manner, will rejoice in her fall. The fall of Babylon was an act of G-d's justice. And because it was a final ruin, this enemy should never molest any more. We should take warning from the things which brought others to destruction, and let us set our affections on things above, when we consider the changeable nature of earthly things.

Chapter 19

Verses 1-10. Praising G-d for what we have, is praying for what is yet to be done for us. There is harmony between the angels and the saints in this triumphant song. Messiah is the Bridegroom of His ransomed church. This second union will be completed in heaven. The beginning of the glorious millennium may be considered as the celebration of this wedding on earth. Then the church of Messiah, being purified from errors, divisions, and corruptions, in doctrine, discipline, worship, and practice, will be made ready to be publicly owned by Him as His delight and His beloved. The church appeared; not in the gay, gaudy dress of the mother of harlots, but in fine linen, clean and white. The robes of Messiah's righteousness are given for justification, and for sanctification. The promises of the gospel, the true sayings of G-d, opened, applied, and sealed by the Spirit of G-d, in holy ordinances, are the marriage-feast. This seems to refer to the abundant grace and consolation Christians will receive in the happy days which are to come. The apostle offered worship to the angel. The angel refused it. He directed the apostle to the true and only object of religious worship; to worship G-d, and Him alone. This plainly condemns the practice of those who worship the elements of bread and wine, and saints, and angels. It condemns those who do not believe that Messiah is truly and by nature G-d, yet pay Him a sort of worship. They stand convicted of idolatry by a messenger from heaven. These are the true sayings of G-d. Only He is to be worshipped, as One (echad not yachid) with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Verses 11-21. Messiah, the glorious Head of the church, is described as on a white horse, the sign of victory, justice, and holiness. He has many crowns, for He is King of kings, and L-rd of lords. He is arrayed in a vesture dipped in His own blood, by which He purchased His power as Mediator. He prevails over all of His enemies. His name is "The Word of G-d;" a name no one fully knows but Messiah. We do know, that this Word was G-d manifest in the flesh. However, His perfections cannot be fully understood by any creature. Angels and saints follow, and are like Messiah in their armor of purity and righteousness. The threatenings of the written word He is going to execute on His enemies. The signs of His authority are His name, which asserts His authority and power. It warns the most powerful princes to submit, or they must fall before Him. The powers of earth and hell make their utmost effort. These verses declare important events, foretold by the prophets. These persons were not excused because they did what their leaders told them. How vain will be the plea of many sinners at the great day! We followed our guides; we did as we saw others do! G-d has given a rule to walk by, in His word. No example or excuse can stand contrary the word of G-d. If we do as the majority do, we must go where the majority must go. The place of the majority is the lake of fire.

Chapter 20

Verses 1-3. Here is a vision, showing the restraints laid on Satan. Messiah, with Almighty power, will keep the devil from deceiving mankind as he has done before. He never wants power and instruments to break the power of Satan. Messiah shuts by His power, and seals by His authority. The church shall have a time of peace and prosperity, but all her trials are not yet over.

Verses 4-6. Here is an account of the reign of the saints, for the same space of time as Satan is bound. Those who suffer with Messiah, shall reign with Him in His spiritual and heavenly kingdom, in conformity to Him in His wisdom, righteousness, and holiness. This is called the first resurrection, with which none but those who serve Messiah, and suffer for Him, shall obtain. The happiness of these servants of G-d is declared. None can be blessed but those that are holy; and all that are holy shall be blessed. We know something thing of what the first death is. But we don't know what this second death is. It must be infinitely more dreadful. It is the death of the soul, eternal separation from G-d. May we never know what it is. Those who have been made partakers of a spiritual resurrection, are saved from the power of the second death. We may expect that a thousand years will follow the destruction of the antichristian, idolatrous, persecuting powers, during which pure Christianity, in doctrine, worship, and holiness, will be made known over all the earth. By the all-powerful working of the Holy Spirit, fallen man will be a new creature. Faith and holiness will prevail as certainly, as unbelief and unholiness do now. We can easily perceive how all of dreadful pains, diseases, and other calamities would cease, if all men were true and consistent Christians. All the evils of public and private contests would be ended. Happiness of every kind would result. Every man would try to lighten suffering, instead of adding to the sorrows around him. It is our duty to pray for the promised glorious days, and to do every thing in our public and private stations which can prepare for them.

Verses 7-10. While this world lasts, Satan's power in it will not be wholly destroyed, though it will be limited and lessened. No sooner is Satan let loose, than he again begins deceiving the nations, and stirring them up to make war with the saints and servants of G-d. It would be well if the servants of Messiah were as active in doing good, as his enemies are in doing evil. G-d will fight this last and decisive battle for His people. Therefore, the victory will be complete, and the glory be to Him only.

Verses 11-15. After these things, the end will quickly come. There is no mention of any thing else, before the appearing of Messiah to judge the world. This will be the great day. The Judge, the L-rd Yeshua Messiah, will then put on majesty and terror. The persons to be judged are the dead, small and great, young and old, low and high, poor and rich. None are so lowly that they have no talents to account for. Not only those alive at the coming of Messiah, but all the dead shall be accounted. There is a book of remembrance both for good and bad. The book of the sinner's conscience, though formerly secret, will then be opened. Every man will recollect all his past actions. He may have long forgotten many of them. Another book shall be opened, the book of the Scriptures, the rule of life. It represents the L-rd's knowledge of His people, and His declaring their repentance, faith, and good works. It shows the blessings of the new covenant. By their works men shall be justified or condemned. He will try their principles by their practices. Those justified and acquitted by the gospel, shall be justified and acquitted by the Judge. They shall enter into eternal life, having nothing more to fear from death, or hell, or wicked men. The wicked are all destroyed together. This is the second death. It is the final separation of sinners from G-d. Let it be our great concern to see whether our Bibles justify or condemn us now. Messiah will judge the secrets of all men according to the gospel.

Chapter 21

Verses 1-8. The new heaven and the new earth will not be separate from each other. The earth of the saints, and their glorified, bodies, will be heavenly. The old world, with all its troubles, wars, struggles and conflicts, will have passed away. There will be no sea. This represents freedom from conflicting passions, temptations, troubles, changes, and alarms. There will be nothing which can divide or interrupt the communion of saints. This new Jerusalem is the church of G-d in its new and perfect state, the church triumphant. Its blessedness came wholly from G-d, and depends on Him. The presence of G-d with His people in heaven, will not be suspended as it is on earth. He will dwell with them continually. All effects of former trouble shall be done away. They have often been in tears, by reason of sin, affliction, and the tragedies of the church. There will be no remembrance of former sorrows. Messiah makes all things new. If we are willing and desirous that the Redeemer should make all things new and repair and redeem our hearts and nature, He will make all things new and bring us to enjoy complete happiness. See the certainty of the promise. G-d gives His titles, Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, as a pledge for the full performance. Sensual and sinful pleasures are muddy and poisoned waters. The best earthly comforts are like the supplies of a cistern. When idolized, they become broken cisterns, and yield only trouble. But the joys which Messiah imparts are like waters springing from a fountain, pure, refreshing, abundant, and eternal. The sanctifying comforts of the Holy Spirit prepare for heavenly happiness. They are streams which flow for us in the wilderness. The fearful are not ready for the trials of their faith. They must quickly find the perfect love of Messiah which will cast out their fears as no false or escapist pre-trib doctrine ever will. Their ungenuine fear came from their unbelief. Those who are so dastardly as not to dare to take up the cross of Messiah, were yet so desperate as to run into abominable wickedness. The agonies and terrors of the first death will lead to the far greater terrors and agonies of eternal death.

Verses 9-21. G-d has various duties for His holy angels. Sometimes they sound the trumpet of Divine judgment, and warn a careless world. Sometimes they find out things of a heavenly nature for the heirs of salvation. Those who would have clear views of heaven, must get as near to heaven as they can, on the mount of scripture meditation and faith. The subject of the vision is the church of G-d in a perfect, triumphant state, shining in glory. It is in a glorious in relation to Messiah. It shows that the happiness of heaven consists in communication with G-d, and in conformity to Him. The change of emblems from a bride to a city, shows that we are only to take general ideas from this description. The wall is for security. Heaven is a safe place. The residents are separated and secured from all evils and enemies. This city is vast, plenty of room for all the people of G-d. With ten foot high ceilings it would contain the entire dry land surface of the planet. There are those who would say that G-d deals with Israel and the Church differently. Some would even say that Israel and the Church have different eternal purposes and destinies. Some would say that it is Israel which will go through the tribulation and not the Church. However, we see clearly here that Israel and the Church have the same destiny and eternal purpose. Israel becomes part of the Church. Whenever any Jew recognizes and trusts the L-rd Yeshua Messiah for his salvation, that Jew becomes part of the Church. Heaven has gates and there is a free admission to all that are sanctified. These gates were all of pearls. Messiah is the Pearl of great price, and He is our Way to G-d. The street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. The saints in heaven tread gold under foot. The saints are there at rest, yet it is not a state of sleep and idleness; they have communion, not only with G-d, but with one another. All these glories can only vaguely represent heaven.

Verses 22-27. What a dismal world this would be, if it were not for the light of the sun! What is there in heaven that supplies its light? The glory of G-d lightens that city, and the Lamb is the Light thereof. G-d in Messiah will be an everlasting Fountain of knowledge and joy to the saints in heaven. There is no night, therefore no need of shutting the gates; all is at peace and secure. The whole shows us that we should be more and more led to think of heaven as filled with the glory of G-d, and enlightened by the presence of the L-rd Yeshua. Nothing sinful or unclean, idolatrous, or false and deceitful, can enter. All the inhabitants are made perfect in holiness. Now the saints feel a sad mixture of corruption, which hinders them in the service of G-d, and interrupts their communion with Him. However in the holy of holies, they are washed in the laver of Messiah's blood, and presented to the Father without spot. None are admitted into heaven who work abominations. It is free from hypocrites and any who make lies. Since nothing unclean can enter heaven, let us be stirred up by these glimpses of heavenly things, to use all diligence, in striving for perfect love and holiness in the fear of G-d.

Chapter 22

Verses 1-5. All streams of earthly comfort are muddy; but these are clear, and refreshing. They give life, and preserve life, to those who drink of them. These point to the quickening and sanctifying influences of the Holy Spirit, as given to sinners through Messiah. The Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father and the Son, applies this salvation to our souls by his new-creating love and power. The trees of life are fed by the pure waters of the river that comes from the throne of G-d. The presence of G-d in heaven, is the health and happiness of the saints. This tree was an emblem of Messiah, and of all the blessings of His salvation; and the leaves for the healing of the nations, mean that His favor and presence supply all good to the inhabitants of that blessed world. The devil has no power there; he cannot draw the saints from serving G-d, nor can he disturb them in the service of G-d. G-d and the Lamb are here spoken of as one. Service there shall be not only freedom, but honor and dominion. There will be no night; no affliction or dejection, no pause in service or enjoyment: no diversions or pleasures or man's inventing will there be wanted. How different all this is from gross and merely human views of heavenly happiness!

Verses 6-19. The L-rd Yeshua spoke by the angel, solemnly confirming the contents of this book, particularly of this last vision. He is the L-rd G-d faithful and true. Also by His messengers; the holy angels showed them to holy men of G-d. They are things that must shortly be done. Messiah will come quickly, and put all things out of doubt. Notice the integrity of that angel who had been the apostle's interpreter. He refused to accept religious worship from John, and reproved him for offering it. This presents another testimony against idolatrous worship of saints and angels. G-d calls every one to witness to the declarations made here. This book, if frequently studied, will have effect upon men. The filthy and unjust will be more so. It will confirm, strengthen, and further sanctify those who are upright with G-d. We must never think that a dead or disobedient faith will save us. The First and the Last has declared that those alone are blessed who DO His commandments. It is a book that shuts out form heaven all wicked and unrighteous persons, particularly those who love and make lies. There is no middle place or condition. Yeshua, who is the Spirit of prophecy, has given His churches this morning-light of prophecy, to assure them of the light of the perfect day approaching. All is confirmed by an open and general invitation to mankind, to come and partake freely of the promises and of the privileges of the gospel. The Spirit, by the sacred word, and by convictions and influence in the sinner's conscience, says, Come to Messiah for salvation. The bride, or the whole church, on earth and in heaven, says, Come and share our happiness. Lest any should hesitate, it is added, Let whosoever will, or, is willing, come and take of the water of life freely. May every one who hears or reads these words, desire at once to accept the gracious invitation. All are condemned who should dare to corrupt or change the word of G-d, either by adding to it, or taking from it.

Verses 20-21. After showing these things to His people on earth, Messiah seems to leave them, and return to heaven. However, He assures them it shall not be long before He comes again. While we are busy in our lives here and now, we are being tested. We have difficulties and sorrows. In all of these we should focus on our L-rd proclaiming, "Behold, I come quickly; I come to put an end to the labor and suffering of my servants. I come, and my reward of grace is with me, to reward, with royal bounty, every work of faith and labor of love. I come to receive my faithful, persevering people to myself, to dwell for ever in that blissful world."

Amen, even so, come, L-rd Yeshua. The book ends with a blessing. By the grace of Messiah we must be kept in joyful expectation of His glory, prepared for it, and preserved for it. His glorious appearance will be joyful to those who partake of his grace and blessing here, and who are willing to suffer with Him. Can we all say, Amen?